The Proposition Ch. 02

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It was the end of July and my usually predictable lifestyle had been disrupted, albeit pleasantly by a third year biology student called Amy. I had been single for a year and that was a long time for me. Suddenly one reaches a certain age and the urges are still there but the opportunities seem to grow fewer. I had been with my ex girlfriend for three years. I was forty one when I had met her. The shock of turning forty had passed and I felt good to be in a relationship. However, three years tested my inclination of not being monogamous to its limits and for one reason or another we fizzled out. Now, at forty five I was looking for excitement.

Amy was working two days a week at the café, attached to a local nature reserve. It was a nice place to stop off at the end of a long walk and watch the wildlife over a cup of coffee and home made cake. I had established a casual rapport with Amy, a rather cute, bespectacled girl of twenty. She had – I can safely say – the best ass I had ever had the good fortune to lay eyes on. Her hair was long, dark and had a natural, not overly coiffeured look. She was hot without going out of her way to flaunt herself. I had given her a lift one afternoon and then in a mad flash of inspiration I had devised a plan to make her a rather indecent proposition. In short, I said I would give her two thousand pounds in exchange for a no-strings arrangement between us. To my delight, she hadn’t gone crazy but quickly warmed to the idea. Warmed so much in fact, that I had fingered her wet little pussy on giving her a lift home on the third Saturday of July.

We agreed to meet on the Monday. She lived with her auntie, about a mile from me and I picked her up at seven and drove back to mine. I had what might be described as a mini anxiety attack when she got in my car. Her hair had clearly been blow-dried and had a wonderful shine and yet retained that gentle fluffy look. She had put on a rather short denim skirt and black tights (pantyhose). Her top was a purple and slightly glittery pullover. Her bust looked full and pert. She looked at me and smiled. There was a delightful whiff of perfume and I started to become hard almost instantly.

“You look great Amy!”

“Thank you. It’s just my normal stuff.”

I put my hand on her leg and slid it up her skirt as I started the engine. It was a pleasantly uncomfortable three minutes as I sat with my stiff on.

“Did you have a good day at work?” She asked.

“Yes. It was Okay.”

“Have you been thinking about tonight a lot?”

“Yes, of course. I’ve been thinking about you all day.”

“Really? In what way?”

“What you would be wearing. What I was going to do with you. Everything really.”

“Oh. Nice. How come you haven’t got a girl friend Mike. If you don’t mind me asking?”

“I just don’t. I did have. We split up a year ago.”

“Oh. You must get horny.”

“I do Amy.”

“Do you watch a lot of porn?”

“Not that much to be honest. I only like girl on girl stuff.”

Amy laughed.

“Why what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing, it’s just the way you said it. So you like to see girls get it on?”

“I do. Straight porn doesn’t do anything for me. How about you?”

“No. I just use my imagination. And my fingers.”

“Hmmm… I’d like to watch you masturbate some time Amy.”

“Okay. We’ll see.”

We pulled up outside my house and I was completely hard and Amy found it amusing that I needed to arrange myself before I got out of the car. A guy next door but one was cutting his hedge and he did a double take when Amy got out. I wondered what erroneous conclusion he had reached. Relative? Escort maybe? He certainly wouldn’t have thought that she was my fully paid up fuck buddy. No time limits, no rules almost. My one concern as I opened my front door was how long I would last the first time. I pressed Amy against the wall of my hallway and kissed her neck. Her hair smelled beautiful. My hands were all over her, stroking her legs, groping her tits. I slid my hand up her skirt again. That ass! What an absolutely exquisite bum. I squeezed her cheeks playfully as I kissed her on the lips. I wasn’t sure if she would kiss me but I’m glad she did. I wasn’t certain if she might construe kissing as being to emotional.. I guess, like me she couldn’t have sex without kissing.

“Oh Amy you’re güvenilir bahis so fucking sexy!”

“Thank you. Are we going to your bedroom?”

“Yes. Do you want a drink of anything. Some wine maybe?”

Amy smiled with those hazel green eyes and her sweet red lips.

“That would be nice. White if you’ve got it.”

“White it is. Australian or South African?”

“I don’t mind.”

I uncorked the bottle, fresh out of my fridge and Amy perched on one of the stools next to my breakfast bar. I poured two generous measures and we sipped together quietly. My initial arousal had subsided slightly but I was beginning to ache a little down there, which normally meant I was going to come a lot when I did. I could quite easily have fucked her in my kitchen, but I wanted to do things properly. I envisaged having her in every room in the house at some point, so there was no pressure to rush into things.

The issue of condoms had been broached briefly two days earlier and we had deferred discussion on the matter, but this seemed like a good time to bring it up.

“Are you wet now Amy?”

“I am yes.”

“About protection and stuff. Do you trust me to go in without any?”

“As long as you don’t get carried away. I’m not on the pill or anything.”

“I won’t. You don’t mind me coming in your mouth though?”

“No, I want to know what it’s like.”

“Seriously, you’re not just saying that. No one’s come in your mouth before?”

“No, never.”

“Wow! What a privilege.”

“Ha ha Mike! I guess it is. You’re my first for that one!”

I had got hard again and pulled Amy towards me and we kissed again. I fondled her tits through her top and I really couldn’t wait now.

“Shall we go up?”

“Yes Okay Mike.”

“After you then.”

I followed Amy up the stairs and watched her arse with every fibre of my body alive with lust. She waited for me to open the bedroom door and she sat on the bed as I began to undress. She pulled her top off, which revealed a very nice black bra. Her cleavage looked great. Her stomach was flat and toned.

“I’d like to take the rest off, if that’s OK?”

“Yes sure.”

She stood up. I was down to my boxers and socks, which I removed quickly. It felt so good standing naked with my cock twitching for her to see.

“Is it big enough?”

“Looks fine to me.”

“Good. You hear about these guys with eight or nine inches…”

“No it’s nice. What is yours?”

“Six inches on a good day.”

Amy stroked my dick, drawing a shiver of delight. I felt her tits again, just through her bra. They were nicely squishy but still quite firm.

“Are you a C cup?”

“No, a D.”

I reached round to undo the two catches and my cock brushed against her skirt.

“Wow they’re lovely. Ooh yes Amy!”

I stood behind her and fondled and weighed her tits in my hands. They were so warm and lovely. I pinched her nipples with one hand, and groped her between her legs with the other. Then I unfastened her skirt, kissing and sucking her breasts at the same time. Her nipples had gone quite stiff and it was a joy to linger on them as I slipped her skirt off.

“Turn round babe and lean over the bed.”

She followed my request and I rolled her tights down slowly revealing her gorgeous ass bit by bit. I was so hard now, I probably didn’t have enough blood to go round. If her ass looked good in clothes. Her naked ass was out of this world. I did what surely any red-blooded man would do in my position and pushed my face between her cheeks and kissed that sweet butt. I made her bum nicely wet and parted her cheeks several times in order to rim that sweet little brown star. She liked it too, squirming and giggling as I rimmed her. I bit her ass too, just playfully, but enough to make brief impressions in those plump cheeks.

“Amy, that is one fine ass!” I said, when I had done.

She stood up and for the first time, I saw her pussy from the front. I had somehow resisted from going there, leaving those treasures for a while. I put a couple of fingers there though and she was soaking wet. We kissed as I went in as far as my knuckles. She made some quiet little sounds, which showed me she was enjoying the attention. I needed to taste her though. I had waited long enough.

“Lay on the bed babe.”

Her pussy looked very türkçe bahis inviting. Her pubes were trimmed into a neat triangle and her lips were smooth and pink. I could see the glistening wetness down that sweet gash and my lips met with a hot sticky honey as I went down on her. She was just the right blend of muskiness and sweetness. Clean, fresh and tasty. She was so wet, I couldn’t do anything but eat her noisily and I found myself swallowing her gooey love juices as my tongue went deeper. She whimpered to herself and I could feel her index finger brushing my nose as she rubbed her clitoris. I could have licked her out all night but my cock had other ideas.

I got Amy to sit further up the bed and I took up the missionary position, entering her in single, swift movement. The sensation of her pussy; hot, tight and wet defied description. My exclamation of pleasure was more animal-like than verbal anyway and I went in and out with a few long, slow strokes. Amy responded with her now familiar gentle whimper but maybe with a raised intensity and the suggestion of a cat-like mewing. I fucked her for a minute maybe two, going slowly. If I had gone with all guns blazing I would have certainly come inside her. I just savoured every moment of that first time and then I was ready. I had reached the point of no return. My breathing was strong and shallow. I pulled out and Amy sat up as I stood at the edge of the bed and put my cock in her mouth. I wanked myself briefly as she sucked on the bulbous end and a second or two later I unloaded my whole wad into her mouth. I just came and came and came, trembling, growling and using every expletive in my vocabulary as I drained my balls down her throat.

Amy didn’t miss one drop and she even let me wank the last few watery dribbles onto her tongue. She swallowed that too and then she sucked me dry.

“Whoo! Baby, that was amazing.”

“You came a lot!”

“I know, was it all right?”

“Yes, I didn’t think I was going to swallow it all, but it was OK.”

“It tastes nice?”

“I didn’t really taste it.”

“Ah fair enough.”

I stroked her hair and she looked up at me and smiled.

“You’re lovely, you know that?” I said.

“Hey don’t go falling in love with me!”

“I won’t.”

“I know…only joking. Pass me my wine please.”

We sat on the bed drinking. I couldn’t stop touching her. Just caressing her boobs mainly and stroking her body all over. I was mildly concerned that I had come a bit quick and felt some excuse was necessary.

“I didn’t last long, I will next time. I was so worked up.”

“It doesn’t matter. You’re fine. Are you going to come again?”

“I’d like to. Can I come on your face Amy?”

“Yes, if you like, I don’t mind.”

Amy smiled again. I loved her matter of fact attitude to things. I hope she doesn’t come across as cold and clinical because she isn’t. I suppose she wanted to please me.

“You can enjoy it you know,” I said.

“I am. Sorry, it just feels a bit you know… I’m fine! You fill your boots!”

I stroked her legs and we kissed. There was extra passion in her kiss, which was good. I suspected she hadn’t been able to let go yet. I tried to see things from her point of view. We had only known each other for two weeks and yet here we were, fucking. We had skipped all the dating and getting to know you stuff. I felt like I was fucking a friend. We had got on amiably on the lifts home and in the café. The age difference wasn’t a massive factor and yet I could never entirely ignore it. I also felt an underlying sense of guilt. Maybe some deep Freudian conscience there somewhere, telling me it was unethical. Yet she wasn’t some impressionable teenager. She was twenty. Young and lovely but with her feet very much on the ground and keen to accept my spunk.

I was getting a hard on again in as quick a time as when I was eighteen. I stood up and relieved Amy of her empty glass and rubbed my cock over her lips. She put her tongue out and licked my glans, making me fully hard very quickly. She seemed only too happy to suck me, which she did slowly and lovingly. She seemed to know exactly how to please me, licking the stringy bit under my bell end and stroking the shaft with her tongue. A little bit of excess cum came out the end and she licked it off, the slightly stringy texture stretching güvenilir bahis siteleri across her lips. For a while I fucked her mouth gently, until I felt it was time to shag her pussy again.

“Do you like doggy, Amy?”

“My favourite position. Shall I get on all fours?”

“Yes, let me see your lovely ass.”

I can’t exaggerate what an amazing bum Amy has. It’s a real peach.

I guided my thick cock into her pussy. Her labia were swollen and puffy, which was proof if it were needed that she was properly aroused. I went in effortlessly, pushing through her opening and penetrating that moist velvety vagina. My hard on was burning it was so hard, I wanted to and felt that I could fuck her properly this time without the worry of spending my load too quickly. I gripped her hips with my thumbs making little dimples into those lovely butt cheeks. I thrust hard. That made her whimper but louder than before and more so. She was moaning over and over as I banged her. I fucked her until I was ball deep and her ass quivering like a jelly.

Her hands were holding the pillow, kind of scrunching the cotton in her fist as I fucked her hard and deep. At last her moans became intense and wild. She was coming for me and that felt so good. I loved how I could feel her juices flowing over my cock as she came. She was tight anyway but she went a little tighter as she had her orgasm. I eased off a little and went in and out more slowly, savouring the sensations of my own pre-orgasm, ever conscious that I was fucking her without protection. I pulled out and suggested we spooned for a while, which normally makes me come. It’s also a very intimate position. I fucked her gently, nibbling her ear and kissing her neck until I knew I would last much longer. When I started to get that deep burning accompanying the inexorable sensation of my approaching orgasm, I knew it was time to uncouple. Amy turned over with a look of ‘let’s do it’ on her face. I knelt on the bed, with my knees either side of her body and tugged on my cock. It didn’t take long and my legs went to jelly with tingling in my toes as I unloaded over her face. I came with two good ropes of spunk, spattering her nose and cheeks, as I yelled out in ecstasy. The rest dribbled over her chin.

“Don’t move babe, I’ll wipe you up.”

I ran to the bathroom and cleared her up with a wet wipe.

“That’s very considerate of you Mike.”

“Are you being funny?”

“No. I imagine some blokes would just leave me to it.”

“OK, well you deserve to be treated right Amy. Anyway it’s my way to be considerate.”

We dressed and I took Amy home via the fish and chip shop and we sat in my car with the windows open by the local park eating our take away..

“You at the café tomorrow?” I asked, blowing on my freshly-cooked chip.

“It’s a refectory.”

“Oh is it?”


“You OK Amy?”

“Yes, just saying. Café reminds me of egg and bacon cobs. It does say refectory on the signs.”

So, Amy was a pedantic little minx.

“Refectory it is from now on.”

“Anyway yes, I’m working. Will you be coming?”

“No, I’m at work. Amy… thanks for today. It was great!”

“That’s OK. I liked it.”


“Yes, I came didn’t I!”

“I know. That was hot.”

“When do you want to do it again?”

“I was going to ask about that.”

The fact is, we hadn’t discussed frequency or any kind of limitations to our arrangement. I didn’t know if she had thought about it or not. I had probably subconsciously assumed it would be once a week.

“It’s up to you Amy, when you feel like it.”

“OK, well whenever then.”

“Well, how about Friday?”

“Oh, it’s my aunt’s birthday. We’re eating out. Saturday would be good.”

“Saturday works for me. Shall we go somewhere in the afternoon?”

“Go somewhere?”

“Yeah. I thought we could walk somewhere quiet.”

“Where, for example?”

“Like Eyebrook. There’s lots of little desolate lanes.”

Amy looked at me with a quizzical expression.

“What do you want to do?”

“I don’t know. I thought maybe you could suck me off in the car.”

Amy did one of her giggly laughs like I’d said something stupid.

“OK Mike. Yeah that’s fine.”

I dropped Amy off and drove home feeling pretty pleased with myself. I can’t remember having better sex and Amy was a good deal hotter than any of my girlfriends back in the day. She was sizzling. I went to bed feeling more contented than I had for a long time. I slept well, looking forward to the weekend and a whole lot more fun.

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