Welcome Surprises Ch. 3

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(In order to ensure that you get the full understanding of this story, make sure you read Welcome Surprises Chapters 1 & 2.)

* * * * *

She had only dozed off for about ten minutes and when she awoke, Stephanie could feel the gentle caress of Sheryl’s hands on her back.

“Um, can I fuck him now?”

Stephanie chuckled at her friend’s request. “Let’s see. You’ve already sucked his cock dry and tasted his cum. He’s had his fingers in your sweet little pussy and made you cum like crazy. I think it’s ok for you to fuck him. What do you think, Darryl?”

Darryl’s response was to take Stephanie by the back of her head and guide her face towards his crotch. She immediately got the hint that he wanted her to get him hard again so, smiling, she opened her mouth and began to suck the dick she loved so much. Darryl then pulled Sheryl over to him and had her straddle his stomach just in front of Steph’s bobbing head. She reached down to stroke her clit to get her pussy nice and wet so he could slide right in.

“I got this dick good and hard for you girl. Now back that big sexy ass up and sit down on my baby’s dick.”

Stephanie stroked Darryl’s cock and guided it into her best friend’s hot snatch. She couldn’t resist the urge and conveniently inserted one of her fingers in alongside of Darryl’s thick member. All types of sexy noises began to fill the room as the head and shaft of his dick pushed past the moist lips at the entrance of Sheryl’s steamy hole.

“OOOh, fuck yeah. That’s what I’ve been needin’ all damn night. This dick feels so good going in my pussy.” Sheryl groaned her satisfaction as she slowly lowered herself down on Darryl’s rock hard shaft. “I’m going to enjoy every inch of this.”

Stephanie pulled her juice soaked finger from Sheryl’s pussy and tasted it.

“MMMMM, I just love the way your sweet juices taste, girl.”

Stephanie moaned while watching intently as Darryl’s cock disappeared into the wet place from which she had just removed her finger. Before this moment she didn’t know how she would react to her two friends fucking one another but the sight right in front of her face turned her on so much that her pussy was flowing freely. Darryl also moaned his satisfaction at entering this hot tightness for the first time. He figured that he must be the luckiest man in the world. Not only was he able to have two beautiful women at the same time but to experience these delectable pussies for the first time and know that many more times would now follow.

Stephanie was busy dipping her fingers into her own snatch but wanted to watch her girlfriend’s expression as she rode Darryl’s fuck stick and especially when she reached her climax. Knowing that her man would welcome her with open arms, she stood up on the bed and walked over to stand astride his face. Sheryl, riding hard on Darryl’s cock, looked into her friend’s eyes as she lowered her sweet pussy and beautiful round ass onto his face. Stephanie gripped Darryl’s hands as she felt his tongue lash out and lap across her clit and into her slick love hole. She could feel his nose nestled between the cheeks of her butt near her ass hole and smiled knowing how much he enjoyed eating her shaved pussy and licking her butt. With her friend now directly across from her, riding steadily on Darryl’s stiff dick, Stephanie worked her hips back and forth in rhythm with Sheryl’s fucking. beylikdüzü escort She could feel her juices flowing between her thighs and over Darryl’s face and she knew how much he liked the taste of her. He was in a state of sexual overdose as he felt the walls of Sheryl’s tight pussy slide up and down the length of his shaft. Every inch seemed to clutch and grip his manhood like it was holding on for dear life. He reached up to spread the cheeks of Stephanie’s ass so he could get better access to her free flowing cunt. The sweet smell of her juices intoxicated him. This increased sensitivity added to the intense pleasure he was already experiencing from Sheryl’s hot pussy massaging his hard cock. He wanted to make sure he was giving both ladies as much or even more pleasure than what he was getting so he dug his heels into the bed and thrust his hips to pound his manhood deep up into the horny girl bouncing up and down on him and alternated his licking from Steph’s pussy to her clit and licking her ass as well.

Now Sheryl leaned over as she continued to fuck him, her thick ass slapping against his thighs, and was caressing and fondling her best friends breasts and nipples. As Stephanie ground her pussy against her lover’s tongue she grabbed Sheryl’s head and pulled her mouth toward one of her engorged nipples.

“OOOOh damn, suck my hard nipples, baby. Make me squirm and cover his face with my sticky cunt juice. OOO, I got my ass in his face and his tongue is killin’ my clitty.”

Sheryl sucked harder on Steph’s swollen nipples and bounced harder on Darryl’s cock. His cock filled her burning pussy well and she moaned on Stephanie’s nipples as she rose up on his fat dick. When her pussy sank down again engulfing him she had to express what she was feeling.

“MMMMMMMMMM Steph, You didn’t tell me the dick was this damn good. OOOOh fuck me!”

She rode hard and fast as her orgasm began to approach. Sheryl grabbed hold of her friend sitting and squirming across from her who was close to her own powerful orgasm because Darryl was busy sucking and licking hard on her engorged clit. Sheryl was the first to reach ecstasy.

“OOOh fuck, I’m cumming! MMMM shit Steph, thank you baby for sharing this good dick with me.”

“You’re, oh damn, wel… MMM, cum, I’m cummming too. Oh, this motherfucker can eat some pussy, oh shit!” Steph gasped just before rolling off Darryl’s face twitching and clutching her burning pussy.

Darryl cried out as he shot his load thrusting one last time up into Sheryl’s quivering cunt. “OOOh yes, NNNG, fuck yeah.

Sheryl rose off Darryl’s cock as it squirted his cum across his belly and chest. Both girls proceeded to lap up the cum from his convulsing body.

This triplet of horny friends laid there in a heap smiling and breathing heavy fully satisfied by what just took place. Stephanie initially had enjoyed the fact that she had Darryl all to herself and also that after having a sexual encounter with Sheryl she could keep that relationship just between the two of them. But here she was basking in the afterglow of watching her two friends fuck for the first time and knew that it would be impossible to keep it from happening again. She had wondered how she would feel if she experienced sharing either of her friends with one another. Now she knew that sharing her friends excited a passion beylikdüzü eve gelen escort deep within her that could not and would not easily go away.

While lying there looking across Darryl’s body into Sheryl’s eyes she remembered what her initial goal was when she brought her strap-on toy with her. She eagerly crawled up to lay on top of Darryl’s chest and placed her mouth on his. She kissed him full on his lips, passionately and probed his mouth with her tongue. The kiss was long and loving but she had to reluctantly pull away.

“Come on lover, I’ve got a special surprise for you!” Stephanie exclaimed as she jumped up off her surprised lover. “Now it’s your turn to get up on this bed on your hands and knees.”

Darryl proceeded to get up on the bed as he was instructed and his shameless dick twitched and began to grow in anticipation of what he knew was about to take place. Darryl had always enjoyed anal stimulation. He often enjoyed having his ass licked or fingered by his partner but unfortunately his wife wasn’t into anal play at all. Then he met Stephanie. She was everything he could have hoped for in a woman; beautiful, intelligent, a great sense of humor, sexy as hell and, to top it all off, a true freak when it came to sex. He had told Stephanie about his fantasy and desire to have his ass penetrated by a woman using a strap-on and she was more than happy to be that woman. He felt that having his ass filled and his dick stimulated at the same time would give him a mind numbing orgasm second to none. He is completely straight and this is the only way for him to experience that feeling.

Now Darryl positioned himself at the edge of the bed on all fours, his cock now hanging semi-hard swinging between his legs. Stephanie and Sheryl stood across from him on the opposite side of the bed where Sheryl, having retrieved Stephanie’s “dick,” was helping her friend get prepared to fuck him. The girls proceeded to put on a show for him to get him really excited and ready. Stephanie buckled up the strap-on as Sheryl caressed and pinched her breasts and sensitive swollen nipples making sure the stimulator on her side of the cock was resting on her clit. Once the hard cock was in place Sheryl slid down Steph’s body kissing and licking all the way. She got to her knees and placed her lips to the tip of the rubber dick and looked directly into Darryl’s eyes. Knowing that he was hard and watching the action intently, she slowly began to take the dick inch by inch into the moist recesses of her warm mouth.

“MMMM yeah, suck my hard cock down your hungry throat, baby,” Stephanie moaned. ” Get it all good and wet so I can slide into my baby’s virgin ass and fuck him really good.”

Darryl’s hard dick ached as he watched the two women put on this lurid display. Sheryl continued to slurp and suck at Stephanie’s “cock” while stroking the shaft of it and Stephanie moaned in pleasure to push Darryl to the edge of excitement. Knowing that he was fully aroused at this point they decided to take the next step. Sheryl got up from her knees and slid into place under Darryl with her mouth at his now rock hard dick and her dripping cunt directly below his face. She replaced the fake cock with his warm, real manhood.

“MMM, delicious real dick!” Sheryl proclaimed just before she took Darryl’s rod deep down her throat.

She beylikdüzü masöz escort reached up to play with his balls as she sucked and licked back and forth along the full length of his cock.

“OOOOOh shit, that feels so good. Your mouth is like fire on my dick!”

Stephanie was behind him now and spread the cheeks of his ass exposing his virgin hole. She licked her lips, leaned her face to his butt and began to rim his asshole with her warm wet tongue. He almost collapsed from the multiple sensations he was feeling but was determined to experience it through to the very end. Stephanie was applying anal lube to her “cock” as she continued to stimulate his ass. Once she knew that he was fully into the pleasure she rose up and applied lube to his ass as she fingered him gently.

“Alright baby, I want you to concentrate on the pleasure you’re feeling right now on your cock and balls. My girl’s working your dick real good with her mouth and tongue. Just relax and enjoy the feeling. I love you, baby.”

Stephanie smoothly spoke to her lover as she aimed the strap-on at the entrance to his ass. Darryl closed his eyes as he felt the rubber cock pushing at his anal opening. He did as he was told and focused on the pleasure he was experiencing. Completely relaxed he felt the head begin to enter him and felt the twinge of pain that accompanied it. Steph knew what he was experiencing since she has had the pleasure of being fucked in the ass and talked him through it.

“Oh baby, that’s it. You can take it. My cock looks so good going in your ass.”

She eased another inch into him while kneading and caressing the cheeks of his ass. Sheryl pulled his cock from her mouth and began stroking it so she could lick his balls and the spot between them and his ass hole.

“MMMM yes, lick me baby,” Darryl groaned.

At that moment Stephanie pushed the cock all the way in his ass and held it there. Darryl was shocked by the quick jolt of pain that hit him but soon relaxed and began to enjoy the feeling of being filled while Sheryl licked his full balls. She soon went back to sucking his dick and Stephanie began to move her hips to slide the rubber cock in and out of his clinching ass. She increased her speed a little at a time as the stimulator on the dildo bumped against her clit. As she got more worked up her animal instincts took over and she started to fuck him hard and fast.

“Slap!!!” Her hand sang out against his bouncing ass cheek.

“Oh baby, I’m going to fuck the hell out of you. What’s my name you horny motherfucker, what’s my name?” She shouted not really expecting an answer.

“MMM Steph, fuck my ass baby, I’m going to shoot my cum down your girl’s throat if you keep fucking me like this!”

Stephanie fucked her man with all the strength she had. Her clit was being abused by the strap-on and she was on the verge of her own orgasm. Sheryl could feel that Darryl was close to exploding and squeezed a little on his balls to coax his seed from him.

“Shit yeahhh, OOOO fuck, I’m cummming,” Darryl cried out.

His cum filled Sheryl’s mouth and flowed out the corners down the sides of her smiling face. Stephanie’s orgasm hit her as she shoved her “dick” deep into her lover’s ass and she shook before collapsing on his back. Darryl rolled over to one side so that he and Stephanie were lying together as she eased the strap-on from his ass. Sheryl swallowed the last drops of cum that she wiped from her face and turned around to join the couple spooned together. The trio of lovers drifted off to sleep happy, satisfied, and exhausted. After the night they had just experienced, each of them knew that only bigger and better things were in store for them in the future.

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