The Return Visit

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It had been a long day and James was tired. Just out of college and only twenty-five, he felt fifty sometimes. The many long months without a girlfriend and new job supervising people twice his age had taken its toll. But all in all things weren’t too bad. He’d a new car and a new apartment, which he unlocked and entered into, just as the first clap of thunder rang from the sky.

“I hope she doesn’t get hurt, driving when it rains,” he thought.

The girl whom he spoke of was Katy. She’d reason to come visit, and he still didn’t have a clear idea as to why; but in any respect, she was going to arrive and they’d go out to dinner and dancing, and reminisce about old times.

Old times, James thought with a smirk. After too many glasses of wine they’d ended up in compromising positions more than once, but nothing ever came of it. As the raindrops began to pelt the rooftop, he remembered one such instance in the kitchen counter. He had cooked them both dinner in his cramped kitchen, and, turning around to grab a bottle, he found himself face to face with her. Her eyes were gorgeous, and he couldn’t help himself. Neither could she, for that matter, and soon enough her legs were wrapped around him as he placed kiss after kiss on her sensitive neck.

“Too bad about dinner,” he thought.


That wasn’t the only thing burnt.

The phone rang and he picked it up.

“Hey there, James,” Katy said, “I got bad news, I’m gonna’ be late. I’m stuck in a traffic jam out on the highway.”

“No big deal, the reservations aren’t for another hour. I’ll call Mike and have them hold our table.” Mike was the owner of the restaurant. They’d been good friends ever since he’d introduced them to each other.

“Great, I can’t wait to see you.”

Funny, she never said that before. James went ahead and lay down for a needed nap. No sooner had he closed his eyes, than there was a knock on the door. He got up to answer it, and there she was, standing in front of him. She was soaked. Her hair had fallen across her face and the little bit of eye shadow she’d used had run down her cheek. It seemed that all the emotions he’d tried to forget came suddenly rushing back.

“Are you going to invite me in?” she said, shivering. “Um, yeah, sure, sorry,” he stammered.

He watched her as he shut the door. Her dark hair clung to her neck, just as her dress did.

He assumed it was supposed to be a summer skirt, with a bit of see through lace around the edges, but now it looked more like a negligee as every step put one more wrinkle in it, taking it ever so much higher up her thighs. He’d forgotten how good she looked.

Something was different, however. Maybe it had just been too long since he’d seen her, or seen a woman at all, but she made him shiver as she walked by. James’s heart pounded as the scent of her perfume wafted up to his nose.

“My car broke down and I had to walk most of the way,” she said, sitting down on the armrest of his couch. She bent over, bringing her leg up to remove her sandals. As she did, her breasts hung down and pressed against her dress, and James was sure he could see the outline of her nipple against it. Then he realized what had changed. Her breasts weren’t the same as he remembered them. She must have seen the look on his face, and she brushed a lock of hair aside to look at him.

A look of almost sadness came over her face.

“I, I think I need to get ready before we go,” she stuttered.

His gaze was drawn from her body to her eyes, which stared back at his.

“Yeah, sure, I’ll get a towel.”

She followed him barefoot to the closet.

Turning around, he found himself exactly where he’d found himself so many times before. Her perfume seemed to make the room spin.

“Katy -“

“James, I think I made a mistake.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I just always wanted them but it hurt so bad and I couldn’t move for weeks and now no one will look me in the eyes and I don’t know what I’m going to do -“

“Calm down, calm down,” he said. Putting his arms around her she laid her head on his chest. The memories came flooding back now. All of the moments they’d spent together hit him like rush of air. His hands grasped her and pulled her close, and he could feel her breasts pressing firmly against his. “You were the only guy to ever listen to me. I just didn’t know what I wanted back then. Maybe it was attention, but it was the wrong kind. canlı bahis I wanted to be sexy -“

“You are, Katy.”

He cut her off and slowly brought his lips to hers. She felt his hands on her neck as his fingertips gently ran down her collarbone. She inhaled deeply, and her chest heaved, slowing a single bead of water that drifted aimlessly down her breasts. Her heart began to pound relentlessly, and his firm grip took hold of her thighs. He paused briefly, to look at her, and her eyes met his.

“Don’t stop, please, don’t stop.” She arched her back allowing her already tingling crotched to be pressed firmly against his.

“James I missed you so much.”

Truth was, he missed her too. He could hear her deep breaths as his tongue ran circles around her shoulder, and he could feel the cloth slide along her body as it became wet with sweat. The dress had two small straps, which now fell helplessly to the side, as the two clambered against the wall, which held her now securely as he lifted her up off the ground. Her dress fell down from her breasts, which she’d failed to cover with even the slightest of lingerie. They stuck out steadfastly against her chest, revealing her tension as they rose and fell with each of her breaths.

“Suck them…. put your mouth on them, please.”

He carried her to his bedroom, each step of the way, she taking the chance to press her quivering thighs against the growing erection within his pants. Laying her on the bed, he moved to take his shirt off. She remembered how good he looked, from all those years of work at her father’s construction firm, paying his way through college. His muscles revealed as his arms pulled his shirt off over her head and enveloped her. She felt his hot tongue around the outside of her breast, which now lay firmly on her chest. She slithered across the bed, trying to position her pink aureole to his lips, but he moved away each time, blowing hot breath across her already wet torso.

“James, god, don’t make me beg any more, I want you so bad.”

“Are you sure you know what you want now?”

“YES… oh god please, suck my tits now…”

He laid his hot tongue onto her nipple and took it into his mouth, using his tongue to caress its firm center.

“Oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she sighed, like a little girl, unable to control the feelings she was having. His fingers danced across her waist, awaking her nerves, and tickling slightly, causing her to arch her back trying to move away, but forcing her breasts farther into his mouth.

“I think I know what you need.”

He lifted up her skirt, revealing her lack of underwear, and perfectly shaved cunt. He used his tongue to press against her stomach, and she ached, wanting him more and more, as the hot saliva covered what seemed like every inch of her body. When she felt his warm breath on her vagina, she inhaled uncontrollably.

He used his hands to gently caress her waist as he stroked her labia.


As soon as he parted her slit, he felt her juices squirt out onto him, and he darted in and out of her hot pussy, teasing her. When his tongue met her swollen clitoris, she couldn’t help and came what was to be the first of many times. He alternated his lips, caressing her clit, while his tongue pressed against the entire length of her clit.

“OH GOD, I cumming, I’m CUMming,” she screamed. His fingers entered her dripping pussy and pressed against it, sliding up and down while she bucked, gasping for air, feeling him inside her.

“I want all of you, please… fuck me like you used to.”

She scrabbled at his pants, unbuttoning them and revealing his hard cock. He slid his pants off and grasped her legs pulling her close to him. Her nerves awaked as the length of his shaft ran along her lips, getting it wet with her juices. Embracing her with his arms, his penis entered her, and she felt how hot he was, driving against every inch of her labia and her inner cunt.

“Oh god, ohhhhh my GOD” she screamed, half from pleasure, half from the shock as his cock stretched her tight vagina and contacted the deepest parts of herself.

She felt her orgasm coming up on her, and she shivered as she came, digging her fingernails into his back.

“God I’m cumming, I can’t stop, oh shit oh god.” The spasms were uncontrollable and unstoppable as he buried his dick deep within her.

He moved his hand down and took her clitoris into it, massaging bahis siteleri it gently, and pressing it against his thrusting cock.


The sound of her pleasure triggered his orgasm, and his hot cum shot into her core, giving him and her the release the both needed. As he eased down on top of her, he felt her cunt squeezing him, repeatedly, and he smiled at her while she caught her breath and her pussy continued to contract in a way she couldn’t control.

“We’re going to be late for dinner,” she said.

“You know Mike doesn’t care,” James replied, moving to take his cock out of her. She tightened again, and sighed. As he left her, she could feel the mix of his warm cum and the juice from her soaked pussy run down her thighs to her ass.

She watched him as he stood to put on his clothes, his dick still hard from the incident. He put on some boxer-briefs, which did no good to cover up his erection.

“You’re going to have a problem at dinner if your dick can’t keep from getting hard.” She slid her legs against one another, crossing them, and James could feel the blood once again rushing to his cock.

“Are you going to do that all night?” he asked.

“Maybe, if you like it.”

“Well, then I’ve got something for you.”

James went to a small box he had in the corner of his room. She remembered that box. It’s where he kept all of his sentimental items. Opening it up, he pulled out a pair of lacy French briefs, and handed them to her.

“Well, that will do some good, since I’ve completely soaked my dress. I had no idea I could get that wet.”

She went to the bathroom and tried them on. They were very tight, and especially snug on her cunt. Looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the way they conformed to her hips and waist. She watched her own breasts and drew circles around her now permanently erect nipples, a side-effect from the surgery. Her eyes followed her own contours and she became increasingly aware of her continuing arousal.

How would James react when he heard what she’d done? After the surgery she was in the most horrible pain, and the only one there to comfort her was her friend Andrea, who told her that eventually it would be ok, and she’d love her new breasts. Little did she know why Andrea was so interested. She’d seen guy after guy, but it seemed that the whole operation was a waste. The first thing every guy would do was grab her tits before they could make it to the bedroom – before they could even make it to her apartment, for Christ’s sake. After a particularly horrible date one night, she’d come home crying and Andrea was there to comfort her. It was there that she first kissed another woman. Andrea had placed her hand on her, saying that guys were shallow and insensitive, and all of a sudden her hand found itself on her breast. She leaned over and kissed Katy. “What are you going to do Andrea?” she’d asked.

“I’m going to eat your pussy,” she said, and that’s exactly what she did.

“Are you ready yet?” James asked.

Oh shit! She threw on some extra clothes she’d brought with her – a snug pair of black pants and a blouse that barely covered her ample breasts. I hope he likes these.

Leaving the apartment, he said, “I hope you have a good time tonight.”

They arrived at dinner and were seated in a corner of the bustling restaurant. They talked and chatted for a little while, and ordered wine before the meal. Sipping the wine, she began to feel once again warm in between her legs. Wine always does that to me, she remembered, looking at James, who had a smile on his face and beautiful gaze in his blue eyes.

When the waiter returned he ordered salads for the both of them, and his commanding voice seemed to turn her on even more. It was then she realized that it wasn’t the wine that was affecting her pussy. It felt like fingers were dancing across it.


“I told you that you’d enjoy the night. You shouldn’t try and tempt me like that.” “Ohhhh…”

The underwear James had giving her was controlled by him. It vibrated more and more and she moved her hand towards her now throbbing center to comfort it.

“No no no, Katy. Keep your hands above the table, people are watching.”

James turned down the vibrations, but she’d had enough time to know that her pants were getting soaked. When she got going, she flowed like a river, and this was no exception. She had to take care of business.

“I’ll bahis şirketleri be right back,” she said walking off to the bathroom.

She stepped into the bathroom, her pussy still vibrating. Apparently James had turned up the juice, and she was about ready to cum all over herself. Pulling her pants down she moved to take her panties off when someone caught her hand.

“You didn’t think I was going to let you get away that easily, did you?”

She turned and found he had slipped in behind her, and she let him grip her breast firmly.

“James, what are these things?”

“They’re called, oh, I don’t remember, but I thought you might find them quite erotic. And it looks like you’re having some problems. Do you need some help?”

“Oh god, please fuck me James. Look at me, I’m dripping down my legs.”

He took two fingers and felt her labia. It was wet all right, and swollen, ready to be fucked. Bending her over in front of the mirror, he pulled a pair of handcuffs from his jacket pocket and cuffed her to the sink before she could stop him.

“Are you going to leave me here? What are you doing? God, would you please fuck me, I can’t take it. These panties are driving me insane!”

“Someone else will take care of that.”


With that, their friend Mike entered the room.

“Mike you remember Katy don’t you? You remember how she left me, and now she’s back, and begging to be fucked. Didn’t you say you always wanted to put your dick inside her?”

“What? James, you fucking untie me right now! And don’t you even think about it Mike, you keep your goddam dick in your fucking pants!” she screamed, but it was too late. Mike had already pulled his cock from his pants, and the sight of her there, tied to the sink with her ass sticking out had reminded him of how much he wanted to fuck her.

“Yes, I did… yes I did.”

Mike took his cock and forced it into her, driving it past her lips into her cunt.

“Oh my God,” she said. How embarrassing, she thought. Here I am tied to a sink getting fucked with my pants down, and what’s more I’m going to cum. I can’t believe this is happening.

“Please stop Mike, please,” she uttered between breaths, while her body shook from the force of his thrusts. “Oh God, please help, James, I’m going to CUM. Oh GOD pleeeeeaaaase.” She came violently, her juices flowing down her legs, and her body still shaking from the incessant thrusting.

“Please don’t make me cum again. I’m so embarrassed.” “You won’t need to,” Mike said, withdrawing. She felt him leave and immediately longed to have another cock in her, but she didn’t say anything, just tried to catch her breath.

“Just unlock the door when you’re finished,” he said, handing the keys to James.

“James, I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“God you look good like that,” he said, admiring how her ass stuck out, while she stood there bent over. “I’ve been waiting to fuck you like this forever.”

Pulling down his pants he moved his erect penis close to her, but avoided her pussy.

Taking both her ass cheeks in his hand he spread them and put his head against her asshole.

“Oh shit, don’t fuck me in the ass.”

“Are you sure about that?” he said, inching it deeper inside her.

“OOWWW, yes, I’m sure… oh god… no… ok, please fuck it, but use some of my pussy juice to make it easier.”

“As you wish,” he replied, inserting his fingers in her moist cunt and greasing it up. Soon enough, he was inching deeper and deeper into her ass.

She screamed, half pain, half pleasure, and wondering if he’d ever stop pushing it deeper into her. He slipped his hands around to her shirt, where he unbuttoned it and let her uncovered breasts hang down. The doctor did do a good job, he thought. They were perfectly shaped, and not a tan line on them. He held them firmly, as her ass stretched more and more with every thrust of his cock.

“I want to cum James. I can’t reach my pussy! Put your fingers inside me, please, put something inside me and make me cum,” she cried, the sound of the handcuffs clinking against the sink.

Grabbing a bottle of shampoo sitting on the sink, I shoved it inside her.

“It hurts!”

“Do you want me to stop?!”

“No… please, more,” and he rubbed her clit with his two forefingers while fucking her with the end of the bottle. All at once, he erupted and shot his seed into her ass. He felt her contract around him tightly with the force of her orgasms.

Out of breath, he withdrew himself and the bottle from her, noticing as each of her holes slowly closed.


“Yes, Katy?”

“How far away can these things work?”

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