Wild Oats – Reunion

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I don’t know why, curiosity most likely, but I attended my university class 10 year reunion in the early 1980’s. I was unmarried and not looking for a husband, a successful elementary school teacher, and secure in my self-confidence. I still believed in separating sex from love and was getting laid several times a week by friends and attractive strangers. The diaphragm was my birth control of choice and I still had strong feelings that when a man came for me, I wanted his cum in me and not on me. I always felt that a man pulling out and cuming on me was gross and cheapened the experience. I enjoy cocks of all shapes and sizes, no preference between circumcised or uncircumcised, just so the man knows how to use it. I still prefer vaginal sex, but on occasion have been known to enjoy anal.

I am in my early 30’s and have maintained my body. I am a big, solid woman, 5’9″, about 135 pounds with heavy, firm, natural breasts. I still wear a bra only when I have to. My name is Sally.

I lived about an hour and a half driving time from the university, so just attended the social functions that I chose to attend and did not book a hotel.

One of the functions I chose was an open house at the fraternity house where I had so much good sex during my college days. John, who had been president and a steady squeeze, was still active as an alum and even though we had not seen each other in 10 years, the spark was still evident.

John introduced me to the current president and a number of the young, handsome members. I was invited to the alumni party which was planned for the evening after the regular open house was history. The alumni party was open to alumni and their wives or dates and current halkalı otele gelen escort members with or without girlfriends. The bar was open and there would be music for dancing.

John’s wife had not been able to attend so I freshened up in his hotel room and we had warm-up sex for old times sake in the shower before going to the party.

Without trying too hard, John convinced me to leave my bra and panties off and go commando, just wearing my thin, summery shift. I love the feeling of being naked so it was not a hard sell.

At the party we separated and each went our own way. I gravitated to the dance area and soon found myself partnered with innumerable young, hard bodies. I danced every dance for a couple of hours, both fast and slow, never without a willing partner. Once the guys realized that I was commando, the ‘accidental’ touches got more and more personal. I remember one slow dance where the skirt of my shift was at my waist and my partner’s hands were on my bare cheeks while the hard lump in his pants was pressed into my naked groin. I loved the attention and did nothing to discourage it. In fact the more aggressive men received a kiss to let them know their attention was appreciated.

As 1 AM neared, the crowd had thinned. I still had an eager following, but the old married folks and many of the others had gone.

I was sitting on one of the sofas having a beer and resting between several of my new young friends. The guy on my left put his arms around me and kissed me. It was a good kiss and I enthusiastically moved into it. As I turned into him, my skirt slid up to expose my groomed, commando pussy. One halkalı rus escort of the guys standing in front of us dropped to his knees between my legs and began petting my pussy. His first touch was very tentative but I opened my legs at his touch and he dove right in.

The lights were low and the group of guys around us all moved in closer, so other than my group, no one in the room was aware of what we were doing.

As our kisses became more intense, his fingers played with my breasts through my dress and then someone began unfastening the buttons which ran from neck to bottom hem. I was soon totally exposed and another set of hands and lips began exploring my naked breasts.

I had a man at my mouth with kisses that were driving me wild, hands and mouths on my breasts and a tongue on my clit. My nipples popped up and my areolas crinkled. My vagina was flowering and, as I could hear the occasional slurp, I knew I was flowing copiously down below.

I soon felt a hard cock pressing on my cheek and I just naturally turned my head to take it in. I could tell with my tongue that it was circumcised and dripping pre-cum.

The mouth attached to my pussy was exploring my vaginal folds and my clit. The attention to my clit was so very good as he sucked, tongued, and nibbled. I had my first orgasm of the night and my womanhood totally opened up. I was floating on sexuality. I was open and ready for anything.

When the first hard cock pressed up against my vaginal opening, I pushed forward to get him in. I took my mouth off the cock I was loving and said, “If any of you cum, cum inside me.” I took another cock in my mouth and began thrusting halkalı türbanlı escort back at the cock inside me.

It was an intense, sex filled evening and I took all they could give me as many times as they could get it up.

When everyone was spent and no one could get it up again, one of the guys took me by the hand and led me upstairs to his bedroom. I showered down the hall, crawled into bed with him and fell asleep.

After several hours of sleep we had gravitated together and he was spooned to my back. I felt a semi-erect cock between my legs and my juices started flowing again. I reached back to him and with only a few hand strokes he was hard. I snuggled my butt up to him and directed his cock into my vagina for some slow, loving, wake-up sex.

Because he had been drained so thoroughly the night before, he had amazing staying power and we fucked like that for 30 minutes. All the while I was getting hotter and hotter.

He rolled me over on my back and began stroking harder and faster. He played with my clit at the same time and we came together. He may have been drained last night, but he recovered quickly and shot 3 or 4 big shots of warm, creamy cum deep into me. I kissed him deeply and he caressed my breasts as we drifted off to sleep again.

In the morning I walked down the hall to the bathroom and another shower. I was naked, but all the guys who wanted to had seen me and I had nothing to hide. Several guys offered to scrub my back, and I did have sex in the shower with one of the guys after we had cleaned each other’s pubes. He was cute.

I couldn’t find my dress – we decided someone had kept it as a trophy, but I did find my purse and car keys. One of the guys gave me a fraternity T-shirt to wear home. My panties and bra were in my purse, but what the heck. I would drive home commando. I was sexually satisfied, but so sexually charged that I knew I would spread my legs at the slightest opportunity on my way home.

I put my convertible top down before taking off – perhaps a trucker?

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