Two For Loneliness

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It’s a little after 1am. I have slipped quietly into your dark apartment with the key you gave me months before.

“If you’re ever in the area,” you had said, placing the cold steel into my warm palm. Then you kissed me, turned and walked away without looking back.

Now here I am, making my way to your bedroom, where you lay sleeping, so alone and still between your flannel sheets. We haven’t spoken in weeks, but the voicemail you left on Saturday sounded so sad. Do you miss me? Do you need me?

I stand in the doorway, watching you in the pale light of the street lamp outside your 3rd story window. The dusting of snow outside reflects the light more brightly. Your room is a mess, like you haven’t cared in a while. Now you stir. Maybe you feel me watching you? I hear a muffled groan as your roll partway over. Your hips move so slightly against the pillow by your side. Are you dreaming of me? I walk to your bedside. I untie my skirt and let it slip over my hips and fall to the floor among yours. My panties need some assistance. My shirt joins the pile. I remove my bra; the cool air caressing my breasts causes my nipples to stiffen. I close my eyes, passing my cool hands over my exposed skin. The only sound in the room is our breathing and your old-fashioned alarm clock ticking on your nightstand next to a half empty wine-bottle and dirty glass.

I sit carefully on the edge of the bed. My thighs part to allow a seeking hand. I am already growing damp with the excitement of being so near you, with the excitement of what I am going to do to you. A sigh escapes me as I stroke myself. I watch your face intently, watching for you to stir again, thinking about the expression it will form when you wake to find me in your bed. I hope you want me as much as I want you. I hope we can meet each others needs tonight as we have done in the past; thoroughly, with no strings attached. Two interesting, yet lonely people, needing that human connection.

I have two fingers deep inside my wetness when you murmur and roll onto your back. I am still, biting my lower lip to stifle a giggle. I find it deliciously absurd that I am pleasuring myself while watching you sleep. You stretch sleepily. It’s time to make my move. You look like you might wake up any moment and besides, I’m getting chilly. I want to be next to your warmth. I remove my hand from between my legs and wipe my juices on the sheet. Your face is turned toward me. Holding my breath I lean down and kiss your full lips softly, breathing you in, tasting you. I am afraid you will be startled, but if you are you don’t show it. You moan quietly and return the kiss gently. I kiss you more fully, flicking at your lips with the tip of my tongue. You respond with a deeper moan as you come around from sleep and fully realize there is a body near you.

I part our kiss long enough to deftly slip between the sheets. Your body is so hot against my skin. illegal bahis I shiver and kiss you again, more deeply, and your hands seek me eagerly now, finding my waist as I climb on top of you. Oh god, you feel so good beneath me. I move myself over you, just moving to feel my skin against yours, dragging my breasts against your chest, my thighs against your hips, our bellies together. So much skin, so soft and velvety and warm. Your eyes open and I smile down at you in the dim light. You don’t return my smile, instead you look longingly into my eyes and cup my cheek in your hand, caressing with your thumb. Your eyes tell me you I am exactly what you need. Then your hand slips around and nestles in my thick, short hair, pulling me down to you for another kiss. Your lips and tongue are very awake now and with them you communicate your pleasure and your eagerness.

Rocking against you, I feel your stiffening cock press against my already hot pussy. Your hands slide down to my hips and you hold me firmly against you, fingers digging into my flesh, your hard length of cock nestled cozily beneath me. I moan with pleasure and move on you, grinding my wetness against you. I slip a hand into your hair and grab at what I’m able while I kiss and gently bite your neck, from your ear to your adam’s apple and back again.

“Sorry to wake you, love,” I whisper in your ear.

“No you’re not,” your breath is heavy. Your hands are stroking my back and sides.

I grin. “It’s just… I missed you.”

“Mmm. Good.” You punctuate your words with an upward thrust of your hips.

“And… you have… something I need.” I am kissing your neck between words.

“What might that be?” You tease. Your hands are mauling my breasts now, tugging the nipples to stiff points again, making me gasp.

I sit up, partially exposing both of us to the cool air but not caring. I place my hands on yours, covering my breasts, and give a squeeze. You transfer the squeeze to my flesh and a contended sigh escapes me. I place one hand on your chest, delighting in the mat of hair there, and with the other I reach beneath me for your thick shaft. Wrapping my fingers around you I raise myself up a bit and rub you across my clit, making us both jump and moan, and I position you at my opening.

“This. This is what I need,” I breathe the words and slide down on top of you. We groan in unison. I fall forward again, hungry for your mouth. We kiss greedily, letting the passion wash over us, traveling the road from affection to lust together.

Mmmm… The way it feels to be on top of you, to look down at you in the faintest glow of light, to feel your body between my thighs as I begin to ride you… your cock buried so deeply inside of me, feeling you thrust upward to meet me, to fill me, to fuck me… I rise up again, pushing off of your chest, I lean backward, supporting myself with one hand behind me while clutching at illegal bahis siteleri a breast with the other. I hope there is enough light for you to see me. I hope you enjoy the view.

Now I let go and ride you hard, moving on you for the deepest, most pleasurable penetration. I feel your hand moving up my thigh, seeking my clit with your thumb, and I am crying out with the intensity of the pleasure, the tingling warmth numbing my thoughts. We carry on this way for some minutes, alternating between hard riding and gentle rocking, and I can’t take it any more. I lean forward again and kiss you. Your tongue in my mouth makes me shiver. I climb off of you and position myself on my hands and knees beside you.

“Fuck me,” I command, wiggling my ass. “Take me.”

The room just got a little warmer; the anticipation pumping through my veins. You know how I love it; hard, fast, merciless. With a growl you are behind me, grabbing my ass with one hand and your cock with the other. You rub against me and, instead of thrusting into me you decide to tease me. Groan… I just want you inside of me! Fuck me already! But I know you won’t disappoint. You will tease, but you will also satisfy. So I focus on what you are doing, the hot wet cock sliding down the crack of my ass, brushing my clit, then back again across my pussy, my ass… I moan and try to push against you as your cock slides past my swollen slit, but you hold me firmly in place with your free hand.

“Unnnngh… yes … I need you,” I beg, but you know I am enjoying the teasing, you know I am only growing more aroused. You can tell by the way my body twitches when your swollen helmet rubs firmly against my clit, and how I buck a little as you drag it past my puckered anus. You know how to build me up, and I know you delight in the resulting wild abandon when I cannot take the tension any longer. My breathing is heavy and my body moving involuntarily as you repeat this delicious torture. Stroke, stroke… pausing to apply a little lube from your nightstand drawer. Stroke, stroke… dipping into my pussy with just your head, pulling out and dragging your ridged cock across me again. My flesh is growing more sensitive by the second and a throbbing has begun deep within.

Stoke, stroke… even your heavy breathing is turning me on… Now you press against my anus, delighting in my gasp and subsequent moan. Visions of you fucking me in the ass fill my mind and I push back against you hopefully. You read me like a book and press into me more firmly. Though we are slick with lube, my body does not yield, but it feels so good. I clutch the sheets, groaning. You go back to rubbing yourself forward and back along me, dipping into my pussy, just a little, withdrawing, teasing my clit, back to my ass where you push a little harder, both of us moaning as my body accommodates the very tip of you. I pull away and push back, forcing my ass onto canlı bahis siteleri the top of your cock again, intoxicated with this sensation. You are still, allowing me to please myself with you, to go at my own pace, teaching my body to accept you, and I know you are watching. You’ve told me how you love to watch me as you enter me.

But you are so thick and it’s been so long since I’ve had anal sex, I know I can’t take more than the first two inches of you without hurting myself. And I’m so fucking turned on I’m going out of my head. I pull away, a sorry groan escaping as you fall from my ass, and I push back, this time maneuvering to take you into my juicy, hungry cunt.

“Please…” I whimper.

Is that a chuckle I hear? You beast. But you thrust into me, completely and firmly. With both hands gripping, holding fast to my hips, pulling me against you as you thrust, you don’t hold back. You plunge into me again and again, your breathing growing fast and heavy with an occasional grunt which just turns me on more.

“Oh yes!” I cry. This… this force, this possession, all of you taking all of me, so hard and so fast… “Fuck me! Yes!” My knuckles are white as I grip the sheets.

My moans and cries fill the room and I absently wonder if we are disturbing your neighbors. Then I imagine what they would see if they stepped into the room and turned on the light. I enjoy the image of me on my elbows and knees, ass in the air, being pummeled relentlessly from behind by you.

Your hand clutching at my hair, pulling my head back, shatters the image and all I know is you… your possession of me, your cock deeply stroking my swollen insides, the sounds of us… how you thrust into me and stay, throbbing, grunting, coming…

We lay next to each other on the bed, our breathing slowly returning to normal. I snuggle close to you and seek your mouth for a tender kiss, our bodies radiating so much heat. There is a satisfying ache deep inside me. You reach up and caress my face. I moan contentedly. If I were a cat I’d be purring.

“Would you like to come, darling?” you ask, your hand slipping down my soft tummy to my wooly mound.

“I’m quite content as I am,” I say. “But if you’d like me to…”

“I would. Very much.” Your fingers dip into the mess we made and pull out, spreading the slippery cum around, finding my clit and brushing against it. With more expertise than any one man should possess, you caress and love on me until I am arching, body stiff, holding my breath then crying out in dizzying moans as my climax washes over me.

“I love to hear you come,” you whisper in my ear. Your words are like icing on my favorite cake.

While I catch my breath you kiss my shoulder and caress my breasts.

“How long can you stay?” you ask.

“I have to catch the plane Friday, so… three days.”

“Well, it will have to do,” you say.

“Yep,” I managed to get out around a yawn. You chuckle. I turn to kiss your forehead then roll over, my back to you. You pull the blanket back up over us. With your arm encircling me protectively, laying with as much of our bodies touching as possible, we drift to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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