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Blonde Teen

I stand in the terminal shaking with anticipation. I really don’t need this sign; I know what he looks like by heart. Shorter hair and a desert tan aren’t going to throw me off.

Of course, I haven’t seen Even in person in over two years, but his face is imprinted on my soul. He’s the picture behind my eyelids right before sleep descends every night.

Flight 2274 from Georgia arrived ten minutes ago so it’s a wait for him to get to where I am. I strain to see through the crowd that is always swarming McCarran International Airport. Among the hundreds of tourists set to spend all their money on the Las Vegas Strip is one man dressed in his dark blue service dress uniform. The inverted chevrons on his shoulders make me smile as he glances over the crowd to find me.

The sign I’m holding does its job as a fail-safe while my mouth goes dry and my vocal chords freeze. Instead of his name, he sees two CG characters with a heart around them. I pulled that screenshot from Warcrack a week ago. When you’re trying to find someone with a common name like Evan, you come up with some creative solutions.

At the recognition of our characters, he makes a beeline for me barely saying “excuse me” as he nudges people out of his way. “Missed you Niesy,” he whispers once he finds me and then closes his lips on mine.

There’s a rule about public displays of affection in uniform in the UCMJ, but I figure, no one will care. My baby’s back on this side of the ocean and in my arms. Someone will have to use a gun to stop me from returning this kiss.

I sink into him and caress the downy fuzz of his hair. After two years in the desert, he still tastes the same; he still smells the same; his instant hard on still grinds into my hip…

“Maybe we should get your bag,” I gasp when it hits me that, if we don’t stop ourselves, airport security will have to do it for us. Evan looks disappointed but nods his understanding.

* * * * *

Fifteen minutes of baggage handling chaos and thirty minutes of airport traffic later, I hit the highway. “They had to drop you in on the Friday before July fourth, didn’t they?” I tease. “The only worse decision would’ve been between Christmas and New Year.”

“Well,” he smirks back, “they could’ve C-130’d me right on the base…”

I give him a little smack on the knee as a retort. He knows I’d come pick him up in a July snowstorm if that’s when they Air Force sent him back.

The trip to Nellis AFB takes a long time seeing as rush hour started when his plane landed. The whole way there he regales me with the stories of his tour. He tells me about trading Playboys for anything and bandaging little Arab kids’ scrapped knees. He discreetly skirts the firefights and the near miss bombing runs I’ve heard so much about on the news.

We try to keep the conversation from turning where we want it to go. I haven’t seen him since he proposed to me over video phone six months ago and haven’t touched him since eighteen months prior to that.

* * * * *

The guards at the gate take my license and Evan’s ID and orders before letting us through. They give us directions to where he has to report in order to get set up here. I grab a bottle of water from a vending machine and wait outside Base HQ for only about fifteen minutes before he comes bounding out with orders for the supply sergeant.

“Commandant’s out,” he explains buoyantly. “They said they didn’t know how long he’d be and that I could catch up with him later.”

“So where’s supply?” I ask knowing Supply is one step away from him having a room. Technically, he can’t leave base until his CO says so, so we’re stuck with permanent party barracks for at least today.

The batıkent escort supply sergeant hands him a stack of clean, folded bedclothes and me a slip of paper with a building and room number and a key taped to the bottom.

“Doubles,” she tells me without blinking, “but Massey’s a nice kid, if you’re nice to him.”

I grin at the amount of information she’s given me in so few words. “Thank you,” I say while my eyes rest on the three gold chevrons on her green shirt, “Sergeant.”

She smiles back. Army NCO’s despise being called “Sir” and “Ma’am”. As I always tell Evan, “No matter what it takes, get on Supply’s good side.”

* * * * *

I give Massey a courtesy knock before using the key to let Evan into his new room. It’s the standard ten-by-ten they give all unmarried service members with bunk beds and matching wall lockers and desks. Evan sets his stuff on the floor heavily and looks around. The room is empty. It takes about two-and-a-half seconds before he has the door closed and locked and me pressed against the wall next to the beds. He bites my shoulder while he frantically tries to get under my shirt.

The way he’s pawing me combined with me fumbling with his belt makes me feel like I’m in high school again. Not that we’ve been together that long, just the frantic desire that fills the room like a flood reminds me of days when no one knew anything, but we all pretended we did. We’re drowning in our own need, barely coming up for breath in time. If we don’t slow down soon there’s going to be an unsatisfied mess at the bottom.

I push him off me gently and remove my shirt. He’s always liked my tits, and I know he’s been staring at them since the airport. While he was in HQ, I did him the favor of slipping off my bra so there’s nothing between his eyes and my breasts. He fixates on them while I push him against the ladder of the bed. “Stay,” I whisper, my hot breath falling on his lips.

Evan nods. I’m never the one in charge when we fuck, but today is different. He’s been without anything but his own hand for two years now. At least I had battery powered aids. I want him to get off, but I want some pleasure too. I can see the only way to ensure that is to lead.

I drop to my knees and fumble with his belt. It’s been a while since I had to manipulate a dress uniform belt, and of course, the Air Force couldn’t have sent him in his BDU’s. The bulge in his pants isn’t helping matters either. It jumps a little every time I touch it.

I finally get the catch to slide and undo his pants. Underneath is what I’ve been wanting since I saw him in the airport and before. Evan gasps as his trousers hit the floor followed by his underwear and my tongue touches his aching dick. It’s so hot it feels like he has a fever. The head is a deep purple and there’s a tiny clear droplet coming from its puckered little hole. I lap it up eagerly.

“MRE’s fucked up your taste,” I remark, surprised at the bitterness. Before he can apologize for something he couldn’t fix, I put his dick back in my mouth. A strangled moan is the only sound he can manage as I open my mouth as widely as I can. He’s always stretched my jaws, but I’d forgotten how much it turns me on.

My gag reflex kicks in about three-quarters of the way down his cock, so I cover the rest with my fist. I glance up to see Evan clutching the ladder until his knuckles go white. His head lolls back in ecstasy, and he stares at the ceiling blankly.

I run the nails of my free hand on the inside of his thigh lightly and cup his balls gently. They tighten at my touch. “Oh, Niecy,” he moans as his dick pulses in my mouth. I create suction and my hot wet tongue beşevler escort tightens around him.

I start to work him in and out of my mouth, fucking it for him. I’ve barely begun when we hear a faint voice from downstairs call the building to attention to signify that an officer has entered the barracks.

“Fuck,” Evan gasps. Chances are, if there’s an officer here during the day, they’re probably here to bring Evan to the commandant.

I smile a little. We’re on the fourth floor here, it’ll take the officer just a bit to get to us. NCOs will run up stairs — officers usually won’t. So, I tighten my hand and mouth at the same time.

“Denise,” he warns.

I pause long enough to ask, “You want me to stop?”

“No!” he moans, “but–“

That’s as far as he gets before I shove his dick back into my mouth. I rake the nails of both hands down his butt cheeks. He clenches, but by now his hips are thrusting on their own accord. I run a sharp nail down his crack and tickle his puckered asshole.

The officer should be getting closer now, so I reach down between my own legs and extract a goodly amount of cum from my pussy and use it to moisten his ass and gently push my finger in. At first, he grunts in surprise, but then I push forward and find his prostate. It only takes one massaging stroke before he explodes.

His cum floods my mouth so fast I almost choke, but I take it all. I throw my shirt on and help him get his tucked back in and his pants zipped back up. I straighten his gig line just as a knock sounds at the door.

Before he can jump to the door, I grab him and kiss him so I can pass the last bit of his load into his mouth. Evan steps back and looks at me bewildered but goes to the door anyway.

There’s a second lieutenant there. His name tag says “MASSEY”. I suspect he had the barracks called to attention because the supply sergeant told him Evan had company.

“I’m…uh…” Lieutenant Massey says eying me, “The commandant’s aide. I’m supposed to tell you that he would like to see you ASAP, but now that I’ve come here, I can easily tell him you weren’t in the room if you’d like.”

Evan looks suspicious as do I. “Why would you do that?” he asks finally.

The Lieuie shrugs. “I’m only gonna be on this base for a little while longer. You’ve been at war — I read that in your orders. I don’t see why you shouldn’t have some time alone before they put you back on the tarmac.” He looks sheepish. “And besides, I figure, if I help you now and I bring someone back, you’ll be more understanding.”

Evan nods. “All right. We’ll finish up, but you leave a note on the door. I’ll bring it down and say I was at the BX.”

Massey agrees and writes a quick note, making sure to put the time down. “See you when you get there,” he grins.

As soon as the door shuts Evan’s on me again. “I can’t believe you snowballed me!” he growls throwing me on the bed.

“Was I naughty?” I tease making sure my knees are propped up enough so he can see under my skirt to my pink, wet pussy.

“Very naughty,” he agrees. “I’m going to have to punish you for that,” he smiles gently and pulls my skirt and shirt off before shedding his blues, “…later.” I notice the Air Force has ingrained enough in him to fold them over a chair instead of tossing them on the floor.

His cock is limp for now, but the gleam in his eye says that it won’t be for long. He kneels at the end of the bed and brushes my clit lightly. I almost come off the bed. His work-roughened thumb is torture but he takes it off after just one stroke.

Instead of putting his thumb back, he bows his head between my thighs like he’s doing penance. God ankara escort would not approve though, because instead of prayers, his tongue zips out of his mouth and meets my starved cunt head on. I writhe in ecstatic agony and dig my fingers into his head where I used to tangle them into his lengthy locks. He rolls my clit between his teeth gently and thrusts two fingers into me. I would scream if I didn’t bite my own lip. Instead, there’s a muffled yelp and then another as he finds my g-spot with pinpoint accuracy.

He fucks me then with his fingers, pressing and massaging until I cum so hard I squirt in to the cup of his palm. He licks me clean slowly and gently enough to make me want more, but he disappoints me. As soon as I’m cleaned off, he gets up and reaches in his duffel. I see a glint of silver metal, before he turns back.

Now he’s fully hard again. His cock is straining for my pussy; I can see it in his eyes. This time, he sits down next to me on the bed and buries his head in my bosom. I let him on top of me, his hard cock between my thighs, barely brushing my clit. I want him inside me so badly I reach down to guide him in.

Evan moves so fast, I barely see him, and before I know it, my wrists are above my head, secured to one of the bed’s bars by police-grade handcuffs. “Oh, come on!” I hiss angrily.

“In due time, Niecy,” he grins and goes back to my breasts.

One by one he finds my peaks and teases them erect. He licks and swirls one until I’m ready to cum again, then stops and goes to the other. By the time he stops torturing me, my clit is so hard it hurts, and my pussy is throbbing. The head of his dick is still brushing my clit, which doesn’t help. I feel like, any moment, I’m going to implode and become a puddle in his arms.

He loses interest in my tits and moves to kiss me. He’d been arched so he could tease me and bite at my breasts at the same time. Now that he straightens himself out, the head of his dick is at the opening of my dripping cunt. I try to arch toward it, but he anticipates me and moves. He’s trying to show me that it’s his prerogative when I get fucked, not mine.

I give in and wait. He feels me relax and backs up a little before slamming his dick into me like a sledge. I almost pass out from the mixture of pleasure and pain and keep myself awake by biting the joint of his shoulder — hard. My teeth leave red imprints in his skin and an animalistic growl escapes him. He bites me at the bottom of my neck while he backs up and rams himself in again.

The head of his dick slams into my pelvis, and the pain makes me cum all over him. The extra lubrication is all he needs as an invitation to fuck me harder. His hands go under the curve of my back to give him leverage to go as deep as my body will let him. He catches my calves with his shoulders and keeps them up there. My legs are spread as far as they can be and my ankles are next to his ears and still he fucks harder.

I can barely catch my breath from the exhilaration of his need. His dick pulses inside my pussy and I know the end is coming. If he slows down, he won’t explode, but it won’t be as much fun, so I ride it. My wrists are pulling at my chains while I try to simultaneously pull away and push against him harder.

We crash together like the waves on the sand and explode together, a cacophony of lust and relief. He bites me again and I return the favor keeping it where his uniforms won’t show. My pussy milks his dick in the wake of orgasm and his dick twitches while it reverts to limpness.

“I should go see the Commandant,” he moans, “when he finally rolls off of me. “How long can a trip to the BX last?”

“I don’t know,” I shrug resting my head on his hairless chest, “long enough for you to catch your breath at least?” I run my fingers around his belly button. “And maybe long enough for one more?” I grin as he kisses my hair line. “Oh, and baby?”

“Hmm?” he mumbles drifting off to sleep.

“Welcome home.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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