Tiger and Bunny Pt. 02

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Day 2, right after I left the room. I had a room rented out all to myself now and feeling better than last night with the sniffles. I had a hard time trying to get my thoughts off of those two girls fooling around the bed while I was asleep to half-asleep. No matter what I did – television, strolling, swimming, eating, ogling at other cute girls – the thoughts of those two would not leave. I guess secretly I wanted to wake up and join those two. Ah well, I missed my chance, and I doubt they’d let me join in, but the show was nice either way.

After spending the late morning by myself I decided to head back to my room and sleep in for the afternoon. While waiting for the elevator to my floor someone tapped me on my shoulder. Turning around there was Bunny in the sexiest one piece green skirt I’d lay eyes on. Bunny is cute without a doubt, but her wearing that dress made my heart skip a beat or two. I almost forgot that I had left those two in their own room. With Bunny here it looks like I was about to be interrogated. Turns out she’d gone to the receptionist to find out where I went.

I invited her over to my room to explain why I left and got my own room. When the elevator emptied with just the two of us I broke the silence and started explaining what I saw the night prior, everything from when they entered the room to discovering the panties shoved into my boot. We chatted more about it on the way to my room. One thing that sort of threw me off is that the panties were “shoved” into my boot. I had to know…

After Bunny and I sat down on the couch with drinks, non-alcoholic, I decided to pop the question “Who shoved the panties into my boot.” With a little embarrassment and smile Bunny sets down the glass and tells me that it was her because she thought it was funny how she was getting sexed up by Tiger and I was just there sleeping away. I did tell her that if I was invited to join in I would’ve freshened up first. In response Bunny told me that I was invited anytime.

With that being said I put some thought into illegal bahis what she said I scooted over and put my arm around her. I was just playfully trying to prove her wrong so I leaned in for a kiss trying to see if she’d push me away. Instead she pulled me closer and pressed those soft lips on mine, hand holding hand, and our eyes taking swift glances at each other. It was pure bliss and I felt Bunny losing herself already. Are we moving too fast? Yes. Does it look like we care…? Not now, my hand is going up her dress.

As reckless as it seems we ended up on the floor and my hand was in her panties, fingering her cunt. I tried not to make it too fast as my middle finger was wriggling around inside of Bunny, trying to keep in my mind that I wanted to make her happy first. The basic thing that good lovers need to abide by is that we’re only truly happy if our partner is happy and with the way Bunny was moaning and moving her hips I knew we were going to be doing this for a while.

My hand was soaked at this point and the smell of Bunny’s sweet spot was already filling the room. We got back on the couch, had her sit on my lap, and continued on with fingering her. This time I pulled down her left shoulder strap and started fondling her breast, all the while kissing the back of her neck with small licks abound from time to time. At some point she was soaked enough down there that I could feel my pants getting wet from her sitting on me. It bothered me a little so I decided to pause for a while, my hand being tired and Bunny catching her breath.

I scooted Bunny off of me and placed her on the couch, leaning her on the far end. Troubled with my slimy hand I got up and went to wash real quick. I couldn’t think straight and wanted to just get back to her. It’s that sort of feeling that we haven’t finished with this until we’ve both reached a climax. I finished washing and dried my hands then slowly peeked out to see how she was doing. Bunny was sitting on the bed, still in the same state that I left her. Shoulder strap off, illegal bahis siteleri left breast still exposed, all the while fidgeting. I step out and we exchange silent glances.

Undoing my belt I decided it was time and so I walked over and gave her a deep kiss while holding her hands. She seemed a bit nervous or a bit cold, but kissing her again calmed her down a little. While kissing her I scrunched up skirt upwards, removed her other strap exposing her other breast, and removed her panties off her legs, and off her ankles. As with me I rid myself of my own bottoms and went on top of her. It’s a moment that I thought would never happen, but here I am with Bunny’s eyes staring at mine letting me know that I’m free to do what I want. Of course I just had to ask if it was alright. Her response was wrapping her legs around and pulling me closer.

As hard and eager as I was I entered her slowly since she could still be tired from her night with Tiger. Totally inside of her I leaned for a quick kiss and started pumping her with my cock. It was ecstasy… Seeing Bunny in action is nothing compared to actually being part of this sexual side of her. I couldn’t close my eyes for long, physically screwing Bunny was made better by staring into my lover’s eyes. In the back of my head though it seemed dangerous and I couldn’t put my finger on why it was.

I slowed down a bit as I was getting tired. We were both tired to a point, but Bunny was shivering. After a short while even I started to feel the cold. Giving her a quick kiss I got off of her and slipped her one-piece over her head. Seeing her in full body was a sight beyond what I’d imagined. Cold shiver hit me, and with that we got on to bed and underneath the covers. As we were between the sheets Bunny grabbed my hand and told me we weren’t done yet. I couldn’t agree more.

Again I was on top of her and this time we were not to be bothered by the cold. Entering her cunt again I felt like this was going to be final run. I leaned close and started pumping her at canlı bahis siteleri a moderate pace while she used the covers like a kind of scarf or rope to pull me close enough to kiss me. At this point I was using my elbows to support my own weight and massaging her breasts, all the while I was steadily increasing my pace on how I was screwing her. Then it hit me.

This dangerous feeling I had before… I wanted to cum in her. With Bunny’s moans and groans I couldn’t think with reason for even a second, I wanted to mark every inch of her cunt with my cum. The worst part is that it showed on my face and only because Bunny’s expression turned from lust to worry. At that point I really had to slow down to a stop, but I was shocked to find Bunny’s legs wrapped around my legs and trying to move my body, as if she was telling me not to stop. I had to make sure she really wanted this.

Without warning I stopped completely and gave her a long, deep kiss. I asked her if she wanted me to finish in her. Her response, eyes closing to a nodding yes. I started up again and went on to fucking her a little faster now, her legs still wrapped around mine, her hands gripping my shoulders. No way in hell is there anything out there in the world that could be more exciting than what was about to happen next. She reached her orgasm first, digging her nails into my skin and gasping for air. I tried to shrug off the pain and concentrated on the pleasure of her sweet spot, but as soon as she was done with her orgasms I felt a rushing feeling approaching. In that instant I lost control of all reason and forced my cock as deep as I could in her and ended up filling her cunt with hot jizz. My pace slowed down immensely, but I was still trying to keep screwing her as if I wanted commit all my energy to our pleasure.

After a few minutes I was finally exhausted and settled down to lying by Bunny’s side. Tired as I may be I looked upon my current lover to see how she was doing. She was asleep, or so I thought until she adjusted her posture and cuddled my arm. It was a good afternoon and even though we did something reckless I’d wanted to cherish her beautiful face. The pill won’t wait for long, but this princess cuddling on me deserves my comfort.

If only days like this would last forever…

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