The Near Silent Sex Session

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Looking back on a time now past. To a time when we’re in our early twenties and we’re staying over at the relatives. I had my girl Grace with me, and there we were, the last to go to bed.

In the room we were to share I stripped off naked. Grace got down to her tiny little panties. It was warm as we lay down in the soft darkness.

“I want to have sex with you,” she said.

“How badly?” I questioned her.

“I’m really hot.”

I rolled over onto my side. The bed was squeaky, really squeaky.

“I want to see you play with yourself first,” I told her.

Her brown eyes opened up.

“Slowly suck your finger.”

She did as I said, slowly, and sensuously, pushing her finger in and out of her mouth. I felt a pang below.

“Play with your breasts,” I whispered, my expression demanding.

Her delicate hands cupped her breasts. She squeezed them. I liked seeing her do this. It made me throb harder.

“Now pinch your nipples,” said I.

She took hold of both of her nipples between the tips of her index finger and thumb, and then began squeezing them hard. Her nipples became very erect. She did this with her eyes closed. Her breath had quickened a little, somewhat deeper then it was before. She wriggled a little on the bed. The bed squeaked again. Grace opened her eyes and looked at me. I put my finger over my mouth and shushed her. She bit her lip, and looked at me, waiting. I lightly ran my finger from the nape of her neck, and down toward her breast. My finger circling her nipple. I flicked it playfully, making her gasp. Further down it went. I took canlı bahis şirketaleri hold of the sheet that covered her, from the waist down, and pulled it to her ankles. I liked her legs. She had wonderful legs. I admired them, and told her how lovely they were. My fingertips brushed over them, which made Goosebumps on her skin.

I leaned in towards her ear, and told her to slide her little panties off, and then to spread her legs.

She lifted her hips upward. The bed squeaked. She paused, before she carefully, and ever so gradually, pulled her panties off. Grace then parted those lovely legs of hers.

“Now move your hand to your mound and cup your cunt.”

She did as I asked.

“Is it hot?” I questioned her.

Grace nodded her head. I smiled at her, and asked her to slip a finger inside of herself. She liked that, more than playing with her clitoris. It made her hotter to be fingered deeply. It made me hotter too to watch her fingering herself. Watching her slipping those delicate little fingers of hers into her sex.

Soon Grace had two fingers inside, working it. Her breath had quickened. She looked hot as hell right now. My cock was very hard. Grace then rolled her head towards me and begged for me to go inside of her.

“Let me taste you first,” Said I.

She then pulled her fingers out and plunged them into my mouth. They were covered in her juice. It tasted really sweet. It was arousing having her sex stained fingers in my mouth. I sucked on them, and looked into her eyes, which were hot as hell.

“Put it all the way in,” Grace pleaded canlı kaçak iddaa with me, quietly.

I unhurriedly moved my body above hers, hovering over her burning flesh. The bed squeaked loudly again. I stopped, conscious of the noise. My cock was rigid, and hanging just above Grace’s steaming snatch.

“Put it in deeply,” Grace whispered with quiet hysteria.

My body came down on top of hers. With gradual movements of my hips I managed to rub my shaft between her lips. Her cunt was very, very wet. I looked into her eyes and saw her gasping, squirming. The bed squeaked loudly. I stopped moving, and so did Grace. I held this position, with my prick lightly resting between the walls of her sopping sex. I could feel it spasm.

After a few minutes I moved downwards, edging the tip of my prick to the entrance of her sex. Her breathing was short and shallow, possessed almost. I could feel her dripping from the entrance of her cunt. It felt wonderful having it smeared over my cock. I liked this pace, this overt slowness, these feelings and sensations that ever so gradually happened, which was driving us both insane.

Grace moved her hips up to try and swallow my prick. A loud squeak came out from the springs. I kept stock still again. I felt her sex spasm more strongly than before. She looked delirious, like she wanted to rape me. I shook my head from side to side. She bit her lip hard, and held out, not wanting to make a rumpus fucking in the relative’s house of her boyfriend. But she was dying, exploding inside.

After another minute had passed I felt it was time canlı kaçak bahis to go inside her. To penetrate her. So I moved the tip of my prick between her lips, and, ever so gently, I moved inside of her, careful not to make too much noise, careful to drag this out as long as possible and send wild shivers dancing through Grace’s insides.

She let out a deep groan as I pushed in all the way to the hilt. I held it there, and had to cover her mouth with my hand to stop her gasping out. I was way deep inside of her, at last, and I could feel her fingernails digging into my back.

I kept still. The only movement I made came from pumping my blood to between my legs where my prick would then pulse within her.

I used this method to slightly expand my girth many times, pausing between each swift swelling. Grace then grabbed me tightly, her legs coming up around me. She came fiercely. I could feel her cunt contract around my cock. She held on tightly for as few minutes and begged to be taken quickly.

It was no use staying on the bed. It was too noisy. We got up and walked to the end of the room. The floorboards squeaked too. We found a solid place though in the corner, a place where the floorboards held strongly. I told Grace to put her hands against the wall as I rubbed my shaft up and down her. I soon pushed it back in. I took hold of her hair and pushed my hips hard from below. Grace gasped. I repeated this many times, varying the speed as I went. Grace came many times. Beads of sweat ran down our bodies. Soon I erupted inside of Grace. My hot come gushing out and mingling with her juices. My arms went around her, and held her closely. Soon we were carefully getting back into bed.

The room was a lot warmer now as we lay smiling in the soft darkness within, our hands holding one another’s.


Matthew Coleman © 2005

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