The Mountain Cabin Getaway Ch. 01

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It was a dark and stormy night.

Dan was getting out the candles in case the power went out. It’s so hard if you wait until it’s pitch-black to try to find them. Of course, they would always have the fireplace to give them some light and heat in the living room of the small, three room cabin. However, he didn’t intend to spend ALL his time there tonight. He brought in some firewood to be sure they had plenty of dry wood, and prepared the fireplace. He was like a good scout, always prepared and always ready.

It was the get-away they had been looking forward to for a long time. City life was so demanding, so intense, so routine. Up here in the mountains, by the lake, under the stars, (There are so many more stars out here. In town, you can only see about a dozen or so, at best.) one can begin to unwind. Forget the traffic, the schedules, the meetings. Just relax and rekindle the sparks that used to fly so freely and spontaneously.

Rosana was in the bedroom unpacking and freshening up after the long drive up on Friday afternoon. The night was coming quickly due to the approaching storm. They would need to be ready for anything and everything that might arise. Alone in a secluded cabin in the mountains, no worries, just her and him together, to do whatever that wanted, whenever they wanted. She got a warm feeling in her loins just thinking about the possibilities. And WHAT loins they were. She had the softest brown skin he had ever felt. And big, luscious, melt-in-your-mouth lips that could melt an iceberg.

She was bending over and Dan caught a glimpse of her firm buns as the faux-denim material pulled tight in her shorts, the brief, square-cut kind that are similar to the short-shorts of a different era. The style was back in vogue now and he just loved them! She was wearing a yellow satin print shirt tied in a knot below her breasts, showing a little lovely brown skin around her neck and waist. It was very warm when they left town and was just starting to get comfortable with the approaching Summer mountain storm. Rosana was petite, though not skinny. She worked out at the gym and loved to take walks often. That’s why those curvy, round buns of steel appealed to him so much. “Later”, he said to himself, and hurried to get everything settled before nightfall.

Dan had the candles all set up around the rooms with matches nearby. He put a couple in the bedroom and one in the kitchen. Then he stored the food and beverages. “Are you hungry, babe? I’m starving after the long trip up the mountain.” Dan asked. (She WAS a babe, and wouldn’t like it if just any guy called her that, however, Dan said it SO lovingly.)

“Sure am. I’ll be there to help you soon.” she said. “Almost done here.”

Dan was a good cook, so he chilled the wine and started the fish cooking. He was leaning over the stove illegal bahis when she entered and surprised him by giving him a light slap on his butt. He instinctively jumped and turned around. She pressed her lips to his in a gentle, languid kiss that warmed him inside. “I’m here to take over so we can have something edible tonight”, she teased.

“Oh yeah, well, we both have something good to eat, even if the food happens to get ruined.”

“Hmmm, you put your tongue back in your mouth and save it for later, my big, strong man. Maybe for dessert…” she moaned in her sexiest voice.

They both helped finish preparing the food and poured the wine. Then they sat down to eat the scrumptious fish dinner. The rain had started outside. The wine and each other’s company was warming each other up just fine. They finished off the whole bottle and all the food while chatting and enjoying each other’s company. Rosana went to the sink to wash the dishes. Dan went to light the fireplace.

She had such a calm, warm feeling inside, looking out the window at the rain coming down in buckets now. It was so peaceful and private up here. And she loved Dan very much at that moment for arranging this getaway for them. It was just what the doctor ordered for their relationship.

Dan started the fire in the fireplace, then returned to the kitchen. He walked up behind her and slipped his big, strong arms around her waist, pulling her close to him and kissed her on the nape of her neck. She almost dropped the plate from the thrill running down her body from his touch and kisses. He caressed her bare tummy. She moved her butt around involuntarily, feeling his manness pressing into her cheeks. He moved around in little circles with his hips and hands. She felt sooo good to him. Soon, her moans let him know that she felt the same about him. The good wine and fish had them both hot and horny.

As he was kissing her neck and ears, just nibbling a little, he raised his hand up to feel the weight of her right breast through the material of her shirt. She had on one of those lacy, barely-there type bras. Very natural looking and feeling, almost like nothing there at all. She really didn’t even need one. It was there to satisfy the moral needs of the big city. Rosana’s boobs stood up proud and firm, like a teenybopper’s. Dan grasped more of the breast now, squeezing it in his palm, eliciting more moans from her. There was a bit more than a handful, but it would not go to waste. He reached the aureole and nipple, just trailing his fingertip around them gently. They arose to meet his touch, both the aureole and nipple getting firm and sticking out through her bra..

Meanwhile, Dan’s left hand had continued rubbing around her firm flat belly. Now, it trailed down along her hip to the skin of her leg at the bottom of her shorts, and up and around her hip as they moved against his strong hands. He flicked her right nipple a bit, making it hard with his touch, then moved his illegal bahis siteleri hand over to give the left breast equal time. He squeezed it and rubbed around it as he had done the first one. It responded in kind. His left hand traveled around her legs and up and down her lower tummy, touching the smooth leg in front, and beside and below those sexy shorts. She shivered as his open palm grazed her mound through the tight stretch material. He could feel her heat there.

Quickly, he pulled open the knot in the bottom of her shirt. Then, he deftly flicked open the few remaining buttons hiding the treasures inside. “OH, Yes, Dan. Make love to me now, right here, right NOW. I need you soo bad.”

He removed the blouse and threw it on the counter. With another flick of his wrist, the bra clasp was released and those beautiful globes fell free into the chilly night air. His now-hard cock was pressing into the crack of her ass. She could feel it rubbing and caressing her. She gasped as both of his hands went to her boobs and pulled her back to him as they stood there before the sink and window. “Take your shirt off. I want to feel your skin on mine.”, she groaned.

So he did, with practiced agility, and it joined her blouse. He held her close again, resuming where they left off, holding both boobs tightly, with her pressed back against him. “Rosana, you feel wonderful!”

“Oh, yes, you too, and you are making me so hot. It’s been too long. Don’t make me wait any longer, Dan. Do it to me babe.”

Not one to ignore an impassioned request, Dan reached to the front of her shorts and slipped the zipper down. Then they worked the shorts over her firm hips to the floor. She kicked they away. Now there were only the barest of bikini panties left, which Dan pulled down with one quick movement, and they too were gone. “Take those pants off. I want to feel your cock.”

He almost ripped his jeans getting them out of the way, pants and boxers off in one flash. Now they were both naked above the knees. His hard erection was pressing up between her gap. He moved it in and out , feeling her wetness, as she was moving back to meet it. His hands were caressing her all over, and her hands were touching his, and she reached back to feel his legs and butt muscles. She reached down to grab the head of his penis as it stuck out next to her clit. It felt so good, almost like having her own dick to play with, to rub her clit, and make herself even wetter and more excited.

“OOOOH, Baby, I’m so ready. Do me. Put it in me.”

“OK, babe, here it comes. Just bend over slightly. Hold onto the counter. Yes, that’s it. Here it is. It’s all for you.”

He held it in his hand and rubbed it up and down her wet, swollen lips. And pressed it between them slowly, an inch, then two as he pushed it up her soft, tight love canal. “Ahhhh, so tight, so wet.”

“Ooooo, Yes, push it in more. Give it all to me. Fill me up. Sooo good.”

He grasped her hips and pushed canlı bahis siteleri it all the way in until his balls touched her clit. Then, slowly pulled it out until only the head was still inside of her. Then, all the way in again. “OOOHHH, UUNGH, It’s so hard, so good. It’s been too long. Fuck me! Fuck me good.”

They got into a rhythm, him pushing, her pulling him in with every stroke. He was still holding her hips, guiding her onto his hard cock, as she was moving her ass all around him, and holding on tightly to the sink for balance. The rain was pounding on the window pane, and he was pounding into her with all his strength now. He held her boobs, which were now hanging down like cones, begging for attention. He would hold and squeeze and pull on them, and placed a trail of kisses on her back and neck, eliciting more moans of pleasure from Rosana. They hadn’t touched each other for a week, so they were both very horny and just wanted raw sex, and release from their tensions.

“Yes, squeeze my cock. Your pussy feels like velvet. I don’t think I’ve ever been this hard. Can you feel it? Keep fucking it. Ohhh, do it!”

“Oh, yes, I feel it filling me up. And your balls are slapping against my clit, driving me crazy each time. Oh, Fuck me hard! Fill me with your cum. Don’t worry, You won’t hurt me. Pound it in me baby.”

He was pinching her nipples and rolling them around his fingers, rubbing his hands up and down her back, molding her ass cheeks. Pounding, Pumping, getting closer, feeling the cum rising up, getting ready to flood her. She started to shiver, her hips quivering first, with just a small almost undetectable vibration.

“UUNNGH. You’re going to make me cum! AAAAH!. Ooooh. Yes, yes! Make me cum! Fuck me hard. I’m so close. Keep it up. Don’t slow down. That’s so good! Rub my clit.” “Ooooh, I’m CUUUMMMING!!! Give it to me.”

And that was too much for Dan. He was ready. “Here it comes, babe. Milk it out. I feel you cumming all over me now. Yes, do it. Let it all out. Cum for me. Oh, your pussy is SO hot on my cock. You’re making me cum with you. UUUUGH, AAHMMMM” And he squirted buckets of cum deep into her warm, wet vagina, causing her to cum again.

“AAAAH, I’m CUMMMING AGAIN! Oh, Fuck. MMMMM” “Oh, my God, you’re wonderful. Oh, so deep. I feel your sperm filling me up inside. Give it all to me. MMMMMM” as the cum was running out and down her legs now.

They both almost passed out from the cumming, their legs getting weak. She would have fallen to the floor if he had not been there to support her with his cock and hands. They both were breathing deeply, still pumping slowly now, a few twitches still happening, and a great warmth spreading over both of them. They just stayed and swayed together for several minutes, hearing nothing but the rain and their hearts beating against each other. Finally, his penis plopped out, and she turned around to give him a huge embrace, kissing his lips, tongue against tongue. Feeling their hot bodies molding together like Jell-O in a bowl, they stayed that way for several more minutes, just savoring the moment.

She looked up into his eyes and said, “I love you, Dan”

“And I love you, Ros.”

Continued in Chapter


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