Who Would Have Thought…

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It was a beautiful summer night. The smells of evening began to set in. We met in a parking lot near the entrance to the park. I pulled up next to her and she looked over and smiled. We got out of the car and embraced. It had been over a year since we saw each other last. There was a nervous tension in the air. We held hands as we strolled through the park. We talked about days past and things to come. We talked about failed relationships and the fun we had. All the while sauntering down the path.

We came to a bench and decided to sit down. The area was majestic. It was heavily treed and the focal point to the entire park was a lake in the center. It was a 25KM walk to circumvent the lake. Sitting on the bench we could see out over the lake to the few sailboats still out on the lake. It was beginning to get late and the sun had begun to set. The air was cool and refreshing; A little more so then I had intended.

She turned to me as we sat on the bench and asked if we could keep walking. It was a little too cool for her. I obliged and we began to walk back to our cars. Making our way along the shore of the lake we stopped every now and again to pick up stones and attempt to skip them across the water. It was during one such attempt that I looked up and say the amazing sunset before us. It was beautiful. The subtle hues of purple and pink were outlined by the dark streams of cloud between each panel of stained glass like color.

I looked into her eyes and an amazing bond began to form. As we stared out over the beauty in front of us it was like our two minds were completely in synchronicity. The thoughts and feeling it provoked caused me to wrap my arms around her, the silky skin of her cheek, against mine. Our hearts, our minds, and our breathing had begun to take place as though we were in fact one person.

I turned her batıkent escort to face me and we embraced again this time what I felt was not the silkiness of her cheek. It was the soft tenderness of her lips that caressed my cheek. I pulled back and looked into the eyes of this lost love from so many years ago. We kissed again, a little more passionately this time. Lost in the moment I herd her whisper in my ear, “I wanted this for some time now.” as we fell to the bed of grass and pebbles that were laid out before us.

As we kissed I could feel the urgency in her actions as she pulled my shirt away from my pants and ran her fingernails up my back beneath my shirt. I began to peel her shirt from her body holding her tightly. I push away and reach out to cup her left breast. Running my hands over these amazing pieces of flesh caressing them like they were the most precious of fabrics. I removed her bra and I herd her gasp as the cold air caused her nipples to perk up. We continued making out as she rolled me onto my back and began to undo my belt. She struggled with the top button, so I gave her a hand. She slid my pants down past my ankles and placed them in a pile with the shirt I had just removed. I lifted my arms and let her take my shirt off over my head.

She trailed kisses down my neck, chest and continued until she reached the top of my underwear. They were Denver Haynes boxer briefs. Grey in color. She griped them tightly in her teeth and began to tug them down. As they passed over my, now almost fully hardened cock, she placed a kiss on it. This caused jolts of pleasure to surge though my body. My cock stiffened and sprang from its confines. She continued to lower my underwear until it too was added to the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

She came back to me and placed her hands on my beşevler escort chest, running them through the hair on my chest. Her hands trailed down until she began to wrap her fingers around my hard-on. Taking me into both or her hands she began to slowly pull at the loose flesh around my cock pulling it to the end of my penis. A moan escaped my lips. She leaned over and placed her lips against the tip of my manhood and lightly parted them letting her tongue swirl around the head of my penis. I moaned again. She began to go down on me sliding me deeper and deeper into her mouth. You’ve never experienced a blow job until you can feel yourself slipping into the throat of the one who is pleasing you.

She looked up into my eyes and I beckoned her to come up for air. She slowly slid my manhood out of her mouth and began trailing her tongue up my body until her eye’s met with mine. We kissed passionately as I rolled her over on her back. Now in the position of control I began to work my magic by kissing the nape of her neck softly. The kiss trailed from there down to her collar bone; the further down her body I went the more kisses accumulated. I stopped as I reached the top of her left breast. I caressed it with my hand as I admired her perfect areolas. I took her nipple into my mouth with just a little bit of suction and rolled it around my tongue. This caused her to moan and arch her back slightly. Taking my queue I did not leave her right breast without its fair share of the fun.

Continuing down her body with the light kisses I reached the edge of her pubic mound. I stopped and looked up at her. She was now up on her elbows looking down at me. Our gaze locked and everything began to swirl. I ran my hand up her inner thigh and as it met the center of the “V” I placed a kiss at the top of her slit. Sticking ankara escort my tongue out slightly, I began to lick down the length of the folds of her skin, drawing her labia into my mouth lightly between my lips. Parting her sweet smelling flesh with my tongue I began to work on the task at hand.

I began suckling her clit with my lips and tongue and probing ever deeper into this new sanctuary. I was about to find out what it is to truly worship a woman and understand her inside out. I could feel her tensing and relaxing as I performed my ministrations on her body. I decided it was now or never that I had to make my move. I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her and whispered “It’s time”. I moved up her body and as I did so she could feel the heat of my hard-on on her leg as it slid higher and higher up her body. I reached down and guided it to the entrance of her inner sanctum. Slowly I pushed against her and I could feel every part of her wrap itself around my cock. I reversed the motion and began sliding myself back out until I almost slipped out of her. Stopping for just a second to tease her I began to set myself a steady rhythm of ins and outs.

Our breathing and hearts were now beating as one. My every thrust was met by her. Our actions would soon cause the inevitable response we each longed for. She was the first to go. Her nails began to dig into my back just under my shoulder blades and they tore across my back as her hips began to buck wildly and her back arched. I felt her pussy clamp down hard on my erection. This caused my head to spin. I didn’t even notice the usual pressure begin to build in my balls. I just began to shoot load after load deep inside her. My whole body trembled and every muscle in my body tensed.

I looked deep into her eyes and gave her a kiss. It was only after we began to relax that we realized how cold it had gotten. We replaced our clothing and sat there in each others arms. The sun had long since set. We talked for hours until the light of first dawn began to break.

Who would have thought that this meeting of old friends could have ever been so great…?!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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