Watching Him Work

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She loved to watch him work. It wasn’t that he was particularly graceful or even beautiful as men go, although his blue eyes drew her in and his soft lips called to her. His intensity and passion was what she really admired. He truly loved what he was doing and it was inspiring to her too. She looked down and watched him shift and move slowly down from her neck, kissing his way down to her left breast, cupping it in his hand and gently kneading it as his lips closed over her nipple. He should have felt heavy on her but somehow it just felt warm, comfortable and right.

As she watched, she brought her hands down and stroked his hair back from his wet brow and down his cheek. Shifting from the left to the right breast at her touch, he looked up at her and smiled as he flicked his tongue across her nipple. With a sigh she arched her back toward him, pushing herself further into his mouth. A small moan escaped his mouth as he suckled harder, responding to her eagerness. There was a hardness against her lower thigh as he pressed against her, his cock throbbing with his own excitement. There was a hot rush between her legs at the thought of him and she spread her knees a little wider apart in a silent invitation.

“Mmmm, ready for that are you?” he mumbled with a mouth full of nipple. He looked up at her with a mischievous grin as he slowly moved down. As he positioned himself right above her pussy, he ran his fingers through the hair teasing her. For a moment he laid his head down on her thigh and watched as his fingers circled her clit, opened her lips and pushed inside. He worked his fingers deep inside until he found her hot spot, heard her take a sharp breath and squirm a little under him.

Continuing to stroke with his finger, he leaned in and started to lick her clit, swirling his tongue around and finally sucking hard and burying his face in her pussy. She reached down and pulled his head in closer and spread her legs wider apart so he could get deeper into her. He pulled his fingers out and drove his tongue in deeper, knowing that it wouldn’t be long and she would be cuming. It wasn’t long and he had her there, thrusting her hips toward him as he kept going, pushing her past the point. Her pussy pulsed around his tongue and he loved the way she closed her thighs around his head and her fingers gripped the sheets. Finally she relaxed and he laid his head on her hip and looked up at her recovering. There was something about her face after she had climaxed that hard that just turned him on like almost nothing else.

As her heart slowed down, she looked down at him and saw him watching her. With a smile he asked her how she was feeling, and she just laughed. That smile would get him anything he wanted and she was pretty sure he knew it!

“Come up here and kiss me and I will tell you,” she said softly. His smile grew bigger and he deliberately moved up and positioned himself on top of her again, sliding his hands up under her to support her head. With just a slight move of his hips, his cock slid partially in and he leaned in to kiss her lips. Eagerly she kissed him back, licking his lips and sucking his tongue, enjoying the taste of herself on him.

“I feel wonderful!” she said between kisses.

“Mmmmm, yes you do…” he whispered back as he slowly pushed his cock all the way into her wet, warm pussy. In response to him she pushed her hips toward him and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him into her. No matter how long they had been in bed, the first minute or the third hour, it still felt just as good and it never ceased to amaze her.

Slowly he started moving inside of her, long deep strokes in between soft slow kisses. Her arms came up around his neck and she tilted her head so that their foreheads touched as he picked up his pace a bit. She closed her eyes and just let herself go, reveling in being so close to him that she breathed his breath and the way he was making her feel. It started building up in her, and a slight tilt of her hips made it come on even faster letting him zero in on the right spot as he recognized her response. He reached down and hooked his arm up under her knee giving himself a better angle and making illegal bahis her pull herself toward him even more eagerly.

Her excitement drove him on and he started thrusting into her harder and faster, wanting more than anything to feel her cum, feel her pussy throb around his cock and her body buck under him with the intensity of her climax. The sound of her breath coming faster in his ear and the sound she was making told him she was getting closer, was almost there. He pulled his head back slightly so he could watch her face when she came, and breathed in deep to capture her breath.

“Cum for me baby, cum on my cock!” he whispered into her mouth as he kissed her. She couldn’t stop it, didn’t want to, and arched her back toward him as she started to cum.

“Oh baby, yes, don’t stop!” He pushed himself with a last burst of energy and felt her release, spasming and clinging to him as she climaxed. It seemed she was never going to stop and he just watched it roll over her and felt it go through her into him until she finally settled down. There was nothing like it, and he would do anything to get her to that point, get them both there.

She went limp under him and just breathed, reaching a hand up to brush the hair from her face and wipe the sweat from his brow before it dripped onto her. She smiled up at him with half closed eyes, and he couldn’t resist another slow, soft kiss. Even as tired as she was she responded back to him, something he never got tired of and always gave him a boost.

Her breathing slowed and she relaxed, enjoying playing with his tongue as they kissed, nibbling on his lips and exploring his mouth with her tongue. It was as if they were in their own little world, there was nothing but the two of them. Finally he slid off her to the side and lay on his side facing her, running his hand over her slick, sweaty body. She turned her head toward him and just watched his face in the dim light, the way his eyes changed when he looked at her, and the way he enjoyed letting his hands roam over her. Her hand came up and she stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers, felt the soft bristles of his beard and ran her finger gently along his soft lips.

“You are all sweaty and nasty, how did that happen?” he said smiling at her.

“It is all your fault,” she said with a contented sigh.

“Mmmmmm, the nastier the better!” he mumbled. There was a big flash of lightning and a loud crack of thunder as the rain started to hit the windows. She rolled over facing the windows and snuggled her back up to him, felt him wrap his arm around her and pull her close to him. They lay quietly wrapped in each other and watched the storm roll by until they both nodded off to sleep, lulled by the sound of the rain.

The sound of snoring close to her ear woke her up what seemed like only a few minutes later, but a quick look at the clock told her had been close to two hours. He had rolled over onto his back in his sleep and was snoring contentedly, his face so relaxed she couldn’t help but smile.

The heavy part of the storm was pretty much done now, just the rain remained, but it was still dim in the room. As she lay there and watched the clouds roll by, she remembered something she had always wanted to do and her eyes narrowed and she broke into a grin. He would be completely surprised and the longer she watched him sleep the more the idea appealed to her.

Quietly, she slid down beside him under the covers until she was level with his hips then carefully moved her hand under the covers to his cock. She didn’t want to startle him and end up getting smacked accidentally, so she gently took him in her hand and stroked him slowly until he started to respond in his sleep. Once he has almost hard she moved her head over and started to lick around the head of his cock, getting an even stronger response.

By now he was fully aroused and she was fairly certain he was awake and enjoying himself. She moved above him and took him into her mouth, closing her lips around him and alternating sucking and nibbling on him. His knees moved out slightly and his hips rose up toward her, confirming her suspicion that he was no longer asleep. She felt illegal bahis siteleri the covers move back as his hands came down to caress the side of her face as she worked on him, and she heard a moan of pleasure as she took as much of him as she could into her mouth.

It wasn’t long and she heard “Come up here and slide down on my cock!” The whole process of surprising him had gotten her totally turned on so she quickly moved up and did exactly that, his rock hard cock sliding into her hot wet pussy.

“Wake up sleepyhead,” she smiled as she kissed him and ground herself onto him. He pushed his hips up toward her and pulled her hips down onto him with his hands.

“I am very much up in case you hadn’t noticed!” he responded.

“As a matter of fact I had!” she returned as she started moving faster against him. It didn’t take her long to start cumming when she was on top, and he loved to watch her breasts move as she moved on him and he got a great view of her face as she came.

After, she lay down on his stomach and kissed him, but he was not ready to go slow. He rolled over on top of her quickly and started thrusting into her stronger and faster. He was a man inspired suddenly, and couldn’t get enough of her. As he thrust deeper into her he shifted positions, drawing her legs up to his shoulders bringing her to the edge again, then shifting once more lower onto her with his one knee drawn up so he could grip her bottom and pull her to him forcefully. She loved it when he was like that, when he just couldn’t get enough of her and that pushed her over the top.

She matched him thrust for thrust and when she couldn’t take it anymore and thought she would burst, she felt him start to shake and start to throb inside of her. That was all it took and she started to cum, wildly pushing against him to get him as close as she could, to have as much of him as possible while he shot his hot cum deep into her pussy.

He collapsed on top of her, unable to move at first, and then struggled to push himself up on his elbows so he didn’t squash her. His mouth closed over hers as she caught her breath and he kissed her softly. Resting his forehead on hers, he whispered, “Now that’s how every day should start!” She laughed and said “I think I could live with that!”

Worrying that he was too heavy on her, he rolled off to her side and lay there recovering, letting his breathing return to normal. Suddenly there was a loud gurgle and growl from his stomach and they both started to laugh, “I think it is time to get something to eat!” He rubbed his hands over his face, gave her a quick kiss and got up. “I’ll see what I can scrounge up to eat,” he said as he walked out towards the kitchen.

She stretched and looked out the window for a few minutes, watching the rain slide down the window before getting out of bed to follow him out to the kitchen. Her stomach growled loudly as she walked over to him. He looked up from stirring something in a bowl as she came closer and asked her if waffles was good enough. With a smile and a quick kiss on his shoulder she said that would be great and told him she would get some coffee started while he did that.

By the time she had the coffee started he had the batter into the waffle maker for the first set. Neither of them had bothered to get dressed and she just stood and watched him as he set the timer and closed the lid. He busied himself putting the few dirty dishes into the dishwasher and pulled out two plates and silverware for them as the waffles cooked.

She always loved watching him move, the way the muscles moved in his arms and across his shoulders and chest never got old to her and she loved the way his hair curled up behind his ears. Realizing she was suddenly very thirsty, she walked over to the fridge and got out some orange juice and reached into the cupboard for two glasses. He had to be thirsty too and the coffee would be a few minutes.

Putting a couple of ice cubes into each glass gave her an idea and after she poured the juice she smiled to herself and got another ice cube out of the freezer. The first couple of waffles were done and he was putting them on a plate when she came canlı bahis siteleri up behind him and set his glass on the counter. He leaned back just slightly and rubbed against her as he reached for the bowl to pour more batter into the waffle iron. As he set the timer for the second batch she leaned in and kissed his neck just below his ear on the left side and ran the ice cube down the center of his back with her right hand.

He made a very satisfying little yelp as it melted down his back and he spun around to grab the ice cube from her. His left arm went around her back and pulled her close to him by the hips as his right hand tossed the ice cube over his shoulder into the sink. Covering her mouth with a kiss, he carefully reached behind him and pulled an ice cube out of his orange juice and slowly brought it around and ran it down her neck then between her breasts and around her nipples. She squealed and shivered then kissed him back, told him he better be nice or she would ask for bacon!

That made him laugh and he pulled back and slowly leaned down to lick the juice off her, starting just under her jaw and worked his way down to her nipples. His hands roamed down and caressed her bottom as he moved; he had always said he loved her ass. A sigh escaped her lips for what must have been the hundredth time that day and she brought her hands up and cradled his head as he suckled her breasts, gently kissing the top of his head.

The timer went off for the second set of waffles, which was a good thing because her stomach let out a loud growl. He looked up at her with a smirk, placed a soft kiss between her breasts and stood up to turn off the timer and remove the waffles.

The bananas were in a basket on the counter and she pulled two out to peel and slice to put onto the waffles. As she peeled them she saw him watching her so she started laughing and making suggestive faces and actions, pretending she was licking the bananas. It definitely had an effect on him, he was obviously enjoying what she was doing! She grabbed the knife to slice them over the waffles and he made mock noises of pain and grimaced as he covered himself up with his hands.

They took their plates and coffee over to the table and sat side by side. He poured the syrup over his waffles and started cutting them up as she put liquid honey on hers, teasing her that she just had to be a little different and not use syrup like a normal person would. She stuck her tongue out at him and took a bit of her waffle and made “mmmmmmm” noises at him to show how good it was.

When he reached for a bite of his own waffles he managed to drop the forkful onto his lap, leaving a blob of syrup on his left thigh right on the large freckle, cursing under his breath and laughing at himself. Seeing this as an opportunity, she smiled knowingly at him and said “Here, let me help you with that”. Slipping off the chair and down onto her knees she leaned in and slowly licked the syrup off his thigh deliberately working her way up toward his now hardening cock. He let out a small moan, moved his knees apart a bit more to give her some room and reached his hand down to sweep the hair away from her face to watch her.

Her tongue drew circles on his thigh as she moved closer and closer and then rubbed her cheek along his now rock hard cock until she could take the tip of him in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the base of his head as her lips closed over him. He reached down with liquid honey on his hand and when she pulled away, coated the tip of his cock with more stickiness. She leaned back in and licked all the honey off him while he watched intently, getting more turned on by the second.

Finally deciding he was slippery enough, she pulled back and stood up, leaning in to give him a long deep kiss with the taste of him and sweet honey on her lips. Her knees nudged his close together and she straddled him sliding slowly down on his slick, throbbing cock, taking him in as far as she could. They slowly moved together, kissing and caressing, enjoying the moment.

Suddenly, his stomach rumbled so close to hers she wasn’t sure whose it had been and she decided he needed to eat. Without moving off him she reached over and got a forkful of his waffles and fed it carefully to him, moving her plate closer as he chewed. Once he was done his mouthful he did the same for her and they finished their waffles together, alternating bites and kisses.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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