Three Amazing Nights

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My first Deep Throat Experience:

Oh I feel myself becoming wetter and wetter just thinking about what my husband did to me the other night. It was unlike any sexual encounter we had done before. I love for him to dominate me and make me pleasure his cock. Last night he ate my pussy, sucking on my clit and licking my pussy lips, thrusting his tongue in and out of my pleasure hole. .As I was sitting on his face, he forced my head down towards his cock as he slapped me on the ass. Uh Oh..mum.

Then as I take the head of his cock in my mouth, tightly closing my lips around his cock. He places his hand between my legs, and stops sucking and gently biting my clit. What happened next he has never done before. He began to slap and spank my pussy. Oahu it felt sooo good. I love it when he pushes that limit.

He began to do it faster, and faster. Not every slap hit my clit, but oh when it did it made me go down farther and farther on his cock. Oh yeah oh yes…I love sucking his cock….as he slapped my pussy he made me go deeper and deeper down on his cock.

My pussy shivered with pleasure soaking his face with cum as his cock was deep in my throat. This was the first time I was able to ever deep throat his cock…

Next he grabbed me and placed me on all fours then with his hard, long, cock he began to pound my hot, wet, throbbing pussy from the back….as I’m screaming I want your cock.. I need your cock..Harder oh yes…..yes…yes.. His nails begin to scratch my back as I cum again and again.

Oh illegal bahis I’m sure you can see now why I can’t stop thinking about what happened last night..It just makes me want to go and fuck myself until my lover gets home.

Seducing my Husband:

As I walk into the room I see my husband lying on the bed naked on his stomach. I have been fantasying all day long about what I wanted to do to him. I desire the smell of his skin and the taste of his sweat. My thighs have been longing for his touch. I approach him silently and softly I lean over him on all fours and begin to kiss and bite his neck. I slowly bite and suck on his ear. I whisper… I want your cock.

Then I begin to kiss down his back as my hands follow his muscles down to his firm ass. Then I begin to bite and lick his ass as he is moaning. I bury my face in deeper into his ass….licking and biting. Oh…yeah…he really likes this… I can feel as I reach under him how hard and throbbing his cock has become.

Next I take my tongue and follow his ass crack all the way back up to his neck. Kissing harder and more aggressively showing him how wet my pussy has become as I grind on him. Then with my nails I go back to his ass licking and biting the insides of his ass and thighs tonguing his balls and grabbing his cock. Spreading his ass apart as I go deeper… Taking my tongue I go back and forth over his asshole as he moans with pleasure. I begin playing with my clit rubbing it to the same motion as my tongue going over his asshole…mmmm…oh illegal bahis siteleri yeah…

I gently persuaded him to roll over as he rolls over I waste no time in mounting his face with my cunt as I thrusting his hard cock down my throat….Yes! Yes! Yes! As he is biting my clit and sucking all my cum up..Mmmm… Oh I want him…I need him… I want his cock..His cock is so hard and so deep inside of me…my nose is buried in his balls. I can’t breathe but I don’t want to come up his cock feels so good in my throat.

Oh yes his mouth feels so hot and firm sucking on my pussy and licking me harder and faster. I can tell he is about to cum I want him to cum deep inside my throat… a place he has never cum before… holding my breath, longing for the taste of his cum.. I feel him throbbing and releasing his load. Yum….I slowly lift my head off of his cock tasting him as his head slips out of my mouth. Oahu mmm yeah. I take my tongue and rub it across my lips tasting his every drop.

Double Penetration:

As I lay down on my back spreading my legs as my knees are bent, he firming places his hands around my legs holding me down as he buries his face in my cunt. He is sucking my pussy lips so sweetly and nibbling on my clit, then going back to my pleasure hole thrusting his tongue in and out of my vagina.

Oh he has me sooo hot and wet I can barely stand it. I want him Oh how I want him. Desire fills my whole body as my legs begin to shiver.

He moves his hands up to canlı bahis siteleri my breasts, firmly grabbing and squeezing my large breasts. Oh yes…mmmm…he is now pinching my nipples sooo hard.. Oh GOD…Yes… this is ecstasy… I am Cumming and Cumming again as he is growling and becoming an animal between my legs. I don’t know what to focus more on.. how he is eating my pussy or how he has me pinned and pinching my nipples.

I can see his hard cock and it makes me so horny thinking of what he is going to do to me next. He flips me over and begins to eat my pussy from the back licking my ass and biting my thighs oh yes he can do whatever he wants to me. I will be his sex toy.

Just then I feel him placing anal beads at the entrance of my ass…Oh God..yes..he slowly inserts the smallest one. Ah…then the next one..OH..and the next until he has popped the largest one inside of me Ouch..oh but it hurts sooo good..Yes.. he tugs on the loop and pushes it deeper into my ass. Then he grabs my hips and thrusts his cock into my cunt so hard… as he presses his cock in it forces the beads to move and become deeper…yes Fuck me! Fuck Me!… I want your cock..Harder I scream….I’m yours. Yes! Yes!

He begins to slap my ass as he is pounding me. He can feel the beads in my ass as his cock goes in and out of me. Deeper and deeper. He reaches in front of me and slaps my clit then grabs my nipples and squeezes them hard as he thrusts his cock in me even deeper. Biting my neck Oahu… I feel him throbbing and Cumming inside of me…oh I love to feel him cum..Oh yes! Yes! Yes!

I love it when he fucks me like this.

I am so wet just writing about this. I have to stop and touch myself just to calm down. Oh my god he is so good….


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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