The Lesbian Maker Ch. 01: The Assignment

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Bdsm Slave

Disclaimer: This contains lesbian sex, reluctant action. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. All characters are 18+

Tom was still angry at his hex girlfriend. She kicked him out of her life without noticing any reason to him. Later, he saw her in clubs hanging around and flirting with other men. He was sure she slept with some of them. She wanted to be the club queen, which she usually was because of her beauty. But she always seems to be jealous about others beautiful girls in the club and gave them vicious gazes.

Tom had an urge to show that bitch that she was not so superior to anyone as she thought, so he wanted to break her self-confidence.

One thing he knew was that Claudia was totally straight. She never was interested in other girls or women, she never showed any sign of been interested in one and usually did not even talk to other females. So this was something, where Tom saw a chance to get revenge on her which goes deeper. Also, he was getting horny at the thought of two women having sex with each other. Even more when Claudia would get lesbian sex – whether she wanted it or not.

So he searched for a way to make that happen. He searched for prostitutes who would do such jobs for money but neither we’re there anything to find on the Internet sites, nor these were the types of women, Claudia would even hang around with. So if he would have tried that, it could only happen with kidnapping, which was dangerous and maybe too much for revenge. So it must be someone with class and style to even get close to her. And then? Well, maybe, after the woman got Claudias trust, she could use a combination of aphrodisiac and light tranquilizer to let her bring her home and make something happen. Maybe there are women who are experienced in seducing straight women and they have better ideas.

So he went to a lesbian bar and discreetly asked someone if they know a woman who is successful in seducing straight girls and women. He was told, that woman over there was doing that often. So Tom went to her. “Hi, I’m Tom. I have a very special question, you can say ‚no’ easily, so don’t be angry.” Tom said.

“O.k., I hear” she said.

Tom: “let’s go out there so that we can talk.” The woman followed.

“By the way, what’s your name?”

Mary: “I’m Mary” she replied.

Tom: “I heard you like seducing straight women. Well, if that’s true I might have a suggestion.”

Mary: “Yes that’s true. Hmm, I think I can guess what you will propose.”

Tom: “There is a very beautiful woman I could help you to seduce.”

Mary: “And what is in for you?”

Tom: “Let’s say I want to prove something.”

Mary: “Sounds interesting. But it depends if I find her attractive.”

Tom: “Believe me, you will”, tom said. “I will give you information about her to make it easier for you, then you seduce her and you will tell me in detail about what happened.”

“And I will give you 1000$ when you did it.”

Mary: “o.k., but there is no guarantee.”

Tom: O,k., here is the deal: You get Claudia to go home with you. And how ever you make it, you get her to have sex with you. Use seduction, drugs, another man, or you even force her. You give her at least four lesbian orgasms. At least two of them with the taste of pussy on her tongue. Condition her to feel aroused by the taste of pussy. And you make her give you at least one orgasm. Then you get the money from me. After you are sure she can’t pull back, talk dirty to her and remember her that she had lesbian orgasms and she did lick pussy like a full blown lesbian in ecstasy. Tell her she is a lesbian now and she will only get orgasms by another woman. Make her doubt who she is.

And: If you get her to sixtynine, I will pay you an extra money of let’s say 500 Dollar.”

Mary: “Wow, you are sick. .. But the thought of that makes me hot. You said, she is very beautiful?”

Tom: “Yes, she is a real beauty. But I warn you, as I said, she is not interested in women at all.”

Mary: “Everey woman has at least a latent lesbian sex drive. Many women don’t know it or suppress it, many may be repulsed by the touch of another woman but in the right mood and situation, there is a possibility. I can try. And hunting a straight woman is a challenge, I like. .. But how do you know that I was successful?”

Tom: “Good question. To be honest: I think it is so totally hot, seeing you having lesbian sex with her, I really really like to see it. .. Do you think, we could install cameras in your apartment to record it? Would give you an extra bonus for it.”

Mary: “You did not that suggest that for real? .. O.k., it maybe doesn’t make much difference, it’s a strange deal anyway. .. But two things: I want this recording and you will get it. You must swear that it never is seen by anybody else, no internet, no copying. And I will get another 1000$ from you.

Tom: “Deal.”

Tom gave Mary a photo, list of things, Claudia likes, and 500$ payment in advance. “One more thing” say Tom. “She does not drink alcohol normally and you will probably not get her drunk.”

Mary: illegal bahis “That makes it more difficult. .. Well, I will try it another way.”

The meeting

Mary went to the clubs where Tom knew she was often. And there she was: Standing at the bar with a man, flirting. Wow, she had a photograph, but in reality Claudia was really stunningly beautiful. Mary had to cool down first and get a casual feeling. So she took place at the other end of the bar and ordered her favorite drink. She studied her conversation and body language. Mary was also very beautiful and many men gave her looks. As Claudia recognized her supposed competitor, she gave Mary little mean gazes. Mary did not take that serious. This night, she would change that mood. And it showed that Claudia was very keen on being the beauty queen of the club and getting the best men.

As Claudia went to the restroom, the chance was come for Mary to manipulate Claudia with chemicals. She would put something in that makes her tired and feeling, she could not drive anymore. This would get her the chance to offer to drive her home. But she would probably not have the chance to make her sexually aroused by something else in the car, so she needed to mix aphrodisiac in the drink right now. She chose a special chemical which has a delayed effect, this would be perfect.

As Claudia came back to the bar, she continued the conversation and drank her cocktail, did not recognize anything. But after a while she got a bit tired. She went to the dance floor to get More energy but recognized that she was not able to fully coordinate her moves.

Claudia: “I feel a bit sick and tired now.”

Mary: “I saw, you tumbled a bit. Maybe it would be better if somebody would bring you home.”

Claudia: “No, I think, I’m just gonna get home by myself, I’m o.k.”.

She said goodbye and walked to the exit. Mary followed her, saying it would be time for her to go, too. When walking out, Claudia stumbled a bit.

Mary: “You seem to be a bit drunk.”

Claudia: “No, I did only have very little alcohol.”

Mary: “But when I look at you, you should not drive. Come on, I will drive you home and get you to your car tomorrow. Let’s go.”

Claudia: “You would really do that for me?”

Mary: “Of course! I cannot let you drive that way and I kinda like you.”

Claudia: “O.k., then.”

Mary took Claudia by the arm, leading her to her car. In the meantime the aphrodisiac should start to have effect, so she made sure she would touch Claudia accidentally at her arm, her hand, her face, pass against her breasts when she seated her in her car.

Mary had prepared her car. She had some sexy music with subliminal messages in it. It would place thoughts to her subconscious mind how beautiful women are, how nice it would feel to touch breasts , how curious she was how the pussy of another woman looks like, how it could taste, how horny she gets when she is alone with another woman, how horny she gets when she gets kissed by a woman and so on. Of course such a short subliminal audio time would not take much effect, but it would place ideas in her mind she would react to.

Also she put a slow vibrating to her seat that is not recognizable but stimulates a but sexually.

To Marys Apartment

Mary asked Claudia where she lives and started to drive. She led the talk to when she had an intense sexual experience (with men) and mixed it with how hot Angelia Jolie looks to men and so on. After a while, Claudia almost passed out. So Mary offered to not go the long way but to drive to her apartment which is much closer and get her some medicine. Claudia did not want this but Mary was insistent and drove to her apartment.

Mary: “Come upstairs, I have some good medicine.”

Claudia: “o.k., but bring me home after were got it.”

Mary helped Claudia out of the car and led her to the door and upstairs, always touching her accidentally and helpfully, lovingly until they reached her apartment. She made jokes and created a playful mood. She opened the door.

“Take a seat on the sofa, I will bring you the medicine.”

Claudia sat down, Mary started her stereo – of course with very sensual music and more calming and more sexual subliminal messages. What Claudia also didn’t know is that Mary had a very special medicine. A drug that would make her a bit more awake but also suggestible and very touch sensible and stimulating her sexual drive extremely.

“Here, drink”, Mary said and gave the glass to Claudia.

“It may not taste so well but it helps very fast normally.”

Claudia drank it down as quick as possible to not taste it too long. Mary sat beneath Claudia. She place a hand on her thigh and said:

“now lean back and relax, until it takes effect.”

Mary asked Claudia about beautiful things, about what she found sexy and so on. She mentioned, how beautiful women are.

Mary: “You are an extremely beautiful woman, Claudia.”

Claudia: “Thanks .. ahm .. you also.”

Mary: “For you, I could even forget I’m a woman.”

Claudia: illegal bahis siteleri laughing, “well, I’m absolutely not into women, so..”

Mary: “How do you know?” She was stroking her arm a bit.”

Claudia: (pulling her arm away a little) “I know because I know.”

Mary: “I think you would be interested once you know how it feels.”

Claudia: “I am not interested, I never had any feelings that way. And to be honest, the thought of another woman that way repulse me.”

Mary: “Well, to be honest, I thought that way too, but after trying it once, I recognised how wrong I was,”

“I am sure, you would like the feeling if I kissed you.”

Claudia was surprised and looked the other way, then stared at Mary, trying to find out whether she was serious. That was the moment, Mary wanted to talk the chance, she grabbed Claudias head and kissed her softly but passionate. Claudia was still feeling powerless in her body. She immediately tried to pull away in shock but Mary had good grip on her head, so she could not prevent the kiss. The chemicals which made her touch sensible, she drank with her mouth, so the kiss was electric on her. She struggled free after some seconds.

Mary: “Now, did it feel bad or really good?”

Claudia: “I don’t like to be kissed by a woman!”

She was sure about that, but on the other hand, she never had such a wave going through her by a kiss. This was strange.

Mary knew, Claudia would not be that easy. She was one of the women who would never touch another woman by herself. The aphrodisiac and her seduction technique would work, but she will have to force her at the start.

Mary grabbed her head again and placed another kiss on her, this time with pressing her tongue into Claudias mouth, which she did not shut quick enough after the shock before. Electric waves of shock and the tongue touch drove through her body. She struggled but under the influence of the drugs, Mary was stronger. Mary let loose after about 30 seconds kissing her.

Claudia breathed in deeply, then tried to jump off the sofa. But Mary drew her back

“I’m not a lesbian!” Claudia shouted.

Mary grabbed Claudias waist and pulled in for another kiss. Claudia turned her head away but she could not push Marys body away. Mary pulled her in tightly and kissed Claudias ear. She made sure, that her boobs would squeeze Claudias intensively, she caressed over Claudias back and with one hand her ass. “Let me go!” “I’m not a lesbian”. “Stop that!” Claudia shouted. She struggled to get free fiercefully.

Mary Again grabbed Claudias Head and kissed her to stop her screaming. Of course she needed her hands for that, so she pulled Claudia on her back and placed herself on her to still hold her body close to hers. Claudia was shocked and she really was repulsed by the touch of another woman. But at the same time the drugs in her body let it react to the touches and kisses of Mary so intensively, it confused Claudia. She thought to herself, she maybe felt that, because of the aggression she felt. She struggled and got out of the grip of Mary while slipping from the sofa to the carpet. But Mary followed her, sat on her and grabbed her wrists.

“Claudia, you are so beautiful and I really adore you. And I know that my touches make you hot.”

Claudia: “Oh, no, let me go!” “I am not hot!”

Mary: “I can see it in your eyes, how horny you are for me. Stop denying it.”

Claudia: “Fuck off, I will just go out of here, I’m only into men.”

Mary: “If you prove you are not horny then I will let you go.”

She pushed her right leg between Claudias legs, lowered her upper body and started to ride Claudia. She didn’t expect this, the leg of Mary pressed against her pussy, Marys breasts against hers. She gasped.

Mary: “See, you’re gasping in urge for my touch. Just admit that I’m making you hot.”

Claudia: “No! Please! I don’t want this!”

Another time, she tries to struggle free. But it was no use. Every move just pushed Mary into her pussy and body. More electric waves ran through her body. She does not want it but her nipples got hard and her pussy has gotten wet. No! This can’t be! I never had any lesbian thought in my life! I must fight that! I am not a lesbian! she thought.

Mary tried to kiss Claudia but she always turned her head away, so Mary kissed and licked her ears and neck. All this feeling up was too much for Claudia. She started crying, “no, please, no, stop this!”

Claudia fought to keep up her old self – being totally heterosexual. She could never be a lesbian! Oh god what am I feeling?

Mary: “See how hard your nipples are. You have lesbian feelings, don’t deny it.”

Claudia: “No! You are raping me!”

Mary: “If you wouldn’t have lesbian feelings, I could not make you so horny. Give in.”

Claudia: “no!” (Gasping)

Mary “Give in and I will give you the hugest orgasms of your life, I promise. You know that it’s true.”

Claudia (weak): “no, I am not lesbian. Please.”

Mary took her right hand and grabbed Claudias breast. canlı bahis siteleri Claudia again gasped, she tried to push the hand away with her now free hand but Mary had a better position and Claudia felt so weak by the drugs and the erotic waves in her body. And her body betrayed her. She was so horny right now.

Mary: “When you went with me, you subconsciously wanted me to seduce you. You were attracted to me from the beginning. A part of you knew you wanted sex with me when you got into my car.”

Claudia: “no! You tricked me! I have never had any lesbian feelings in my life!”

Mary: “Your Nipples are so hard. You are breathing heavily. You want to come by my touch, don’t deny it.”

She Now forced her hand between Claudias legs and forcefully rubbed her pussy through her jeans. Claudia screamed out “aah” “please stop!” But it was no use. Mary knew she had won. Claudia was just still in denial. Her body longed for an orgasm now but she could not allow it.

Mary quickly released Claudias belt and opened her jeans. Claudia realized too late what was happening. She tried to pull Marys hands away. But Mary managed to push her hand inside Claudias slippers and now got full access to her clit. Claudia shivered. The touch to her clit now created such an intense shockwave to her body that she arched her back in a rapid movie and screamed out “Aaah!” She did not manage to get back her senses. That’s when Mary used her left hand to pull Claudias head in to kiss her deeply. The kiss while having preorgasmic feelings she ever experienced as someone loving her, so she could not prevent the feeling of connection to that woman above her. Anyway she did not have the power to deny the kiss again, she let it happen. Mary pulled the jeans down a bit to get better access and put two fingers into Claudias pussy. Now she rode the fingers that intruder her. She could not stand it any longer. She needed to orgasm.

Mary: “So you need your first lesbian orgasm. Admit it. You need to come.”

Claudia: “Aah”

Mary pushed harder and faster while kissing Claudia, she could not keep up her resistance, she came badly. Her pussy sent out tsunamis of orgasm, her body arched by an orgasmic shock, she screamed “aaah, ohh noooooo! Aaaah! Oh gooooood!”. Mary knew, in that state, Claudia had no will or power to do anything so she quickly pulled her shirt over her head and her jeans and slipper off her body. Mary pulled up the tumbling, now fully naked Claudia and led her to the bedroom. Before Claudia realized it, she was thrown on the bed.

Of course, Tom also installed two cameras to record the sofa area, but in the bedroom, there were 5 cameras in different angles to record everything in full detail.

Mary spreaded Claudias legs. She tried to pull back but Mary was expecting this, grabbed her and pulled her in position, immediately pushing her tongue into Claudias pussy. “Oh no, not that!” Claudia screamed and she tried to push Mary head away. But Mary was determined to give Claudia her second orgasm right away. She licked and tongued Claudias pussy, so that she had no chance to come down from her orgasm level. Soon Claudia was so in ecstasy, she had no power and will to stop Mary. Her next orgasm was rising and there was nothing, she could do against it.

Mary: “You need to come so badly Claudia, don’t you?”

Claudia (gasping)

Mary: “Say: I’m a lesbian, please make me come.”

Claudia: “no .. I am not a lesbian!”

Mary: “For you’re not a lesbian, you are getting an pretty intense orgasm by another woman.”

Claudia: “ooh”

Mary stoppend licking Claudia and pushed a finger inside her, just resting.

“You need to come. Just say: make me come with your tongue and I will do it.”

Claudia: “No, I can’t!”

Mary, moving the finger slowly: “just say what you want an I will do it.”

Claudia (weak): “make me come.”

Mary: “That’s right. That’s what you want. You’re a good little lesbian.”

She now licked Claudias pussy so intensively while fingering her, it only took a few seconds until she came again.

Mary: “See, you begged me to give you another lesbian orgasm with my tongue. See how you are a lesbian.”

Mary climbed on the bed. She knew when she tried to push her fingers with Claudias pussy juice into her mouth, she would pull away, so she grabbed her head with one hand and pushed the other fingers in by surprise. Claudia now was tasting her own pussy. She was shocked gain but it already happened. Now Mary grabbed her head again and gave her a full tongue kiss, giving her another intense tase of pussy. Never would Claudia do such naughty things with another woman. But now that it had happened, she could not prevent it and after all, it did feel so intense!

Mary pushed her leg between Claudias and sat up. Now pussy to pussy, she started riding her. Claudia was shocked again, not again! And another woman pussy was touching hers, this can’t happen! “No, not again, not this!” “Stop this, I don’t want your pussy there!”. But Mary grabbed Claudias legs and pulled her in, rode her intensely. Claudia had no resistance left. She fell back and let Mary trip her like crazy. She could not believe, how intense this penetration was and she must admit, that it turned her on so much doing this forbidden ugly things.

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