Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

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This is my first submission as an author. I hope you enjoy it. If so, I have plans for a continuing series. I do not condone cheating in a monogamous relationship – this is just a fantasy.

Thanks to Chiara23 for helping me edit this story. You were a great help and I really enjoyed working with you!

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

Many things happen in our life so quickly that we cannot really see the beginning, but only the middle. These events sneak up and take hold of your life and change it before you can do anything, and by the time you know it’s happening you have no desire or will left to stop it. This is how it happened with Sergeant Alex Davis. His life, his marriage, would never be the same but even if he tried he could not have found the beginning and willed it to be any different.

Stacey Cooper walked in the office as she had many, many times before. She was one of his recruits and had been for some time. She was supposed to ship out to boot camp in a couple weeks and he couldn’t wait. It’s not that he didn’t like Stacey. As a matter of fact, he got along with her very well. The problem was that Stacey was about 5’7” with chestnut colored hair that fell to the middle of her back and large breasts. He was a sucker for large breasts. She was beautiful -much prettier than most of the girls in the area with a strong personality to boot. Most girls he approached were lazy and stupid. Stacey was intelligent, strong and something of a tom boy. There was no denying his attraction for her. What was worse – she seemed to feel the same and made it a point to be close to him every chance she got.

Alex had been a Marine for 11 years and had been married for six of those. He had married his High School sweetheart after a considerable time apart. He had had his fun in California and Okinawa as a young, single Marine. There were many drunken nights with girls, sometimes more than one. He had picked them up in bars, he had met them and minutes later taken them behind the building in the dark night air for anyone passing by to see. He had had massages in Japan with “happy endings”. He even had a short but very exciting relationship with a woman whose daughter was closer to his age than she was. Needless to say, his life had been full and he knew without a doubt that his wife was the one he was meant to be with for the rest of his life. She was everything to him.

Sex with his wife had always been amazing. Over the years they had learned what the other wanted and how to touch and kiss the other to bring out the most powerful orgasm. There was a closeness to their love making that he hadn’t felt with another woman. It made everything they did even more powerful and exciting. It was probably the reason that she kept getting pregnant. Since the sex was so good, neither could get enough of the other.

Still there was something about Stacey that drew him in. He wasn’t sure if it was her confidence (which was one thing his wife lacked) or her body. He had never been attracted to the super skinny girls, but he did love for a woman to be fit and in shape. Working on a farm and playing sports in high school had definitely been good to Stacey Cooper.

She knew from the accidental glances that Alex liked what he saw. She noticed the discreet twitch in his pants whenever she bent over in front of him to give him a glimpse down her low cut shirts. She noticed how he tried to look away when she would stretch during their Warrior Nights. She made sure to wear loose fitting clothes that would hang away from her body as she moved and bent. Stacey also made very sure to “accidentally” touch him every chance she got.

Today Stacey had made up her mind that she would find a way to have him. She would be leaving for boot camp soon and wanted to conquer him before she did. As she walked in with the determination of a pit bull, she locked eyes with him. She tried to give him the most seductive look she could muster, but he quickly looked away and went back to his work on the computer.

“What’s up, Sergeant?” she cooed as she plopped her ass on the edge of his desk.

“Not much, Cooper. Please don’t sit on my desk”

With a pout, she stood and moved to the chair beside him. “Is Warrior Night still on for tonight?”

“Of course. Why, you trying to get out of it?”
“No! I wouldn’t miss running circles around an old man like you for nothin’!”

“I only let you think you’re beating me. I’ve some other stuff planned for you guys tonight anyway.”
Her interest peaked, she raised an eyebrow. “Oh yeah? Like what?”
“We’re going to be running circuits and working on cadences”
Obviously let down she simply murmured an “Oh.”

“So you got any referrals for me today?” He was keeping it all business. He could tell by the way she leaned in to him, put her elbow on the desk and angled her chest at him that she was trying to start something. He wasn’t about to give her an opening. He was not an adulterer.

This was going nowhere. She had to be more aggressive. She moved her chair closer and looked over his shoulder at the computer screen, making sure her breath fell on his internet casino neck. I don’t care what men say, she thought, their neck is sensitive. “I thought Megan Clark was gonna come in, but she chickened out. She doesn’t have any guts anyway. She’s not like me.” Stacey started to reach around to place her hand on the Sergeant’s leg, but at that moment the Staff Sergeant, Chris Baker walked in.

“What’s going on here?” He spoke casually, but with an air of warning. He knew his recruiter and he knew Stacey. It was obvious that Alex was very relieved to see his boss walk in.

“Paperwork.” Alex said dryly.

“I was just coming in to check on Warrior Night.” Stacey slumped down in her chair, defeated.

“It’s the same time as always. You gonna make it?” The Staff Sergeant took his seat at his desk across from Alex.


“Okay, see ya then!” He made it clear that she was to leave.

Not being an idiot, Stacey took the cue and stood to leave. Still not willingly to let it go, she put her hand on Alex’s shoulder. “See ya later, Sarge.”

He picked it off casually, never looking away from the computer. “Yeah. See you later.”

Stacey sighed lightly and left the office.

“Shit! I thought she was gonna jump you right there!” Chris laughed as soon as he heard the bell on the outer door jingle.

“I was trying to figure out what I should do!” Finally able to relax, Alex looked away from the computer and leaned back. “All I need is a pissed off female making claims to the command.”
“You? I’m the one that would get my fuckin’ ass chewed out! We’re on their good side right now. We don’t need some dumb bitch fucking it all up. I don’t care how hot she is!”
“Well, she’ll be out of here in two weeks. We just gotta deal with it till then.”
“Good luck with that. Hope your wife don’t find out.”
“She already knows. We’ve had a couple fights over some texts that Cooper sent me, but she believes me. We trust each other.”
“Well that’s good.” Changing the subject, Chris pulled up the calendar. “So what’s going on today?”

Alex rubbed his eyes and thought about his schedule. “I got an appointment at one here and then I got to go to Climax for a follow up.”

Chris laughed at the irony. “You’re having a hell of a day!”
Laughing now, too, “Yeah, it’s turning out that way.”

The rest of Alex’s day was rather uneventful. He did have a kid agree to sign up, so he set up a follow up appointment for parental approval, which was always good. The kid from Climax told Alex he was considering going to college and regardless of how Alex pointed out that the Marines would pay for it, the kid still waivered. Alex got the feeling that the kid was a bit of a wuss, and if that were the case, he was better off in college anyway. Or the Air Force.

Having some time before Warrior Night, Alex decided to run by the house to get some supper and see his family. He could hear screaming before he even walked in the door.

“But Mommy, I had it first!” His oldest daughter, who was all of four screamed at the top of her lungs.

“No you didn’t. She did. You just decided you wanted it when you saw she had it.” His wife was trying to maintain her composure. Apparently, it had been an off day for her too.

“But I want it!” Sarah just wasn’t getting it. The little one, Emma, just stood in the middle of the kitchen playing with a Barbie which must have been the catalyst to the fight to begin with.

“Okay, I’ve had it! It’s been like this all day! Go to your room until you can learn to share!”

Sarah screamed at the top of her lungs and started to cry as she stomped off to her room. Emma followed quietly behind her, shaking the Barbie back and forth.

Alex walked up behind his wife and wrapped his arms around her, resting his hands on her pregnant belly. She leaned her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. She closed her eyes for a minute to rest her brain and enjoy the feel of him against her. His body responded and he moved his hands up to cup her breasts.

“You know, the girls are occupied for a minute. We could get a quickie in…”

Megan turned and gave him a weary look. “I’d love to, babe, but I’ve got to get this kitchen cleaned up and get the girls a bath before bed. Hold that thought for when you get home.”
Not wanting to give up, he slipped his hand under her shirt to pinch her nipple. She leaned against him again and pushed her butt into his crotch. He twisted her nipple just a little and lightly bit her neck, making her sigh. She reached behind her butt and began to stroke his cock through his pants. He knew he had her then. Spinning her around, he kissed her passionately. Megan’s mouth opened instantly as she plunged her tongue into his mouth. He gave her his as he slipped his hand down the front of her pants and into her panties. Finding the moist warmth between her legs, he used his first and ring finger to part her lips as he slid his middle finger into her. She groaned and bit his lip as she clamped her hand around his rock-hard cock through his pants. Just as he began to slide his finger in and out of her wet canlı poker oyna pussy they heard stomping coming down the hall. He immediately jerked his hand out of his wife’s pants and stepped back. It was just in time as Sarah rounded the corner into the kitchen.

“Mommy, can I come out now? I’ll be nice.”
Both of them were out of breath as their hearts pounded in their chests. Any grown person would be able to spot the lust on both of them immediately. In hindsight, this turned out to be a very bad idea and the beginning to Alex’s downfall, but hindsight is always 20/20.

“Yes baby. Just share your toys with your sister.” Megan chuckled as she discreetly straightened her clothes. Knowing the moment had passed, Alex washed his wife’s juices off his hands and gave her a kiss on the cheek. He grabbed a quick plate of food and then went to the bedroom to change into his workout clothes.

“How late will you be tonight?” Megan asked, with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Hopefully not late. Wait up for me.”

Megan gave him a playful spank on his firm round ass. “But of course, my love!”

Alex tried to get the image of his wife out of his head, but it just wouldn’t happen. He kept thinking of her hand squeezing and rubbing his cock and the feel of her soft breasts and hot, wet pussy. As he pictured her standing there in their kitchen, her image began to shift into that of Stacey. He could see her young perky breasts and slim waist. He could imagine sliding his cock in and out of her tight pussy… Quickly he tried to think of something else. A married man should not be thinking these things. A happily married Marine recruiter should especially not be thinking about his 18 year old poole.

Stacey could see that there was a fire in Alex’s eyes when he looked at her in the gym. She was beginning to stretch and stared at him as she pulled her ankle up to her butt. Try as he did, he couldn’t hide his lust that night. She wondered if he had gotten some already or if he had been denied. She had the idea that his wife was a bitch prude. At least she hoped. It would make her job that much easier.

Alex led the recruits through more stretches and some circuit runs as the Staff Sergeant supervised. The other two area recruiters took over and led the group in weight lifting and cadences. They finished with some light martial arts and then broke for the night. Most of the kids as well as the other recruiters left for home, but knowing his wife was waiting for him (and had probably started warming herself up already), Alex decided to shower before he left the gym. He hung his towel on the hook outside the stall and stepped in the hot water. He should have rubbed one off before he got out (mistake

), but he was in a hurry to get home and bury his cock balls deep in Megan’s waiting cunt.

Finishing quickly, Alex stepped out and reached for the towel. It wasn’t there. He looked on the floor and didn’t see it. Anxiety washed over him before he even heard her speak.

“Looking for this?” Stacey’s voice was slightly raspy as she looked over his tight body. He was a little on the short side, but his frame was incredible. He was built like a “V” with his shoulders, neck and arms looking huge compared to his slim waist. Alex’s chest muscles shone with moisture. He made no effort to hide himself from her, either from shock or realization that it would change nothing at this point.

His cock stood at attention, pointing at her like a large, fat finger. She took in the sight of it. It wasn’t terribly long, but it made up for that in girth. Her mouth watered. She wanted to taste his hot flesh.

“What the fuck are you doing, Cooper? Drop the fucking towel and get out!” He wanted to mean it, but his flesh tingled as he looked at her sweat-soaked shirt as it clung to her breasts. She had apparently removed her bra and he could only imagine what else.

Ignoring him, she walked toward him carrying the towel on the tip of her finger. “Is that for me?” she motioned at his fat member with her eyes.

“No, it’s for my wife, and you need to leave.” He should have turned and walked out. Mistake

She was standing right in front of him now, the tip of his penis almost touching her bare leg just below her very short shorts. They weren’t that short when everyone else was around. Stacey dropped the towel on the floor, but he made no effort to pick it up. “I don’t think you really want me to, Sarge.”

Now, Alex was not the kind of man that backed away from anything. He had been in fire fights in Iraq with bullets screaming past his head with hardly a flinch. He had taken a shower in an abandoned house as mortars struck the town around him. He had slept with every type of woman imaginable in nearly every position, but when Stacey moved forward again, he stepped back. She eventually backed him up against a wall and he was trapped. Of course he could have left at any time and they both knew it, but lust and excitement was overpowering him like a drug.

This time, when Stacey reached out, he didn’t move. She took hold of his cock and started stroking it up and poker oyna down. Her touch was strong and forceful and hot. They locked eyes as she pulled on his penis, running her thumb over the head to collect the slippery precum and smear it over the shaft. Seeing that he was at the point of no return, she knelt down in front of him and let his cock slide down her throat. She nearly had to pop her jaw out to keep from scraping her teeth over him. It hurt for an instant, but she loved the hot salty taste of him. Alex threw his head back sharply, hitting it against the cinder block wall behind him. The sharp pain snapped some sense into him and he pushed Stacey’s shoulders back, but she wouldn’t budge.

Almost pleading with her Alex moaned, “Stacey, you’ve gotta stop. I’m married.” Stacey said nothing, stopped nothing and added her hand to his dick. She grabbed it tight and began corkscrewing it up and down over his shaft as she sucked and licked the sensitive head. Losing all his sense once again, Alex grabbed a handful of Stacey’s long dark hair and held tight. A deep moan left his throat and she knew he was hers. She began fervently bouncing her mouth up and down over him as her hand squeezed and twisted. Saliva streamed out of her mouth and she used it to keep her hand good and lubricated. She used her other hand to reach up and cup his balls lightly. For a moment, her mouth left his cock to take in his balls one at a time. She sucked them in for a minute, then let them go to flick her tongue over them quickly. She lifted them up to lick the sensitive skin just between them and his anus and then quickly returned to bob on the deep red tip.

He was getting close to cumming in her throat. Somewhere in the foggy recesses of his brain, he knew what he was doing was very wrong. His wife was at home, probably fingering herself into a frenzy, waiting for him to come home and fuck her hard and deep the way he always did. Instead, his dick was balls deep in this girl fourteen years younger than him. If he was caught, his marriage and his career would be over. Stacey could sense his new hesitation and began massaging his balls and licking his cock head again. It felt so damn good he brought his other hand to her head and began fucking her face like he wanted to fuck her pussy.

Knowing he was close to coming, Stacey stopped sucking his fat dick. She stood and stripped quickly. She took a moment to stand before him, naked. His gaze moved over her tanned skin, her beautiful round tits, her tight stomach and her perfect bald pussy mound. Her legs were long and lean, but he could see the lines of her muscles. He wanted to touch every inch of her.

She slipped her finger in her wet hole and pumped it in and out a couple times, then slid her wet fingers over the ridges in his dick. It was all he could take. He grabbed her around the waist with one hand and wrapped his other hand in her hair, spinning her around in the same motion. Now he had her pinned against the wall as they kissed with fiery abandon. His wife was now the farthest thing from his mind as he shoved his dick against her. Stacey wrapped her leg around him, bringing her pussy to his cock. She moved her hips so that the length of his cock slid up and down in her slit, getting it nice and wet.

Alex moved his hand between them as his mouth moved down to take in her hard little nipple. As he sucked and nipped at it, he slipped first one, then two fingers into her hot hole. She bucked against him as he used the palm of his hand to stimulate her clit as he put the entire length of his fingers in her. Using a kind of kneading motion, he finger fucked her and rubbed her clit at the same time. Stacey was beginning to moan and writhe against him as he took her other breast in his mouth, biting harder. Arching her back to get more of her tit in his mouth, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders. Her breath was beginning to come out in short puffs and they both knew she was riding the edge of an orgasm. Alex pulled his fingers out of her to stroke her clit and it was just enough to make her body explode. She shook against him and bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming too loud.

Before she could come down from her orgasm, Alex grabbed the back of her other thigh and picked her up, pinning her hard against the wall. In one motion, he thrust inside of her and stayed there for just a moment. She bit down again as he started to pound her hard and as deep as he could go. She felt as though his cock would split her in two, but the pain just added to the intense pleasure.

This would be no love making. Alex bucked against her and dug his fingertips into the flesh of her ass. He fucked her harder than he ever remembered fucking a girl since he lost his virginity at 15. Stacey used her strong legs to push against his muscular thighs as she lifted herself off of him and slammed back down to meet his thrusts. He was mesmerized as her tits, which seemed larger and perkier than before, bounced in opposite circles on her chest. He pulled his one hand from her ass and placed it on her chest at her collar bone to brace himself against her. Stacey’s cocksucking had been too effective. He was about to blow. Stacey could feel him begin to throb and wrapped her legs tighter around him. She was on birth control and wanted to feel his hot sperm in her. Alex, however, had a different idea in mind.

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