The Seduction

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He doesn’t hear the door as it swings open.

She comes in and quietly kicks off her 3 inch heels. The same ones that hurt her feet terribly but accentuate the sleek, sexy lines of her shapely legs.

He is busy cooking the meal that he has longed to cook for her. She is the love of his life. The relationship is still new but he feels as if he has known her his entire existence. The smell of the meal permeates the home. This abode that seemed so cold only a few months ago is now a home, full of budding love and warmth. He smiles, lost in his thoughts.

She rounds the corner to the kitchen and sees him there and her heart swells. She watches as the man that stole her heart is dancing to music that only he can hear. The headphones plugged deeply into his ears, as he sings along.

She giggles.

He has totally captured her. Her slender figure moving cat like behind him. She reaches for him and as her hands touch his hips her ample breasts with diamond hard nipples press into his back.

With a jolt he sends the spoon full of marinara sauce soaring to the ceiling. The sauce going everywhere. Turning to face her his heart thumping hard against his toned chest. His surprised look was quickly turned to laughter as they fell into each others arms. He wiped the sauce from her cheek and she from his nose. Their eyes locked on each other.

“I didn’t hear you come in,” he said with a start.

She giggled as she responded, ” I know, I was wanting to surprise you. Maybe not this much,” laughing as she wipes the tomato from his ear.

His hand slips to her waist drawing her body to his own. Her body moving willingly to his.

She wonders to herself how this man who seems so different from the ones she has always dated could have found her, enchanted her and made her fall so deeply in love with him. As he leaned in and kissed her she knew. The tingling in her toes as his tongue found hers, the beads of sweat that developed on the swell of her breasts told her that he was the one. The man she had been looking to find, but she hadn’t found him. He found her.

Mike looked at his new love. Her beauty took the breath from the depth of his soul. He felt like a school boy. Giddy and nervous. “I am an educated man,” he thought to himself. ” I am well spoken and have a wide vocabulary. Yet when I am with her, I am unable to speak a coherent sentence.”

So canlı bahis şirketleri he says the only thing he can.

In a whisper that only they can hear he says.

“I love you!” and with that their lips meet in a full body, toe curling kiss. Their lips pressing firmly to each others as the dance begins. Her hands on his chest, his around her waist.

Their kiss deepens. The fever pitch of desire races through there bodies. Forgotten was the meal on the stove as the hunger for each other drew to a boil. Her hand runs up his chest and around his neck as she pulls his mouth firmer against her own. The kiss sending the electricity of lust coursing through their veins. Every part of them coming alive.

Feeling the stirring in his groin, his shaft becoming rigid, he gently pulls her hips to his own. The evidence of his desire pressing firmly against her thigh.

She exhales as she feels his member throb against the fabric of her deep blue dress. The throbbing matching the beating of their hearts fast and erratic.

Her own heat burning through the cloth of his blue jeans.

Slowly he backed her up against the wall and she could feel the coolness in contrast to her inflamed flesh. Not breaking their kiss he ran his hands down her sides and with slow hands he started to lift her tight dress up her nylon encased thighs. She squirmed wanting him to go faster. Yet knowing that the slow movement was only making her want him even more.

He stopped the movement of his hands as the dress sat poised so that just a hint of her silk panties showed. “Why is he stopping now!” she thought , “can’t he feel how hot I am, how wet he has made me?” As if reading her mind he lowers himself to his knees as his hands slide down her body. As his hands start their gradual ascent up from her knees to her thighs his mouth places kissed wherever his lips touch, left thigh, right thigh alternating back and forth. This was no longer a dance, this was agonizing torture. Then as he neared the V in her hips he looked up and saw the pure lust reflecting in her eyes.

With their eyes locked, he looks at her damp panties then looks up at her again as if asking permission.

“Please,” she sighed almost inaudibly, “oh god please,” the last more begging.

His trembling fingers push her dress up to her hips, his mouth moves towards the source of canlı kaçak iddaa her dampness, and her legs open for him.

Running a finger on either side of the top of her black undergarment she lowers it, revealing the smooth shaved flesh and the slightly puffed lips of her sex. As her panties hit the floor his tongue made contact with her boiling clit. She shakes at the feel of his tongue on her and she lets her hips move. Guiding his expert tongue to the places she needed, no yearned for his tongue to be. She moves her hands to his head and he moans as she both pulls his mouth harder to her but pushes her hips slightly up and harder against him causing his tongue to slip deep between her velvet smooth lips. She moans loudly as the first wave of orgasm sweeps through her, releasing a brief flood of her nectar. She heard the sound of swallowing and knew he was drinking her.

Losing herself, she surrenders her body and her juice to this man, HER man. She no longer cares about anything other than the continual waves of her cumming. She feels the flood gates open and her juice spilling over his mouth and chin. She shakes feeling that her legs will give out, that the only reason she still stood was because his mouth, his sweet cum covered face was holding her up.

Tears ran down her cheek as the final wave crested and broke over the shore of his tongue, he moaned loudly. As he drank in the last drop of her sweetness he rose to his feet and lifted her body up. Locked eyes with hers. Her legs wrapped around his waist and crossed at the ankles as he lowered her onto his throbbing aching rock solid 8 inch shaft.

He held her there. Her hips gyrating on his pulsating cock. His hips thrust upwards and holding deep within her. As if someone had put the moment on pause as the only movements in the room were their heart, their breathing and the constant pulsing, throbbing, clenching and milking of his cock and her pussy.

As he began to move, not slowly, but more forcibly in and out of her trembling sweating body the man was replaced by animal. His moan now a growl deep in his throat as he gripped her firm bottom and drove in and out with the force and power only the strong legs of an athlete can deliver. Her body bounced up with each thrust of his hips and she used her legs to drive down hard onto his shaft. Soon they were both emitting sounds of grunts, canlı kaçak bahis squeals moans and cries. Her long nails ripped lightly at the flesh of his back leaving red lines as she marked her man. Her mouth falling to the nape of his neck biting him. He howled in both pleasure and pain. And He shook as his hot seed engorged his balls and shaft.

As the building reached a crescendo it was like a great orchestra conductor was in control of his orgasms. With each upward movement of the conductors baton he sprayed inside her, with each downward stroke he would coil to thrust upward and spray again and again and again!

As she felt his molten seed fill her cavern she gave in and let her nectar flow freely. Grinding and gyrating against each other as life giving fluid was exchanged. Until with bodies totally spent they collapsed onto the carpeted floor and lay there unable to move. Panting and twitching, bodies wet with their juices, she kisses him lightly and moves down his body. He is totally incapable of moving as he watches his love take his still pulsing penis into her mouth. Watching as all of him disappears, as her nose is now pressed against his groin and the tip of his cock tickles the back of her throat. Her head moves up and down on his shaft as she licks and suck their combined juice of his cock.

Her mouth picks up speed, her head slamming up and down with the same voracity as her hips had just moments before. “She is not just cleaning me,” he groaned.” She wants to make me cum again!”

And sure enough as he looked into her eyes, she nodded her head signalling that she wanted him to fill her mouth with his hot sweet cum.

And he did.

Arching his back and then thrusting upwards he took her mouth and was soon spurting his thick cum down her sweet throat until at last there was no more. Not one drop of moisture remained except that of their mouths and so they kissed.

Once again the kiss was tender and loving.

As they laid in the after glow of their bonding, realizing that there was no longer any doubt of their love for each other.

the cry of the smoke alarm awoke them to the burning sauce on the stove, they run naked to the kitchen and pull things off the burners and begin to laugh completely filling the home with love and laughter.

“Chinese?” he sputters through his laughter.

“Yes,” she exclaims as they both hurriedly dress.

And as they hurry out the door she looks back and with a wink says.

“And when we come back,” she hesitated for effect, “I am having YOU for dessert.”

The door slams shut as his sigh of pleasure echoes off the walls.

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