Uncle Bob Ch. 12

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Chapter 12. The Hotwife

© Bad Hobbit 2019

OK, folks. Life tends to get in the way of writing, so apologies for the wait. A huge thank you to all my readers who are hanging in there, despite my erratic publication schedule of chapters of Uncle Bob’s story. I love writing this stuff but, as I say, life kinda gets in the way.

According to the plan, there are 3 or maybe 4 more chapters after this. Chapter 13 is part-drafted, and I hope to finish it before the end of September, but it may be a challenge to complete the story by the end of the year, a target I set myself in January. Please bear with me; I promise some more exciting and erotic scenes before we’re done.


I put the Strat back on its stand and stepped down off the low stage. The crowd in the bar tonight were friendly and appreciative, and they liked my solos — flashy enough to impress, I felt, but not self-indulgent enough to over-stay my welcome.

I realized that I wasn’t going to get inside Dolores again over the weekend, as she had flown off to wrap herself around Josh, on a boat somewhere off the Keys, so I decided to cut my losses. I’d done pretty well so far; I’d fulfilled a dream I’d had for many years — to give it to Dolores up the ass — and even though in my original scenario she’d screamed in pain and begged me to stop, whereas in reality she came like a FedEx delivery, I still felt I’d achieved my ambition. The real possibility that Dolores may now bar me from every hole in her lithe and toned body, offering them instead to the youthful Josh, was disappointing. However. I felt sure that new opportunities — and orifices — would open for me soon.

So I spent the weekend doing worthwhile things. I hit the gym. I visited the dojo again, and this time my ass was not kicked; I won three bouts in a row. I got the Strat out of its case for the first time in months, worked my way through a few scales and reminded myself of some riffs, then played along with some of my old favorite songs. It was then that I decided to go on down to Rocky’s for the Sunday evening jam and see if I could sit in with any of my old buddies.

As it turned out, their regular guitarist had busted his hand and was in a lot of pain, so I found myself in the limelight — something I wasn’t really expecting. I stumbled through the first set — quite a few numbers I didn’t know — but the second set was more familiar ground, and we got two encores.

So at the end, as I was wiping the sweat from my face and hands and heading for the bar, I wasn’t surprised to be greeted by a few admirers.

“Way to go man!” one dude said as he clapped me on the shoulder.

“Loved the solo on ‘Jessica,'” another said. “Where’d you pick that up from?”

“Oh, I just made it up. I’ve been listening to that tune since, like forever, so it’s kinda in my blood.”

“Hey Bob — it is Bob, isn’t it? That’s how they introduced you. That was awesome. Can I buy you a drink?”

The woman who said that was — well, let’s face it — rather cute. Somewhere around my age, maybe five-four, longish blonde hair, tight t-shirt (no bra, nice, firm tits), cute little skirt, nice, slim legs, pert little ass.

“Thanks. Yes, I was headed for the bar. A beer — maybe a Monk in the Trunk, please?”

“Monk in the Trunk? What’s that?”

“They’ll know,” I said nodding towards the bar.

The woman turned to a passing waitress, passed on my order — plus a margarita for herself, and we sat down at the nearest table.

“Sorry, Bob. I’m Janine” she said, extending a hand, which I politely shook. “I loved your performance tonight. How long have you been playing?”

We talked a lot about music, a bit about the club, and a little about beer when mine arrived. I spared her the lecture I’d given Josh — she didn’t look like she deserved that.

I thanked her for the beer and took a grateful swig. Fuck, I was thirsty. It was hot, up under the lights, and I’d had to sing some harmonies too, so I really needed a drink.

She asked me about my work. It turned out that she’d done some Java programming and was now taking a course on systems analysis. I was impressed. And then things went a little weird.

She leaned closer and said in a kind of conspiratorial way, “Say Bob. If I was to tell you that I’m not wearing panties, would that be of interest to you?”

I looked quite hard at her. ‘Yes,’ I thought, ‘I definitely would fuck her if she offered.’

“Well yes, Janine, that would interest me. Although I don’t have any I can lend you.”

She gave me a puzzled look. I smiled.

“Sorry, Janine. My friends will tell you that I have an annoying habit of saying inappropriate things that I think are funny. Just ignore that last remark, please. But I’d like to ask you something. Is that wedding ring current, lapsed or obsolete?”

She smiled. “Sure, it’s current. My husband knows what illegal bahis I do, and approves. So how interested are you?”

“Oh, definitely. I’m not gay, you’re very attractive. I’m at least as interested as the next man.” I glanced over my shoulder. “Actually, much more interested than the next man, because that’s Craig sitting at the next table, and he is gay.”

“I need to ask you something else, Bob. Do you have a big cock?”

“Depends on what you call big. I don’t go round comparing mine with other guys.’ I guess I’m a little above average, but if you’re looking for Mandingo, that’s not me. However, I know how to use it to give a gal a good time. Especially up the ass.”

She stared at me for a moment. “Up the ass?”

“Sure. I can always make a girl come that way.”

“Really? Only — only that’s never really worked for me.”

“You obviously haven’t found anyone who understands how to do it properly,” I replied with a smile.

“Yeah. And I bet you say that to every girl, so they try it, and then it’s too bad when it hurts them.”

“Do I look like that kind of asshole? No, don’t answer that. Look, I have video evidence of — let’s see…” I looked at my phone. I still had the video of me and Dolores, plus a couple of old ones of me and Stacey. Sadly, my performance with Barbie only played in my memory, as she clearly hadn’t wanted any inconvenient — and possibly life-threatening — evidence of her infidelity from Dean. “These are pretty noisy. Here…” I fished my Bluetooth headphones out of my bag. “Put these on.”

I set up the first video — one of Stacey and me, just before my slut angel went on holiday — and pressed play. Janine watched with apparent fascination as Stacey squealed her way through an extended orgasm as I casually but comprehensively fucked her ass. I then pulled up the video of Dolores getting it up the ass, concluding with the facial. When it had finished, Janine looked flushed, and her eyes were wide.

“Wow! That was quite something. Who were those women? The first one looked very young.”

“The first one is my regular girlfriend. She’s eighteen — nineteen in three months — so it’s all legal.” From the age perspective of this relationship, I knew this to be true. But from the relationship perspective… “The second is…” I thought, ‘how is this gonna sound?’ “Er, the second is — is my girlfriend’s mom.”

“Her mom? Hey, you have one weird set of relationships.”

“Well, you see, my girlfriend is away in Europe right now, and we agreed that she could fuck other guys while she’s away. But her mom seduced her boyfriend, so…”

“Sorry? She seduced your girlfriend’s boyfriend? Isn’t that, like — you?”

“It’s complicated. Like you said, she’s younger than me, so I let her fuck this boy her own age that her mom approved of. Her mom doesn’t know that Stacey and me are fucking, so to compensate, Stacey got her mom and me together. We fucked a lot, but she refused anal. Then we were at this wedding, and Stacey’s mom seduced Stacey’s boyfriend, and we caught them. Stacey said she wouldn’t forgive her mom unless she let me fuck her — the mom — up the ass. It was a kind of punishment, but intended to be more humiliation than pain, as you can see. The video was to show Stacey that her mom had done as requested; let me fuck her up the ass and then come all over her face.”

“And it looks like Stacey’s mom really has got it going on.” She smiled.

“Yeah, that old Fountains of Wayne song. I remember. And yes, she has. She’s hot, and once old Bob showed her how good it could feel to have my cock up her ass, I think she’ll do it again. Though possibly not with me for a while.”

“Why not?”

“She’s gone to the Keys to try surfer-riding.”

“Don’t you mean surf-riding? And can you actually do that in the Keys?”

“No, she’ll be riding Stacey’s ex-boyfriend, who’s a surfer. And you can do that in the Keys; it’s not illegal. Now if he gives it to her up the ass, she may be less enthusiastic than with me. From what I’ve seen, even though he’s pretty, he’s also pretty lacking in the sack.”

“So OK, Bob, I think you’ve convinced me that you can do the business up the ass. I’ve tried it twice before, and each time it hurt and I had to stop. Would you like to take me home and maybe we can see if it can be third time lucky for me?”

I drove us to her place. It was only about a dozen blocks, and on the way Janine pulled her skirt up to show me that not only was she telling the truth about the lack of panties, but that her rather attractive pussy was already wet. To convince me of this, she took my hand off the wheel and slipped it between her slim thighs. I was convinced. She kept my hand there until we reached her place.

Her house was a good-sized single-story building with a driveway in a large lot. Someone clearly had some cash around here.

As we went inside, Janine called out “Hey, Daddy! I’m back and I’ve illegal bahis siteleri brought a surprise!”

A male voice called out “Hey Baby Girl, I’m in here. C’mon in and show me.”

Now I’m never really sure about this “Daddy/Baby Girl” thing, which may seem a little hypocritical, given my relationship with my niece. Fuck it — I guess I’m inconsistent. Clearly there was no pedophilia involved — Janine was definitely over 30 and seemed happy to be doing whatever she was doing — and honestly, as a guy who’d been fucking his 18-year-old niece in many inappropriate ways (including dressed as a teenage street hooker) for several months, I’m not the kind of guy who should be called upon to judge what is and is not appropriate. But still…

We headed into the big, big lounge, where a guy in his late forties was sitting watching some porn on a very large TV. I wouldn’t call him ugly, but he wasn’t the best-looking guy I’d ever seen. His hair was gray and receding and he seemed to be a little flabby around the middle. But I could see he was tall and had strong arms and shoulders, so I guess that gave him a rather commanding presence.

“Daddy, this is Bob.”

“Hey Bob. I’m Grant, but Janine here calls me Daddy.”

I smiled and nodded.

“So Baby. What’s with Bob? Does he have a big dick?”

“He says not, Daddy. But he says he wants to fuck me up the ass.”

I was about to protest that that wasn’t quite how our conversation had gone, but Grant said “Up the ass, baby? You know that hurt the last time we tried it.”

“Bob says he’s real good at it, Daddy. He showed me some video of him fucking a girl and her mom up the ass. They both seemed to like it. What should I do, Daddy?”

Grant looked at me, then at Janine.

“Well, I guess if Bob wants to fuck you up the ass, you’d better let him, Baby Girl. Maybe if he does, I can fuck your tight little cunt at the same time. What do you say?”

“Daddy, I — I’m afraid,” Janine pouted. “It — it’s gonna hurt.”

“Baby Girl, you brought Bob home. He says he wants to stick his dick up your ass. I think you need to spread those tight little ass cheeks and let that dick in there. Sure, it may hurt a little, but I want to see him do it to you.”

“Hey guys, before we start any of this, I think I need a shower. I don’t like to fuck a lady when I’m sweaty.”

“Hey Bob, Janine ain’t no lady. She’s a cum-loving cock-whore. You just get that dick out and do what you want to her. You won’t complain, will you Baby Girl?”

“No Daddy. I love it, however you wanna do it to me.”

“O-K,” I said, a little hesitantly. “So, do you have some toys and lube. I’ll need those if I’m gonna fuck Janine up the ass.”

“Sure. Baby Girl, get the toys.”

Janine headed off to the back of the house.

“Can I use the john,” I asked Grant.

“Sure. Second door on the left, over there.”

Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like to fuck a girl — or a woman — smelling of anything unpleasant. I usually like to shower before I have sex. I used my visit to the john to wash under my arms, my cock, balls & ass-crack. Not quite a shower, but at least Janine wouldn’t be tasting sweat and smelling shit if she gave me a blowjob. When I came out, Janine was naked except for a pair of serious heels and a collar with a leash, and beside her was a tray of toys. There were three big — and I mean seriously big — dildos and vibrators. We’re talking Shane Diesel plus plus. And beside them, a small bottle of massage oil. I looked at them in bewilderment.

“Hey guys, do you have, like, some butt-plugs or normal-sized dildos? And what about some water-based lube?”

“Bob, Baby Girl doesn’t do small. She likes her guys big, don’t you baby?”

Janine smiled and nodded. “Yes, Daddy.” I felt the smile was a little forced.

“And Janine never needs lube. Her pussy is like a fountain, very, very juicy. So Bob, why not show us what you got?”

“Grant, Janine — I — I make women come from having their asses fucked because I prepare them properly and use the right tools. I don’t think the massage oil will work, and if I try these dildos they’re gonna split poor Janine in half. But if you hold on just a moment, I may have the right stuff in my car.”

Since Stacey and me have regularly fucked outdoors, and knowing Stacey’s preferences for which hole to use, I keep a tube of lube in the glove box. Fortunately, Stacey had left one of her more-modest butt-plugs in there as well, and there were a few left-over condoms from before Stacey went on the Pill, so I returned to the house with some basic equipment.

Janine was on her knees, sucking Grant’s cock. Apart from the obvious money aspect, I now saw another reason why Janine might be attracted to Grant. He was well-hung, probably more than an inch longer than me and, I guessed, with rather more girth. Otherwise, his body was pretty ordinary; quite muscular, but definitely canlı bahis siteleri past its best.

I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my t-shirt, jeans boxers and socks, and dropped to the floor behind Janine to prepare her ass for fucking. She kept sucking and licking Grant’s cock while I applied lube in and around the hole, and then started gently fucking her ass, first with one, then two fingers, and then with the plug. She grunted a little, but apart from that there was no protest as I slowly expanded her sphincter until the plug slipped inside. She squealed a little when I started pulling it out again, then slipping it back in, then pulling it out, but the noises were muffled because she kept on sucking Grant’s cock.

So then I thought “OK, I wonder how she likes this?” Despite being a little out of practice, I rolled on a condom and lined up to test the juicy hole that was currently un-filled. I went in with one long, slow thrust. She was tighter than I was expecting, given that she seemed to be obsessed with big cocks and her ‘Daddy’ seemed to be hung. Maybe it was because she did her Kegels regularly, or perhaps the plug in her ass made everything tighten up. Whatever, I enjoyed it, and Janine was making noises in her throat that seemed unrelated to Grant’s cock in her mouth.

“Give it to her hard, Bob, the way the little whore likes it. Stick your dick right up her slutty little cunt.”

“Hey, man. I don’t want to wear out my cock or Janine’s pussy until we’ve all had our fun. I’ll just take it at my own speed for now if you don’t mind.”

Grant grunted but didn’t say anything else.

I got my hand round and onto Janine’s clit, and as I slowly increased the pace of my thrusts, taking care to get plenty of g-spot action in and out, I started teasing Janine’s butthole some more with the plug. I guess it was four, maybe five minutes before I felt and heard her come. Her cries were muffled by the cock in her mouth, but she wasn’t faking it.

As her orgasm subsided, she pulled her head back and took Grant’s cock out of her mouth.

“Oh my God, Daddy! Bob made me come! Oh, that was good. Can he — can he fuck my ass, now. Please Daddy? I really want to feel his cock in my butt. Pleeease?”

Like I said before, there have been times when I’ve pleaded with a woman to let me fuck her ass. Just once or twice, a woman has asked me (‘begged’ might be too strong a word) to fuck her ass — apart from Stacey, who regularly does it to tease me and, if asked, would proudly, and with a sweet smile, describe herself as an anal whore. (Which she isn’t. I’m the only guy to have fucked her there, and I have never paid her for sex). But this was the first time a woman had begged someone else to let me fuck her own ass. Weird but hot.

Grant lifted Janine’s chin you were screaming for me to stop when I’d only gotten a couple of inches up that tight little tube. So why do you want it now, and what are you gonna give me if I say yes?”

“Daddy, I think — I think Bob’s cock isn’t as huge as yours, and — it may fit better in my butthole. And maybe — maybe when my ass has gotten used to having a cock inside it, then — maybe we can try it again with your big monster.”

While Grant’s cock was certainly big, I wouldn’t have put it in, say, the John Holmes region. I could tell that the reason anal hadn’t worked out for Grant was because he believed that shoving his cock in anywhere and pounding away with no preparation, appropriate lubrication or foreplay was the best way to make a girl come.

I’ve read some shit on the web about how to give a woman an orgasm. Some guys advocate putting your weight on her and pressing her down as you fuck her hard. Others talk about erotic asphyxiation. None seem to mention foreplay, then watching her reactions and doing the things that get a positive response. Or even ten minutes of pussy-licking, then a lot of clit-play while you aim your cock at all of the sensitive spots inside her while whispering erotic and possibly filthy things in her ear. But oddly, these things seem to work for me. Maybe I haven’t met the right — or possibly the wrong — woman yet. But I sensed that Janine was beginning to feel that her chances of pleasure lay more in what I was about to do to her than what her husband seemed to want.

“OK Bob, fuck her ass. Give this little cumslut what she wants.”

I was already teasing her ring with the plug, pulling it back until it started to pop out, then sliding it in, while stroking her clit with a finger. This kind of treatment drives Stacey wild, and after a minute or so she’s begging me to fuck her ass — which is partly why I do it. The other reason is that it loosens up that tight sphincter enough for me to get my cock-head inside, while keeping the girl properly aroused and with her head in a ‘Need cock! Need cock!’ sorta mode. So after a few more tugs and pushes, I removed the plug completely, dropped it on the floor, squeezed some more lube over my rubbered cock-head and pressed it against the required entrance. Janine gave a little squeak — I guessed because the lube was cold — and like a good little slut, reached back to pull her taut little ass-cheeks apart.

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