Unforgettable Sexual Encounter Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: Joan’s Anal Intrusion

Continuation of Chapter 10

Joan moaned and cried as she went through her first strong orgasm of the evening. Her body started shaking even trying to close her legs. I stopped what I was doing, including pulling my finger out of her anal tube, giving her a little time to come back.

As the moaning phased out I started moving my hands back towards her genital area. The finger that had came out of her anus was returned back towards the centre of her star shaped hole, while I moved the pointing finger of my right hand along the wet valley of adventure, from her clit down to the crater of love. I did this a few times, while still pressing my other finger against her dark hole. She was still moaning with pleasure. I stopped exactly on the opening of the Venus channel, took some time and slowly started inserting both fingers, at the same time in the respective holes. I kept pressing my fingers inside her channels of pleasure until they both crawled in at different distances and other times meet with only the dividing membrane in between.

The one in her ass went much slower mostly due to the tightness of her hole and secondly due to, that I wanted her to have the best feeling, by going slowly first through the outer muscle and then through the second, with one knuckle after the other making their presence known, to the dark channel. The other finger found the depths much easier. This channel was too wet and too hot not to be treated in a different way. I started moving my finger slowly in and out and in again for many times massaging the roof of the vagina. Then I started turning it first to the west and then to the east, feeling the smooth area in some parts as also the rough areas in the other parts trying to locate her most sensitive areas of pleasure.

I stopped pushing my finger up her ass up until the first knuckle was inside her sphincter while I continued massaging the insides of her vagina. Her moaning increased as also her wriggling. Her pussy muscles started contracting as also her anal muscles. My finger inside her ass started moving further inside, by the contraction of her muscles which of course where obeying her personal lust and pleasures. Everything started moving fast. Her eyes were closed and her face was witness to the satisfaction she was benefit from. Her moans got stronger and her movements were beginning to get out of control. I kept my legs wide open, trying to hold hers as wide as possible although she was putting strong pressure to close them.

‘Ahhhh, aaaahhhhaaaaa. Ohhhhh Goooh…, that nice Sam…I’mm cumminnggg.’

She moved her hands down to her pussy trying to stop me, but I kept working now on the G-Spot that I had just located, moving my index finger forward and backwards massaging Joan’s most sensitive region, ‘ohhhh! … ahhhhh…ahhhhhh … sttoooop.’

At this very moment my finger received the last contraction from her sphincter which placed him deeper inside her anal tube. The pad of my thumb moved up towards the centre of her clit and with the same movement I was giving her G-Spot and clit a simultaneous rubbing.

‘Nooooo…Stttooopppp… please Samm… Stoooooppp.’

Her body was shaking like an island in an earthquake, her hands were trying to push my hands away from her genital area and from inside her vaginal channel. On the other hand the insides of both channels, the contractions of her muscles were so strong that it was getting impossible to continue my massage.

Her orgasms were flowing from one to another without ceasing. She was flying through the clouds from one cloud to another. My fingers had to stop.

‘Ohhhhh Sammm! That’s very good…, but please stop and fuck me. I want that beautiful hard dick of yours inside me; Sam please; please fuck me, fuck me.’

‘Very soon darling, give me a chance to move my fingers out of your tight holes.’ I felt her relaxing although her eyes were still closed and was still enjoying the climaxes she had been getting pleasure from.

Very slowly I started pulling my finger out of her ass hole. I continued moving it out until it popped out. Then I gave her G-Spot another few slow touches with the palm of my other index finger which was still swimming inside per very, very wet delightful pussy.

‘Oh Sam fuck me please, please.’ Very slowly I pulled my finger out of her cunt, changed my position to an all fours, and slowly rested my body over hers in the missionary position until my very hard cock snuggled slowly against her wet pussy. I moved it a few times up and down, pressing it against her clit, while she tried to push herself up to get more friction from our movements.

Our lips touched and our tongues moved in each other’s mouth. I moved up and down a little bit until my cock found the cavern’s entrance. Very slowly I pushed it against the wet round wall which was still contracting from the previous eruptions. It went in all the way until it hit the back side, gave it a couple of quick slams against her cervix and slowly pulled illegal bahis out until it was at the very entrance. The head was half in half out. I started giving her short trusts until her body started shaking, her legs around my ass were holding me tight and with her hands around my neck couldn’t make any movements unless those that correspond with hers.

We were totally one body, still connected from two places, her body erupting again, her moaning still inside my mouth and her legs pressing against my ass to get as much as possible of my cock. I tried to hold keeping to short trusts until at last I slammed it deep inside her vagina like a thunderbolt. Her lips disconnected ‘Ohh Saam …Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh … ahhhhhhhhhhh.’

Her body went crazy. Her shouting and moaning became unbearable, as her body erupted and flowed from one titanic eruption to another. I rested a little to give her a chance to calm, but to no avail. I started moving in and out in long trusts. I didn’t care much anymore now, except that I wanted to fill her to the brim with my cream and satisfy my self at least before I go to sleep.

Joan already had more then her satisfaction and am sure could be a relief if I ended what I was doing. She was still moaning. Her body was over into the higher heavens benefiting from the pleasures of multiple orgasms she just went through. With the pressures of her orgasms, the strong sexual energy flowing through her body I became the victim, that although I had enjoyed so much, the mini orgasms I had enjoyed without loosing my load, I felt like I was locked in a vice all the time tightening harder and harder.

Now; I wanted to come. My balls were more than full with the long day’s activities. Her pussy was getting loose with the juices that were flowing without control. She has lost the muscle control and I lost the contact. I started to be afraid that I would loose my hardness; I banged her hard with strong trusts, in and out until I felt my cock getting harder, my balls tightening and the movement of the sperm through the long tube giving those bountiful, momentous, formidable, pleasurable stings of satisfaction.

Joan noticed immediately the reaction of my cock getting harder and moving inside her. She pushed her pelvis up to get it deeper. ‘Oh Sam give it all to me. All of it. I’ll love it mixing with mine and flowing out after we finish.’ She stopped talking, closed her eyes and as soon I was close to explode she pressed her legs against my ass, pressing my dick all the way deep inside her hot volcano and tightened her muscles around it enjoying the beating of my heart through the pulsating of my glands.

The sensation was incredible. I was ready to explode. Joan was already exploding as she froze holding my dick imprisoned by her vaginal muscles. The great sensation was, the feeling of my hot liquids flowing slowly along my tube ready to explode inside her. At that moment the first spurt hit her insides. I pressed further in, feeling the incredible tightness of her inside enjoying the satisfaction and fulfilment of the last hour of hot loving sex, enjoying the rest of the hot lava moving up and squirting inside this beautiful creature’s temple of love. ‘Ohhh Samm, that’s a very…, very gooood feelinngg. I love it. Aaaahhhhhhhhh! Thanks Samm.’

The spurts continued, taking longer and longer until I managed to empty all what I had accumulated. The feeling of those sensational burning feelings inside the tubes from where it had travelled showed no strain after a long day of hard work.

My cock was still very hard, I gave it a couple of moves in and out while I lifted myself over my hands. Slowly, slowly I slowed down while I felt my cock wilting. Joan started to relax too as my cock became smaller and smaller inside her now loosely drenched pussy. I lowered myself again on top of her, gave her a quick goodnight kiss and in her ear I said, ‘Like to have it up your ass’.


‘Maybe we do it tomorrow on the boat at sea.’

‘No Sam. I want it now.’


‘You’ll be hard in twenty minutes.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, more than sure.’

‘Get on all fours on the edge of the bed’. I ordered.

Joan just did that. She opened her legs enough to give me the best view possible of her behind, those beautiful shaved swollen lips from which crack sperm and juice was still flowing out. And what about that beautiful rosebud, there in full view, ready to be penetrated for the first time. I took the KY from the night stand, pressed the tube after opening it and a nice blob was collected by the pointing finger of the other hand.

‘Relax sweetheart. I’m going to start preparing your rosebud.’

‘I couldn’t wait Sam. I’m very eager to have your hard cock fed inside there.’

‘Quicker than you think; it’s already growing to great proportions.’

‘Wow.’ She said as soon as my finger with the cold lubricant touched her hot bud. I first started to massage the outside but soon I stared inserting my finger inside her. She produced her first moan, illegal bahis siteleri but soon more stared flowing out of her mouth including a cry of pleasure and pain as my finger went deeper and deeper into her dark crevasse.

‘Slowly Sam, it hurts.’

‘How much it hurts?’

‘Not much, but I’m wondering when your little boy starts to crawl in.’

‘Don’t worry, you can easily get used to it just like all the others, but sure it will hurt; some’.

She moaned and cried as my finger was moving in and out and circling from east to west and back. I never liked to put two fingers in, just one. I always preferred that my little boy would do the rest. By now I was as hard as steel and sure that there will be no compassion for the pain she will endure. I took my finger out, put some more KY and inserted it in again, making sure that there was enough of it and the muscles had relaxed.

‘Ready sweetheart?’

”Yes Sam, more than you think.’ I took my hard dick in my hand, got exactly behind her and aimed straight, ready to infiltrate, creep into. I moved forward enough that it was very close to her orifice. I took a deep breath, held my throbbing prick in my hand still aimed and was ready to push.

‘I’m ready, Joan; what about you?’

‘More than you think, Sam.’

I pushed straight in, all the way into her vagina. Joan was not expecting it there but in her ready anal channel. I wanted to lubricate my dick a bit more as also wanted to warm her up a bit more than she was. She was not relaxed enough, therefore a good orgasm will increase the pleasure mixed with the pain. I started fucking her slowly, giving her long slow thrusts.

As I was fucking her slowly I noticed something outside the door of my bedroom so I stopped, just pushed my dick all the way into the depth of her hot furnace and stayed calm.

‘Like to come in Sandra?’ I waited, there was no response. ‘Sandra Please, open the door.’

‘Sorry Sam!’

‘Open the door and come in?’

She slowly opened and walked in.

‘Good girl; you’re going to be punished.’

‘For what?’ she shouted.

‘For eavesdropping.’

‘And what’s the punishment?’ she asked scarily.

‘Soon you’ll know, just let me fuck your friend up her ass first and then I’ll tell you; just enjoy the show.’

She looked scarred. I’m sure that she was trying to envisage what was coming to her, very soon.

I gave Joan a few more trusts, just enough to get her into the start of another orgasm, which fortunately did not take a very long time. As the moaning increased, I slowly pulled my hard prick slowly out of her vagina, during which time her muscles were closing and opening trying to hold my hardness as long as possible inside her vaginal tube.

As soon as it was out of her sated snatch I immediately aimed it at her rosebud, touched the dark flower and in one trust pressed the head inside her anal tube pressuring against her sphincter muscles, opening them, stretching them, against the cries of pain that Joan had endured with the single trust. I just kept the head, just inside the entrance of her anal hole, giving her time to relax as much as possibly could.

‘Sam it hurts, it hurts, aauuch, too much Sam; too much.’

I held it there just inside, feeling her muscles relaxing slowly, while I looked at Sandra who was very close by. She just watched but did not say anything. Then I pushed my hard dick further in, for a few centimetres, and pulled it back all the way out of her ass.

‘Thanks Sam, just give me a minute, then enter again

‘Was it so painful?’ Sandra asked.

‘Yes, too much Sandie; you pushed it too quick Sam, you bugger. Now do it slowly.’

‘Are you ready?’

‘More than ready just fuck my ass.’ I took my dick again in my hand and aimed again, this time I pushed slowly. She was ready now, it entered nicely although she was still moaning with the pain she was enduring, but by now she was quite relaxed and slowly, slowly it went deeper inside her dark tube.

‘How does it feel, still hurts?’ Sandra asked.

‘The pain is still there but it’s better and very exciting, I think I’m going to love it.’ Joan answered excitedly.

‘I’m still sceptic!’ Sandra exclaimed.

‘Sure you’ll like it in the end.’

‘Definitely not and I’m not intending of doing it, at least not yet.’

Wow I thought. She is in for it whether she liked it or not. My jolly boy was totally all the way deep inside Joan’s ass hole. I tried to hold it as long as possible waiting for the signal which until now did not emerge, but sure soon.

It took sometime before the first squeeze of her anal muscles came and then I started to move by hard prick slowly outwards until the head was just inside the ring. I stopped, Joan was breathing strongly; the pain and the pleasure were both a better mixture for a stronger orgasm. The next squeeze came again following by more. I pressed in, pushing my little boy all the way inside her black tube, and then out again. Joan started canlı bahis siteleri moaning, the pleasure was building; the electrical energy flowing from my body, headed for inside hers’ as I put one hand weighing her beautiful hanging tit, with the nipple

squeezed between two fingers.

The other hand tried to find her clit but Joan’s hand was already there, then a huge squeeze with her anal muscle that I thought she is breaking by prick in two. That was the moment when I pushed in hard all the way into the depts of her black crater. Her body exploded into a ball of fire and heat as a huge climax shook the whole of her body. It was fantastic; she cried and shouted as her body continued shaking.

‘Sam this is incredible, incredible…, never been so hot, Sam…, just keep fucking me, fuck me….ooooohhh; aaaaahhh…. aaaaaahh; fuck me Sam…, ram it deeper inside me.’

‘Does it still hurt?’ I asked.

‘Yesss Samm…, it still hurts; still hurts…, but that’s what makes it so good Sam…, the pain and the pleasure, Samm… That’s what makes it so good. Fuck me Samm…; make me come again; again.’

I started pumping her, in and out, sometimes I pull it all the way out, looking at that beautiful nice open orifice, then straight in, all the way while she shouts and cries with the pain and the pleasure.

‘Sandra, get me the tube from there.’ She immediately obeyed. As soon s I had it in my hand I ordered her to take the robe off. I knew that she was naked underneath. She gave me a fowl look, but the robe rolled along her naked body to a pile around her legs.

I looked into her eyes and signalled her to take the same position as Joan was, on all fours next to Joan. She obeyed immediately, there she was with her legs open and her behind totally exposed for my prying eyes. She was beautiful, those smooth legs, that golden skin with those swollen pouty lips wet with pure sex juice which looked like quite fresh just flowing out wetting the little butterfly lips. She was excited and more than excited just watching Joan being fucked in the ass moaning with the exciting flow of strong orgasms shaking the whole of her body.

I extended my right hand, first started to massage those beautiful smooth shaped globes, moving my hand around flowing over her smooth skin, receiving electrical energy which was flowing from her excited body. Slowly I moved towards per pouty lips, massaging them little by little, returning back the electricity until my pointing finger found himself in the depths of her vagina. She was wet, very wet, maybe even too wet, to collect enough lubricant to lubricate her tight ass hole.

While still pumping Joan’s anal tube and with no sight of her orgasms subsiding I collected enough juice on my finger that it was now rubbing the outside of Sandra’s rosebud. I went back for more and with the new amount I had enough to lubricate the inside, to which Sandra didn’t complain as soon as my finger entered her dark channel. I pushed it in deeper and deeper as much as I could, worked it in and out quite a few times until I felt her anal muscles relaxing.

While lubricating her ass hole, I noticed that Joan and Sandra were going through a passionate kiss with their lips joined together and their tongues playing the love game. I pulled out of Joan’s ass, ran to the bathroom, washed my prick and went back, immediately, without any ceremonies pushed straight into Sandra vaginal opening and started fucking her like crazy.

Within a few minutes, with the heat she was already through her body exploded into a strong orgasm. My phallus was squeezed by her strong vaginal muscles as she pushed her ass back against my pelvis. I held it there deep down into the cave of Venus until her muscle relaxed. Then I pulled it out in one trust and pointed it at her ass hole, it touched and pushed more than the head inside her.

‘Auuch…, auuch. You bastard, you tearing my ass hole in two.’ She cried and shouted and swore anything that had flowed through her mouth. I then slapped the side of her thigh with the palm of by hand as hard as I could. ‘Bastard, Bastard.’

Something I rarely done to a girl; I had always respected them.

I put my hands round her hips and held her tight, so she could not pull away, I was sure I just had more than the head inside her ass hole. I made sure it would hurt, and more than hurt. I wanted her to enjoy enough pain, so that it will soon turn into pleasure, a pleasure she never enjoyed before.

‘Just take a deep breath and squeeze my dick inside your ass?’

I felt her muscles tightening around my hardness. I thought that now she was enjoying the pain as she stopped swearing at me. As soon as she released the tension on my dick I quickly pulled out of her ass and in again as hard as I could do it; I did not give a chance to my little boy to drop totally off. This time it went deeper and deeper until it was all the way imbedded inside her. I held it there in the depths of her dark tube long enough until I felt her relaxing her muscles again. I released my hands from around her hips and moved them up towards her tits where I attacked her nipples with my fingers, pressing them and rolling them, made sure I cause her, also more than enough pain so that it would increase the tension inside her body.

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