The Right Thing

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Mandy wasn’t a virgin. In fact she was famous for screwing half the football team in college. Mike knew that you couldn’t believe everything you heard, but he knew that particular rumor was mostly true. She had grown up with her ‘free spirit’, free love parents and enthusiastically embraced their ways. Mike didn’t mind her reputation, because he had been seeing her for a couple of weeks, and thought the world of her. She wasn’t a slut by any means. She was actually a cute, classy young, twenty two-year-old, who happened to like sex. Mike thought tonight would be as good a time as any to find out what so many guys before him had experienced. He knew it sounded crass to think that way, but he was a guy after all.

It was seven o’clock and they just had time to get a quick bite and make the movie. Mike surprised her with a romantic ‘flick’ to get her good and in the mood. They held hands, while the two main characters went through their honeymoon period, the tragic breakup, and then the beautiful reconciliation at the end. He noticed that her eyes were moist when the credits were rolling, and handed her a handkerchief he had in his pocket for that very thing. They would usually ‘neck’ quite a bit during a movie, but she really paid attention to the tragic, then successful couple on the screen. When they got into his car, he craned his neck her way and was happy that she met him with a fairly passionate kiss.

After picking up a pint of her favorite spirit, they went to Mike’s apartment. He took her coat and fixed her a plastic cup of booze with a piece of ice in it. The two sat on the couch and engaged in the heaviest ‘petting’ Mike had ever done with anyone. He wasn’t a virgin, by any means, but she was getting him beyond hot. Soon, her blouse was hanging over the back of the couch and he was sucking on her hard, rather elongated nipples. He had felt them through her shirt on a couple previous dates, and had seen them, in school, struggling to poke through her top; before an administrator made her start wearing a bra. Mike stopped short of going all the way on those first few dates. He really wanted to fuck the school sex princess, but didn’t want to be an asshole that just jumped right in without showing a girl a good time, and getting to know her a bit.

Her tits were firm and pretty good sized, but he was hypnotized by those nipples. He rolled them around between his thumbs and forefingers and it made her moan a little. He (like an idiot) imagined how many guys yanking on them it might have taken to get them stretched so far out there. It was hard to kiss her and play with her breasts, when sitting on the couch like they were. He slipped down onto his knees in front of her and kissed her belly before going back to work on her boobs. His pecker was getting pretty hard now, but he waited for her signal that it was alright to start taking illegal bahis off the rest of her clothes. It didn’t take long before she took his hand and placed it on the button fly of her jeans. He worked to get the buttons undone, and then began to pull her pants off. They slid right off of her skinny, perfect ass and fell to the floor. Mike kissed her legs and worked his lips to the top of her pubic area. Her panties smelled good; like a soaking wet pussy, and felt good against his lips. Her pulled them away and tossed the sexy, silky undies behind him. Mandy was really getting into it now, and slipped down, so he could bury his face in her snatch.

Mike tried to keep up with the ‘lube’ she was producing at such a rapid rate. He felt like he was drowning in the stuff, but also like he was in heaven. She pushed his face away; just before she ‘got off’. He lifted his head from her crotch and began to wipe the juice off his face. She stopped him and pulled him in for a kiss. He was really getting excited now, and seemed to be enjoying the taste of her own ‘junk’. He worked the zipper on his jeans and managed to wiggle out of them, and his underwear. Well, they were down to his knees anyway. He lifted himself up and looked into her eyes for guidance. She reached out and grabbed his rock hard manhood and pulled it towards her waiting pussy. She used it like a club, and ‘whacked’ it against her shaven vagina two or three times; before starting to put it inside her.

It was the best thing Mike had ever felt, as just the head rested inside her pussy. He instinctively put his hands on her breasts and began to knead them like a kid, playing with a new toy on Christmas. He quickly came to his senses though, and pulled out of her. He fished the condom out of his pocket and tore it open with his teeth. The funky taste of the lube that came on it was pretty icky, and he made a sour face. Mandy laughed at him and leaned forward just enough to help roll the condom onto his penis. When it was on completely, she lay back and smiled again; while pulling his cock close to her puss. She barely dipped the head inside her surprisingly tight pussy. She used her own juices to rub the top of his ‘covered’ pecker up and down, with her finger, to get him back to his previous hardness. Mandy was obviously a pro at this and made Mike feel really good. He pushed inside her and enjoyed how hot it felt as she surrounded his cock; and as she ‘flexed’ the muscles that now encircled it.

She pulled him down to kiss her while he was stroking in and out of the famous ‘Mandy’s Cavern’; as all the guys used to call it. It just felt right as he moved down and began to suck on her nipples back and forth. He, surprisingly, had been fucking her for almost two minutes before he started to get ‘that’ feeling. He slowed down to try and preserve the moment; and I do mean moment! All of illegal bahis siteleri a sudden, Mandy pushed his head up so he was looking at her. ‘What kind of sexy game is she going to play with me now?’ he asked himself as she looked into his eyes. As she began to open her mouth, he fantasized for a split second that she was going to point to it and tell him to put his load inside. Instead, she got an odd look on her face, and said “stop.”

She was obviously ready to do a little oral on him, so he figured he had two or three more pumps before he needed to prepare for the next phase. Mandy looked up at him and, again, said “stop”. This time it was in a tone that got his attention. Mike pulled his sheathed cock out of his suddenly weird date and didn’t move one way or the other. His appendage felt cold as the air outside of her snatch hit it. As he was waiting for her next sexy instruction, she rolled to her right side and sat up on the couch. Mike was waiting for the punch line of her obvious joke. “What’s going on?” Mike said, with great disappointment in his voice. “It’s not right…it’s just not right”, was her reply, as she slipped her bra down from her neck onto her boobs. When she bent over and grabbed her panties, Mike wanted to throw her ass back onto the couch and finish fucking her. That would be alright…right?’ I mean; she let me fuck her for awhile; why wouldn’t it be alright to finish it off? She was all into it one minute, and ready to stop the next? ‘It just wasn’t fair! He looked on in disbelief as she pulled her panties up. He could feel his now soft cock getting lost in the condom it once stretched to its limit.

Ever the gentleman, Mike held her pants in position so she could step into them. He couldn’t fucking believe that he was helping this bitch get dressed, after she sentenced him to the worst case of blue balls in history. What did he do to deserve this? He just couldn’t understand. After everything had gone so well all night; and over the last few weeks! Mike was no idiot. He had watched enough after school specials to know that when a girl says ‘no’, it means just that. Her reasons were irrelevant. He didn’t have to be happy about it, but needed to respect her decision. SHIT!!!

Mike called her every name in the book during their ride back to her mom’s place. He berated her, hoping that she might give him a quick ‘handy’ on the way. He tried to make her feel guilty, and then tried to make her feel sorry for him; and, finally tried to convince her that, if he would have went ahead and finished fucking her, it would have been her own fault. Mandy was pretty shaken up by the time she got out of the car and made her way toward the door of her home. Her face was full of tears, because he was really being a jerk.

Mike apologized to Mandy on the phone the next day. He was kind of surprised that she even took canlı bahis siteleri his call. Before they could say their goodbyes though, he was getting upset again, and told her about it before hearing a loud ‘click’. He knew that he would never see her again. Last night would be a gold medal winner in the ‘disappointment, and blue balls Olympics’. He wouldn’t go through that again on a bet.


Mike helped her gather up her things and even held her for a moment, while she regained her composure. While acting the complete gentleman, he was feeling like he could just throw her out of the apartment window for the nut pain he was already experiencing. The car ride to her mom’s house was quiet as a funeral, and about as much fun. Mike really wanted to unload on her but his momma taught him how to treat a lady; even if Mandy, in his opinion, treated him like a complete asshole. He watched as she walked up the sidewalk to the front door. He wanted to walk with her, but didn’t figure on getting a kiss goodnight.

The next day he called to see if she was alright. He still liked her, but knew he could never involve himself with her, sexually, again. She definitely needed to work through some issues. He knew that pulling out and making sure she got home safely was the right thing to do, but it still made him feel like a real pussy.

It was OK to be mad at her. It was even alright to feel like a pussy. It was EVEN alright to never associate with her again. The only thing, in this case, that would NOT have been alright, would have been to keeping fucking her, when she said “stop”. Whether it was because she remembered leaving her iron or coffee pot on at home, or she just had a bad feeling; stop meant stop.

Author’s Note: Except for him not ‘raping’ her when the impulse hit him, the only happy ending in this story is that he did the right thing (kind of in both endings). And, well, there was one more ‘happy ending’, when he got home! For those of you, who are disappointed that he didn’t finish off inside his condom, while it was in her mouth, and then grind the tip of his bare penis into her hard, ‘puffy’ nipple, while she dribbled the ‘captured’ cum onto her lips; I want to assure you, that all of that actually happened, in Mike’s mind, right before his ‘semi happy ending’ into the toilet. “Can’t get arrested for thinking, or I’d be on death row!!!!”

Please comment, if you have suggestions on making this story better. I actually mean for Mike to come off as a dick in the first ending (and a little in the second). I wanted to emphasize that even that, would be OK, as long as he did the right thing initially, and stopped. I remember the trial of the century (in the 80s) involving a high profile name. A man was charged with rape, and many of my workmates, and others, said that, when the woman led him on and let him begin having sex with her on a beach, it wasn’t, necessarily bad that he didn’t stop (when told to do so) in the middle of it; and that she shouldn’t have claimed rape. Those people made my skin crawl at the time. I mean; stop means stop.

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