Your Wish Comes True

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You step out of the shower and dry yourself with the towel. Then you wrap it around yourself and walk into the kitchen. You are in no hurry because there’s nothing on your schedule for the next couple of hours.

You fix a cup of coffee, enjoying the feeling of the towel against your freshly scrubbed skin. You feel it against your nipples, which harden and are so sensitive that the sensation makes you shiver. You think to yourself how wonderful it would be if that bed in there wasn’t empty and you sigh when you think about having to satisfy yourself again with your fingers.

As you step into the living room, you hear something in the bedroom. Or maybe it was outside? You stop long enough to listen, but you don’t hear it again. You bend down to place the cup on the table and see a strange set of car keys. What the…? Whose are these? you wonder. Then you hear the rustling of covers in the bedroom, more distinctly this time.

You clutch the towel more securely around your naked body and take a few steps so you can peek into the bedroom. There you spot a body and you gasp. Not just any body, but a male body, mostly naked except for the boxers. The face is covered by a pillow, but splayed out on the sheets you can see a hairy chest, strong thighs, muscled calves and it all looks familiar. And very tempting, especially the half erect cock just barely peeking out of the underwear.

You walk softly to the bed, your eyes drinking in the wished-for male body suddenly occupying your bed. As the passion grows in your chest, you wonder why you didn’t wish for this sooner. Now your cravings for a man’s touch have risen to a fever pitch. The yearnings course through your body and, unable to wait any longer, you let the towel drop to the floor and put one knee on the bed. The body stirs slightly, but doesn’t awake.

You reach out and ever-so-lightly touch the head of his cock with the tip of your gop escort fingernail. Once again, it seems to grow slightly, which fills you with even more lust. You lightly rub the head with one finger and you ache to feel it filling your mouth. The desire is now palpable and you don’t know how much longer you can keep it inside. Your hand opens instinctively and starts to envelop the growing cock until you can feel its hardness in your hand.

As your fingers wrap themselves around the increasingly erect shaft, the male body stirs once again and you stay still, not wanting to wake him just yet, hoping to prolong the erotic games you are playing with his penis. You don’t even breathe as you wait to see if he has awakened. But there is nothing more from him and, after a moment, you are satisfied that he is still asleep. So you grasp his cock once again and begin slowly stroking the shaft, increasing its hardness and swelling the head, which your fingers lithely caress. Your mouth begins to water at the thought of sliding your lips over it and down the rigid shaft. You dip your head slightly, unable to wait any longer to take this beautiful cock between your lips and into your hot, waiting mouth.

But your mouth never gets to its erotic destination. Instead, in one quick motion, the male body has awakened from its slumber and grabbed you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you down into his arms, his chest, his waiting mouth. You shriek with surprise and start to giggle with delight, but his mouth covers yours so fast that all you can do is murmur your approval into his waiting lips. He kisses you deeply and open-mouthed, unleashing all of the pent-up desires that have been coursing through your body for the past few minutes as you indulged in your voyeuristic playtime. You start to wonder if he was ever asleep at all, but his hand grasps your breast and covers it, sending new sensations through ankara iranlı escort your body as your aching nipples start to receive the attention they have been dying for and all logical thoughts are purged from your mind. Without breaking your kiss, he starts to roll you under him, sliding one hand down between your legs and probing for your overheated, drenched pussy.

He is on top of you quickly and your bodies seem to fit together. You feel his broad chest covering you, and both of you can feel your hard nipples poking into his skin and mingling with his chest hair. The roughness teases them and makes them tingle with desire. If only he would take one into his mouth and suck it deep between his lips and bite down on it. Oh, God, how wonderful that would feel! But then you feel him fitting his hips perfectly between your thighs and you are suddenly open to him and his poking, probing shaft that is already trying to find its way inside your body. Still kissing you deeply, mashing your lips together, he shifts his hips once and, without any other warning, penetrates your pussy lips in a single thrust. You are so wet that his cock drives inside you with almost no resistance. You feel him filling you and touching areas inside you that are rarely touched. You gasp into his mouth and he breaks the kiss to raise his head, look at you with those blue eyes and growl “I’ve wanted you so badly!” as he drives his cock home again and again. Then he smiles at you in delight and kisses you again.

You are meeting his thrusts with your hips, rising up to meet each parry with your willing pussy, accepting the battering he is giving you with every inch of your being, it feels so wonderful. From his gasps of pleasure, you know he is experiencing the same pleasure. The coupling is pure, animalistic fucking, something you have both needed so badly, while the kissing and clutching is rough but ankara escort loving and so satisfying, you never want it to end. Still you feel the sensations burning in your center and you know that a powerful climax is aching to get out and there’s nothing you can do — or want to do — to keep that from happening.

You hold him tightly, your arms around his body and he continues to raise up his hips and drive his cock, his very being, deep inside your body. You are struggling to breathe and feeling close to letting go when he suddenly breaks the kiss and dips his head, catching your heaving breast in his mouth on the first try. He sucks the mound deep into his mouth and you feel as though someone has taken your breath away. It captures your attention for the moment as he sucks your breast into his mouth roughly, but then he lets go and allows all but your nipple to slide from his gaping mouth. He begins sucking on it, harder, then harder still and the pain/pleasure sharpens and merges with the desire below that is about to be unleashed.

Your head thrashes on the pillow and then he delivers the final blow and you feel his teeth close on your nipple and the sharp sensation causes the dam of desire to overflow and your orgasm races along all of your nerves and electrifies your aching body. You stiffen and vaguely feel his cock swell deep inside you. Just as your climax makes you lose control of every muscle in your body, you feel his cum spurt from the head of his cock and splatter against the clinging walls of your pussy. His body spasms above yours and he roars out his pleasure as he fills you to overflowing with his sticky, white seed and the sensations race through your body and leave you nearly senseless with total release.

He holds you in his arms afterward as you both struggle to regain your breathing and the use of your muscles. You nestle against his hairy chest, running your fingers through it and listening to his heart beat. Before you can tell him how wonderful it all was, he says, “It feels as though I have been neglecting you lately and I just wanted to make it up to you.” With that you fall asleep with a contented smile on your face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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