The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 11

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As D and Bud went back to their room they were dead tired. They just made it to the bed and slept. There was no sex tonight each body was satisfied completely and drained of all its energy.

In the late morning Bud woke and looked over at his lover. She was laying there in just her panties with the sheet over her. He watched her sleep and saw how beautiful this young woman was. She still had on her make up and her chestnut hair had fallen in her face. He took his fingers and moved the curls back off her face. D moaned a little and tried to roll over. He kept her from rolling on he back. Slowly Bud pulled the sheet down from her neck and slowly let it move down her body.

When he uncovered her full breasts he stopped. Bud just looked at them as her nipples were soft and pink and as he watched she moved and he saw her breasts jiggle a little. God he loved her body and what it did to him. He could feel his cock getting harder. He took his finger and gently touched the center of her left breasts directly against the soft nipple. She sighed softly as he pinched it between his thumb and index finger.

She moaned as he cupped her left breast in his other hand moving it from the side so it could fill his hand completely. As he held the tit with his hand, he bent his head and took the rising nipple in his mouth. She reached for his head as his lips covered the reddening lump. As he sucked she told him, “Oh that’s nice Bud. Suck it gently baby! Umm! I love your mouth on my body baby!”

Bud licked and sucked on both nipples as she held his head against her with two hands now. She could feel each touch of his mouth starting to give her cunt gentle shots of excitement. She smiled as she felt him move his hand down her body. It moved over her stomach and down over her mound. Bud teasing her by moving his fingers down towards her wet slit very slowly. It was driving her crazy as his fingers move to the very top of her pussy slit. He slowly rotated two of his fingers around on the clit hood.

D opened her legs wider for him. As his mouth moved to hers he heard a muffled moan as his fingers ran down the length of her sex. He felt her wet and warm and ready for him. As his fingers touched, rubbed and stroked her desirable snatch, Bud’s tongue fucked her warm wet mouth. As his two fingers separated her pussy lips, Bud moved his mouth off of her mouth and started licking down her body. As her hands held bets10 his head and gently pushed it to her open cunt hole, he moved down over her breasts again stopping for a moment to suck and bit those now ever hard long and blood red nipples.

Fingers working inside her pussy now Bud could feel her body responding to his touch. His fingers were now over her hips and he moved his body around and got between her open thighs. She moaned, “Oh yes baby! Lick my pussy! Eat me Bud. Oh fuck! I love your tongue on my pussy. Lick me baby! Please! Please! Make me cum!”

Bud smiled up at her as she watched his mouth lick and kiss and bite her hipbone and then move inward towards her wet pussy. As his face came closer to her sex, Bud inhaled the musky odor coming from between her legs. He took a deep breath taking in the sweet sexy smell of her cunt. As he moved closer his face could feel her heat as it met his lips. She arched when his mouth touched her pussy and her hands pushed his face into her needy pussy.

His tongue darted out and fucked her cunt hole as she arched up again and cried out as the orgasm ran over her giving her delight after delight. “Oh yes!”, D cried out as the climax washed over her body. ‘Oh fuck yes bay! Eat it! Suck it! Oh god Bud I love your mouth”, she almost yelled as a second orgasm came pounding into her body.

Her ass lifted body up off the bed as her hands held Bud’s head tightly against her cunt. She humped and humped and humped her body letting the orgasm take complete control of her movements as she rotated her hips and pussy on his mouth! She screamed as she reached the peak of her climax as Bud shoved two fingers deep into her cunt as his mouth sucked her clit! She held his head tightly against her sex as she squeezed her thighs tightly. Bud held his hand under her ass trying to get a finger into her ass hole. As hr cum flowed out of her pussy Bud slid a finger into her asshole. She cried out as she felt it move all the way into her. She lifted her legs up and gave him all of her private parts. Bud licked around both of her holes now as his fingers fucked her in and out.

D was in a dream world as he gave her one orgasm after another. Then as she felt she cold go no higher she moaned out, “Fuck me Bud! Fuck me now baby!”

He quickly moved up and knelt between her opened thighs. His cock head touched her open pussy and then replaced his two fingers bets10 giriş as he pushed it in about 4 inches. She arched immediately and began to pump her pussy on Bud’s hard cock.. She cried out as he pushed twice and put all of his cock into pussy. He moved his arms under her thighs and lifted her legs high up over her head. He then moved into position and began fucking D’s beautiful young body like a machine. Again and again his cock rammed into D’s hole. “Oh fuck yes! Oh God fuck me Bud. Fuck me hard! Fuck me as hard as you have ever fucked me baby!” she cried out.

He was like a mad man as he hammered that pussy under him. He lifted her legs higher and pressed her knees against her tits. Her ass and pussy move and was now directly under him. Bud moved around and began to fuck D straight down. Again and again and again he pumped all of his cock down into that cunt hole. The sound of his nuts slapping against her ass was the loudest sound in the room. Their breathing was coming much faster and quicker as both bodies moved towards another climax.

Bud’s cock was so thick and hard it felt like a huge spike being slammed into D’s cunt. She hissed at him to cum in her pussy. She told him, ” I want it! I want your cum in me baby! Fill me! Fill my pussy with your sweet cum! Do it Bud Oh fuck I love this! Oh fuck I love how you fuck me! Ohhhhh Fukkkkkkk!! Yessssssssssss! Cumming!!! Cummming!! Cumming! Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! AHHHH!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!! GODDDDDDD!!!! YES!! YES!!!!!YES!!!!YES!! YESSSSSSSSSS! BUDDDDDDDDDD!”

And D went wild as she began to orgasm and fuck her pussy on Bud’s hard thick cock. He moaned out as his lust and passion took over his body now and the first shot of hot thick cum slammed into D’s small sweet body! When he began to cum, he released her legs, which wrapped around his body almost immediately. D wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed her feet down on his ass trying to drive him further into her body. She held him and was thrusting so hard she was lifting both bodies up off the bed. Up and down they went and each time their bodies hit the bed they would bounce up again. He rode her fully inserted inside her cunt. she was thrusting her body up off the bed as she clung to him screaming, “Fuck me Fuck me Oh yes fuck me!”

He held her with his hands under her ass as she finally stopped cumming. Bud had pumped so much cum into D’s cunt it had splashed out and bets10 güvenilir mi was all over both of them. She slowly stopped thrusting now and began to rock them as she still held him tight. He looked down into her eyes and she kissed him hard shoving her tongue into his mouth. She tried to squeeze him tighter but she couldn’t. Her legs were just to tired. She finally let them fall off his body and back on the bed. He lifted up and smiled as she saw her face. She smiled back at him and said, “I love you!”

He said, “What did you say?”

She said, “I love you! I love the way you make me feel. I love the way you eat my pussy and I love the way you fuck me Bud. God we are so good together.”

He kissed her again as told her he felt the same way. They both were almost positive neither would leave their spouse but they realized at that point that they couldn’t stop this affair. When they got home it would continue, for how long was anybody’s guess. But they both knew they were going to fuck each other as long as they could get away with it.

She said, “Let’s take a nice warm bath and I’ll wash your back.”

He smiled and said, I would rather you wash my cock baby!”

She smiled and said, “Well if you wash my cum filled pussy, I’ll wash your cum covered cock!”

He laughed and said, “Deal!”

He slowly pulled out of D’s pussy knowing just how good of a fuck they gave each other. As they walked arm in arm towards the bathroom he kissed her and said, “Well tonight is our last night D, what would you like to do?”

She smiled up into his face and said, “Let’s order room service so we don’t have to go out today or tonight. When you’re not fucking me with your mouth or cock Bud, I want to hold you. I want to make love tonight all night! I just don’t want to fuck. I want to make love to you.”

He smiled and turned to her. He picked her up like she weighed nothing and kissed her as she wrapped her legs around him.

It had been a wonderful 7 days and even better 6 nights. Those seven days together flew by and while they did attend all of the classes, they spent most of their free time locked in each other’s arms. He had his cock in her pussy and her tongue in his mouth and her body telling him she wanted his cock deep and hard over and over again. They made love and fucked that night as if they were under some sort of spell. But, before they knew it they were packing and heading home to their partners. Now they would have to find ways to continue this affair whenever and wherever they could. The affair went on for another 4 months. But that’s the extra part of this true story. And the epilog to it, will follow soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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