Training Exercise

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Josh stood at the front of the class. Small class today, only three guys. Josh was a paramedic trainer and he would teach specific competencies to paramedics in training as well as qualified paramedics refreshing their skills.

He waited patiently for them to settle down so he could begin.

“Good morning–” he started greeting but was interrupted by a knock at the door. “Yes?”

“I’m sorry I’m late,” said a pretty red headed woman, as she opened the door.

“That’s ok, we haven’t even started yet,” he smiled, eyeing her as she made her way through the chairs to find a seat, dressed in a white smart shirt and pencil skirt.

He drew in a breath and looked around the class. All youngsters, 3 men, barely in their twenties and the woman. She was possibly late twenties.

Josh did the usual routine, each person to a say a little about them self. Hi my name is such and such, bla bla bla. Tim, Dave, Pete and Lexxie. Turned out the three boys were paramedics in training, while the stunner was just refreshing her skills.

Josh handed out the papers, sneaking a look down her impressive cleavage as he walked past, noting that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He handed the paperwork to the guys and explained what they needed to do. The course was six hours long, but he liked to have a break every hour, just to get the blood flowing, he didn’t want anyone nodding off.

After the third break he did a quick practical on the manikin, showing them the procedure for performing CPR. He loved this part, especially on newbies. Going through the motions, explained the speed and placement of the rescuers’ hands. Now time for the fun stuff.

“Now as for the defib, who can tell me the placement of the paddles?” he asked with a grin. He looked over at lexxie, her hard nipples poking through her extra low-cut shirt distracting him for a moment. He looked up at the boys, gathering his thoughts. Nothing, blank stares. “Okay, imagine a woman’s bra, you place one paddle on her right shoulder strap over her collar bone and the other on her left strap by her ribs. Next question. Can you tell me a problem here?” Still blank stares, but their curiosity is piqued. “If it is a woman, you need to remove her bra before you even start CPR.” If she’s wearing one, he said under his breath, once again looking at Lexxie.

Wide ankara duşta veren escortlar lustful eyes from the young men and a sly smile from Lexxie as she crossed her arms under her boobs, pushing them up. He could tell from the boys’ expressions they were imagining Lexxie topless while they performed CPR on her. He was thinking the same thing. He pushed the thought from his mind and continued with the course.

After the last break, he made them all write out their assessments as he sat back quietly and surfed his phone. Idly flicking the screen from app to app. A woman flashing her tits on Twitter, a guy complaining about something on Facebook, a graphic artist showing their work on Instagram. It wasn’t particularly entertaining, but it passed the time. When they had finished, he reviewed the answers with them.

“Right, time for a practical scenario,” he said, standing up from his desk. “Lexxie, I need you to be a victim, since you’re experienced in this.”

She nodded and stood up, waiting for instructions.

“Okay, you guys are paramedics. You are called to this training room because Lexxie has collapsed. You don’t know the cause.” Josh looked at them, waiting for them to do something. “Lexxie, would you lie down, please, you’re unconscious. Guys, go to the door, then turn around and act out this scenario.” He stood back, waiting for them to do as they were told.

They came rushing into the room, playing their parts well. Pete knelt beside Lexxie and felt for a pulse at her neck, while Dave knelt opposite, he leaned over her to listen for her breath and placed his hand on her chest. Clever boy! He had cupped her breast perfectly, her nipple instantly reacting and standing up proudly through the thin fabric

“Please be respectful, Josh ordered, while secretly congratulating the perpetrator.

“Sorry,” Dave said, smiling devilishly up at Josh.

“Get the stretcher, Tim,” ordered Pete. They gently lifted Lexxie onto the stretcher and strapped her down.

“Just place her on the table here, pretend this is the ambulance,” Josh instructed. “Now what should you do before driving to the hospital?”

“Secondary assessment?” asked Tim.

“Exactly,” Josh said with a smile.

They all started to pat her down gently, Dave feeling her calf muscles. Tim touching elvankent fetiş yapan escortlar her side under her breast and running his finger tips up under breasts. Pete ran his fingertip over her nipples on her other boob, while Dave moved up from her calves and up her thighs and trailing over her mound, which was quite prominent in her tight pencil skirt.

“Seriously?” asked Josh sarcastically. “She’s a victim, a patient, not your girlfriend asking for a sensual tickle.” Josh stepped forward. “Like this.”

He ran his hands down her sides, feeling her ribs, up above her breasts across her chest. Down her rib cage and under her boobs, touching them with a finger as her went past. Down her hips to her thighs. Using two hands on one thigh he ran it up her leg, marvelling at her smooth skin and hard muscles. Her looked up at her, to see her reaction. To his surprise, her eyes were closed and with her tilted back slightly. He moved his hand up further, watching her and to his surprise, she spread her legs for him. His finger pushed dangerously close to her pussy, his finger pushed dangerously close to her pussy, no objection. He pushed further, caught in the moment. He looked up at the boys standing wide eyed, watching. Pete reached down, hesitating a second before grabbing her breast, squeezing it through her shirt. A few seconds later Dave did the same to the other boob, massaging it.

“Hmmmm,” Lexxie moaned, keeping her eyes closed. Her voice betraying her lust.

Tim reached past Dave and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her tits, her pink nipples standing hard and proud. She couldn’t move her arms as she was strapped down, but her body was squirming as she spread her legs further. Josh pushed deeper into her crotch, his two fingers slipping straight into her wet pussy lips, incredibly she wasn’t wearing any panties. She arched her back, as much as she could under the strap and moaned again. It could’ve been a muffled no, but no one cared at this point. Josh removed his hand from her dripping wet pussy and lifted her skirt to gain better access. She raised her ass off the stretcher to make it easier for him. Josh drew in a breath at the exposed cunt in front of him, he could practically see her juices dripping out of her. He reached down and adjusted his hard cock in his etimesgut iranlı escort pants while his other hand went back to Lexxie’s perfect pussy. He dipped his fingers inside her, wetting them, then dragging them up and spreading her natural lube around her clit, spreading her lips to expose her swollen bud. He rubbed it gently at first, round and around, up, down until it was standing up and exposed out of its sheath. Lexxie was moaning softly in pleasure as the boys played with her boobs, flicking her hard nipples. Josh reached up and unclipped the quick release on her strap.

She opened her eyes and looked at the boys faces, then their crotches, with a smile she reached for Pete who had the biggest bulge and unzipped his pants. His cock sprang out like a jack-in-the-box. She giggled and pulled him towards her and ran her tongue along the length of his rod before taking his whole length into her mouth.

Not to be out done, Josh drove his fingers deep into her pussy, searching for her sweet spot. He leant over and flicked his tongue onto her clit, while opening her legs wider. He pushed the tip of his tongue harder onto her clit while simultaneously finger fucking her snatch, in out hard and fast. He could feel her legs tensing more and more. Glancing over he noticed the other boys holding and stroking their cocks, awaiting their turn with her mouth. Lexxie lay back, eyes closed moaning louder and louder as she clutched Pete’s member in her hand.

Josh closed his lips around her clit, sucking it, humming at the same time, in the same rhythm as her moaning. Faster and faster, her pussy juices wet and slimy all over Josh’s hand and coating the inside of her thighs. He could feel it in his beard as he sucked her clit.

Lexxie arched her back high, her body tensed as she screamed, her muscled shuddering with her climax. Josh kept the movement going for a few more seconds, waiting for her to relax again. He stopped the assault on her pussy with his hand, gave a quick lick down to her lips to taste her cum and stood up.

The boys were all jerking them selves off, Dave had already cum all over the floor. Tim tried to aim his cum at her perfect tits, but only managed to mess her ribs and shirt. Pete came next, aiming at Lexxie’s neck and tits, his aim was spot on.

Lexxies smiled up at him and rubbed it all over her chest, onto her nipples and around her boobs.

“For my girlfriend to clean off later,” she explained with a smile. She lifter her head and looked at Josh. “Would you like me to help you?” she asked with a smile.

“Its ok,” Josh laughed. “I’ll go fill my boyfriend up with cum in an hour.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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