Tied Up and Used

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Big Tits

“Come on. Tell me!”

“Nooo,” April whined as she walked past me, leafing through the plastic wrapped costumes hanging from the wall. “And stop asking me.”

“Fine,” I conceded, turning back and selecting a skimpy school girl outfit from a nearby rack. “How about this one?”

“Ummm,” she said, eyeing my chosen costume with sceptical reluctance. “That’s a little too slutty.”

“That’s kind of the point!” I stated with emphasis, placing the package back on the metal hook. “It’s a porn star party. You have to dress slutty.”

“Yeah, I’ve been meaning to bring this up,” she said casually, turning back to examine the store’s selection. “What exactly is a ‘porn star party’? I mean…it sounds like an excuse to get girls to dress in slutty little costumes.”

I let out a light laugh at my girlfriend’s comment and nodded slightly.

“Actually…that’s pretty much exactly what it is.”

My friend Will had been throwing his annual porn star party for the last few years. As with Halloween parties, it was simply an excuse to dress up in provocative costumes and get drunk. We had found out early on, that anytime people dressed up in costumes, they generally had a better time. The salacious nature of the porn star theme also encouraged a somewhat sexually liberated atmosphere in which good times were usually had by all.

“That’s what I thought,” April muttered, trying to hide her smile.

“Oh, and now you have a problem being slutty?” I teased. “I seem to remember a couple weeks ago…”

Okay, okay,” she said, cutting me off as her face began to turn a shade of deep red. “You don’t need to remind me.”

I kept any further comment to myself as we continued to peruse the vast selection of overpriced costumes that the store had to offer. Since her last erotic encounter with Will and Mark, April had grown somewhat inhibited regarding sex, although my lust had increased tenfold. I was hoping that Will’s party would help her rekindle her sexual appetite once again and shed some of the post-orgasmic shame that she had been feeling since the kinky threesome.

“Ahhgg,” she groaned, looking at one of the price tags with disdain. “These are all so expensive. You’d think that outfits with so little material would be a lot cheaper.”

“Oh, I’ll pay for it,” I said simply as April turned to me, her eyes lifting with optimism. “If…you let me pick it out.”

I expected her to refuse, but to my surprise she readily agreed.

“Okay,” she said cautiously. “But nothing too sleazy.”

I smiled a devious grin and rubbed my hands together as I scanned the wall for the skimpiest outfit I could find. “The Party Store,” as it was so aptly named, had the largest selection of costumes I had ever seen. Our needs however, had brought us to the corner of the store labelled “Adult Costumes.”

“So does this mean I get to pick out your costume?” April asked, her eyes being drawn to the men’s section.

“Oh, I ‘m not dressing up,” I muttered casually, not even looking up from my task.

“Excuse me?” she blurted out, turning to face me, her hands on hips as her eyes narrowed with feigned anger.

“Guys don’t have to,” I clarified, examining a particularly skimpy angel ensemble with definite interest. “Just girls.”

“Oh I don’t think so,” she stated adamantly. “If I’m dressing up…you are dressing up!”

“Fine,” I conceded with a laugh. “You can pick something out for me…but only if you tell me what your dirtiest fantasy is.”

All day I had been interrogating my girlfriend regarding her dirtiest, nastiest fantasy. Her reluctance to answer had only heightened my interest to the point where I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I wasn’t sure if she was embarrassed by it, or simply wished to revert back to the good girl image she had worked so hard to cultivate prior to her recent forays into the world of kinky sex.

“Ahhhgggg, fine!” she groaned, finally conceding to my relentless questioning. “I’ll tell you.”

“Okay, I’m waiting.”

“You mean right now? Here?”

“Why not?” I said with a shrug. “This place is pretty much empty.

April glanced around nervously, her eyes scanning the empty store as I patiently waited for her reply.

“Okay…,” she proceeded reluctantly. “But remember this is just a fantasy! It’s not something that I would ever want to actually happen.”

“Sure, sure,” I said, my curiosity peaking with ever word she spoke. “Come on, let’s hear it.”

“Well…sometimes when I fantasize, I think about…being kidnapped.”

“Kidnapped?” I answered with genuine surprise.

“Yeah…,” she continued, growing bolder with her confession. “And they blindfold me and tie me up somewhere…”

“They? How many are there?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted, her voice growing quiet. I never know. They just tie me up and all take turns…”

I could feel my dick pulsing to life as I waited with baited breath for my girlfriend to continue her story.

“…they illegal bahis all take turns…fucking me…in the butt.”

“Wow,” was the only word my gaping mouth could produce. I had expected her fantasy to be somewhat dirty, but I was truly taken aback by what my inquiring had uncovered.

“That’s…pretty fucking hot.”

April blushed and managed half a smile as she turned back to the costumes. I wanted to delve deeper into April’s naughty mind, but I knew that there would be more appropriate places. My arousal however, was peaking and I decided to focus that energy into picking my girlfriend out the sluttiest costume I could find.

“And…we have a winner!” I exclaimed, snatching my chosen outfit from the wall.

April wrinkled her cute little nose with disgust as inspected my choice.

“French maid?” she groaned, grabbing the plastic wrapped costume from me. “Isn’t that a bit cliché? The party will probably be crawling with girls in maid outfits.”

“Yeah, but none as hot as you,” I countered, with a big, phony, over-the-top smile.

“Aright,” she said bluntly as she shoved the costume into my chest. “My turn.”

I smiled as I examined the costume I had picked, trying to picture my girlfriend wearing the meager outfit. April smiled contentedly as she looked on, determined to clothe me in an equally embarrassing fashion.

“Hmmm,” she hummed to herself, grabbing a costume off the wall. “I have always had a thing for firemen…”

“Is that your choice?” I asked, reaching for the plastic wrapped garment.

“Nah,” she answered, placing it back on the rack. “Not skimpy enough.”

I laughed as she continued searching.

“This isn’t fair,” she muttered with exasperation. “There’s not nearly as many men’s costumes here. And they aren’t nearly as revealing as the women’s stuff.”

I smiled in agreement. It was true. The men’s selection was barely one tenth the size of the female’s.

“Yes!” April blurted out suddenly, finding something of interest crammed against the wall, behind the others. “Now this is what I’m talking about.”

My expression turned horrified as she pulled out a gladiator costume, consisting of only a leather kilt with two corresponding leather straps that crossed the chest.

“Ummm,” I began, frowning as I looked on. “Is it too late to call the deal off?”

“Yep,” she answered as a beaming smile of contentment crossed her pretty face.

I reluctantly paid for the costumes before April and I went out for lunch. As I sat there, looking at her from across the table, I couldn’t stop thinking about the fantasy that she had revealed. I had been worried that her interest in anal sex had waned somewhat since that night in the hotel room, but obviously my fears were unfounded. My sexual interest on the other hand had grown to unsurpassed levels since that night. The odd mixture of jealousy and lust involved in seeing my girlfriend getting fucked by two guys in front of me had imprinted a lasting impression on my sexual psyche. I had been thinking about how to progress our already kinky sex life to new levels. Now, with April’s revealing of her naughty fantasy, I was faced with an abundance of new mental pictures. I knew that many women had ‘forced’ or ‘kidnapping’ fantasies, but I was nonetheless surprised to find my girlfriend among them.

Halfway through our meal, I excused myself to go to the bathroom, stepping inside and locking the door behind me. I pulled out my cell phone and called Will.

I had an idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I cringed as I looked into the mirror, seeing myself dressed in the ridiculous costume staring back at me. I was thankful that my body still retained some of the tan I had accumulated during the summer, saving the other party goers from subjecting themselves to the blinding whiteness of my naturally pale skin.

“Ready?” I called out to April in the next room.

“Ready,” she called back.

I took one more look at myself in the mirror before stepping out into the bedroom as we viewed each other’s costumed appearance for the first time. April giggled as she saw me, but I could only stare with amazement as she stood before me in the provocative outfit. Void of the bountiful, frilly borders usually seen on French maid costumes, this one consisted of a relatively snug fitting black chemise that came down just below the ass. The majority of the outfit was made from a sheer, see-through material with the exception of the front which was covered by a thinly ruffled white fabric that covered most of her breasts, stretching from her chest down to her stomach. Through the sheer material hugging her sexy, toned hips I could make out a pair of black panties underneath. April’s legs, up to mid-thigh, were covered by a pair of fishnet stockings, which although not part of the costume, fit very well with the rest outfit. Completing the look, was a pair of tall, black high-heels that made her appear taller than her actual 5’5 frame. The illegal bahis siteleri whole outfit resembled something that was meant for the bedroom instead of a Halloween or costume party. She had opted not to wear the little white hat that had come with the costume, as she didn’t want it to mess her impeccably styled, dirty blonde hair which was tied back, allowing a perfect view of her slender neck, adorned by a thin, black choker. Her skin, smooth and tanned, looked as perfect as ever, highlighting her sparkling green eyes as she viewed me up and down.

“Not bad,” she stated, smiling with amusement as I stood before in a state of embarrassment. “I think I like that look on you.”

“Likewise,” I returned, eyeing my girlfriend with a creeping lecherous gaze.

April seemed to grow more self conscious under my prying eyes as she looked down to examine her scarcely clothed body.

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to go out like this,” she said with a shake of her head.

“I think my outfit is a little bit more embarrassing than yours,” I said matter-of-factly as I held my arms out in presentation. “I mean…look at this thing!”

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said, her voice taking on a seductive feminine tone. “I think it outlines quite a few of your more…attractive qualities.”

“Really?” I answered with a smile, shifting around in my leather kilt. “You know, this thing is actually very comfortable.”

“You know…,” April purred, sauntering over to me in a seductive manner. “We could just skip the party and…stay in?”

I smiled as I looked down into my girlfriend’s sexy green eyes and whispered.

“Not a chance.”

* * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * *

I drove to the party and parked my car on the street in front of Will’s house. To cover her meagrely clothed body, April had covered herself in a long winter coat, even though the weather was far from cold. I raised objection however, when she stepped out of the vehicle, still wearing it.

“Uh uh,” I said with a wave of my finger. “The coat stays in the car.”

“Ugh, fine,” April murmured, slipping off the large overcoat and tossing it in the back seat.

I smiled with smug satisfaction as I viewed my girlfriend’s enticing outfit, taking her hand as we made our way up to the front door. I could hear the sound of music from within as I rang the doorbell and waited for an answer. I was just about to open the door myself, when it swung open to reveal Will standing before us dressed in a red Hugh Heffner-like smoking jacket and half filled glass in his hand.

“Well, hello there,” he greeted with enthusiasm, glancing at me for a moment before his eyes became locked on my girlfriend and her lascivious outfit.

He stood aside as we entered the house, although his eyes never left April, watching her from behind as she sauntered inside.

“Damn April,” he exclaimed as the door slammed shut. “That’s got to be the sluttiest costume yet!”

“Thanks,” she returned half heartedly, glaring at me as her cheeks blushed with a reddish glow. “Damon picked it out.”

We immediately got some drinks, as both of us were dying to hide some of our embarrassment behind a veil of blissful intoxication. It seemed that the party was just beginning, as a steady stream of guests began to arrive shortly after us, filling the large house with a large number of slutty nurses, naughty schoolgirls and sexy cheerleaders. As I expected, many of the male guests had chosen not to dress up, although no one seemed to care. I was more surprised to find that I hardly knew anyone else there. Will and I, although friends, travelled in slightly different circles so it was not uncommon to find myself the odd man out during these types of events, but I usually recognized more than a few. April and I did share an awkward moment however, when we ran into Mark, who had been Will’s partner in crime when they had double teamed my girlfriend two weeks earlier. He was dressed as a football player, wearing only the tight fitting pants and the shoulder pads, leaving the rest of his well-muscled body uncovered with the exception of two black marks under each of his eyes. I could sense April’s discomfort as we exchanged cordial pleasantries, so I quickly found an excuse to leave him and his monotonous conversational skills behind.

Surprisingly, there were no other French maids at the party although I made a point of reminding April that aside from a couple girls wearing only lingerie, she had by far the sluttiest costume there. As the night wore on and the booze kept flowing, she became less and less self conscious about her scandalous appearance and even posed for a few risqué pictures. As the main floor of the house became quite crowded, many of us headed down to the basement, which afforded a much more breathable atmosphere. As soon as we entered the large rec room, we were immediately called over and challenged to a game of doubles pool by Will.

Although April’s billiard skills were canlı bahis siteleri horrendous, I hoped that Will’s female partner would be just as bad. Her name was Tori and I recognized her as a waitress that worked in the same bar where Will was employed as a bartender. She and Will had been having an ongoing physical relationship over the past few months although they had both made it perfectly clear that they were still both single. Tori was dressed in a dominatrix-like outfit with a tight fitting latex dress and knee high black boots. Her dark hair was tied back in a long pony tail and her eyes surrounded by an ominous looking amount of dark eyeshadow. Although she looked quite intimidating, I had always known her to be friendly and funny.

“Hi,” she greeted cheerfully, offering her hand to my girlfriend. “I’m Tori. I love your outfit!”

As the girls exchanged pleasantries, Will handed me a pool cue and flashed me a knowing smirk.

“Rack em up,” he ordered, reaching for a piece of blue chalk.

As I placed the balls within the plastic triangle, I glanced over at April who was looking at the table with a fond reminiscing gaze. After all, it was on that very table that my girlfriend had been bent over when Will had taken her anal virginity those many weeks ago.

“I bet this brings back memories huh?” Will blurted out, grinning from ear to ear as he ran his hand over the smooth felt surface.

April blushed and hid her slightly embarrassed smile by taking a sip from her glass. Tori swapped gazed with all of us as a look of confusion overtook her face.

“What does that mean?” she asked, growing intrigued by the cryptic conversation.

“Oh nothing,” Will answered, brushing aside her query as began to line up his first shot. “April just really likes pool. Don’t you April?”

She blushed a deeper shade of red. Although she had been reluctant at the time, April had later confessed that the whole situation had been a complete and total turn on. Aside from opening her eyes to the joys of anal pleasure, she had admitted that being thought of as a prize to be won in a game was a fantasy that continued to entice her.

“You know…,” Will said, just as he was about to take his shot. “All this reminiscing has given me an idea…”

“Oh yeah?” April muttered, watching him with suspicion. “And what might that be?”

“Why don’t we make another bet?”

My girlfriend remained silent, although I could see a spark of interest flash across her emerald hued eyes.

“And what would we be betting?”

“Well…how about…,” he began as if still thinking, although everyone knew he already had specific stakes in mine. “…the winner gets…the loser’s girl for the night.”

April’s eyes went wide as we all stood there for a moment, processing Will’s naughty proposal.

“I didn’t know Tori was ‘your girl’ I said after a brief awkward silence.

“Well for the purposes of this game, she will be,” he explained, looking over at Tori for validation. “Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, I think I can handle that,” she answered with a smile as she inspected my body with those dark, sultry eyes.


I was actually unsure of how my girlfriend would react to such a proposal. Although I had shared her with Will on two separate occasions now, we had never discussed the idea of me being with another woman. She had always been quite jealous by nature so I had yet to bring the subject up. I knew she liked being ‘shared’ with other men, but I wasn’t sure if that desire was strong enough to overcome her jealously. I looked over at her, studying her expression intently as the three of us awaited her response.

“Sure,” she said after a few seconds of contemplation. “Let’s do it.”

She was trying to sound nonchalant, but I could sense the fires of arousal growing within my girlfriend as she sipped with restrained excitement from her glass.

“Alright then,” Will proclaimed with a satisfied grin as she leaned over the table to begin. “Game on.”

Will and Tori got off to a strong start, sinking two balls off the break and then another one on the next shot. I glanced over at April with a worrisome expression, although she seemed to be more excited than fearful. I sank one ball, but then missed my next shot, handing my cue to April as Tori stepped up. As the game went on, the party progressed around us, the rest of the guests oblivious to our game or its erotic outcome.

As April took her turn, Will stepped behind her as she bent over the table to take her shot. His lust-filled eyes became transfixed on her backside as she bent over and the transparent top of her outfit slipped upwards, exposing her cute little round ass, encased in a pair of tiny black panties.

“Mmmm,” Will hummed, loud enough for April to become distracted and miss her shot.

The game proceeded with a predictable pattern with Will and I usually sinking a ball, while the girls generally missed. I was beginning to wonder if they were both trying to lose on purpose in order to get what they really wanted. After making a brief comeback, I tied the game with one ball remaining for each team. Tori however finally sank one during her turn, although she missed the next shot.

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