The Roommate

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Once upon a time I was a college student. That was back in the era of peace, love, and rock and roll. Love was, of course, “free” in those days, but I don’t want to get ahead of my story. My senior year I lived off campus. I’d put up with dorm life for three years which was long enough. Colleges felt the need to keep tabs on students who lived in their dorms, but I’d chaffed under their “in loco parentis” policy. As soon as I was a senior, I found a place to share with a couple of buddies, and my girlfriend, Kara, got an apartment that year with, Joyce, a friend of hers.

I’d met Kara a year ago in a conducting class. I was getting a degree in music education, not because I had such a burning desire to teach, but mainly because I had a burning desire to avoid being sent into the thick of the Vietnam War right after graduation. Teachers could get draft deferments. Kara, however, was a full-bore performance major in piano.

I was okay on the piano, but my instrument was the classical guitar. Since most guitars were electric, I sometimes felt a bit lonely. I didn’t get gigs playing with groups in bars. My prospects for making millions as a rock and roll star were nil, but I enjoyed playing. Sometimes I’d just lose myself in the music for hours.

Kara and I hit it off from the first. She was a blue-eyed, blond farm girl who was fit and tanned from her love of the outdoors. She was tall for a girl — just under six feet. Still, I had a lanky couple of inches on her. Although I may have looked like someone who played basketball, I’d never had much enthusiasm (or ability) for the sport. I was one of the band geeks through high school. And no, I didn’t march the guitar. I was an indifferent baritone player.

Anyway, in the conducting class the instructor paired us up for mutual critiquing. Kara’s first observation about me was that I looked as if I was trying to swat flies. She poked my pride, but what really hurt was that it was so funny, I couldn’t help but laugh. That set the pattern. Her sense of humor just cracked me up.

We became study partners in that class, and, after a couple of casual dates, a couple. For our first real date, I took her to see Easy Rider. It wasn’t the type of movie that either of us would have chosen on our own, but her Popular Culture prof had assigned a critique. We stayed for a second showing, and still weren’t all that enthused. I offered her a few thoughts of my own which she said she used, but she was satisfied with the B she got.

I remember that particular date because we kissed for the first time. On the walk back from Lot 6, the student parking lot which located a convenient mile or so from campus, we held hands. I was totally smitten by this time, but I also didn’t want to ruin things by pushing her too fast. Kara settled that nicely by pushing me up beside one of the big oak trees lining the walk where she kissed me thoroughly.

Neither Kara or I had had much experience with sex, but we got the essentials figured out pretty quickly. Kara had no hesitation in trying out anything she’d heard about and enough creativity to make it exciting. At my age and level of experience, just seeing a naked woman made it plenty exciting. However, we lived on campus that year, and opportunities for anything more than a grope in a dark corner of the library were few and far between.

All of that changed for the better our senior year. Josh, a friend from my home town, and I found an apartment about a mile and a half from campus — not exactly convenient, but not exactly expensive either. In many ways it was just another student housing zone with lots of parties, noise, and other annoyances.

Kara did much better. She was able to find a decent apartment on a quiet dead end street about five blocks from campus. A fair number of the other residents were grad students, many of whom were married. All in all it was a lot quieter place (discounting the hippopotamus tap dance troop which lived upstairs for just three weeks at the start of fall term).

Kara’s roommate, Joyce, was a dark-haired beauty and a free spirit. She was smaller than Kara, and as a dance major, she was fit from top to bottom to toes. She had been in cross country, track, and gymnastics in high school but had studied dance on the side. Once at college, she’d decided she wanted to make a career of it. Dance majors at BU (which stands for Big University just in case you were reading too much into that) had most of their classes in the Music & Arts building which is where she got to know Kara.

Joyce had a boy friend — at least, sort of. She had dated a guy named Ron for two years, but he had graduated last year and taken a job 800 miles away. She had been to see him once, and he had been back to the school to visit her on homecoming weekend last fall. Ron had been backup quarterback on the football team his senior year and was about 16-times the athlete I would ever be. I’d hated him and his chiseled good looks when Joyce introduced canlı bahis şirketleri us in October. But, now it was February, and I hadn’t heard Joyce even mention his name for some time.

My own apartment was nothing special, and with just Josh and I living there, it was always a mess. It pretty much smelled like a gym, but that wasn’t us. From a neighbor who’d lived their the year before, I found out that last year there had been four, count ’em, four guys from a jock fraternity who lived there. The owner’s of the complex had done some cleaning over the summer, but we got to live with the remnants.

Josh and I furnished our place with typical “cheap chic.” In other words, too cheap for chicks. At that time Josh wasn’t dating anyone, and Kara’s place was so nice, we never worried about bringing girls back to The Gulch, our not-too-affectionate name the place.

Kara and Joyce, however, made the most of what they had available to make their place comfortable. It was still a cheap, college-student-ready apartment, but, with a couple of extra throw pillows, a wall hanging, and some knick-knacks, their place was homey. Plus, it was where Kara lived. We couldn’t actually live together, of course, because it just wasn’t done in those days. That meant I had to go back to my apartment to sleep — well, most nights anyway. Aside from attending classes and an occasional trip home to see my folks, her apartment was pretty much my home base.

One fall afternoon after classes, I arrived at Kara’s apartment well before she was due home. Joyce had just gotten in, and we talked about her day. She was in the middle of rehearsals for a show of some sort.

Both girls had gotten quite casual about their state of dress while I was around, and, as usual, Joyce walked in and out of the bedroom changing her clothes while we talked. I moved closer to the doorway to make conversation easier (and maintain my view of her body as she displayed it).

Both Joyce and Kara seemed to feel free to indulge in partial nudity while I was around, and I’d taken a more than casual interest in enjoying it. Joyce didn’t seem to care whether Kara was there or not. If she wanted to change her clothes, she went ahead and did it. She wasn’t the least bit modest. In fact, sometimes Joyce would even change her bra while we were talking. Joyce usually did it with her back to me, but I still got a decent (indecent?) glimpse of her breasts from time to time.

This particular day she was down to her bra and panties and was complaining about something that had happened at rehearsal. She turned away to unhook her bra then tossed it towards a pile of dirty clothes on the floor (college students, after all). Looking to the side, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and paused. She turned to look in the mirror, and I could see her breasts now in profile.

“Do you think my tits are too small?” She was turning from side to side a little to get a better view of herself which in turn gave me a GREAT view. Yes, they were not large. Petite, I would say.

She put her hands under her breasts and lifted them a little towards the mirror. “I think they’re tiny. Don’t you?”

I was transfixed — speechless. Afraid anything I said would spoil the moment (and the view), I said nothing and watched.

She pinched her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and pulled them out and slightly up. Again she admired the view in the mirror. “So, do you like my tits?” She turned towards me and jiggled them at me.

All I could do was stare at her breasts as she stepped across the room towards me. She’d never been this brazen about displaying herself before, and I was dumbfounded.

“Do you like what you see?” she insisted

By this time I was holding my breath for fear of interrupting. She came closer, and I could see her hard, dark-pink nipples as she pinched them between her fingers once again. Unexpectedly, she reached one hand down and felt for my cock through the front of my pants. I was as stiff and hard as granite. The situation had aroused me fiercely!

“Oh, I see you do like them” she said as she rubbed my cock through my pants. “Why don’t you touch them. I know you like to look at me. Why don’t you try them to see what they feel like?”

Tentatively, I reached up and cupped the soft roundness of a breast. Bolder now, I brought my other arm up as well. She sighed as I ran my hands gently over and around the skin of her chest feeling the hollow between as well as the twin bulges of her breasts. Her stiff nipples caught at my fingers as I rubbed.

Her hand began to rub my cock again, and I moved my fingers to her nipples, those turgid little nubs of sexual tension that I had evidently not-so-secretly admired. They were tight and hard under my fingers and she sighed again, “Oh, that feels nice. I really like it when you rub my tits. Keep doing it like that. It makes me feel all nasty!”

Her hands were at my belt, and I suddenly realized canlı kaçak iddaa she was undoing my pants. “I want to see your cock. Come on. Let me look at it!”

As she worked to push my pants down, her breasts pulled away from my hands. I wasn’t disappointed, though. She sank to her knees directly in front of my cock, still holding it with her hands. “It’s just as big as I thought it would be. What a wonderful cock!” She moved it from side to side, examining it carefully.

The gentle motions of her hands on my cock were thrilling. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the sensations as she gently manipulated it. Suddenly my cock was engulfed in a warm wetness. Startled, I looked down and saw she had taken it into her mouth. Kara and I had tried a little oral sex, and, although I enjoyed it, having my cock sucked had never seemed like the main event. With Joyce, it was different. She went at me with all the vim and vigor of a mongoose — without the sharp teeth, of course.

“Oh, Joyce,” I finally gasped. “That feels good!” That was a huge understatement, but it was about as good as I could do with my brains being sucked out the end of my cock.

She pulled away and smiled up at me. “When I get my mouth on a cock, it knows it’s been had my the best.

“Sit back on the bed and let me get into this a little,” she said. My pants were already down to my ankles, and I slipped them and my shoes off in a pile by the bed. “Why don’t you pull your shirt off too. I like the idea of you being naked while I suck your cock.” she said.

I lay back on the bed, naked now, while she prowled my body with her hands. Her mouth concentrated on my cock. My head was totally in the clouds, and all I could feel were her hands and mouth on my body. She went from kissing my cock, to kissing my nipples, to kissing my lips, to a deep, sweet, licking swallow of my cock.

My body was almost vibrating with tension generated by her warm mouth. The bed flexed under me as she crawled on top of my body and rubbed her tits across my face. She let her nipples trail through my mouth, and I licked them hungrily. She backed off a little and kissed me with no contact between us except for her mouth and the tips of her nipples which she rubbed lightly against my chest.

She lay back on top of me again, this time her whole body pressed against me. My cock was trapped between us, and her body, pressing it against me, created a delicious frisson of tension in my stiff, hard prong of flesh.

Her legs were on either side of my body, and she leaned forward, first to kiss me, then to rub her tits in my face. She rocked back and pressed my cock down with the warmth between her legs.

She leaned forward and kissed me deeply while reaching down for my cock with her hand. While her tongue licked and swirled in my mouth, her hand gently stroked my cock.

I was going out of my mind. Once again she rocked back, but this time a slippery, moist heat enveloped my cock. More and more deeply, my cock slid into her, and I was startled to realize that somewhere in the last few minutes she had slipped off her panties. Then I realized that I was truly inside her. We were fucking. I was not exactly an innocent, but Kara was the only girl I had been with. Joyce had taken me almost without me realizing what was happening.

Heaven. Pure heaven. She pressed down on me again and again. My testicles started to clench, and my cock strained towards orgasm. Suddenly she swung a leg across my body and turned to face my feet. “Let’s try it another way.” She may have been a gymnast in high school, but she still wasn’t limber enough to pull off that move without an inadvertent dismount. When my cock slipped out of her, I was desperate to get back inside of her. Sitting up, I pulled her onto my lap where I slid easily back inside of her.

“Ah. That’s better,” she said. “Let’s see what we can do with this.”

Turned out, not much. I was able to get a few thrusts into her, but it was more of a push and not as deep as before. She’s was warm and wet, and I wanted more.

She evidently wanted more as well and rolled off me onto the bed. Now she laid on her front and raised her ass in the air. “Now from behind.”

This gave me a better angle, and I eagerly started stroking in and out. Once again, I was just getting my cock back into a nice rocking groove when she pulled away, rolled off the bed, and stood up.

“Mmm. Now take me from behind this way.” She leaned over on the bed and offered me her backside again waggling impatiently as I struggled to get off the bed and get myself lined up again.

I was ready to shriek. My hot and cold running cock bounced and twitched in spastic protest. Now I had to crouch a bit because my member was well above her crotch-level, but I found her hot target with desperate quickness. Again after a dozen strokes, she pulled away. Turning to face me, she brought up her leg and put my hand under it. Sliding up on tiptoes, she managed, with canlı kaçak bahis a little help from her other hand, to get my prick inside her once again.

“Are you strong enough to hold me?”

“What?” I replied not understanding what she wanted. By this time I was so frantic with orgasmic need I had trouble following the action.

With her arms around my neck, she pulled herself up, still impaled on my cock. I took her other leg in my other hand, and she began to slide herself up and down on my member. I had to help hold her, because when she started to sink down too low, my cock started to lever out of her in an uncomfortable way. Although I loved the sensational signals my cock was sending brain-ward, my arm and back muscles quickly started to complain about the load.

“Joyce,” I gasped. “I’ve got to let you down.”

More nimbly than I would have thought possible, she popped off and laid back down on the bed. This time she lay on her side and raised her leg. “Now take me from the side.”

By this time my cock was ready to explode with unrequited lust. Was she planning on working her way through the entire Kama Sutra before she let me finish? I grabbed her raised leg and turned her completely on her back. For good measure, I gave it another tug to get her oriented on the bed where I could get on top of her. Holding her legs apart, I climbed aboard to mount her in the good old missionary position. She started to twist away, but I grabbed her wrists and held her down.

Once again my cock found its target (practice makes perfect), and I pushed inside. We were well lubricated by now, and there was little resistance from her vulva. All of our tussling in and out meant her whole crotch was slippery. I glided right in without resistance.

At least, without resistance to my cock. Joyce struggle against me pulling left and right, trying to get her hands free. Once I had myself back inside her where I wanted to be, I started to pound away with enthusiasm. My cock was aching, and I needed to cum. Bad.

“Ooo, you big stud! Are you going to rape me? Huh? Do you like raping girls?” Her face was flushed, and she strained, struggled, and wriggled under me. “Should I scream? Is that what you want? Does raping me get you off? Huh? Come on, you nasty fucker, tell me before I scream.”

As far gone into orgasmic bliss as I was, the words penetrated. I hesitated in mid stroke, but my penis had a mind of its own and let go with the first spasm of my climax. Now I couldn’t help but thrust myself into her once, twice, and once again. The spasms continued irregularly for several minutes until I had emptied myself into her.

I held myself up for a moment to catch my breath before I rolled off her. I could feel the sweat beaded up on my forehead. Even as the haze of lust faded from my mind, I was struck by the though of how I would apologize to Joyce — make it up to her someway. What would Kara do to me, and how hard would she do it, if she knew I’d raped her roommate?

When I started to ease myself away from her, Joyce twined her arms around me and held me tight. She began to stroke my back. “Well, at least now I know what Kara sees in you. You’ve got a nice big cock, and I like the way you use it.” She purred and reached down to clutch my buttocks.

My head was still free wheeling — no traction. Joyce wasn’t mad? No, wait. The whole screwing on the bed thing had been something that she’d started. Hadn’t she?

For a moment I just lay there. “Uh, Joyce. I don’t think I exactly meant that part there at the end. It’s just that I was getting so frustrated and needed . . .”

She shushed me. “Oh, come on. I think you really liked that, didn’t you? You were excited that you could have your way with me. I’ve noticed you watching me all the time. I knew you wouldn’t pass up a chance to get your big dick inside of me.”

“I admit, you are hotter than hell,” I offered. “But what about? She’d kill me if she found out, and I really love her. I don’t want anything to happen between us.”

“What makes you think she has to know? Besides, maybe there are some things you don’t know about Kara yet. Maybe she would be all right with it. Maybe she’d even like to join in.”

I looked at her, and she arched her eyebrows in a question. “Wouldn’t that be hot, Mike? Two girls to cater to your every whim. Maybe you’d like to see the two of us together. How about that? Would it make you hot?”

Make me hot? Her fantasy talk had made me hot. She had held me on top of her, and now I could feel myself regaining interest in the feel of her warm pussy which still surrounded my cock.

I took a tentative stroke. “Yeah, that would be great.”

She went on. “Mmm. Do you think I could get Kara excited if I sucked on her nice big tits? I’ve seen her naked, you know, and I’ve thought about how I could make her nipples stand up. I bet you like to see me kiss her nipples,wouldn’t you?”

This time I slid slowly but firmly back into her until I bottomed out. Suddenly her pussy firmly squeezed my cock.

“Oh, what was that?” I exclaimed.

“You like that? Dancers have muscles in places where other girls only have places. Stay still a minute, and let me work on your cock.”

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