The Taste of You… (if only)

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If only you were here…

I would be standing in front you, pressing my soft curvy body against you, wearing that little black basque I showed you and nothing else. The top is pulled down slightly so my boobs are uncovered, held up high by the basque beneath. My pink swollen nipples being pinched by the clamps, the weight of the heavy silver chain pulling on them. I love the ache from them, making my skin tingle, making my smooth pussy wet.

I’m kissing you while my hand gently squeezes your hard cock, stroking you, teasing. My hand working up and down your shaft, my thumb rolling over the head with each stroke. Sucking on your bottom lip, biting ever so slightly as my other hand runs down your chest and over your stomach before gently massaging your balls while I wank you with the other hand, my soft fingers encircling you; my red painted nails look so good against your skin.

Edging back towards the bed, I climb onto it and kneel in front of you, my round soft ass sticking out under the black basque as I slowly swirl my tongue around the head of your cock, looking up into your eyes.

I bahis firmaları love kneeling in front of you like this, your slave to do whatever you want to. I love how you taste as I run my soft lips over you, running my tongue slowly down to the base and back again, you’re so hard now. I love seeing you like this knowing how much you want me, and how much I’m going to tease you first.

The teasing is driving you crazy and you’re pushing against my lips. I wrap them tightly around just the head, sucking so gently at first and letting my tongue swirl around it, you taste so good. One hand is on the bed supporting me, on my knees, legs spread a little, as the other hand strokes your cock more firmly this time as I suck you.

I bring the other hand up and rest it on your thigh to support myself as I take you deeper into my mouth, sucking a little harder, more pressure from my lips now as I work them up and down on your cock. Your thick hard cock forces my mouth open wider, stretches my lips around it’s shaft. My tongue is pressing against the underside, moving round and round slowly as I work your cock kaçak iddaa in and out of my hot wet mouth. Every few strokes I pull back and look you in the eye as I tease you with my tongue and drag the head of your cock over my soft lips. I lick you all over, wanting more of you before I wrap my lips back around you can suck you deep into my mouth.

When I can feel you pushing against the back of my throat I pause for a moment, letting my tongue work along the underside of your cock before sliding my mouth back to the head, working my tongue in circles over it. I love the taste of your precum on my tongue and I want so much more of it.

Your hands are in my hair now as I bob my head up and down your shaft like this, always teasing you with my tongue. Bracing myself with both hands on your thighs to help me balance I suck you harder and faster, but I slow down a bit every now and then, enjoying the tease. I’m not finished with you yet.

Sucking you slowly right to the back of my mouth I pause and look up at you. I want to see the look on your face as I take your whole cock into my mouth. Pushing kaçak bahis my tongue down towards your balls I slowly push you further into my throat bit by bit till I have your whole cock in my mouth, the head buried deep in my throat. I hold you there, just for a moment running my tongue all over the underside of your cock, loving the look on your face.

I gently massage and squeeze your balls as I work my mouth back up to the tip, my head twisting slightly one side to the other, teasing you with just my tongue again before taking your whole cock again, back and fore, wanting you to cum now. I work you faster, harder… I want to taste you cumming in my mouth.

Your hands grasp my long red hair as you push your cock into my throat again, losing control, fucking my face. The harder you pull on my hair the wetter I get and I moan against your cock thrusting into my throat. Thrusting hard against my face, you stop, hot cum pouring down my throat, I pull back a little, wanting to taste it in my mouth. I slowly work my lips over your cock, sucking every drop from you, I love when you fill my mouth with cum like this.

As your hands relax their grip on my hair I gently pull my mouth from your cock and lie back on the bed, stroking my soaking pussy, looking forward to the rest of the night.

If only you were here…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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