The Game

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Her soft sing song voice caressed its way through the hot moist air, a timid laugh. John loved that soft voice and, in more ways, than one. For now, he would occasionally allow his eyes to drop down to her small ass that bounced up and down when she jumped. His sister was wearing her fantastically tight bikini that, while covering everything, showed a whole lot. She was in the middle of a tense all female volleyball game, and John was cheering his younger sister on. He noticed the way that her bikini bottoms would get waged up between her butt cheeks constantly making her reach down to pull it out. The crowd around him jumped up screaming with cheer and joy as their team scored the winning point. John jumped up with the crowd, hooting and hollering, when his sister turned around. John smiled when he saw the sun brush against her face, a large pearly white smile across it making large dimples. John noticed how her long sandy curly hair wrapped around her, tapping against her right breast, right where John imagined her nipple would be. John had thought about his sisters’ nipples and breast quite a bit, what he would do to them, how they would taste against his tongue and finger tips. John knew that most men would think about her breasts, they were large and always seemed to be just barely budding out of any cloths she wore. John lifted his eyes from her breasts and back to her face, he admired her shocking ocean blue eyes. His sister stride through the yellow sand until she was standing right in front of him, lifting her chest with each large breath.

“Amy, you were fucking amazing out there.” His voice was proud as it tried to beat out the loud and ear pounding conversations all around them.

“Thanks, John, I did try my hardest but that bitch across form me was so good.” She shook her long sandy hair from side to side. Then she smiled up at him, her cheeks popping out making her the most adorable thing he has ever seen.

“Let’s go back to the hotel,” she gently shifted her head giving it a light tilt to the side.

“Why would we go back to the hotel, we are on the last days of summer break. Let’s go party.” Her voice slowly grew in excitement as she spoke until it was an intense screaming. She then grabbed his hand with a firm grip and pulled him reluctantly over their group of friends.

John was really hoping to head back to the hotel with her, maybe to try and see her cebeci escort naked but more likely just to watch TV fantasizing about her in the shower. Soon, John found himself in a car with the group of friends and Amy. Finally, the car slowed to a stop, the slow burn of the sun pushing through the window and into his face. As he watched, the sun slowly started to drop down and behind the ocean skyline, leaving behind an orange and red bright sky. John looked at Amy,

“where are we?” she smiled back at him, we are here to drink and party, relax.

The group entered the abandoned building and made their way to the back. Then the cans and bottles of alcohol came out and the group started to drink. After a few drinks, the group was huddle in a circle. One of the girls, that had a lot to drink, started to flash everybody her tits. John noticed as the night progressed that the guys had growing bulges in their pants as the women grew looser with there modesty. Finally, somebody, John didn’t notice who, suggest that they play Truth or Dare. Then the group was playing the game, the rules were simple once two people had asked for truth then the next person must ask for a dare.

The game progressed as might be imagined with a few drunk Horney guys and girls. At first everybody was saying truth, until the third person had to say dare. Then everybody said dare and things got graphic, mostly girls flashing the group there great breasts, butts, and giving blow jobs. It got to Amy, the first time she said truth. A red-haired young man, whose name John couldn’t remember, asked her with a ruthless grin,

“Have you had sex?” she returned his grin with one of her own.

“No,” before she could continue he interrupted her.

“That includes everything, like: anal, blowjob, fingering, eating out, anything.” Her grin grew bigger when she replied, and John’s pants grew stiff.

“Well, no to all of that except the fingering. I can tell you that no guy has penetrated me with his finger, but I have.” John smiled at her reply just when she looked over at him. John changed the smile quickly, but Amy stared at him, her eyes questioning. Then it was his turn, he said dare hoping it was involving his sister, but it was that he had to flash the group his dick. John did just that, watching Amy’s expression but he didn’t see any signs of great surprise on her face, just cebeci escort bayan amusement and the small red blush on her cheeks. Then it seemed to be her turn again, she put her finger, probably the one that she masturbates with thought John, to her red lips.

“I think this time, I am going to say dare.” Then a thin light voice said,

“kiss your brother on the lips.” John felt a hot blush push through his face as she looked over at him. She stood, her large breasts giving a slight bounce, walking over to him with a knowing smile across her face. She spread her large thighs sitingsittinghn’s lap, John knew she had to feel his boner through his swim suit as she sat on it. She leaned forward, her lips touching his ear, her hot moist breast grinding across his ear.

“I feel you under me, you probably should save it. You might need to use it later tonight.” Then she leaned back and touched her nose to his. Slightly tilting her head, she moved her lips to his spreading her lips and slipping her tongue out a little. John met her mouth, his tongue pushed against her as their lips closed together. He tried to push his tongue further into her hot moist mouth, her tongue started to push back and playfully blocked his tongue from entering further. Then she pulled away, at this point John heard the group of friends laughing and hollering. As she pulled away, her lips pulled on his lower lip. She turned around and waving her hips as she walked back to her seat. John watched one of her ass cheeks lift, followed by the other as she walked. The rest of the game passed by rather quickly, the entire time John stared at Amy’s breasts. John noticed that when Amy sat down, she had her legs spread and he could see the soft outline of his sister’s pussy. In a few rounds, everybody was about ready to be done. Most people in the group were making out and even having sex, John noticed that of the group was having an orgy. John caught Amy’s blue eye, she smiled and stood walking over to him. Leaning over and pushing out her chest so he could get a good view of her breasts asked,

“you ready to go out?” John just nodded his head in agreement, then he she grabbed his hand and pulled him out into the nice crisp air. John moved his hand to your ass cheek, gently squeezing. She gave a small chuckle as they walked to there car. John got into the passenger seat and was shocked escort cebeci when she pulled onto the beach, she looked at him resting her hand on his slowly harder growing cock. He leaned forward and kissed her again, feeling her tongue in his mouth. He opened the car door and met her on next to the water, she dropped to her knee’s and using her teeth and finger tips she pulled down his swimsuit allowing his cock to flop out, as it did it softly hit the top of her head sliding through her sandy hair. Once his swimsuit was pulled down, she then looked up at his dick and she gently nipped at it. John knelt next to her, he reached out and gently grabbed his sister breast, his thumb gently rubbing over her nipple. She smiled as he rubbed her nipple, leaning forward she kissed him while reaching down and grabbing his cock. She slowly rubbed his cock, with full, long, smooth strokes. John gently released her breast and moved his hand to her shoulder, pushing her down onto the cooling sand. He watched her pale breasts shift; her small pink nipples were slowly growing harder and ready to be sucked. So, John leaned forward and began to suck her nipple. His tongue circling her nipple and then closing his mouth around her nipple he sucked on her nipple feeling it pull between his teeth. She let out a loud moan as her legs spread further and wrapped around him. She then began to thrust her vagina against him, John felt how wet her pussy was and he felt the well groomed and trimmed hair that guard her pussy. John then pulled himself up against her and thrusted his cock into her vagina. He felt his dick enter a heaven, it was surrounded by her cum. She screamed out as he bit down on her nipple, he fingers dug into his back. Then, John felt his climax coming soon. He tried to delay the cum, but he couldn’t and he cummed deep inside his sister. He gave one last thrust as the cum pumped into his sister, her breasts bounced up with the thrust and the breasts came back down hitting him in the face. John watched his sister under him as he continued to thrust into her, he was finished but she was obviously still needed to cum so John kept thrusting. He leaned forward kissing her neck when he felt her hot cum flood onto his dick and out of her pussy. Her breath came out in waves and then she smiled up at him,

“We are going to have to do this again sometime.” John smiled back her,

“first we have to clean up, then we can fuck on the hotel bed and try something new and fun.”

The End

Note to the reader:

Thank you for reading my story. I would be thankful if you could leave a commit telling me how to improve and what you would like in my next story, thank you and enjoy yourself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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