The Weekly Appointment

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Nurse Tami Walker knocked lightly on the door of the consulting room, before opening it and walking in. She closed the door behind her, and leaned back against it. Doctor Calton Hill looked up from the desk, where he had been reading some medical reports. He was wearing a white doctor’s coat over a shirt and tie and dark gray slacks. He was in his late 30’s, with wavy sand-coloured hair and a rugged face. Nurse Walker, like most women who knew the doctor, adored him. Doctor Hill smiled at the nurse.

“May I help you, nurse?” he asked.

“You certainlymay, and I expect that youwill help me a great deal, later in the day,” replied the nurse, giving him a knowing smile in return.

Nurse Walker was a tall blonde, with a statuesque figure and long beautifully shaped legs. Her crisp white uniform showed off her full breasts and curved hips magnificently. For many of the doctor’s male patients, seeing the nurse was the highlight of their visit to the doctor’s office, and they invariably jacked themselves off as soon as they got home, fantasizing about removing Nurse Walker’s uniform, and exposing her naked body to their hungry eyes.

“I’ll do my best. I can’t resist a call for help from a beautiful woman,” said the doctor, giving the nurse a wink.

The nurse and the doctor had been lovers for more than a year. They never saw each other outside the medical office, but several times a week the two of them would satisfy each other’s sexual needs right in the workplace, after the last patient of the day had gone. Sometimes they would fuck up against a wall. Other times, she would spread herself out on an examining table. On different occasions she had bent over a desk, and the doctor had fucked her from behind. More than once, they had sprawled on the carpeted floor of the waiting room, and fucked each other so hard that they had both finished up with rug burns! The nurse figured that there wasn’t a single space anywhere in the multi-roomed medical office that they hadn’t fucked. There was no doubt in Nurse Walker’s mind … this was the best job she’d ever had.

She pulled herself away from the door, and walked slowly and seductively over to the seated doctor. She cupped a hand under his chin, tilted his head back, and stared deeply into his eyes.

“Your last appointment today is at 4PM, so that should give us about 45 minutes together before I have to leave. I figure that should be enough time for you to make me cum twice!” She leaned forward quickly and kissed him on the mouth, sliding her tongue between his lips. Just as he reached up to grab her, she pulled away.

“Save it for later, Tiger,” she purred as she took a couple of steps backward. “Right now you have a patient to attend to.” She dropped a medical file onto Doctor Hill’s desk.

“Your next patient is in the waiting room. And since it is Thursday at Noon, it is none other then … yep, you guessed it … Mrs. Santa Santos.”

Doctor Hill nodded knowingly. Mrs. Santos came to see him every week at the same time. Every week for about six months she had been coming to see him for the same reason. Calton Hill knew why she came to see him every week. Tami Walker suspected she knew, and was more than a little jealous. But they both pretended it was simply a medical situation. The nurse and the doctor had never openly discussed it. Tami figured it went with the territory. Ifshe found the doctor irresistible, it shouldn’t be surprising that other women did too.

Tami walked back towards the door of the office, her ass swaying seductively under her uniform. Doctor Hill watched her go, eying her ass and legs appreciatively. A recent memory poured into Hill’s mind, a memory of Nurse Walker lying spread-eagled and naked on the waiting room carpet, her eyes filled with lust as she waited for him to mount her. The memory made the doctor’s cock twitch and begin to stiffen. The nurse put her hand on the door and turned around to face him.

“I’ve booked Mrs. Santos for the usual hour, so there are no other patients waiting. I’ll send her right in.” She gave the doctor a long lingering look, a mixture of love and sadness, and then she turned around and walked out.

Hill heard the nurse’s voice from down the short corridor. “OK, Mrs. Santos, Doctor Hill is ready to see you now. Please go right in.”

A few seconds later, Santa Santos walked into his office. He rose to greet her and closed the office door behind her. She was the exact opposite of Nurse Walker. Santa was barely five feet tall, black hair, deep brown eyes, and olive-skinned. In her mid-20’s, she had been married for about four years. Today she was wearing a beige cotton summer dress, with thin shoulder straps. The hem of the dress barely reached her knees. She was stunning, and the doctor’s cock twitched again as he looked at her. He was developing an erection.

Mrs. Santos took a seat alongside the doctor’s desk, and Hill sat back down too. The short dress rode higher on her legs as she güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri sat, and Hill got a glimpse of soft smooth knees and an inch or two of pale thighs. For a minute or two they exchanged pleasantries about everyday things, then the doctor got down to business.

“So, Mrs. Santos, how may I help you today?” he began. He knew what her answer would be. She always gave the same answer. They played out the same charade every week. But he didn’t mind. In fact, this was one charade that he loved to play.

“It’s a little embarrassing to discuss it, Doctor, but when my husband and I make love, I find it very painful.”

Hill faked a frown, and nodded his head slowly. “I see,” he said quietly, still frowning. “And where do you feel this pain?” he asked, keeping his voice as serious as possible.

“In my private area, Doctor,” she answered, her voice barely above a whisper. Her face turned pink with embarrassment, making her look even more beautiful. She squirmed slightly in the chair, and her dress moved a fraction higher, revealing another inch of magnificent thigh.

“Let me just do some routine checks first. I’m sure we can solve this problem for you.” He checked her blood pressure, listened to her heart, shone his light into her eyes and ears, looked at her throat, tapped on her chest and back with his fingers.

“Everything seems to be fine, Mrs. Santos,” he announced. The best thing to do at this stage is for me to examine the area giving you pain. As that OK with you?”

“Yes, Doctor, that’s OK. In fact, I expected you to say that, so I had a nice bath just before I left home.” Her cheeks turned pink again.

“Good. Now, the rules in this State are that a nurse should be present during such an examination. So, I’ll call in Nurse Walker.” He half rose from his chair, but he knew what she would say. It would be the same thing she said every week.

“No, please don’t call the nurse. I think it would be even more embarrassing for me if she watched me being examined. You have my permission to conduct the examination without a nurse being present.” She looked steadily into the doctor’s eyes as she spoke, and he was sure he could detect a slight trace of lust in those liquid brown pools.

“OK then, let’s get started.” He spoke briskly and professionally as he rose up from his chair. “Please remove your undergarments and lie down on the examining table.”

She stood up and walked over to the table. Once again, Doctor Hill got the opportunity to admire a woman from behind and, once again, he loved what he saw. Santa Santos was just as gorgeous as Tami Walker. His erection was developing nicely, and he could feel his heart start to beat faster.

Mrs. Santos got to the table, bent over slightly as she reached under her short dress with both hands, hooked her fingers on the elastic of her panties, and pulled them down easily over her buttocks and hips, dropping the flimsy garment to the floor. She stepped out of her panties, stepped out of her shoes, and hopped up onto the table, her tanned legs dangling over the edge of the table. The white protective paper on the examining table crinkled under her weight. Her short dress was exposing half of her thighs. She looked at Hill steadily. She was breathing faster, and her breasts rose and fell beneath the flimsy cotton. Her nipples had hardened, and he could see the small points protruding through the thin material. As usual, she was wearing no bra.

“Please lie down with your head here,” he said, patting a small pillow with his hand. Wordlessly, she lay down as instructed. Without being asked, she pulled her dress up to her waist, leaving the lower part of her body completely naked. She closed her eyes and gave a deep sigh, willing herself to relax. Doctor Hill looked down at the beautiful, semi-naked young woman. Her pubic hair was jet black and bushy, but neatly trimmed around the edges. He drank her in with his eyes … the smooth flat belly, the well-toned thighs, the shapely legs, the incredible smooth skin without a single blemish. He had seen her many times like this in the past few months, but her beauty never failed to awe him.

Doctor Hill walked around the examining table and stood at the end where her feet were. He lifted up one of her feet.

“Mrs. Santos, I’m just going to put your legs and feet into these stirrups, which is necessary for the examination I’m going to do. It might feel a little strange at first, but just relax and you’ll quickly get used to it.”

“Yes, Doctor, whatever you say,” she replied, her voice barely above a whisper.

Hill put first one of Santa’s legs, then the other, into the stirrups. The footrests were on the end of long metal rods, with the other end hinged to the table. Part of the rods were padded, and her legs rested on these pads, just behind her knees. As soon as both of the young woman’s legs were securely in the stirrups, the doctor gently moved the stirrups apart, güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri spreading her legs wide as they moved.

“Now, Mrs. Santos, if you could please move your body down the table towards me, until your bottom is right on the edge of the examining table. Thanks.”

The doctor’s mouth felt dry as he watched Mrs. Santos inch her body downward, her hips moving from side to side. As she moved down, her knees rose higher and higher because of the stirrups, and her thighs moved even further apart. The flimsy dress was caught between her body and the table and it stayed in place as she moved down, until it was gathered up around her armpits, exposing her breasts. Her nipples jutted out like hard pebbles. The young wife made no attempt to pull the dress back down. When she felt her buttocks reach the edge of the table she stopped moving, and lay back with her arms at her sides. Her breasts rose and fell, as her breathing got heavier.

“Thank you, Mrs. Santos, that’s good. We’re just about ready to start the examination. Are you feeling comfortable?” Doctor Hill hoped that she didn’t detect the hoarseness in his voice.

“Yes, Doctor, I’m ready,” the young woman replied, still barely speaking above a whisper.

There was a small stool at the end of the table, and Doctor Hill sat down on it. His face was level with the woman’s body, and he stared at her pussy, wide open and not more than a foot away from his face. He could feel the heat from her smooth golden thighs, only inches away from both sides of his head. As he looked at the pussy, a small bead of moisture oozed out of the opening. Santa was sexually aroused. The doctor adjusted his own pants. His erection was now full-blown, and it was getting to be uncomfortable.

“The first thing I’m going to do, Mrs. Santos, is to check the outer lips of your vagina for tiny lesions. They are almost invisible, but can cause a woman great discomfort, especially during sexual intercourse. It’s quite a common problem, and easy to fix. Now, please just relax.”

Mrs. Santos whispered a reply, but her voice was so low that Hill couldn’t understand what she said. He put a finger forward and captured the bead of moisture that had oozed from the young woman. This will make a perfect lubricant, he thought to himself. He began to lightly stroke the lips of her pussy with his fingertip.

“These lips are called thelabia minora,” he said in a quiet voice. He always started this way, using the correct anatomical names. That wouldn’t last. Mrs. Santos, he had learned, liked more earthy language. He dipped a finger into the entrance to her body, which was open and moist.

“This opening is called thevagina.” He moved his finger around inside her, rubbing the inner walls.

“And this,” he said, extracting his wet finger and making circles on her small nub, “is called theclitoris. Of course, many people simply refer to the whole area as a cunt.”

At the mention of the word “cunt”, Mrs. Santos drew in her breath with a sharp hiss, and her cunt twitched noticeably. Yes, Mrs. Santos likes that word, thought Dr. Hill.

“Is this examination of your CUNT causing you any pain, Mrs. Santos?” asked Hill soothingly, putting heavy emphasis on the word “cunt”, while continuing to stroke her clit.

Mrs. Santos could barely talk. “No doctor, no pain” she finally managed to whisper. Her lower body was beginning to move, her hips doing slow gyrations on the table. Dr. Hill brought his other hand up to the woman’s crotch, and continued to stroke, rub, squeeze and prod her cunt with both hands.

“Well, it seems that the problem is not here. Tell me, Mrs. Santos, does your husband ever put his mouth on your cunt?”

Mrs. Santos gave a slight nod of her head, and Hill felt her cunt twitch again.

“Hmm,” said the doctor. “There have been cases I’ve read about where the acids in human saliva can cause a painful, allergic reaction with the sensitive skin of female genitals. I think we should test you for that, OK Mrs. Santos?” Hill couldn’t believe he had just spoken such ridiculous nonsense to anyone. The notion that saliva could cause such a reaction was absurd. However, it was all part of the game that he and this lovely young woman were playing. And he loved this game … especially the ending!

Once again, Mrs. Santos gave a slight nod of approval, and Doctor Hill pulled his little stool closer to the table. He leaned forward and the heady, musky aroma from Mrs. Santos filled his lungs. She smelled divine. He put his mouth over her clit, and licked. Mrs. Santos gasped aloud, her body jumped noticeably, and her hands flew to her breasts, grasping both nipples between her thumbs and her forefingers and twisted. Simultaneously, her ass lifted off the table and her hips pushed forward against his mouth. While he licked and sucked her clit, he inserted two fingers into her soaking, gaping hole and began to slowly finger-fuck the heaving woman.

Mrs. güvenilir bahis şirketleri Santos was about to cum … and so was he!! He fucked her with his fingers for a few more seconds and Mrs. Santos timed the thrusts of her hips with the thrusts of his fingers. His lips held her clit in a tight grip, and his tongue licked the hard nub in perfect time with his fingers.

Mrs. Santos was lost in the throes of sexual ecstasy. Her body glistened with sweat. Her back was arched so that only her shoulders and her ass were still on the table. Her hips twisted and pushed as she desperately tried to get the doctor’s fingers deeper inside her cunt.

“Please put your cock inside me, doctor,” she hissed in a voice just louder than a whisper. “When my husband’s cock enters me, that is when I feel the pain,” she hissed again, her voice more demanding.

“OK, Mrs. Santos, I’m going to put my cock into you. Perhaps your husband’s cock is too big?” growled Doctor Hill, and he rose from his stool and stood up between the young woman’s wide-open thighs.

He kept one hand on her cunt, working his fingers in and out and his thumb pressing on her clit, while he loosened his pants with the other hand. His pants fell to the floor and he pushed his boxer shorts down on top of them. He stepped close to the table, removed his hand from the woman’s cunt, and aimed his cock at the gaping, glistening hole. He rubbed the swollen head of his cock up and down the woman’s cunt lips a few times, and then slipped the head past the opening.

“No doctor, my husband’s cock is not too big. I think I might like it if it was a even bigger.” Her voice was stronger now, and she almost growled the words. He thrust his hips forward, and the full length of his cock slid easily and quickly into the woman’s moist cunt. It was tight and warm, and felt exquisite. Her cunt muscles gripped his cock like she had a small hand inside her, then her body started to pull back and push forward rhythmically. He didn’t have to move. He looked down and watched the sharp contrast between his sandy-coloured pubic hair, and her jet-black hair. As she pulled back, half his cock would reappear from inside her, swollen and glistening with her moisture, then it would disappear inside her again as she pushed forward.

“Is my cock hurting you, Mrs. Santos?” he gasped as the young woman milked his cock with the awesome muscles of her cunt.

She shook her head. “It feels wonderful,” and she moved her body faster.

“Any pain?” he asked. She shook her head again, this time without speaking.

It was more than the doctor could stand. He felt his balls tighten and the orgasm swept through him. He gave a small, strangled cry, and began ramming himself into the woman as fast and as hard as he could, feeling his cum spurting deep into her body. She felt it too, gave a sob, and climaxed hard with him. She was speaking quietly and quickly in Spanish, muttering something in a low, desperate voice that he couldn’t understand.

The seconds ticked by and his orgasm subsided, but the woman’s cunt muscles keep their grip on his softening cock. Finally, her orgasm was spent too, and her body slowed down then stopped, leaving her gasping flat on the table, her eyes firmly closed.

Doctor Hill heard a sound at the door and looked up, expecting to see Nurse Walker, but the door was still closed. It had sounded like a cat. The noise had come from the other side of the door. Hill stepped back from the table, and his limp cock dropped out of the woman’s cunt. She didn’t move as he pulled up his shorts and pants, and refastened his clothing.

He moved out from between her spread-eagled legs and walked around to the side of the table. He released her legs from the stirrups and they dangled limply over the end of the table. He took a small towel and patted her sweating body dry. She still hadn’t moved or spoken. Finally, he bent down and picked up her flimsy panties. Her placed the panties in her hand.

“OK, Mrs. Santos, you can get dressed now. The examination is complete.” He sat back down at his desk and pretended to make notes in her file.

Mrs. Santos gave a sigh, and slowly sat up. She sat on the edge of the table for a few seconds, then stood down onto the floor, her dress falling back into place. She bent over and stepped into her panties, pulling them up over her hips and onto her body. Her movements were slow and deliberate, as though she was half asleep. She sat back down in her chair, and looked at the doctor silently through heavy-lidded eyes.

“Did you feel pain at any time, Mrs. Santos?” he asked.

She shook her head and continued looking at him. He handed her a prescription.

“This is for a cream that is a mild analgesic. It should take care of any slight pain. Apply it before you have sexual intercourse. I want you to keep having sex with your husband. Eventually, I’m quite sure the problem will go away.” She nodded her head up and down slightly, still looking like she was half asleep, and took the prescription from him. He knew that she wouldn’t take the prescription to the pharmacy. She had not done so any other time he had given it to her.

“If you are still having problems, please come back to see me. Shall we say, same time next week?”

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