Wonder of Sex

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\ My name is Rena. I’m 24 years old Indian woman. I am still single and I am not looking to get married. My outlook on life is quite different from average women. I consider that having sex with various guys of different age groups is amazing and great and if I marry I shall be debarred from it.

I have an incredible sexually attractive body and I love to show it off.

I have the preference of self-confident guys who know what they want and how to get it.

I spend almost every night with different guys who fuck and lick me in different postures like newly weds and for me it was a wonderful relationship.

I generally do not have sex with a guy more than once except a few.

I like to take a domineering role while having sex and I always tell my partner what to do.

I tell when to lick my pussy, and when to stop. I make my sex partner to do a lot of things; sometimes I make him masturbate before me until he comes.

If I find my partner is sufficiently expert in love making, I also allow him to take a domineering role.

I want to get the experience of a lot of new things.

In the last week I met with a new guy in a pub. He was very sexy.

He introduced himself as Kamal and I was so impressed that I could barely say “hello.”

We spent some time talking and flirting.

The guy pulled me close to him, kissed me on my lips and asked me to dance.

We started dancing in a slow motion.

Our bodies pressed together and I noticed his cock was bulging from his crotch.

After we finish the dance, we had a couple glasses of wine together.

I placed my hand under the table, unzipped the fly of his pant, grabbed his cock which was already fully hard and a warm and got daring enough to stroke it.

I felt naughty and totally sexually charged.

The guy also moved his hand and slid up over my thigh just under the hem of my mini-skirt.

He parted my thighs and tracing his fingers slowly up my thigh, pushing up my skirt all the way, exposed my panties.

The white lacy and flimsy g-string did not hide much my pubic region.

He played with my panties, rubbing it over my pubic mound and drawing the g-string up between my pussy lips.

Closing my eyes I gasped a little and my thighs parted even more.

He proposed me to spend night with him and promised to give me a good fuck.

I agreed to his proposal.

After we finished dinner, we got out of there and he led me by hand to the court yard where his motorcycle was parked.

When the guy started the motorcycle, I got on the back of it.

As soon as he drove it out of the yard, I unzipped his fly, pulled his cock out and grabbed it.

I started to stroke his shaft in a gentle and slow motion so that he was sexually charged and got pleasure all the time he was driving.

When the guy’s cock started to spasm in my palm due to sexual pleasure he was enjoying, I stopped stroking and captured his balls in his sack (scrotum) tightly to stop his ejaculation.

I again started stroking his cock when it was quite calm like a good boy.

My pussy was literally dripping and throbbing all the time.

I continued to stroke his cock throughout the journey and kept him hard the whole time till he took me back to his place.

The guy told that it was a new experience for him.

When we reached to his house, he drove right up the walkway to his back door and tossed his helmet on the ground as he jumped off. I put my helmet beside his and followed him inside.

We embraced and in a whirl of passion.

John took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom.

He quickly got undressed.

His cock was huge and stood proudly straight up pointing directly at me and pulsated with every heartbeat.

I had not seen such a big pecker in my life.

His beautiful masculine cock, nice hard chest and chiseled abs made me wet.

He unbuttoned my shirt, pulled it up and removed it.

His fingers took hold of on my bra batıkent escort strap, and peeled it back like opening a delicate package.

He pulled the bra off my shoulders in one motion and dropped it to the ground.

My quite large classic pair of boobs and warm pink areolas tipped with light pink nipples was exposed in open air.

My breasts were so firm and jiggled so perfectly that he could not keep his eyes off them.

He cupped my breasts in his hands and slowly twisted my erect nipples between his fingers.

His large hands covered my breasts and I could feel the warmth caused the friction of the movement of his palm on my boobs.

My sexual excitement was gradually approaching towards peak.

I took one of my large breasts into my hand and lifted it towards his face, offering the nipple to his hungry mouth.

His expert tongue encircled first one nipple, and then the other.

A few moments later, He started sucking it.

His insistent sucking my nipples was sending a current of electricity directly to my crotch.

I could feel excitement building in my body.

He then pulled my panties off and made me completely naked.

We laughed together looking each other’s naked body.

He praised my bulged vaginal mound and puffed up pussy lips covered with brown pubic hair which was trimmed to a perfect.

We kissed and fondled each others naked body.

His tongue meshed with mine and began to lightly explore the contours of my mouth.

As he continued to caressing my boobs over my bare breast, my breathing became much more labored.

He dove between my legs.

Snaking out his tongue at its full length, he licked lightly on my labia and tasted the nectar that had seeped out of my sex.

He slowly increased the pressure of his tongue, roaming about between my thighs, dipping his tongue inside me, and then lapping at my clit, then beside my pussy at my outer lips, up and down along my thighs.

His tongue was very hot and he knew how to use his lips.

I held my hands at the back of his head, holding him in position with his mouth directly over my clit.

He drew my clit between his lips, sucking on it while one of his fingers found its way inside my ass hole.

He languidly licked on and around my button until I came.

I had one of the best orgasms of my life and he did not stop licking me.

It was wonderful to feeling.

A waves of uncontrollable convulsions flowed throughout my body.

I pushed his head away and beg for his cock.

But, he did not fuck me. Instead he backed away and told me to give him a blowjob first.

I was dieing to be fucked but I gave in and I got on my knees in front of him and started licking it.

His cock was fully hard and I admired its size.

I grabbed the cock in my hand, ran my tongue along the side of the shaft, flicked my tongue around the crown and then popped it into my mouth like a lollipop.

My lips wrapped tightly around his torpedo.

I continued to assault his weapon with my lips and tongue while massaging his ripe testicles with my free hand.

It seemed that he wanted to take control so when he put his hand on the back of my head I let him take over the motions so that he could fuck my face at the tempo he wanted.

He started slowly, trying to figure out how far I could take him.

He went a lot deeper than I would have on my own, but to my surprise I could handle it.

Once he felt I was comfortable enough he started to go faster all the while holding my head to keep it at the perfect angle.

I let out a little gagging noise as he roughly started fucking my mouth.

His balls tightened up and he warned me that he was going to come.

I sucked him off as best as I could, taking as much of it down to my throat as possible.

He began to groan and his cock started to jerk in my mouth.

He unloaded his first orgasm releasing torrent of life giving beşevler escort nourishment hot sperm right in my mouth and like a good girl I swallowed it all.

I loved the taste of his come.

I thought it would all be over, but he stayed hard and right after coming in my mouth he laid me on my stomach.

He ran his hand up and down my back stopping briefly to knead my round ass and massaged it.

Then he turned me over on my back to play with my tits until I was just about in tears from needing his cock so bad. He caressed my breasts and sucked my nipples one after another.

He licked every inch of my body except my pussy.

Then he started to rub my pussy, slowly running his finger over the opening of it.

I was just dying for any kind of contact with my clit and I wanted to touch it myself but he did not let me.

He slipped his fingers inside my love canal and moved in and out just fast enough to keep me begging for more.

He told me he was going to give me two orgasms with his tongue.

His hot mouth encircled my labia and I was so excited that I came as soon as he darted his tongue inside my pussy.

My orgasm was so intense that I arched my back.

My clit became super hard and I was moaning all the time with pleasure squirming my hips around.

It was an amazing orgasm and I had to push him away for about a minute because I was too much sensitive to continue.

He waited, and then went down on my pussy a second time with his hottest and most powerful tongue I had ever been licked with. He started out with very light circular motions.

I had my second orgasm while he flicked his lips over my clit and fucked me with his tongue.

It was a very different feeling.

After two orgasms, I did not think I had the energy to fuck.

But when he moved between my legs and rubbed the head of his cock up and down my crack several times before he put it in, it was like I got a second wind.

He plunged and eased his mammoth cock inside my tight pussy with an intense precision and started fucking me with enough skill from top with a slow deliberate motion.

My pussy lips expanded and then closed back up each time he pushed his cock in and pulled out.

He continued to fuck me like that, but each time he went in a little farther until he was screwing me with full strokes.

I felt his manhood press into my pussy. His thrusts made me scream with pleasure and my moans let him know he could do whatever he wanted.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head and I squealed with delight.

I had my third orgasm.

His gigantic cock started to throb inside my pussy cavern.

Just when I thought he was going to come again, he pulled out with warning that he can not hold any more and he is approaching to his climax.

I grabbed his cock and stroked it violently until he came on my face.

I swallowed so much sperm that I thought I filled my calcium requirement for a week.

He still stayed rock hard.

I got on my knees, pushing my ass as high in the air.

He pulled my pussy cheeks apart so he could get a perfect view of it.

He rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down my wet pussy crack and brushed it across my now on fire clitoris.

I thought that he would now fuck my pussy in doggy style.

But to my utter surprise, he placed the head of his cock at the entrance of my smaller rectum hole and slowly pushed it in with patience.

I could feel every inch of his manhood in extreme detail as he gradually started to slide the entire length of his erected cock in my incredibly tight ass hole until his balls touched my butt cheeks.

His cock felt really hot and big when he eased it into my ass hole.

It was obvious he enjoyed fucking my butt better than anything.

When he started to saw in and out of me thrusting harder and deeper into my hole, I went into a different state of consciousness.

It was a total ecstasy, ankara escort I was getting royally fucked in my ass hole and I felt the sensual thrusting of every inch of his cock during each stroke.

He played with my clit by inserting his finger in my pussy.

I closed my eyes and relaxed my entire body as he fucked my ass and fingered my pussy.

My explanation might not make sense to everyone, but I was sure that women experienced with anal sex know exactly what I mean.

As he pounded my ass, I reached to my climax and went into convulsions.

I had my fourth orgasm of the night.

I never had an orgasm while getting fucked up the ass before.

He also reached to his climax.

He pulled back his cock from of my ass hole and in one quick violent stroke buried the entire length of his eight-inch satisfier deep into my pussy.

I moaned loudly as his erect mammoth cock pinned into my hot pussy casing.

He grabbed my waist and started pumping fast my honey pot with his erect cock pulling it almost completely out before pushing back in, during each stroke.

His dick started throbbing with sexual excitement inside my vaginal orifice and came in a wild frenzy.

His spamming dick squirted a torrent of hot sperm into my pussy cavern.

My hips started turning up almost involuntarily and my pussy muscles contracted spasmodically.

I came simultaneously once again with my fifth orgasm of the night and my pussy releases involuntarily torrent of warm sex juice.

It was incredible; I never had five intense orgasms in a row before.

His cock started shrinking slowly and popped out of my gaping fuck hole.

As both of us were tired and his cock went limp, we fell asleep together in his the bed fondling each others naked body.

In the morning I awaked to the pleasant sensation of his hard cock gently pressing into my pussy.

I turned his sleeping naked body on his back.

I was astonished to see his cock was standing erect at right angle from its root.

He was amazing in bed and I was sexually charged.

Standing across his waist with both my legs wide apart, I gradually descended my body and impaled my pussy on his huge cock.

I finally landed on his lap grasping entire length of his shaft into my hole.

Once I was settled on his cock, I started fucking his cock in long strokes by raising and lowering my butt.

He awaked and was spellbound to see my exciting erotic wild sexual action.

I laid my body on his top and rubbing my breasts on his chest started to kiss his masculine lips.

He smiled, embraced me tight by his arms and locked his ankles together across my waist.

I gradually increased the pace of fucking his pole by moving my hips up and down in full rhythmic strokes.

Both of us were in the midst of an incredible sexual high.

I felt his cock throb inside me.

He did not last long after that and screaming aloud in the empty house his spamming cock shot spurt after spurt of hot sperm filling my pussy cavern with his first load of the morning.

A long low moan gurgled up from his throat all the time during his ejaculation.

I began to breathe heavily and shivered with delight.

My pussy convulsed uncontrollably tightening and loosening itself around his thick throbbing male invader and I came repeatedly in a flow of warm juices through my womb.

I collapsed back on the bed gasping for breath and the cool air wafted over my very satisfied pussy.

I enjoyed morning sex.

We fucked in every position possible fulfilling my sexual desires until sweat was pouring off of our bodies.

We did everything, and I mean EVERYTHING.

It was the hottest sex and one of the best mornings of my life.

I told him that I had been fucked by over a dozen different guys in the last month but nobody could satisfy me sexually like him. I really realized what wild sex really is.

He smiled and replied that my pussy was sweet and the hottest thing he had ever put his cock into, and the way I gave head was totally unbelievable.

I said that I would think about him whenever I would make love with other guys.

We showered together and I got dressed.

After presenting him a goodbye kiss I left his house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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