The Yellow Sundress Ch. 02

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[Note to readers: In order to avoid unnecessary repetition, all characters in this story who are involved in experiences of a sexual nature are at least 18 years old – PS]


Sandy woke up to find a late summer morning sun pouring through her bedroom window. She glanced at the clock; almost 10, she could have another 15 minutes or so!

As she lay there, she felt so contented; in fact, she thought to herself with amusement, if she was a cat she would be purring! This analogy was quite appropriate, she decided with a smile, because it was her pussy, and the things Eric had been doing to and with it lately, and especially last night, that was the source of much of her feelings of bliss!

They had made love three times in the last week in Eric’s bedroom, his house conveniently vacant of parents due to a business trip that Eric’s mother was on, taking his father with her, so the two of them could tag a mini-holiday on to the end of it. Just prior to the trip, Eric had explained to his parents that his relationship with Sandy included sex, and that at 19 and 20, they could make appropriate decisions in this regards. Surprisingly, once Eric reassured his father that Sandy was on the pill, he seemed to accept the situation without further objection. His mother was another matter, worrying out loud that their neighbours would surely notice that Eric and Sandy were there alone, and able to turn the beautiful and elegantly decorated bungalow into a “passion pit”. But Eric’s father came to his defence, telling her that everyone, neighbours included, would just have to accept that Eric was growing up! And besides he added, Sandy was a lovely girl, and very intelligent, and Eric was lucky to have her as his girlfriend, and so on! This somewhat mollified his mother, although not completely. Later on Eric amused Sandy, as he recounted the story, by telling her that he suspected his mother was upset that her sweet, innocent baby was now “in the clutches of a shameless hussy”.

As she climbed out of bed, Sandy looked with approval at the yellow sundress. She was going to put it on for only the second time this day, and was looking forward to see if produced the same effect as on its first wearing. The dress was a soft lemon yellow colour, with a floral pattern woven into the light material. A pair of slightly scalloped shoulder straps formed a “V” at the front that became the bodice. Traversing her shoulders, the straps plunged in an even deeper “V”, making the dress backless, and more interestingly, requiring that the dress be worn braless. The material that bunched to form the waist ran in the opposite direction to the top. The skirt flared downwards with some soft folds that ended above the knee, and swung in a feminine and hypnotic way when Sandy moved.

Further examining the sundress from her bed with a smile, Sandy knew the colour perfectly suited her clear complexion with the very tiniest bit of olive in it, as well as her dark eyes and raven, shoulder length hair that she curled ever so slightly inwards at the ends. Best of all, she decided, it drew attention to her breasts, which were only nicely average. But when they were presented underneath the yellow fabric of the sundress, hinting at their naked condition, they caught male attention as if she was a showgirl!

Sandy opened her bedroom door, and, having observed that the bathroom was unoccupied, gathered up her makeup and hairbrush so she could take a shower and get ready for the day ahead. As she washed her body with a bar of soap, she paid particular attention to her femininity, even though touching herself there produced the familiar tingle of the beginning stages of arousal. These sensations reminded her of Eric, and last night, and the wild abandon of their coupling. Eric was a very good lover, Sandy had decided, even though she had nothing to really compare to, except the few sessions of inexpert groping that she and Jim, her first real boyfriend, had engaged in. Eric had confessed to her that once, nearly a year before he met Sandy, a very much older girl at a summer camp had decided to teach him how to touch a girl. Clearly, he had learned this lesson very well! He always started slowly, gently caressing her breasts until her nipples hardened, then he would lightly stroke her just at the top of the furrow where her sex began, until he sensed from her reactions that she was aroused enough for bolder contact. Gradually moving downwards, he would begin to play in the crevices enfolding her showy plump inner lips, occasionally allowed his fingers to dip slightly between their lushness; until she started to move her hips, in an attempt to force his wandering hands to reach their ultimate goal more quickly. Only then, in response to her panting demands, voiced as tiny strangled cries, would he finally allow himself to part the delicate folds, in order to reach the inner recesses of her sexuality, massaging her burning clitoris and exploring her soaking wet vagina; until she was so ready for actual bets10 sex that she was begging him to possess her.

But this last evening, having aroused her to this point, he had changed their lovemaking, and rather than proceeding to intercourse, he had moved his head down her nude body, gently kissing her breasts, nipples, stomach and thighs, before letting his lips land on her waiting pussy, displayed seductively for him between her widespread legs. She had blushed almost to her toes, as she reacted to this very close inspection of her female secrets; but once he began to use his tongue to molest her engorged clitoris, any embarrassment was lost in the maelstrom of delicious raging sensations he was creating inside her. As she stood there under the streaming water, she flushed, as she recalled how she had taken her hands and wantonly spread her pussy for him, so that the tormenting tongue could work its magic more easily, until she achieved the most intense orgasm of her entire life. When it was over, he positioned his body and entered her defenceless passage, almost roughly, with an erection that felt impossibly huge, pushing her legs upwards with his hands so he could go as deep as possible. As he ravaged her repeatedly, she began to respond to his rhythm by wrapping her legs around his hips, and moving her pelvis in time with his thrusts. When he finally climaxed, her own body responded with another intense orgasm, her vagina squeezing his essence from him with a series of rapid muscular contractions. As they lay together, spent, she became aware of the sheen of sweat that covered her body, even as she held him tightly in the warm afterglow of lovemaking.

This memory, and the feelings generated by her own exploring fingers, raised a yearning within Sandy that had to be satisfied. Almost overcome with a wave of lust, she took the handheld shower head, and directed the pulsing water to her quivering clitoris, which she exposed by parting her pussy lips with her other hand. It was only a matter of moments before she achieved the necessary release, slumping to the floor of the shower to recover. Temporarily sated, she washed her hair, and after rinsing it, turned off the shower. As she dried herself with a towel, she felt another tingle as the rough cloth touched her intimate parts. Another sensation of desire coursed through her, which she determinedly ignored, even as she reflected ruefully that her need for sex was totally out of control! The more she and Eric made love, the more she wanted to, and the better it got!

“I’m just as bad; or even worse, than that Susan”, Sandy thought to herself with a grimace. Susan was a girl Sandy and her friends considered to be somewhat of a slut. She dressed very provocatively, with low cut and clingy tops, and often with skirts so short that it was impossible not to see her underwear underneath them when she was sitting in a classroom, or at a table in the cafeteria. And, even worse, she didn’t seem to care, or maybe even enjoyed, how much of a show she was putting on. Plus, she made no attempt to disguise her interest in boys, whatever their shape, or size, or dating status!

One day she had incurred the wrath of Sherie, Sandy’s best friend, by making eyes in a very obvious way at Sherie’s then boyfriend during lunch break.

“Why didn’t she just pull her panties down and open her legs for him!” Sherie said furiously, as they walked back to their lockers, her brilliant green eyes flashing with anger, “Because that’s probably the only thing she’s any good at!”

Sandy had to try very hard not to laugh as she listened to this jealous outburst. Sherie had gone out on many, many dates, but only two boys had kept her attention for any length of time. With her unbelievably glorious long flowing red hair, and almost perfect features, Sherie was a constant object of male attention, making most of the other girls very envious of her. But most prospective relationships were quickly terminated after a date or two. Sherie, Sandy knew, had little patience for boys who only wanted to parade her around like some sort of trophy, or those whose principal interest in her related to what was beneath her clothing.

Sherie and Sandy were very close, and had shared many feminine secrets over the last several years as they grew towards womanhood. Perhaps their friendship worked because Sandy wasn’t uncomfortable with all of the male admiration directed towards Sherie. Sandy had for a long time been unable to believe that boys would be attracted to her, despite Sherie’s constant reassurances that she was very beautiful. But after a few false starts with other boys, she had dated Jim seriously, and after that she met Eric, and very quickly surrendered her virginity to him one memorable evening.

That next morning she and Sherie had talked on the telephone.

“So?” Sherie asked mischievously, “Did anything happen?”

“We made love,” Sandy whispered, “and it was wonderful!”

“Didn’t it hurt you, even a little? bets10 giriş My first time did.”

“Yes, but he took a long time getting me ready; and I really, really wanted him, like nothing else ever in my life. And once we started … you know … I kinda forgot about the pain after a bit, and then … at the end … I … well … anyway it was pretty special.”

“You mean you had an orgasm!” Sherie whispered back in an astonished tone.


“Wow … that almost never happens to a girl the first time. He must be a magician; or maybe he’s been with some girls before.”

“No he hasn’t!” Sandy had replied a little hotly at this suggestion, “I thought so too, so I asked him afterwards how he knew what to do. He told me an older girl once showed him how to touch her pussy in just the right way. And when he did things exactly the way she said to, and for how long, he couldn’t believe how excited she got, even though they never ended up having sex. And I guess he did those same things to me, because after a while I just started to melt, and I completely lost control, I wanted him so much!”

“Lucky girl! Does he know you’re on the pill?”

“No, he used a condom. It just didn’t seem right to tell him about that yet; the Jim thing is kinda messy. So I’m going to wait a while and then tell him I’ve started, and that he doesn’t need to use anything anymore.”

“How about you and Christopher?” Sandy asked with a small giggle, “Did he manage to figure out that it would be OK to do something more than kissing with you?”

“You mean after I wrapped myself up in a Christmas bow and put an ‘Open me first’ card next to my pussy!” Sherie said with a rueful laugh.

“You were pretty obvious in the pool Sherie.” Sandy said with a giggle.

The two girls had gone swimming in Eric’s pool with just their panties on, and Sherie, frustrated by the slow progress up to then of her physical relationship with Christopher, had allowed her nearly nude body to come in contact with him numerous times in an attempt to ‘jump start’ things.”

“Yeah, we ended up having sex, but it wasn’t very good. He didn’t know what to do, he barely knew how to find anything, and then he was just in a big rush. If they ever turn last night into a movie you can forget about ‘Sleepless in Seattle’, how about ‘Hopeless in Havana’ or ‘Clueless in Cleveland’! Maybe you could help me look up Eric’s tutor, because if she’s available, Christopher needs a lesson. Or maybe Eric could explain a few things to him?”

“I don’t think that would work very well, because I think this is like becoming a doctor, you need a real live patient to practice on.”

“I’d be more than happy to play ‘doctor’ with him,” Sherie said with a small sigh, “if he would try not to be in such a hurry!”

“You’ll just have to talk to him, and then show him what you like,” Sandy offered, “I don’t think there’s any other way.”

“He’s going to be so embarrassed,” Sherie said glumly.

“So what; he probably isn’t too thrilled about the way things turned out last night either. Surely he noticed you didn’t exactly respond like a girl in a porno flick!”

“You’ve got that right; it was over so fast I almost missed it!”

“Well if you want things to improve, then you better figure out how to give him an anatomy lesson, whether he wants it or not.”

“You’re probably right.” Sherie said with another sigh, “Funny, Sandy, isn’t it. You always came to me for advice about boys and sex, and now I’m going to you.”

“As the song says: ‘That’s what friends are for!’ Talk to him, and show him, Sherie, no matter how embarrassing it is. He’s really smart, and he’s in love with you, he’ll want to make you happy.”

They hadn’t spoken about this again until about a week ago, when Sherie suddenly volunteered:

“I took your advice about Christopher a while back, and things are getting a lot better.”

“What advice?”

“The anatomy lesson.”

“Oh … that!”

“Just like I was afraid of, it was pretty bad at first,” Sherie said, while rolling her eyes, “I took him up to my bedroom, and I took off my shorts, and pulled my panties down to my ankles and sat on the edge of the bed with my legs apart. He just stood there, looking a little stunned, and worried, because my parents were home. So I explained to him that we weren’t there to have sex, but that I wanted him to learn some things about me that he needed to know when we did make love. Then he got really embarrassed, I’ve never seen anyone quite that red, and he tried to turn away. Anyway, after that first disaster, I wasn’t in the mood for any objections, and I think he realized I was pretty serious, so he asked me what I wanted him to do. First I made him kneel down in front of me, and then I took his hand and showed him which parts of my pussy that I like touched, inside and out, and exactly how to do it. Then I gave him his list!”

“You wrote him a list! No way! You actually wrote out a list!”

“You bets10 güvenilir mi betcha I did! And I told him that the next time we were together by ourselves, he not only had better have memorized the list, but be able go through the steps one by one, cause if he missed one, or went too fast … no more sex for that night!”


“Then I spread my pussy with my hands so he could see everything and said to him, ‘For a girl, during sex, what’s the most important thing inside here?'”

“He was really nervous; and probably pretty upset by this point, but he finally said: ‘Her clit'”

“So I said, ‘That’s right, her clitoris. Now kiss it!'”

“Omigod, Sherie, you didn’t really say that, did you?”

“Oh yes I did! And I don’t think he quite believed me at first, so I said:”

“‘Go on, right now!'”

“So he leaned forward and gave it a little kiss, like he was almost afraid of it. And I said to him:”

“That was pretty pathetic! You’re going to have to do a better job next time, ’cause it’s on the list!”

“Oh, Sherie!”

“So about a week later when we were alone at his place, after we had been kissing for a while, I asked him: ‘Did you memorize the list?’ and he just nodded, so I took him into his bedroom, stripped the covers off his bed, and took off all my clothes, and laid down and said: ‘You can start now!'”


“Turns out he is a very fast learner,” Sherie said with a giggle, “Lately there have been some pretty good fireworks of the female variety!”

Sandy smiled to herself as she recalled this conversation; she was happy that her suggestions had helped Sherie. And anyway, she thought to herself as she wrinkled her nose, if you need advice about your love life, who better to go to than someone who’s so hot for sex that she might as well be the town tramp!

This discussion was followed up a few days later with some further candid conversations between them, as Sherie’s older brother and his girlfriend Linda were grilling some hamburgers for a quick dinner, which Sandy had been invited to join after work. Since it was still fairly hot, she wore a pair of denim short shorts and a blouse tied up under her midriff. She didn’t bother with a bra, because she knew that Sherie’s parents weren’t home. The two of them laughed out loud when she arrived because Sherie sported an almost identical outfit, except for the blouse colour, right down to the missing bra!

“Maybe were actually sisters, and just don’t know it?” Sandy offered conspiratorially.

Sandy heard Sherie’s brother announcing that dinner would be ready in about a half hour, so the two of them went down to the basement where it was cooler, and began to pour themselves some glasses of the cheap wine Sherie kept secreted for such occasions.

It wasn’t long before the subject of their boyfriends, and then sex, came up.

“Maybe you should get your own citation in ‘Understanding Human Sexuality’ or perhaps the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’,” Sherie teased, as she sipped on her third glass of wine, “The only virgin ever to achieve an orgasm during her first experience with intercourse.

“Don’t be silly,” Sandy protested, “I’m sure there are lots of girls who had it happen as well.”

“Why don’t you go out there and interview the first hundred women you meet. I bet you won’t find even one!”

“Oh sure,” Sandy said with a giggle, “I’m just going to walk up to random females in the street and ask them that!”

“Why don’t you ask Linda? She might tell you!”


“OK, OK … but I know from reading that there are lots of women who never, ever even have one; much less most of the time. Does it work every time?”

“Usually one, or sometimes two, depending,” Sandy replied cautiously, a little embarrassed even though it was just Sherie she was talking to, “Once nothing happened at all.”

“You have a really terrible sex life,” Sherie said sarcastically, rolling her eyes, “It’s almost tragic! Have you thought of going to a therapist? … “Anyway, when you didn’t have a climax, what did Eric say; or did he?”

“I wasn’t much in the mood that night, but I could tell he really wanted to, so I just let him go ahead.”

“Twenty year old boys always ‘really want to’,” Sherie said with a grin.

“I think he was worried that he did something wrong,” Sandy said, ignoring this remark, “So I had to tell him it was OK. Fortunately, the next time we were on a date I was pretty hot for him, and he barely got started before … well … you know.”

“Sandy,” Sherie said, sounding a little annoyed, “You can say things here; it’s just me. Now repeat after me: Orgasm; climax; penis; erection; vagina; labia, clitoris!”

“OK, OK, Sherie, I get it! It’s just that …”

“Just what?”

“Well saying things like that out loud kinda bothers me; even when it’s just us. I don’t know why.”

“Because your mother tried to turn you into a little prude, just like my mother did. You know what I mean: ‘Don’t talk about that; don’t touch yourself there!’ But I didn’t listen to her, and I read lots of books, and I … Omigod … touched myself there … plenty! And I bet you did too, which is probably why things with Eric are so good now!”

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