The Simple Blue Robe Ch. 03

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“There was the sound of the switch rushing through the air and then a wail assailed my ears. Completely disorientated by the pain and humiliation, I realized that the howls I heard were my own. My Aunt Zincuda, dressed only in her chemise leaned over the carpenter’s table. Her fingers reached out for the wood and kindling piled before me. A combination of rage and ecstasy grossly distorted her face. ‘Qendressa,’ she hissed in my face. ‘You little bitch! This will teach you to seduce my son!’

“Tears blurred my vision as I watched Zincuda grab the piece of rough-hewn sandalwood, which lay on the table beside me. I writhed and wriggled in protest as she began to secure it to my back with the series of long green willow twigs. I thrashed and swayed but I could do little, as my hands were tightly bound to the corners of the workbench with coarse hemp rope. When I tried to kick at my aunt, my actions met with more sound correction from the birch switch. Soon my ass was covered in thick painful weals and I could feel blood running down my legs.”

The words, which came from the laptop speakers, captivated Eric. A little detective work through the printed transcripts of his father’s electronic diaries and a great deal of luck had lead Eric to the CD which was now playing. He listened intently as Essa recounted, to his father, the scene that had entrapped her hundreds of years ago. Her story, created in his mind, both erotic images and empathy for the poor trapped girl. Her words painted in fear and panic were addicting. He not only listened, as an eager learner hoping to gain knowledge about how Essa had been ensnared and thereby perhaps gain some knowledge of how to set her free, but also as an enthralled voyeur. Excitement grew within him.

In a trembling voice, Essa continued her story. “Once Zincuda had secured the wood to my back she moved away from me and approached the man with the switch. He was thin, wiry, and dressed only in a dirty shirt. His hands were calloused and rough. When Zincuda approached him, a smile spread across his bearded and pock marked face. His black eyes gleamed with lust. They embraced in frenzy and tore at each other’s clothes. Soon they were naked.

“Their clothes were tossed at my feet along with the switch. I could see the droplets of my blood that still clung to the edges of the cruel birch and stained their garments. The searing pain in my buttocks soon began to ebb as I became engrossed in the erotic scene that was playing out before my eyes.

“My aunt drew his face down so he could kiss her pendulous breasts and suck on her large, brown nipples. ‘Oh Igor, that’s it. Suck my tits!’ she commanded as she reached out and grabbed his enormous cock. ‘I have to get you ready!’ He just continued to make sucking noises and moaned.

“I could see her excitement growing. Her face as flushed and her breath came in short pants. She worked her hand furiously and his dick seemed to double in size before my eyes. Then her eyes met mine. Lust, dominance, and hatred filled her fiery gaze. What had I done to deserve such treatment? Bewildered, I cried out.

“Auntie, please…

“A sharp backhand slap across my face silenced my plea. Zincuda continued with her attention to Igor until she felt he was ready. Then she shrieked, ‘Now Igor, now! Work your magic! Bind her away. Then we will all be rich…’

“Zincuda spun Igor around to face my exposed ass. With a series of deft leg sweeps, she further spread my legs. Then there was the painful shock, as the bulbous head of his cock began to work in and out of my pussy. Pain began to turn to pleasure. My breathing began to change and I closed my eyes. “Now Igor! Now!’ screamed my aunt.

” Igor began to chant as he plunged in and out of my pussy. ‘Three by three and three again…willow and wood cling and bind…seed of man unite and join…’ Then he withdrew from me only to thrust again. I twisted and avoided his first thrust, but he thrust again. Oh David it was awful…”

Essa’s voice dissolved into a series of sobs. Eric could hear his father trying to comfort Essa and imploring her to continue. She did however, her muffled voice was hard to understand. Eric had to replay that section of the disk several times. Nevertheless, the only words he could decipher were…awful…searing pain…fainted… and blackness. Frustrated bahis firmaları Eric made a few cryptic notes on the yellow pad he now kept on the desk beside the laptop and turned in the chair to gaze at the doll on the chest of drawers.

It was early in the afternoon, and the sandalwood doll now lay beside him on the daybed. He was beginning to learn the rules for handing the doll and had been careful not to touch the wood with his bare hands as he excitedly carried it to the bed. Naked, his anticipation of what was to come was already beginning to show. Eric cautiously removed the small silk robe and examined the back of the doll. There were pale lines on the sides of the ribcage and a mark that paralleled the spine and ended just above the buttocks. Could these marks be the remnants of the willow bindings and the wood in Essa’s story? Intrigued, Eric peered closer. Upon a more exacting investigation, he could also see a series of faint, lateral marks, which extended across the curve of the doll’s bottom. The description of Essa’s whipping filled his mind. He could not resist the urge to touch them. Suddenly, everything went blurry and black.

Essa lay on the bed on her stomach with her head propped up on her left elbow with her knees adjacent to the pillows and Eric’s head. Her feet moved back and forth in the air to the beat of the movements of her hand. She was stroking Eric’s cock. “So you like touching my ass, do you?” Essa teased with a laugh. He did not respond immediately, but a sharp tug freed up his tongue.

“Ouch! Hey, go easy, there! That’s the only one I got,” he cried. Another sharp tug encouraged a more detailed reply. “Yes, yes I do like rubbing your ass. It’s…it’s a very beautiful ass and I have trouble keeping my hands off of it.” Eric continued between pants of pain and pleasure. Essa’s response was a laugh followed by a quick turn of her body and a playful leap. She now straddled him. Essa’s arms embraced his hips, her breasts pushed hard against his stomach, and she began to smother him in kisses. Eric gasped.

Exposed to his view now was Essa’s beautiful womanhood. The firm, creamy, globes of her buttocks and whisks of chocolate brown hair framed her pussy. A little succulent nectar had already started to escape from the outer lips. The sight inflamed Eric. His hands grabbed her hips. He arched his neck. His lips and tongue lapped at her slit.

Essa squirmed and pushed back against his mouth. She moaned as she feverously sucked at his cock. She could feel the tension building in both of them. Suddenly, she felt a sharp slap against her ass and then another. She writhed against the pain and tried to escape. However, Eric hands firmly held her hips and his tongue continued to tantalize. Realizing that Eric meant no harm and only desired to please her, Essa pushed back hard against his face. Eric’s tongue now seemed to fill her completely. Essa shuddered and convulsed. She let go if his cock. Her open her mouth hovered over Eric’s throbbing cock and his cum splashed against the back of her mouth.

Essa greedily swallowed all of Eric’s essence. The salty sweet tastes her sly reward. She relished the moment then languidly stretched out over Eric’s leg allowing her breasts to touch and tease his now shrinking cock. A celebratory smile spread over Essa’s face. They had cheated the carpenter’s curse one more time.

The two lovers lay inter-twined. Each softly caressed the other. Essa enjoyed the soothing touch of Eric’s hands. She repositioned her body, curled up into Eric’s embrace, and nuzzled her face into the hollow of his neck. They were still and silent for a moment enjoying the glow of post coitial bliss.

“That was nice,” Essa whispered. “I feel safe and warm in your arms. I wish I could be with you always,”

“You are safe with me,” he replied. “We see each…”

“Only when you have a sexual need and decide to feel up the doll!” she fumed and spun away from his arms. A look of shock and dismay spread over Eric’s face. “You’re just like all the rest!” she yelled as she bent over him. Fury and frustration contorted her countenance. Tears ran down her cheeks. “I’m still trapped, don’t you understand! I don’t want to live only when you touch my ass!” She collapsed, weeping, against his chest.

“But Essa, I am trying…”

“Everyone has been kaçak iddaa trying!” she sobbed. “They have been trying to rape, molest, and defile me. No one wants to help me! No one loves me, just for me.” She slipped to the floor at the side of the bed, buried her head in the pillows, and began to cry uncontrollably. Eric knew there was nothing he could do or say at this moment. He just softly stroked her hair and her back and waited.

It took a while, but Essa finally calmed down. The two of them curled up together like spoons on the daybed. They watched the rest of the day pass outside the window talking little and hugging a lot. At dusk, Eric prepared a plate of fruit, cheese, and crackers. He also opened one of the last bottles of his father’s Cabarnet-Sharaz. In candlelight, they ate and talked.

During the afternoon and the evening, each time Eric tried to steer the conversation to the scene in the carpenter’s shop, Essa tensed and went silent. Nevertheless, he did learn that her father imported only the finest fabrics, oils, perfumes, and woods from Persia and India. As a result, her family had grown very rich and powerful while the family of her aunt languished in countryside. The pieces of silver that Essa brought with each summer visit never lasted long. What should have lasted a peasant family more than an entire year, Zincuda squandered on wine and presents for herself and her friends in just a few short months. Her hatred for her brother and his daughter grew and festered like a boil. When she learned that Qendressa was to be married to the son of another rich merchant prince in the fall, the boil became inflamed. Upon catching Qendressa and Stephan together in the shed, her hatred burst forth.

Zincuda, together with her lover, the carpenter, hatched a plan using faerie magic to remove Essa from the scene. Then her daughter, Alyana, could marry son of the merchant prince, and she would become rich. Unfortunately, Zincuda overlooked human nature.

Essa’s father, overcome with the grief of loosing his only daughter, severed all ties with his sister. She received nothing for her evil actions but Qendressa remained trapped in a piece of sandalwood…forever.

The last red flares of the sunset faded into blackness and the candles began to burn out one by one. The two lovers lay cuddled like spoons on the bed as darkness enveloped them. “Eric I want to see the sunrise in your arms.” whispered Essa. She arched her back and pushed back against him. She smiled to herself when she could feel his hardness begin to creep into the hollow between her ass and her legs. Eric’s fingers began to trace delicate circular patterns on her cheek and then down her throat to her breast.

Essa moaned softly and said. “Star light, star bright, first star I see to night, I wish…” her voice trailed off.

“What do you wish for my love?”

There was a long pause. Essa knew what she wanted to say, but she could not form the words. Finally, a single word slipped from her lips. “Freedom,” she whispered. The effect of that solitary word was dramatic. It seared through Eric’s brain stimulating a series of thoughts, images, glimpses of partial plans. He became still and silent. She sensed his distraction and feared that he was about to leave her. “Hold me. Hug me. Please don’t go,” she pleaded softly as she reached out and touched his thigh.

Eric vaguely heard her words, but failed to comprehend their meaning. Her touch however, brought him out of his dream-like haze. He responded by kissing her on the neck, pulling her even closer to him, and he began to play with the nipple of her right breast. Essa responded with a smile and a sigh.

She liked having her nipples rubbed. Manipulating them seemed to directly stimulate her clit. It grew hard along with her nipples. Essa savored the warm sensations that spread throughout her breasts and pussy. She found herself rocking gently against Eric in response to his hot breath and kisses on her neck. Languidly she turned to lie on her back.

Eric responded by continuing to cup her breasts and bending forward so that he could suck her nipples. “Oh sweetie, that’s what I like…it feels so good,” mewed Essa. “How does this feel?” she teased as she began to stroke his cock. The answer was quickly apparent. Eric whimpered and hardened in response to her kaçak bahis quickening strokes. She gasped when his fingers found her wetness and slipped inside her.

Eric worked his fingers in and out of her now sopping tunnel. He enjoyed the feel of her rhythmic contractions around his fingers and hardness of her nipple against his tongue. He curled his fingers and rubbed the thickness along the front of her vagina. Essa let out a series of short, high pitched grunts, and covered his hand with her essence. “Oh I’m going to make you pay for that,” Essa panted. Eric just leaned back and smiled. His fingers were now at his lips.

When his fingers left his mouth he replied, “I love your taste.” Then he added with a wicked smile, ” Just how are you going to make me pay?”

“Watch me,” was all she said as Essa adjusted her position on the bed, spread her legs, and began to massage her body with her hands. Eric watched mesmerized as the fingers of Essa’s right hand manipulated her pussy while the fingers of her left hand played with her nipples. He was surprised at how hard she seemed to rub, squeeze, and tug. He involuntary reached for his cock and began to stroke it. The movements of her right hand quickened. Soon her fingers were pistoning in and out of her pussy. Her eyes closed. A red blush spread up her throat and over her face. Small beads of sweat formed on her forehead. She rolled her head back, her body convulsed as her open mouth emitted a silent scream.

Eric could not believe the feelings that watching Essa masturbate created within him. His heart raced. Electric sensations tantalized his mind and body. He quivered and raged with passion. His cock was as hard as steel. Release was near.

Then came the sultry look from Essa’s grey-green eyes. They encouraged action from Eric and invited him to move closer. He quickly crawled towards Essa and straddled her chest. She did not say a thing, yet her mouth opened in wanton invitation. His cock slipped between her breasts and Essa mounded them around his cock.

For Eric, the sensations he was feeling were new and uncharted territory. The feelings from his cock radiated through his entire consciousness. He rocked back and forth and the tension grew within him until he felt he would explode. Tiny, quick gasps from Essa triggered the explosion. Long ropes of cum cascaded from his cock to land on Essa’s neck, chin, and cheeks.

Eric leaned back and watched his cock wilt between Essa’s breasts. She silently smiled as Eric reached forward and wiped a gob of cum from her chin. He presented it to her lips and enjoyed the sensual feeling of her tongue as she deftly licked it off. The rest of the cum was cleaned-up in a similar fashion. When the last drop was sucked from his fingers, he bent forward and delicately kissed her. “Thank you my sweet,” she whispered. “That is the best present you could give both of us.”

They now stood before the den window and watched the waning crescent moon drop behind the mountains on the purple horizon. Sunrise would occur in a few moments. Eric hugged Essa. He reveled in the sensations of her buttocks pressing against his upper thighs and her back against his chest. Her hands gently covered his and guided them as they caressed her belly and breasts. However, the touches did not arouse passion only warmth and contentment.

Their sexual desires had been satisfied. Eric had surprised himself by cumming three more times after his violent explosion between Essa’s breasts. Essa in turn had gratefully received and delighted in each of his gifts. They enjoyed a long, luxurious, shower, which only ended when the hot water was exhausted. An energetic mutual toweling followed by shared oil and cream massages ended their romantic interlude. Now they stood naked and satiated at the den window waiting for the sunrise. Essa was full of cum, and perhaps for the first time, love.

“Mmmm…” she sighed, “I feel good…Eric, you make me feel so wonderful and safe. I usually fear the nigh, especially moonless one but…

“I want you to feel safe and sound,” Eric whispered softly in her ear.

“Oh look,” cried Essa. “There is the last night star.” A small pinpoint of light hung in the sky just over the peak of the far off mountain. As the star’s faint twinkling light disappeared in the brightening sky, Eric heard Essa softly say, “…Starlight, star bright, last star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might…” With those words filling his head, Eric promised himself that he would not call on Essa again until he could set her free.

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