The Sibling Games Ch. 02

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**** The authors would like to thank carolin_ for edits****

Vicky soaked it in, the power was addictive as was watching her twin brothers Brant and Tim squirm as they waited her instructions and the payback they expected. Months of doing what they wanted had, at times, worn on Vicky. Several times she remembered not wanting to do what she was ordered to do; those where the most vivid, the memories the most fresh. She warned them then and now Karma had come calling.

“Okay, toys, here’s the deal. You don’t get any more of this,” she said motioning to her pillow covered body with her hands, “until you cum again, both of you. I order you to ejaculate.”

The looks on Tim and Brant’s faces were identical. Both of them were shocked. She knew they were expecting much worse. The surprise was evident and shortly the smiles appeared on their faces. She paused, letting them think they were getting off easy again before speaking. Tim grabbed his already throbbing cock and began stroking it quickly. Brant’s was semi hard and he too picked the thick shaft up and slowly began to play. Vicky smiled before dropping the bomb.

“Not as simple as it sounds, though, boys… Tim… you must make Brant cum and, Brant, you must make Tim cum.”

The smiles instantly disappeared as she continued and they both let go of their dicks. “I don’t care how you do it. Hands, mouths, even fucking each other in the ass but neither of you get to participate in the game again until both of you have ejaculated by stimulation from the other. Are we clear?” she asked.

Both of them reluctantly nodded. She knew exactly what this would do to them. They were not bisexual in the least, bordering on homophobic. She had already made them touch penises earlier, giving them a taste of what was to come without knowing it. That little act had them squirming so she was fully confident what her new command was going to do. Payback was very satisfying. She knew very well what it felt like to do something you didn’t want to.

Vicky’s pussy was humming and wet after Brant had eaten her for the first time. He was Supreme Leader for his second time and had just sent Tim off to make him a sandwich. Brant turned back to her.

“Now where were we?”

She tried not to laugh at such an old line, especially coming from her brother.

“Would, the Supreme Leader wish to continue practicing?” she asked, spreading her legs again.

“He would,” Brant said.

Vicky had no problems with oral sex with her brothers. She didn’t consider it true sex. And to be honest she didn’t expect it to ever go further than that during these games they had created. She closed her eyes as Brant dropped his head between her spread legs again and picked up right where he left off, sucking her engorged clitoris and flicking it with his tongue. The pause in the pleasure made the continuation shockingly good. Vicky’s head fell back in a vocal moan as the stimulation hit her flushed body, radiating from her clitoris. Brant, now that he had discovered where her clit was, had learned quickly how to stimulate it. His hot wet tongue was amazing, fast and strong, bringing Vicky quickly back to where she was before.

She felt his chin against her wet tunnel beneath, and pressed into his face, wanting to feel full as well as having her clit teased. He didn’t get the hint but he had ordered her to instruct him and to tell him what she liked.

“Put a finger or two inside me, while you do that,” she said.

He didn’t pause to respond, but his hand was quickly where she wanted it, gasping as two fingers rushed into her very wet pussy. She expected him to thrust them in and out or at least curl them and root around inside of her but he did neither. He just held them in her, not exactly what she was wanting.

“Move them around, thrust in and out, fuck me with them,” she said, a little frustrated.

His clit play paused momentarily as if he was going to say something but then thought better of it and followed her instructions. He began spinning his hand and thrusting his fingers in and out of Vicky the same moment he continued his clit play. The pleasure began to build and build fast inside her body. He learned from her moans and movement what she liked and Vicky was on the brink of an orgasm when he suddenly stopped.

“No… don’t stop now!” she shouted, realizing her mistake quickly.

“I think that’s enough practice for today. It’s time for you to serve me, toy,” Brant said, standing up and removing his clothes.

His penis was fully erect and the head was shiny with his pre-cum.

“Do you want another blowjob?” she asked, very disappointed she didn’t make it to climax.

“No… I have a better idea.”

Vicky suddenly got nervous. She wondered if he was actually intending to screw her, his own sister. She didn’t respond, just gazed up at him from the couch.

“On your hands and knees, face the wall.” Brant told her.

She slowly sat up, turned around and knelt on the couch with her hands on the back, illegal bahis facing the wall it was against with her ass right toward him. Brant’s hands, roughly took hold of her shapely bottom and he shook her cheeks before spreading them apart. She looked back over her shoulder and watched her brother play with her ass with a large smile on his face and a huge boner.

“What are you going to do, Brant?” she asked.

“Call me Supreme Leader, girl,” he said and smacked her left cheek.

“Sorry, Supreme Leader,” she winced as fire ceased her bum.

“I’m going to have to teach you who is in charge,” he said adding another hand print to her right cheek.

She yelped, as new fire took hold. She wasn’t into being spanked or rough sex, not at all. Never could understand the draw and now she knew she didn’t understand it. All the pleasure of the oral was instantly gone. Her arousal plummeted.

“Do you like that, toy?” Brant asked.

“Speaking freely, master?” she asked.


“No, I don’t… I hate it.”

Brant laughed and smacked her again adding insult to injury and Vicky yelped again, louder this time as the fire was renewed in her left cheek.

“You hate it, do you? Well what would you rather I do to you then?”

“Anything, but that.”

“Anything?” he said smacking her one more time.

“Yes, anything!”

“Anything it is then,” he said grabbing his dick and rubbing it up and down Vicky’s pussy.

Her head flew around just as Brant penetrated his sister’s sex for the first time.

“Brant! What have you done!” Vicky screamed, feeling his entire cock press into her body.

Vicky flinched at the memory and how much had changed since then. Now she craved both her brother’s cocks in her body, but that first experience had left a deep impression on her, never shaking the emotions that had surfaced as her brother penetrated her for the first time.

She expected Brant to have the same reaction to what she had ordered them to do now. And from the look on his face she had accomplished it. To have them make each other ejaculate after having cum several times already was not going to be easy, especially since the thought of them touching each other was disgusting. Payback was awesome.


Brant felt sick, his growing cock had taken a complete one-eighty and was now dropping limp quickly at what his sister had just said. He was afraid of this… both he and Tim were, though they never could discuss it outside the game but they both feared if she ever won she would make them fuck each other and essentially she had done just that. She played it perfect… he knew just as Tim did, how difficult it was going to be to ejaculate after already cumming earlier, and more than once. The smile on Vicky’s face, told him everything he needed to know. This was her payback and she wasn’t bluffing.

“Get to it, boys, I can restrict future games if you do not obey and you know it,” Vicky said.

They couldn’t argue with that since she could make any new rules she wanted as Supreme Leader. Brant looked over at Tim, seeing his large cock falling slowly horizontal he did the unthinkable and reached for it. Tim flinched significantly as Brant took hold of the shaft.

“Just close your eyes… pretend its Vicky doing it and let’s get it over with,” Brant said as he began to stroke his very own brother’s cock.


Tim closed his eyes tight, it didn’t help. The hand around his cock was definitely not Vicky’s. It felt like his hand except it wasn’t his hand. The sensation was odd and he had to think of something other than Brant stroking his dick if he was ever going to achieve orgasm.

He heard Vicky’s screams from the kitchen as he made Brant’s sandwich. A small smile crossed his face. “That’s more like it,” he said out loud. “She’s supposed to be helping me serve him not get her pussy munched.”

Another scream, louder this time echoed down the hall and Tim put the sandwich on a plate and hurried toward the living room to see what was making Vicky scream. Just as Tim turned the corner he witnessed his twin feed his hard cock into his sister’s pussy and the immediate reaction it got from Vicky. He also saw the red hand marks on her butt cheeks and the rage on Vicky’s face as Brant thrust his cock home.

“Brant! What have you done!” Vicky screamed pulling away from Brant’s dick until it flipped out of her pussy.

Brant’s cock slapped his stomach and Tim saw how wet it was from his sister’s insides. Tim froze, almost dropping the plate and thought for sure the game was over, never to be played again.

“You said anything,” Brant said.

“I never! I can’t believe you would do that… you put… you… you put your… Brant!”

“What? You really didn’t see us doing this? Really?” Brant asked.

“No! I never thought we’d actually fuck each other… We’re siblings for hell sakes!”

“You said you were game for anything we could think of; well I can’t believe you didn’t think we illegal bahis siteleri would think of this?”

Tim saw the utter shock and disgust on his sister’s face. She really didn’t think it would go this far but both he and Brant hoped it would and now it looked like it was coming to an abrupt halt. He cautiously walked over to his fuming siblings and set the sandwich on the coffee table. He looked at Vicky, trying to read her mind and determine how fast she would end the game for good. She had put up with hand jobs, blow jobs and let Brant eat her but now this was the last straw when Brant somehow had put her on her hands and knees, spanked her and then penetrated her. Tim was sorry he had missed it, especially since he fully expected the game to be over.

And then the strangest thing happened… Vicky knelt back on the couch, reached behind her and pulled Brant’s cock back into her body.

“Doesn’t matter now, it’s done… go ahead and fuck me.”

Tim found his mouth wide open, found his cock rising in his pants as Brant said nothing. Instead, he moved forward and finished pressing his dick into his sister’s pussy. He pulled back out, keeping the head in, and thrust back into Vicky. Tim’s cock was rock hard as he watched something he never in a million years expected to see, though he had hoped he would. To him it was the hottest thing he had ever seen in his entire life. Not only was his sister extremely hot but the visual he was seeing was him fucking her. He imagined how good it would feel, how hot and wet her pussy would be wrapped around his cock and lusted after the desire. He fully knew, as soon as he won he too would be fucking her next.

He couldn’t tear his eyes off his brother’s twin cock, repeatedly entering and exiting Vicky’s exceptional body. When she began to moan and get into it, pressing back as Brant thrust forward, he thought his cock might burst from the blood pulsing in his shaft and head. Time slowed down, the memory seared into his brain as the action continued.

In reality it was less than two minutes and Brant pulled out and came all over Vicky’s back and ass with an excitement enhanced climax which painted her with long strings of white semen. When he finished, Brant fell onto the couch next to her, breathing heavily. Vicky stood, not caring about the semen dripping off her body to the floor, and walked out of the room without looking at them or saying a word.

The first memory Tim could think of was working. He focused on one of the things he would never forget and almost forgot whose hand was stroking his cock hard and fast now. He kept the image of Brant fucking Vicky in his mind as long as he could, trying to get off before he lost the thought. But it wasn’t to be. Vicky had sabotaged them from the beginning without them knowing it. The orgasms prior to this were now making it very difficult to peak and reach the level of stimulation to climax. Tim felt his cock softening in his brother’s hand and knew he wasn’t going to cum.


Vicky smiled; she too saw Tim’s cock going limp in Brant’s hand. There for a while she was a little worried Brant’s idea of them closing their eyes and thinking about her was going to work but it didn’t last and now Brant stopped jacking Tim’s flaccid dick and glared at her.

“What’s wrong, toys? You’ve both gone limp. That is unacceptable! If you don’t continue within a minute I’m placing a three second penalty on you next game. I’ll have a three second head start for my marble… I’ll win for sure.”

This made both of them flinch, groan and then Tim shook his head and reached for Brant’s limp penis.

“Your turn to try, Brant. Think of something hot,” Tim said.

Vicky’s smile grew bigger as Brant’s eyes, still glaring at her, closed. Payback was priceless.

Vicky stormed out of the living room, feeling the semen run down her back, over her voluptuous ass and down her legs. She was furious, she was disgusted, she was so turned on she couldn’t fucking believe it. Brant’s cock inside her was amazing… she had never let herself even contemplate the idea so she never even imagined what it might feel like and now she was stunned with how good it was. The thrill and pleasure outweighed the loathing. It was too late to go back now anyway. She had just been violated, taken, screwed, fucked, by her very own brother and what was the most obscene is she loved it.

She went to the bathroom, heart racing, body flushed and pulsing. Sitting on the closed toilet, she tried to gather herself, reeling from the effects of Brant’s penis. She already was craving it again and angry with herself for it. She was struggling with her emotions, disappointed with liking it so much when it was so wrong what they had done. The cold semen on her back and bottom was beginning to dry and she took a few seconds to clean herself off and then realized she needed to get back to her brothers.

Walking back toward the living room she heard them talking quietly and paused around the corner to listen canlı bahis siteleri before entering.

“I’m not so sure,” Tim was saying.

“What do you mean… what makes you think she’s not totally pissed off?”

“Well… you probably didn’t notice as you were doing her but she got into it, I swear she was moaning and enjoying it.”

“Maybe… I was too excited and blown away to think of anything.”

“So it was good then?” Tim asked.

“Dude, fucking unbelievably good. I’ve never felt anything better… ever. It felt so good I couldn’t last another second.”

“Sweet, man… I can’t wait for my turn with her.”

“You got to win first.”

Vicky listened and knew this was only the beginning. She also realized how foolish she was not to think this was going to happen. Now she was in too deep but was more determined than ever to win.

She turned the corner and walked into the room still naked. They stopped talking immediately and looked up at her. Brant looked worried, Tim looked horny.

“Vicky… I’m… sor…”

“Don’t apologize, Supreme Leader… that is not appropriate in your position. I’m fine, really. I was stupid to think you guys wouldn’t go there. My mistake. And now that it’s happened there is nothing more to say.”

“Okay then… will you get me something to drink with my sandwich?” Brant asked.

“Of course, Master,” she said turning to leave again.

Vicky actually saw some life enter Brant’s penis as Tim fondled it for him. She wondered what he could be thinking about as he closed his eyes and stood there naked. She sat back on her bed with the pillow over her body and sipped her drink, watching her brothers try and pleasure each other as she commanded. The smile never left her face.


Brant focused on Vicky’s body in his mind. Focused on how good she felt as he screwed her or gave him head. He let the pleasure in his cock grow; pretending he was giving it to Vicky and feeling her tight wet sex wrapped around his hard cock, thrusting in over and over. He imagined his hands on her breasts, pinching her nipples, twisting them and cupping her incredible breasts.

His cock hardened, approaching full erection but he knew it was going to be very difficult to cum again. If nothing interrupted him, if no one spoke, just maybe he could keep his mind focused on Vicky long enough to cum.

Brant remembered sitting on the couch while Vicky went to the kitchen to get the drink he requested. He remembered watching her perfect ass disappear around the corner and looking down at his flaccid penis. Her juices had dried on his cock and were now flacking off onto the sofa as he leaned over for a bite of his sandwich. The thought of how hot and wet she had been and how good it felt made even his soft cock twinge with electricity. He could hardly believe he had fucked her. It kind of just happened, with the oral and spanking, he just acted, thinking with the small head rather than the big.

He hoped Tim was right and Vicky had been into it. He was so focused on his pleasure and watching his steely cock going in and out of her perfect body he couldn’t remember if she was moaning or pushing back on him. It happened so fast, felt so good, he couldn’t be sure.

She returned with a cold coke in her hand, and he admired her naked body as she leaned over and placed it next to the plate on the coffee table.

“Will there be anything else?” she asked, standing next to the sofa naked and proud.

“How many guys have you had sex with?” Brant asked.

“You are the third, master,” she answered quickly and nonchalant.

“And blowjobs?”

“Many more than that… I don’t know exactly.”

“You obviously like it.”

“Yes, I’ve told you that already.”

“So if I were to tell you to suck and fuck Tim, you’d have no problems doing it?”

“None whatsoever, master.”

“Interesting… well I’m not going to. Tim’s not that lucky,” Brant said, grinning at his twin who was looking excited until then.

“Whatever you desire, Supreme Leader, I’m here to serve.”

“Did you enjoy sex with me?” he asked, taking a drink of coke.

She hesitated for the first time before answering. “Yes, but it was over so quickly.”

“Maybe so… I’ll have to rectify that next time.”

Tim snickered but Brant ignored him. He wasn’t going to be roped into another challenge to see if Tim could last longer fucking Vicky. No, Vicky was his and he intended to have her as many times as possible before the parents came home. This thought, and her naked in front of him, caused life to return to his penis faster than he would have imagined. He felt it stir and roll between his legs slightly as blood flow returned. He figured he’d better eat something before giving her another go so he had the energy to last longer as she seemed to want.

“Do you masturbate, Vicky?” he asked, taking a bite of his sandwich.

“Of course. Doesn’t everyone?”

He smiled, took another bite before continuing.

“Sit here and show me how you pleasure yourself.”

An audible gasp escaped Tim’s lips as he stood on the other side of the coffee table. It was a mistake to call attention to himself because Brant wasn’t going to even share this.

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