Unwrap a Smile

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[This story is fictional. Any similarities are purely coincidental.]

[C] Copyright 2008

Jesse woke up on Christmas Day. His pajama bottoms were shifted, as he had a good nights rest. He was a 35 year old Architect, having designed his home, and most of the designs for his land as well. His brown hair swayed at below ears length, and his soft brown eyes pierced even the toughest of women. Broad shoulders and sexy abs were also a big factor.

No need for other women, as his beloved Kaitlyn was everything that he could ever want in a woman. Perky breast, soft red lips, striking green eyes and seductive auburn hair. She had the hottest tan body that he had ever seen on a woman. Perfect, with no flaws. 33 years of age, but looked as if she was 20.

Jesse got up from his empty bed, and figured that his wife was already downstairs, making breakfast and preparing the gifts. He slid on his slippers, and walked down the steps to greet Kaitlyn. He looked around, and did not notice her anywhere. He stepped into the kitchen, and a nice, hot plate of food was ready for him to eat. Two eggs, sunny side up, with hash browns and sausage links. Toast and jam, with a nice cold glass of orange juice. He sat down on the seat, and began to eat. To his left on the table, he saw a small note.

It Read:

Enjoy breakfast.

He continued to eat, and when he finished, he drank his orange juice.

Getting up from the table, he walked to the living room. As he made his way around the corner to the main hall, he noticed a trail of rose petals leading to the door. Jesse walked to it, and slowly opened the door. It was cold outside. Fresh white snow lay covering the ground. As he looked to the sidewalk, a small box sat. He walked out towards the box, and picked it up, then carried it into the warm house. As he closed the door. He noticed that a fire had just been started. He walked into the living room and sat down in his chair and enjoyed the fire. Looking down to the box, he opened it. Another note sat inside.

It Read:

Close your eyes, and relax. No peeking.

He did as the note had said. Keeping his eyes closed, he relaxed his muscles. He felt the air move slightly knowing that someone was behind him. Without any words, he was blindfolded, and could no longer see anything even if he opened his eyes. Small hands began to rub on his neck, and down the front of his bare chest. He knew those hands. Kaitlyn rubbed illegal bahis him the exact same way before she cuddled next to him. He was thoroughly enjoying the moment, and relaxed even more as the warmth cradled his body. She removed her hands and backed away.

Another sensation tickled through his body as a pair of hands rubbed softly on his thighs, and he could feel a soft pair of breasts nestle against his inner thighs. He became instantly erect, as the hands gently pulled on the waistband of his pajama pants, and lowered them down to his ankles, exposing a rather large, throbbing penis. A warm pair of lips wrapped themselves around him, taking in little by little, so as to make the experience very pleasurable and enjoyable.

The warm fire burned, and Jesse’s body was saturated with heat both from the fire, and from the body of this person. “Another woman maybe?” he had wondered.

The mouth continued taking him in, twisting the tongue and sliding a soft hand up and down to heighten the act. The feeling was more intense than he could ever imagine. The wet, slippery tongue licked, and flicked at his tip making pre-cum ooze as it licked it clean. The hands lifted up his pajama pants again at the waist, and fitted them right on him. The person moved, and got up, walking away. His wife’s voice spoke gently into his ear from behind him. “No peeking.”

She untied the blindfold from his eyes, and he held them shut. His wife walked away and as she was about to leave around the corner, she whispered softly, but enough for him to hear, “Open your eyes.”

He looked down at his lap, and another note sat there for him to read.

It read:

Was that enjoyable for you as it was for me?

“Yes,” He said as he read it. He got up from his seat and was ready to walk upstairs, when his eye saw yet another note.

It read:

Remove your pants, and go lay down on the bed.

He did as it had asked, and removed his pajama pants on the bottom stairwell. He slid slowly up the stairs, and entered the bedroom. His eyes widened as he saw the bed had been made, and candles were lit on each side of the bed post. Another blindfold lay on his pillow, and he knew what he had to do. Tying the dark cloth around his eyes, he made sure that he could not see anything.

Laying on his back, his penis proudly stood up into the air, the door creaked open. He smiled a near cheesy grin. The bed was pushed down, as a illegal bahis siteleri body crawled between him to his inner thighs and took his hard cock into their mouth. It was the same, sensual mouth as before. It seemed different from his wife’s, and the mouth continued to swallow him in, massaging the shaft. He moaned as they moved faster, and more erotic than before. Never letting up, or loosening the lips, this person deep throated his cock and seemed to moan very lightly too. As he was lovingly tasted by those perfect lips, a hand reached up and rubbed a slippery juice onto his own lips. The sweet taste of female ejaculation was tasted, and the delightful scent filled his nostrils.

“Hello honey,” Jesse greeted Kaitlyn, smiling.

“Mmm, hello lover,” She replied.

He removed his blindfold, and looked down to his wife, who was again taking him into her mouth. She didn’t hold back this time, and filled her mouth with his cock meat, sucking him in and making him moan. Her warm, wet lips still wrapped around the shaft, and her small hands jerking to the base, she deep throated him to the point of her gagging. Still moving, she bounced her head up and down on his lap, tasting his cum as he ejaculated his thick fluids into her mouth for her to swallow.

Looking up at him with her green eyes, she asked, “So, how did you know it was me?”

“I know your scent,” He told her, “And no other woman can compare to that. Or you,” He finished.

She smiled, and stood up to reveal a nice big, red bow wrapped around her breast, down the back then wrapped around her groin. His penis stiffened once again.

“You know, if you did ever want to be with another woman, just ask me,” She said to him.

“No, love. It is you and only you that I want. I’m glad that it was you only and nobody else,” He said to her, taking her small right hand and kissing it softly.

She smiled. “Would you like to unwrap your gift, or want to know the real Christmas present I have for you?” She asked him, biting her lower lip, and hoping for the latter.

He looked at her, and wondered what better gift there could be that was better than she was to him. “What do you have for me?” He asked her.

She almost hesitated. “I’m pregnant, Jesse,” She mumbled, hoping that he would be happy.

“That’s….” He whispered, eyes wide, “That’s….that makes me the happiest man in the world,” He said as he willingly shown her a canlı bahis siteleri smile. He reached up and pulled her gently at the waist, kissing her mouth and holding her tight. “I couldn’t ask for anything more better than that,” He told her. “There is none.”

“Just a little,” She confessed, “But you don’t have to ask.” She lifted herself up once again and stood in waiting.

He understood, and touched the ribbon, undoing each strip and unwrapping his wife. As the bow and ribbon fell, he sat back, and admired the beauty that his wife held. Her perfect breast, and her bare vagina. The pink folds of her lips waiting to be touched. He pulled her close, and lay her down in the center of the bed. He kissed her mouth, and slowly inched his way down to her stomach, and traced his finger around her now erect nipples. She cooed. He rubbed both hands at the sides of her hips, and wrapped his mouth around her waiting hole. He nudged the clitoris with the tip of his tongue and slid it inside of her, penetrating her wet vagina. Her hands squeezed her breast and she touched her nipples begging for more. In a circle motion, he tasted her juices and pleasured his Kaitlyn, making sure that she was hot and soaking wet inside and out. He nibbled on the sides of her labia ever so gently. Again, she moaned. Holding on no longer, she released fluids into Jesse’s mouth. He tasted every drop and looked up at her for approval.

“Make love to me, Jesse,” She yearned for him.

He moved up to her connecting eye to eye and gave her the most deep, passionate kiss he could give to her. She held the back of his head as they kissed, and he slid his solid penis between her mound. The wetness surrounded him on all sides and he pushed deep to fill her well. The feeling was heightened for her as she came again, making her insides more slippery for Jesse. He continued to thrust into her slowly, then faster as she pulled onto his buttocks. She held on tight now with both hands firmly grasping his behind, as the walls of her middle pulled his cock in tighter. He pushed more and kept a good rhythm, making Kaitlyn moan louder and whisper in his ear, “I love you, Jesse.”

He whispered in return, “I love you always, Kaitlyn.”

The emotional and physical connection brought both to a new level of pleasure as they both came together. First, Jesse grabbed her buttocks and held her tight to him releasing a thick, warm stream of semen into her. Kaitlyn came right after, as she leaked her fluids down her thighs.

They held each other close, and Kaitlyn buried her head in Jesse’s chest.

“Happy Holidays, lover,” Kaitlyn whispered.

“Many more to come,” He answered back.


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