The Seduction of Caoimhe Ch. 06

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Chapter 6 – Dillon

Kayleigh has always been a little more adventurous than Tara, which is to say she’s a little crazy, and I’m happy that her madness is directed solely on me. My wife may be better at sucking my dick and stroking me off, but not as willing when it comes to anal. Tara never really found the pleasure that her sister enjoys, which means I rarely spend any time in that wonderfully tight hole. I’m not exactly upset by her reaction, since her sister is more than willing to make up for Tara’s lack of interest.

It isn’t just the anal that makes her so much different than Tara, but it’s been a wonderful willingness to play along with anything I desire from her. She doesn’t seem to have much in the way of limits and that’s one of the reasons I that I love her. That craziness is very much a part of who she is and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Kayleigh’s still asleep in our bed as I get up and I’m very tempted to wake her. There’s something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while now, but haven’t had the opportunity to act on this newfound desire. I needed to be alone with her, since Tara would most certainly put a damper on my idea. They may share a lot of the same features and are clearly sisters, but their personalities are very different and you’d never know they were raised in the same house.

I know it’s odd to think that there are things left untried after almost two decades of fun, but that’s the fucking truth. My wife is reserved, which is an odd way to put things considering what we do with her sister, but she is and I love her for it. Variety is a very good thing and I have that in spades.

Is Caoimhe reserved like her mother or is she a force of nature like her Aunt? I have no answer to that pressing question and certainly hope for the latter. If she’s at all reserved, then things get a little difficult for what I want from her body. Most women cringe at the very thought of taking a dick in the ass and most will never allow it to happen. At least Tara allows my dick to press all the way inside of her, but I know she only does it for me. Kayleigh never hesitates at all and I know just how rare she is when it comes to enjoying my dick buried inside of her asshole.

It’s during those rare times when I’m alone with Kayleigh that things take interesting turns, which are too few for my liking. It was my idea to have her pretend to be Caoimhe and she never held back from throwing herself into the role. She was the one that convinced Tara to do the same, but it took time to make it happen. I can’t convince my wife to do shit, but her sister’s a master when it comes to getting my wife to embrace something new.

I raise the lid on the toilet and point my head towards the water as I imagine her body there. The sound of golden liquid hitting the water isn’t quite right and I wish it were her nipples that my piss is splashing against. It’s a real fucking bitch to piss with hard-on, but I bend over a little and make sure I don’t miss. In my mind, the stream is moving back and forth across her body until it slows to drops, which is taken into her mouth.

I saw piss play in some porn video and wanted to try it ever since, but my wife hasn’t left the house long enough for me to bring it up with Kayleigh. The truth is, I don’t know how she’ll react, since it isn’t like anything I’ve brought up before. My piss dwindles down as I try to figure out some way to make it happen.

I shouldn’t be nervous about this at all, considering she’s been game for everything else; yet I still can’t stop my nervous state. It isn’t just my piss that I want involved, but hers as well. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen in porn and I’ve seen a lot. It’s fucking hard to top the life I live, but I actually found something that does.

My fantasy will have to wait just a little longer, since my dick is hard and she’s naked on my bed. The only thing missing is her being awake. I’m glad she’s on her back, since that makes it so much fucking easier to have a little fun.

I get to the edge of the bed and place my hands on her ankles and slowly press her legs to the side. She’s still asleep as my head gets closer and her legs are now on my back. What I desire is before me, but still hidden from my view by the pink folds of her lips. I can smell the morning on her, but so much more as I inhale deeply.

My fingers press them aside and her hard clit is free of all obstruction. She starts to stir as my tongue slowly explores the taste of the morning. It’s that combination of sweat and old sweetness that only happens at this time of day. Kayleigh lets out a sigh in her sleep as I press my tongue gently between her open lips and feel the warmth caress my tongue.

I can feel her hands on my head as she lets out another sigh, but she isn’t awake just yet. My tongue searches patiently for all of the unique flavor it can find. What does Caoimhe taste like in the morning? That’s just one of several questions I have when it comes to my daughter illegal bahis and I’m very much looking forward to discovering everything.

Her fingers grip my hair as I reach her dripping hole and start to lose the flavor to something that tastes just as good in it’s own way. My tongue presses inside of her as she lets out a moan and her fingers tighten a little more. From the sounds of the moans, she’s definitely awake now and enjoying the moment.

I pull my tongue back along with my body and her fingers lose their grip. My head moves closer to hers and I can see the signs of sleep in her green eyes. There is more there, like her desire for me to enter and I am more than obliging. I feel her hole open for my dick as I press my lips to hers.

Her body reacts as I slowly press every inch inside of her wet pussy and let out a sigh into her mouth. My tongue crosses her teeth and there’s no fight at all. She’s too busy moaning into my mouth to worry about a battle right now. Everything about her pussy feels good as I slowly start to make love to her and her hands find a new target by means of my ass.

My fingers caress her hard nipples as I continue my purposeful movements and our kiss grows in passion. Her fingers squeeze my cheeks hard and my pace quickens just a little. I love the way her fingers feel when they dig in like that. It’s as if she’s trying to pull me inside of her and I want to lose control.

I keep my steady pace and angle myself in just the right way to maximize all that she’s feeling right now. Her body starts to tighten beneath mine and her muffled moans are getting more intense. My tongue explores her mouth as her fingers squeeze a little harder.

I pull my head back as my fingers tighten a little on her nipples and I love the way they feel when they’re like this. Our lips part as her head falls back and my eyes look at her face. The beads of sweat and the signs of pleasure are there for me to see.

She lets out a loud moan as her pussy contracts around my shaft and she brings me closer to the edge, but I hold myself back. I’ll cum soon enough, but it won’t be her pussy that receives my load of white. I can feel her press past my shaft as she explodes around my dick and I press myself in a little deeper.

Her fingers tighten a little more as another loud moan crosses her lips. More sweat is building on her face as her jaw tightens and I time my movement inside of her perfectly. For every purposeful thrust I give, she is taken to greater heights as I hit from a different angle. I know her body very well and use it to my advantage.

The moment starts to pass and my lips press against hers as I feel her fingers loosen. A little more of her is pressed out as her body starts to relax and she lets out soft moans into my mouth. My fingers loosen their grip, but I don’t release her nipples completely. I love that her tits fit in my hands the way they do and there’s no part of her that isn’t felt by me.

I pull my hard shaft out of her pussy and feel the coolness of the air. I’m slowly moving next to her in bed and she’s breathing heavily. Her hands move down my body as she forces herself up and positions herself with all the strength she can muster.

Her head is between my spread legs as her lips part easily over the tip of my dick. I can feel her hands caress my balls as she takes me to the gagging point. Those green eyes, that are so much like her sister’s, are looking up at me as she holds herself in place. I love the way it feels when she gags herself and doesn’t pull back.

My hands reach out for her head and I gently encourage her to take me deeper. Her sister may be better at sucking my dick, but she does better when it comes to taking me deep. I feel my head press against her throat as she presses onward and holds herself in place for a moment.

Her head pulls back to allow herself to breath and then her throat gets every inch I can give her. I moan as her tongue joins her fingers and her head bobs just a little. She slowly pulls her head back and I can feel her tongue press against my shaft.

Her hands follow as she increases her speed and I moan out as she forces her throat to open over and over again. She knows what I like, just as I know what she likes and I’m close to cumming for her. My body tightens as my moans turn to grunts and keep my eyes firmly fixed on her face as she grins around my slick shaft.

She pulls her head back so that only the tip remains and her hands work to finish the job. My fingers tighten a little more than I wanted and her head’s forced down a little, but she doesn’t fight back against the force.

I reach that point that I know so well and start to twitch. She coughs as I hit the back of her throat, but her lips remain firmly in place. More twitches as my body gets carried to greater heights of pleasure and my grunts grow more intense. My cum is dripping out of her full mouth and falling down my shaft, which covers parts of her fingers and there’s no hesitation illegal bahis siteleri to take me further.

I give one last grunt along with one last shot and see more of the white seep out of her mouth. Her fingers loosen along with her mouth and my head’s released from between her lips. She brings her fingers to her mouth and starts to suck my cum off of them and then concentrates on my shaft. Her eyes widen with everything she finds and I wish I could give her more.

She gets up as a little drips from her chin, but she lets it fall with no real notice. “I have to piss.”

I’m tempted to pull her back into bed with me, but there’s something else I want to do. There’s only one way to test the water and I force myself out of bed to follow behind. Her eyes have an odd look on their face and I wonder what’s going through her mind right now.

Her voice sounds almost innocent as some more of my white drips from her chin. “What are you doing?”

I smile broadly as I say, “Following you into the bathroom.”

She shakes her head a little in confusion. “I really need to piss. You’ll have to wait until I’m done.”

My smile widens a little. “I already went.”

Her face shows signs of a very full bladder. “What the fuck, Dillon?”

My smile turns to a grin. “I want to watch you piss.”

She lets out a groan and wants to say something, but only manages, “Fuck it, let’s go.”

There’s no seductive movement on her part as she moves quickly to the toilet and sits down with her legs together. “Spread your legs so I can watch you piss.”

I can hear her piss hitting the water beneath her and her voice has a hint of frustration in it. “I don’t know what’s gotten into you this morning.” My hands reach for her knees as I fall to mine and she lets out a groan. “Alright. You want to watch. Fuck it.”

Her legs spread wide as I watch the golden stream fall to the water beneath her. It looks amazing as it forces its way out of her body, but the view kind of sucks this way. I can smell the pungent odor in the air as I watch. It’s a start and I can feel her eyes on the back of my head with a great deal of wonder as to why I’m watching her piss. I’ve never even inquired about it before, but I’ll deal with that later.

Her gold stream turns to a tinkle and I wish her bladder were a little more full than that. The scent is still strong as I continue to watch and her hands reach for my chin. She’s pulling my face up to hers as my hands remain on her legs.

There’s no anger in her voice as she asks, “Why the fuck did you do that? Give me a real answer, Dillon, not some bullshit.”

She does know me well and her eyes search out the truth from beneath the strands of red, but I find it surprisingly difficult to tell her the truth. “I was watching porn and…”

She cuts me off. “Big surprise. Is this going to take long?”

I nod as I say, “A little.”

She rolls her green eyes and she looks a lot like an older version of Caoimhe. “Fine, Dillon. Let’s get some coffee going and we’ll sit at the table and talk.”

I nod as she reaches for the toilet paper and leave the bathroom behind. My dick flops back and forth as I walk and can hear the sound of the toilet flush. My hands start to prepare a large pot of coffee, since there’s no turning back now. All I can do is tell her everything and hope her response is somewhere along the lines of an affirmative.

We’re sitting across from each other and I have a large cup of black before me. Her green eyes search mine for some sign of the truth, but doesn’t say anything. She knows I’ll tell her, but I need to sum up my courage first. Why the fuck can’t this be beer?

My eyes focus on hers as I say, “Alright, Kayleigh, here it is. You know how I watch porn to find something new for us to try.”

She nods and her face shows the patience of her voice. “Yes, Dillon.”

I take a sip of the bitter coffee and set the cup down. “I generally don’t find anything we haven’t tried at some point.” She nods as she takes a sip of her own. “Sometimes I stumble on something, but have to wait until we’re alone.”

She sets the cup down as she says, “And it’s been fun. Now quit stalling.”

I smile a little as I continue, “I’m not stalling. This is something I know she won’t try. At least not until you prod her and even then it’s a fucking long shot.”

She lets out a laugh. “Like me pretending to be Caoimhe?”

I nod and my voice is having difficulty maintaining control. “Right. She never would have gone for it, until you prodded her in that direction.”

She winks as she asks, “What are sisters for? Out with it, Dillon.”

I take another sip of the bitter coffee and take my time before setting it back down. I’m nervous and I don’t know why. After all, it isn’t like I’m asking her to pretend to be my daughter, but that was a hell of a lot easier than this. Why the fuck is this so hard?

My fingers are actually trembling. “I came across one canlı bahis siteleri with golden showers and it was so fucking hot.”

Her green eyes widen at my words and I know there’s no need to go into detail. “And you’ve been thinking about it ever since?”

I nod as I try to settle the slight trembling. “Yes, and it’s been so fucking frustrating.”

She takes another sip as her eyes sparkle. “Do you want to piss on me?”

I stammer out, “Yes.”

She gets up from the table without a word and wonder just how badly I fucked up. She isn’t leaving the room and my eyes move to her tight ass as she reaches for a large cup and fills it with juice. There’s a grin on her face as she returns to the table and hands it to me.

Her voice has an edge to it. “You don’t need to be nervous. You can tell me anything, Dillon, and you know it. You know what?” I shake my head as she continues, “You were right to wait until we’re alone. There’s no way we could have done anything about it until now. Would you relax already?”

I take the large cup and feel the cold liquid within. “What’s this for?”

She grins and I love the tone her voice takes. “It’s a hell of a lot quicker than coffee. You want to piss on me, fine. I’m game. If we like it, I’ll even talk to Tara about it, but you’re right. This is a fucking fucking long shot. Drink up.”

I taste the sweetness of the juice on my tongue and feel the cold liquid rushing down my throat. She’s right about it being quicker than coffee, but one cup just won’t do the trick. It’s going to take at least one more before my bladder reaches its limit.

I set the empty cup down as I say, “Looks like I need a refill and why don’t you get yourself one while your up.”

She takes the cup and lets out a soft laugh. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll get there. Right now, we’re focusing on you.” She returns quickly with another full glass. “Where?”

I’m on the verge of tipping the juice back when she asks and set the cup down. “Where, what, Kayleigh?”

Her green eyes sparkle in the light. “Where do you want to piss on me? Which part of my body?”

I smile at the clarity of her answer, since that question was a little too open. “Your tits.”

She smiles back as she tilts my cup back with her fingers and feel the cold drink rush down my throat. My bladder is starting to fill, but it’s not painful as of yet. If I’m actually going to do this, might as well make it as full as possible.

She can see the discomfort in my body as I force the last of it into my mouth. “Follow me.”

My dick once again swings freely and my bladder is a little fuller than I was expecting. I can’t focus on anything as she leads my to the bedroom, but doesn’t slow her steps in the slightest. Her hands reach for the bathroom door and she gets into the custom tub that we had installed.

I get in after her and she falls to her knees. My hands move to my shaft and point the head of my dick at her tits. There’s a lot of pain I feel from my bladder and glad I don’t have to wait another second, since I don’t have a second to spare.

A powerful stream of yellow leaves my head and splashes on her flesh as she lets out a giggle. I aim carefully and slowly move it back and forth from one nipple to the other. From the way she’s giggling, I think she’s having fun with this. The scent washes over me and it’s not as strong as my earlier piss, nor is it quite as dark as it was.

Her hands reach up to form cups beneath her small tits, which are barely visible at this angle and lets them fill completely. I’m starting to drip already as she brings up her cupped hands and starts to rub my piss into her flesh. She opens her mouth and takes the head of my dick inside of her as her tongue presses against the tip. I can feel her lips tighten as she sucks with all of her might and she looks amazing staring up at me like that.

She releases my dick and lets out a soft laugh. “That was fun.”

* * *

19 Years Ago

I had the most amazing dream last night and I’m sure as fuck not going to tell my wife anything about it. I’ve never had anything like that before and wonder if it was something I ate. If it is, then I’m going to be eating a lot more of whatever the hell it was. This wasn’t my first threesome dream, but it was the first with Kayleigh and it was so fucking vivid.

I feel Tara’s head on my shoulder and glad I didn’t wake her. She needs all the rest she can get to prevent stress. My eyes open and I know the sun is just starting to rise as I look over and feel her on my other shoulder. That was one hell of a dream, because I swear she’s on both sides of me.

I look over to my other shoulder and realize it was no dream. That amazing threesome did happen and I still can’t fucking believe it, but here’s the proof on my shoulders and I really need to pee. How the fuck am I going to get out of bed without waking them?

It’s not easy, but I do manage with hardly a grumble from either of them. I close the bathroom door behind me and take care of business as quickly as I can. As I return to the bed, I can see their fingers touching as they continue to slumber and have to shake my head, since I’m still not certain any of it actually happened.

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