Tie Me Up Game

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Our sex life had always been good, with the occasional lulls followed by periods of creativity and passion. Lately we were in a lull and you challenged me to spice things up.

You had always enjoyed our nooners. Something about having sex during work hours and returning to the office with the smell of sex freshly upon you adds excitement to the mix. I tempt you with the thought of a noontime escape as we set the day.

You arrive home stimulated by the anticipation but are disappointed when my truck is not in the garage. Confused and bordering on angry you almost miss the note on the unattached garage door.

Remove your panties and leave them in the car

Your next instruction is on the back of the front door

Your momentary anger gives way to curiosity as you pull up your skirt and remove your panties. The first flush of cool air gently flowing over your trimmed mound titillates you. Your hand runs over your lower belly before you allow your skirt to drop back down. You leave your panties on the hood of your car and proceed to the front door.

The house is as you left it as you scan for any sign of my plans. Still not able to guess the afternoon’s course you pick up the next note:

Remove your shoes and pantyhose if you have them.

Your next instruction is on the refrigerator door

The pumps are left by the front closet as you move to the kitchen. The tiled entry way and linoleum vinyl of the kitchen are cool on your feet. The coolness transmits itself up your naked skin into your middle. You find the next note:

Remove your blouse and pick up the box by the oven.

Select three items that interest you from the kitchen and place

them in the box

Take your time and chose carefully since you do not know

what they will be used for

Your next instruction is on the patio door

Your fingers tremble as you read the note. Ideas of what I may have in mind compete with each other in your mind. You wander the kitchen trying to pick carefully. Something that could be fun but will not hurt if used wrong. You rummage the utensil drawer thinking of things you might use the butter brush for. Will I be thinking the same thing? Into the box goes the brush followed by a carrot from the refrigerator and hand towel.

The yellow post-it on the patio door window calls you forward to yet another clue that might unveil my intentions. You pick it up quickly and read:

Remove your bra and proceed to the backyard.

Select three items that interest you from patio or garden and

put them in the box

Take your time and chose carefully since you do not know

what they will be used for

Your next instruction is on the lounge chair on the patio

I view you from my hiding place and watch you hesitate. The backyard is semi-private. The fence on three sides is high enough to keep people from seeing in. However the remaining side is low enough for the neighbor to see over if they try. Unfortunately, this is the side with our nosier neighbor. Was she home when you pulled in? She should be at work but you never know?

Your hands reach behind and unhook your bra. You let it fall from your shoulders and let it drop by the door. You exhale loudly before opening the door and stepping into the sunshine of the patio. I watch your milky white breasts reflect the sun as they jiggle on your chest. Your eyes are on the neighbor’s house. Everything looks fine.

Your head turns and surveys the yard looking to fulfill your instructions. I grow hard watching you tentatively step around the yard, your breasts beautiful and exposed as you concentrate on your task. Each time you bend to investigate I am reminded that your skirt is the only thing keeping you from being totally naked.

Seeing no neighbor you start to relax and select your first item. With care you prune a rose from the bush and gently place it in the box. You look around confused? What else to pick? You concentrate on your task and walk naturally, no longer inhibited by your nakedness outdoors. You eye a handle of a small trowel before placing it in the box. Your last selection is a branch of mint.

Your tits are hard and dance in and out of the sun filtering through the tree branches as you notice the note on the lounge chair. I admire you as you stand in the full sun; the slope of your breast illuminated and warmed by the rays as you read the next instruction card:

Remove your skirt and proceed to the office

Select three items from the rest of the house and place them

the box

Take your time and chose carefully since you do not know

what they will be used for

Your next instruction is hanging in the closet in the bedroom

I see you smile as you read the card and I sense you are enjoying the build-up. No longer worried about the neighbor and enjoy your nudity you unzip your skirt without reservation and let it drop to the wood decking. I hold my cock in my hand as my eyes sweep over your body. I follow your hair over your shoulder and down to your breasts. The sun plays with the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri womanly contours of your waist and hip. My gaze drifts down to your tightly trimmed pubic hairs. The light touches on the top of them before they disappear into the shadows between your legs.

Your movement catches my attention. The sun must feel good as you lightly run your fingers over your breasts, tugging at the nipples before running them over your lower stomach. One-hand dances lightly over your pussy before you pick up the box and return to the house.

I retreat hoping you do not see me as I hear the door slide open. Your footsteps resonate on the tile as you move to the rear of the house only to be muffled by the carpet later on. Anticipation of the sexual fun encompasses your thoughts and you move past open windows no longer concerned with your nudity. I take my new hiding place as I hear you rummaging around the office.

Eventually I hear you enter the bedroom and open the closet door. How will you react to this note? I remember it as you read:

If I have anticipated correctly you should be naked by now

If I have forgotten anything remove it now

Select one of my ties that is your favorite and take it with you

to the bed

Your next instruction is under your pillow

I hear the hanger move as you pull out the tie and move to the pillow. You find a longer note and I watch you read trying to interpret your reaction.

It is time to play a game I think you will enjoy!

The game is one to test the skills of your senses and you

will need to use all of them……. except your sight.

Sound interesting?

The game is played as follows:

I will touch you for up to one minute with the a range of

objects……your job is to guess what they are.

You can guess at any time but there is consequence to

choosing the right vs. wrong answer.

If you choose correctly you can have me touch you with the

current or any prior object on any part of your body you

direct for up to two minutes.

If you choose incorrectly I can do whatever I want to you

for up to two minutes

You can win the game by guessing seven items correctly, if

you win I will be at your command for the next fifteen


I win if you guess wrong seven times and you will need to

be my slave for fifteen minutes

Sounds like fun? To start the game blindfold yourself with

the tie you selected and lie on the bed.

I will tie your hands to the bedpost and we will begin

Your legs will not be tied but you are to remain spread eagle

to allow full access to all parts of your body

If you break this rule I will need to punish you or take my

pleasure with one of your openings for one minute

When you are ready to begin ring the bell on your nightstand

My heart beats in anticipation as I await your reaction. I try to remain out of sight as I see you put down the card. I smile as I see you place the bell next to you on the bed and tie the blindfold over your eyes. Your head is to me as you recline onto the mattress and I watch your body move as you position yourself comfortably. My cock busts in desire as I watch you play with yourself, your hand slowly disappearing between your legs as you ready yourself. None too soon you reach for the bell and ring.

I try to enter softly so you do not know what other objects I may have brought. I look into the box and find your selections: the butter brush, carrot and hand towel from the kitchen, the rose, mint and hand trowel from the garden and a hair brush, your silk panties and vibrator from inside the house. The last selections give me an indication of how hot you are getting. To the collection I add: a small art brush with a fine tip, my leather belt, broccoli crowns, strawberry, cold can of soda, wet sponge warmed in the microwave and a feather duster.

“Are you ready to begin?” I question you and you nod in agreement. I take your wrist and tie it back to the headboard. You do not resist as the other arm is constrained as well. I survey your delicious flesh spread eagle below me as we start. “OK, here is item number one!”

I take the rose from the box and touch the petals to the underside of your wrist. Goose bumps spring up your arm as I slowly pull the flower down the inside of your arm. You smile as I cross your elbow and onto your body. “The rose” you guess. I inform you you are correct and ask what your wishes are.

I follow your instructions caressing your face and chin with the rose. You enjoy the fragrance as I lightly drag the pedals down over your chest. Your time expires as the petals float over your right nipple. Next object.

I take the feather duster and sweep over then nipple I just left. The duster encircles your other breasts as you guess the butter brush from the bathroom. “You are wrong!” I tell you and I will now do as I please for the next minute. You complain you did not get the full minute for the feather duster but I have to remind güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you the time ends when you guess.

Your body tenses as you feel my weight repositioned for my treat. I kiss your temple lightly before working down to your mouth. We kiss deeply before I trace a path down your cheek and neck to your breasts. I suckle each for thirty seconds before kissing down over your belly and hips. I flick my tongue over your inner thighs as time expires. Your tension has built as I select the next item.

A minute passes as I watch your chest move to your breath. Your nipples have remained taut. I lightly flick across them with the butter brush you selected from the kitchen. I paint your nipples and stomach before moving down to your legs. Your moisture builds as I brush up your thighs. “Time is up I whisper to you.”

“The butter brush….please keep going where you were.” You respond.

“Where would that be?” I tease

“Over my legs and my pussy.” You respond.

I am happy to comply and spend the next two minutes tantalizing your inner thighs, pubic mound and outer lips. I concentrate on your vaginal lips for the last thirty seconds. Watching the moisture build as the soft bristles float over your sensitive skin.

“2 correct and 1 wrong” I inform you as I approach with the next instrument. I take the strawberry in my hand and slowly drag it over the lower, undersides of your breasts. You tense at this new sensation. I circle around your breast getting closer and closer to your nipple. Time expires as I touch your aureole.

“Any guess?”

“Sandpaper?” you respond very hesitantly. You are incorrect and I now have my two minutes.

I start massaging your temples before gradually working down your chin and neck. My hands cup and caress your breasts before moving down over your hips and thighs. Time is running out as I run a hand over your pussy, making sure the middle finger’s tip pushes deeply into your fold. The dampness of your middle and hardening nub of your clit let me know you are ready for more.

You relax as I start with the next item. I didn’t know what you expected from the garden trowel as I take the metallic surface and drag it over your stomach. “The trowel” you call out quickly.

“Correct. Would you like to continue with this or back to something else.”

“Something else. I’d like you to finger me.” You reply.

“My finger is not something that has been selected before.” I inform you.

“The instructions say anything used before. You used your finger so it should count.” You protest

Not disappointed in the suggestion I agree to your interpretation. I spread your legs even further before I glide my hand around the outside of your pussy’s lips. I tease your left and then your right outer labia with my finger, brushing my fingers’ pads and nails over your outer folds. As you open I massage the whole of your pussy in my hand. I enjoy the feeling of your spreading wetness as my fingers work up and down between your leg. With a minute to go I penetrate your vagina with my middle finger. I slide it deeper and deeper into you, feeling the warm, moist slick walls of your inner walls. My cock longs to be in you as I remove my finger and massage your inner labia before pleasing your clit as time expires.

“3 correct and 2 wrong” I announce as I reach for the ice-cold soda can. The rim of the can touches your left nipple. You pull back quickly as it tightens. I do the same to your right.

“Stop” you whisper

“Care to guess”

“I don’t know,” you say as I lay the can between your tits. “Ice” you guess knowing it is wrong.

My two minutes start as I pull your left nipple into my mouth. My hands massage your mounds as my tongue flicks back and forth over your nipple, alternating between tits for the next thirty seconds. My hands move to your hips as my tongue traces a line down over your stomach. You cringe in anticipation as I lick around your pubic mound and the inner parts of your thighs.

With a minute to go I position myself over your pussy. I lightly kiss your lips and taste you for the first time. Your hips and stomach rise as my tongue licks the length of your special box. As I fold the tip of my tongue into a “u” to fondle and caress your clit my finger enters your hole. Your hips heave and back arches as my fingers work your g-spot while my tongue rub and massages your clit. Your exhale and vaginal walls clinching my finger working deep within you communicate your orgasm as time expires.

“3 correct and 3 wrong” I communicate as I let you recover and I search for the next item. I pick the hairbrush out and lightly tap the outside of your leg with it. You guess quickly and correctly. Your desire is for another two minutes of licking your private areas. I happily oblige.

We start the 7th item as I approach your arms. I hold my erect cock in my hand and gently rub it over your inner forearm, elbow and upper arm. A look of confusion crosses your face. I continue to rub it against you eventually work down to your breast and güvenilir bahis şirketleri nipple, being careful not to let my balls or pubic hair touch you. “Your finger.” You guess incorrectly.

I work your erect nipple into a tight nub before grasping it and tugging it gently upwards. With my other hand I lightly spank the bottom of your breasts. You yelp in protest as I repeat the process on the other breasts. With a minute left you feel me lift your hips. I smack the soft underside of your butt three times, spanking you as a small child before lowering you back to the bed. You think you are done but are surprised when you feel me spreading your pussy lips, opening you wide. I smack your wet pussy five times. Not hard but sharp enough to stun you. “Times up!” I let you know. “I’ll get you back” you pout back at me.

The next item is your vibrator. I slowly rub it between your tits as a smile comes across your eyes. I turn it on and stimulate your nipples with it before running it up and down your legs. You are in no hurry to call time. With a minute to go I insert it into your hole, amazed how wet and how easily the full length enters. I screw you aggressively with it for fifteen strokes before gently pulling it out. For a treat I finish you by placing it on your clit as time expires. “Any guess?” I ask knowing you will get this one.

Your request surprises me. You’d like to recall my cock as your tool of choice. I follow your directions as I massage the tip of your nipples with the head of my cock. I am enjoying the sensation on the soft underside of my penis when you request I “fuck your mouth.” I kneel between your head and guide my cock into your waiting mouth. You lay back and open your throat as I slide ¾ of my length into you. I rotate my hips as your lips close on me and move my cock in and out of the love hole you made for me. I cheat and extend my time for thirty seconds and relish the moist warmth massaging my penis.

“Wasn’t that a little more than two minutes?” You ask. I swear it wasn’t but you don’t believe me. I reach into the box and pull out the leather belt. I spread your legs and pussy before dipping the end of the belt into your hole. The leather moistens in your juice as I insert just a small amount into you. I run the tip up your lips and over your clit. The leather a new sensation on your privates as it gently pulls and tugs your skin. You enjoy the feelings for a minute but have no guess what it is.

You smile as I tell you what I will do to you for the next two minutes. My knees surround your head as I guide my cock into your waiting mouth. Your tongue and mouth suckle my cock before I can reach your pussy and return the favor. I return the favor and run my tongue up and down your crack before settling over your clit and upper vagina. I slide one than two fingers into you and enjoy the feelings as we service each other orally.

You are dripping wet as my other hand directs your moisture down over your anus. I get it wetter and wetter circling your opening as my tongue laps at your cunt. You have not slowed down on my cock as I fight the urge to cum in your mouth. With a minute to go I press my pinkie finger into your ass. You stop sucking as my finger enters but do not protest. I leave my pinkie in your ass as my other finger fucks your vagina vigorously. That, combined with my tongue brings you to another orgasm. As time expires I remove my fingers from your body as you release my cock. You say nothing.

I pick up your silk panties and rub them over your arms. You guess correctly and immediately. “6 correct vs. 5 wrong. What would you like.” I do as you direct and massage your tits with the silk. I let it gently float over your breasts before gradually encircling the left mound. I pull it tight and squeeze your tit with the silk before gently letting go. Time runs out quickly.

“You have six correct, one more and you win.” I state as I pick up the artist brush. I roll the tip into a fine point and dip it in oil before moving over your right breast. With quick strokes I paint the very tip of your nipple, watching it firm quickly. I paint small lines over your pink aureoles before repeating on your left nipple. You squirm in delight at the delicate tantalization.

The brush drying out I move lower and dip it into your vagina. You squeal with delight at this small, precise penetration of your hole. I paint the delicate skin between your asshole and pussy before working up to your clit. For the last fifteen seconds I flick your clit with the fine point of the brush. You moan and twist in delight as time is up. “I don’t know what it is but I really like it.” You pant as you squirm and twist on the bed. “6 to 6 lets get this over with…I’m getting some good ideas on what my sex slave will do to me!” You smile as you settle back into the bed.

For my next wish I straddle your chest. You smile in anticipation as my hands grab your breast and push them together. I insert my cock between your two mounds and slide in and out…slowly and sensuously at first. As I work I grab and fondle your tits. My energy increases and my thrusts get longer and longer. You feel the tip of my penis on your chin and open your mouth. I slide up and down, my balls rubbing on your chest as my cock head flicks in and out of your mouth. Your tongue is out and flicking as I urgently fuck your tits. Quickly two minutes is up.

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