The Gift

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Sandy was out of breath as she arrived for her appointment at the best women’s beauty spa in town. Appointments are exclusive and hard to get, but Sandy’s husband Dean had managed to book one. Sandy had had a couple of trying weeks at work that had left her exhausted and over-wrought, and Dean thought she could use a little bit of pampering.

The place was beautifully appointed in peach and creamy colors, accented by tropical plants and an incredibly sensuous aromatherapy air circulation system. Sandy checked in at the front desk and a young female attendant escorted her to the dressing rooms. She told Sandy to undress and take a warm Lotus scented bath that had been drawn for her in advance. Sandy undressed and climbed into the soaker tub. Soft music was playing and the air was scented sublimely. As she felt the warmth overtake her body, all the tension of the past few weeks seemed to flow out of her. Her mind stopped racing as it had all week long, and now she just languished in the enjoyment of her senses.

After about half an hour, Sandy was again summoned by the attendant who brought her a light cotton robe and a fluffy towel. She told Sandy to dry herself and to follow her to the next area. Sandy did so somewhat reticently as she had been so comfortable in the tub. The attendant escorted her to a beautifully appointed room with a bar and a sofa, and filled with surround sound music that was totally relaxing and softly playing. The temperature was homeostatic, not too cold nor too warm. Sandy was told that she would be given a massage in a few minutes, but that in the meantime she should pour herself a drink and enjoy the soft lighting and mood of the room. Sandy did just that.

Approximately ten minutes later, an incredibly handsome masseur came into the room with a cart full of various bottled scents and oils. He asked Sandy to take off her robe and to lie on her stomach on the fur-lined massage table he had rolled into the room. He gave her a towel to put around her waist if she wanted to. Sandy felt self conscious, and she could feel his eyes fixed upon her, as she stood canlı bahis naked for the brief moment before wrapping the towel around her waist. Sandy lay down on the fur-lined table, pleasantly surprised by the sensuous feeling it produced on her skin. The masseur approached her and without speaking a word, poured scented oil on his hands and sensuously spread it over Sandy’s body, starting at the neck, working down the spine and sides of her back, to her buttocks, then down her legs and up again on the insides of her thighs, stopping just underneath the towel and very close to Sandy’s pussy. Sandy oozed with relaxation, enjoying the feel of the oil on her body and the aromatic scents it exuded. Now the masseur began to knead her muscles, firmly but sensuously, working in circular motions down Sandy’s back, then up her legs, under the towel and on to Sandy’s buttocks. Sandy squirmed with delight, and as the masseur again progressed up the insides of her thighs, she let out an audible though inadvertent moan as he brushed her pussy with his hands. Hearing her pleasure he hovered longer, massaging the insides of her thighs just near her pussy.

Sandy became aware that she was by now just soaking with excitement. As he worked, he became bolder, this time letting a finger work into the crease of her crotch. Sandy tried to conceal yet another moan, but he sensed her excitement as she pushed her pubis into the fur-lined cover on the table. At this point the masseur asked Sandy to turn over. He helped her with firm muscular hand, holding her by the waist and rolling her over on to her back. Sandy melted, lying back on the soft fur, covered only by the towel around her waist, and her breasts exposed.

Sandy’s mind was now drifting to erotic thoughts of having an orgasm at the hands of this man, and her excitement mounted as he spread scented oil all over her breasts, caressing them with a circular motion of his hands. He would stop only momentarily at each nipple, which he would tweak and knead with delicate fingers, making them erect and giving Sandy a pleasant surge of erotic sensitivity. He then bahis siteleri worked his way down her tummy, then to her legs, down to her feet, where he spent time caressing each toe before working up the inside of her thighs yet again.

Reaching under the towel he moved upward, again lightly brushing Sandy’s soaking pussy. She drew in a sharp breath and let out a long moan of satisfaction, which only encouraged him to put his hand under the towel again. This time however, he lightly began to finger her clitoris. Sandy thought she should tell him to stop-after all she was married—and she was terrible at keeping secrets that made her feel guilty-she would have to tell Dean at some point in time—but the sensations were so incredibly good that she couldn’t.

For the first time since entering the room, the masseur spoke. He told Sandy that he could not help but notice that she was in a “heightened awareness state”, and he wondered whether she might like a full massage treatment. He explained that his career goal was to be a sensuous masseur in Hollywood, and he wondered if she would like to rate his ability-there would be of course no extra charge. Sandy was by now too excited to tell him to stop, and all she could do was to hoarsely whisper–“Sure–if it will help you” With that, Sandy felt the towel being removed from her body, and she closed her eyes while he began to fondle her clitoris and to massage her towards orgasm. Sandy was lost in a haze of pleasure, sexual passion, and a hint of guilt that only added to the intensity.

At one point, sensing that Sandy was almost at the point of no return to a climax, he stopped briefly and asked if she would like to be his “oral examiner”. He said he thought he had developed some good techniques for cunnilingus, but he needed her opinion. By now he could have done anything he wanted to with Sandy. She was out of breath with passion, and she mustered only a “do it”.

With that, the masseur began to lick Sandy’s steaming hot and wet pussy. He did have technique she thought. At first he licked all along the insides of her labia, sending bahis şirketleri desire not only through her pussy, but also seemingly through her entire body. He then licked along the shaft of her clitoris, up, down, all the while matching the pressure to the ebbs and flows of Sandy’s mounting arousal. When the masseur sensed that she was sufficiently close to the edge, he changed the tongue pattern to a circular motion over the upper top of her clitoris, occasionally stopping to suck her little button gently with his mouth.

It took only a few minutes before Sandy could no longer hold herself back. With an intensity she did not know could exist, Sandy tightened up and came to one of the longest and most all-encompassing orgasms she had ever experienced. Despite trying to hold back, she could not help but moan and squirm as wave after wave of climax repeatedly crashed through her body.

When it was all over, Sandy lay with her eyes closed, feeling more relaxed than she had been in years. Soft music was still playing over the intercom, and the world had become peaceful and serene. When she finally opened her eyes, Sandy discovered she was alone. The masseur had left, taking with him the cart. Sandy dressed herself and left the room. On her way out the receptionist smiled and asked Sandy if she liked her spa experience. She also asked if Sandy wanted to book another appointment, but Sandy replied that for now, this experience would probably be a once in a lifetime thing. The receptionist handed her a card and wished her a nice day, saying not to hesitate to call if she had a change of heart.

All the way home Sandy was coping with feelings of guilt. She knew she would have to tell Dean everything eventually, but she didn’t know quite how she would do that. When she got home Dean met her at the door and smiled, asking how she liked the spa appointment. He joked saying “no one really knows what goes on behind those closed doors do they?” Sandy smiled and said she enjoyed Dean’s gift immensely. She asked what he would say if she told him all kinds of interesting things happened behind those doors. Dean responded by saying it all depended on how sexy those things might be. Sandy took Dean by the arm and led him into the bedroom-” Do I have a story to tell you” she said,-but that is another story altogether.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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