The First Time I Noticed Ch. 01

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The following is a work of fiction. All characters are over 18. This is chapter one of a multi-part story.


I still remember the first time I noticed. We were on the beach, just relaxing in the sun, both of us lying face down. I had dozed off, and woke up and looked across at her and thought “wow, that is one damned fine ass.”

Except there was a problem. That damned fine ass belonged to my sister, Alexis. Fortunately, Lex was also napping and wasn’t aware that I was perving on her, but there she was, the same girl I had known my whole life. Every other day she had just been my older sister, but today I woke up and saw the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, sunning herself on the beach in a tantalizing bright orange bikini. I sat up, gazed around on the secluded, private beach, and then returned to mindlessly staring at her beautiful, tight little ass.

“Enjoying the view?”

I nearly jumped out of shorts.

“Huh?” Playing dumb was my only hope.

“The beach,” she said, “it’s gorgeous.”

“Ah…yeah, it sure is.” Somehow the fates had smiled upon me and the view down the beach beyond her was quite spectacular.

“Had enough sun for today?” I asked.

“Yeah, at least for now,” she said. “What should we do next?”

“Let’s head back to the cabin and get something for lunch,” I said.

“Good idea.”

We were staying at our family cabin in the lake country. When our parents divorced, they could only agree on two things – paying for my and Lex’s educations, and keeping the cabin. Lex and I had been lucky enough to get a free weekend there right after the end of the semester in early June. I had just finished my freshman year. Alexis was two years ahead of me. We quite literally went separate ways after high school. She went east to a private college in New York. I went west to Oregon. Although we saw each other only at Christmas and during the summer break, we kept in touch by phone and followed each others lives on facebook and Twitter.

The cabin had been our family getaway for as long as we could remember, and we all loved the place. Our parents had managed to work out a sort of private timesharing arrangement so they could keep it after the divorce. The place was tucked into a cove with a small, private sandy beach, and the cabin itself was surrounded by towering Norway pines. During the day there was clean air and cool breezes. At night there were dark skies with countless stars.

My next shock of the day followed right after the first. Lex had untied her top so she could get some color on her back with no tan lines, and sat up without bothering to put it back on.

“Jesus, Lex!”

“What?” she said, as if it was just a normal everyday thing to go topless in front of your brother.

“Put your top back on!”

“Why?” she said, “it’s totally private here. Nobody can see me.”

“I can see you!”

“I guess you can,” she said, “now stop staring and let’s get our stuff.”

With that, she turned around to gather her towel, her bikini top, and the few odds and ends she had brought. Bending down to pick up her things, she gave me another stunning view of the ass that had mesmerized me just moments before. She threw everything on her towel, picked up the works and started walking toward the cabin.

“You coming?” she asked.

“Ah…yeah, be right along,” I said. I had to make an effort to focus, but I grabbed my towel and followed along, still hypnotized by the sway of her ass as she headed for the cabin. When we got there, she went to the bedroom to put her things away.

The cabin was small. Tiny might be a better word, with just one small bedroom. The kitchen and living and dining area were all one continuous room. I let Lex take the bedroom and I used the futon in the main room. There wasn’t much privacy, but the setting more than made up for it. The cabin was on a small hill above the lake, and from the deck there were beautiful views. If I had been there with a girlfriend instead of with my sister, I might have called it romantic.

While Lex was in her room, I quickly changed out of my swim trunks and put on a pair of shorts. Just as I finished, Lex stepped out of her room, now in a right pair of booty shorts, and still topless.

“Alexis! What the fuck?”

“What?” she said, as if she didn’t know why I was freaking out.

“Aren’t you going to put on a shirt or something?”

“No,” she said, bluntly. “It’s just us in here. My roommates and I hang out topless in our rooms all the time. It’s more comfortable.”

“Apparently I’m going to the wrong school,” I said.

“Really,” she said. “Do your roommates always wear shirts in cebeci escort your room? Hell, you’re not wearing a shirt now.”

“That’s totally different,” I said, “we’re guys.”

“Oh, please,” she said, “I’m just your dumb old sister, and they’re just ordinary boobs, so chill.”

“They may just be boobs,” I said, “but they’re not ordinary.”

Oh, fuck, I thought. Did I really just say that out loud? I didn’t know how I was going to get out of this mess. First I was staring at her ass, and now I just told her she had nice tits. Fuck.

“Thanks, Ian,” she said, as if a guy commenting on his sisters rack was just another everyday thing.

“Sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to be commenting on them.”

“Why should you be sorry?” she said. “It didn’t bother me that you said my boobs were nice.”

“Well, OK,” I said, “but it’s just not normal for a guy to be checking out and talking about his sister’s body.”

“Oh?” she asked, “it’s the whole body now, is it?”

I couldn’t believe it, but I had actually somehow just dug myself a deeper hole. Meanwhile, Lex struck a pose.

“How are my abs?”

Smokin’ hot, I thought.

“My back?” she asked, twisting away to give me a view.

She was lean, athletic, and perfect.


Another pose, and I was starting to lose myself, blatantly ogling her.

“How about my ass?” she said. Then she turned around, stuck out her ass, and smacked herself, hard, on those skin tight booty shorts.

“Sweet Jesus, Lex,” I blurted.

She’d been teasing me – quite mercilessly I might add – but to that point had been clueless about the effect it was having on me. But when she turned around, her demeanor quickly changed from flirtatious to shock to, I don’t know, something else.

“Oh my god!” It was her turn to blurt.

I looked down and saw why. Until that moment I hadn’t realized it, but I was stiff as a board and seriously tenting my shorts.

I looked back up at her, dumbfounded. She was still topless, of course, but she was staring at my shorts and biting her lip.

“Oh my god!” she repeated, then bolted for her room, leaving me standing in the middle of the cabin, looking like an idiot, with a major hard on for his own sister.

“Lex,” I called after her as the door closed. No answer.

“Alexis?” I pleaded.

“Just ah…give me a minute…” she stammered.

“OK, Lex,” I said.

If I was in a hole before, I was at the bottom of a deep well now. All I could do was hope that she wasn’t going to hate me forever. A couple of exceptionally long minutes later, her door opened. She had put on a shirt, but not a bra, and had changed into an ever-so-slightly less revealing pair of shorts.

“I’m really sorry, Lex,” I said.

“What?” she said, “Why are you sorry? I shouldn’t have been teasing you like that.”

“Well,” I said, “I’m sorry anyway, for perving on my sister.”

“How did that happen anyway?” she asked, glancing down. I had only just begun to soften and was still tenting. “I mean, it’s just me. Your dumb old sister.”

She really had no idea. I stood there for the longest time, trying to figure out how to proceed without continuing to dig a deeper hole.


“Ah, look Lex,” I said, “you apparently haven’t realized this yet, but you’re basically the hottest girl I know. When we woke up on the beach this morning, I wasn’t staring at the view, I was staring at your ass. I don’t know what happened, but I suddenly realized that you have a totally amazing body. Then when you got up and starting going around topless I started to forget who you were. The little show you did for me was just too much, and I just reacted. I’m sorry.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” she said. “You got excited because of me?”


“Really?” she said. “My tits are too small, my legs are like string beans, and my butt is too skinny.”

“Lex,” I said, I think we need to get you in front of a better mirror. Your tits are perfect, your legs are toned and gorgeous, and your butt is to die for.”

“You’re just saying that to be nice.”

“I may be nice to say it,” I said, “but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Hey – isn’t there a full length mirror in your room, behind the door?”

“Sure,” she said.

“Come with me.” I took her by the hand and led her to her room, closed the door behind us and parked her in front of her mirror.

“Now check yourself out,” I said, determined to make her see what I saw. “Look at your boobs. They’re perfect. Not so big that they sag, not so small that you don’t look like a girl. They’re just right, and cebeci escort bayan nice and firm.”

“I don’t know,” she said, “I guess they’re OK.”

“You’re impossible,” I said. “Now look at your legs.”

“I did,” she said. “String beans.”

“Not even close,” I said. “They’re long and toned. How many miles do you run every week?” She wasn’t a competitive runner, but she trained hard to stay in shape.

“Probably 25 or 30 miles,” she said.

“Nobody who runs that much has string beans for legs.”

“Fine then,” she said, “my legs are OK too.”

“More than OK,” I added. “Now turn around so you can see your butt in the mirror.”

“My butt?” she said, “isn’t just kind of…meh?”

“Definitely not!” I said. “Check it out! It’s beautiful. There’s no crease under your cheeks, and I can tell without even touching it that it’s rock hard. If you weren’t my sister, I’d have my hands all over that.”

“I guess you’re right,” she said, “it is pretty decent.”

“Speaking of ‘rock hard’,” she said, looking down at my shorts.

“Oh, God,” I said. “Sorry Lex.” I was tenting again.

“Why are you sorry?” she said. “I think it’s kind of hot that you think I’m sexy enough to get excited.”

Apparently she did think it was kind of hot, because her nipples were straining against her T-shirt. I didn’t need that distraction, so I turned the subject back to her.

“So,” I said, “can you see what I see now – how gorgeous you are?”

“Actually, no,” she said. “I can’t see it.”

And with that, she pulled off her T-shirt and stood topless before me again. I had to muster my self-control to resist reaching out and caressing them. Her nipples were swollen and begging to be sucked. I was starting to lose myself.

“There,” she said, “now maybe I’ll be able to see it.”

“They’re beautiful, Lex,” I said. “If you weren’t my sister…”

“If you weren’t my brother,” she said, “I’d let you. They’re aching to be touched.”

Oh, God, oh God, oh God, I thought. She was still staring in the mirror, transfixed, and started rubbing her hands on her belly and sides. I stepped in close behind her, gently touching her shoulders and arms. Her breathing was getting faster and deeper.

“Now do you understand why I got hard earlier?” I asked. “Do you see why I’m hard now.”

“You didn’t get hard earlier until I showed you my ass,” she said.

“Turn around then,” I said, “and show me your ass now.”

She turned around and looked over her shoulder so we could both see her ass in the mirror.

“Can you see it now?” I asked.

“No,” she said, and then she bent down and pulled off her shorts, leaving her in nothing but the tiniest pair of lacy panties.

“Still no,” she said, and took the panties off too. My cock was like steel now, and eager for action.

“How does my ass look now?” she asked.

“Beyond words,” I said. “I want to squeeze those cheeks so bad.”

“Then do it,” she said, “but first…”

And she reached for my waist, unbuttoned my shorts, and pulled them to the floor. My boxers followed a second later. Then her lips met mine in a decidedly unsisterly kiss.

“Mmmm…” she said, “look at this!” Slowly she ran her hand down my side, then slid it across me and gently cupped my balls. They were engorged. My cock was pulsing. She lifted her hand and ran it up the underside of my cock to the head, then wrapped her hand around me and softly squeezed. I thought sure I would cum right there. I don’t know how I didn’t, except that I was desperate for something more, but I had to be sure.

“Lex?” I asked. “Are you absolutely sure this is what you want? There’s no turning back from this.”

“I’m absolutely sure,” she said. “Now what were you saying you wanted to do to my ass?”

“This,” I said, sliding my hands down her back and squeezing one gorgeous cheek in each one. They were everything I’d imagined and more – firm, muscular, and perfect. I pulled her tight against me, mashing her tits against my chest and trapping my aching cock against her taut belly. I could feel her swollen nipples against my chest as our lips met again. This time there was no pretense of this being a sisterly kiss. Our lips met like eager lovers, hungry and impatient. My cock pulsed between us.

“Mmmm,” she said, breaking our kiss, “I need you so bad right now.”

I squeezed her ass harder and lifted her off the floor. Her bed – no – our bed, was right behind me, and I turned around and carried her to it. I set her on the bed and then climbed in with her. We hadn’t really done anything yet, but it didn’t matter – I was past the escort cebeci point of no return. I reluctantly let go of her ass and planted both hands on her perfect little mounds, then met her lips with mine, exploring with my tongue. When I finally touched her nipples, they seemed to grow even more, and she moaned from the lightest touch.

“Oh God, Ian,” she said, “don’t be gentle. They need to squeezed, hard!”

I did just as she asked, pinching her nipples in my fingers and mashing her tits with my hands relentlessly.

“Oh, oh God,” she gasped, “I think I could cum just from that, without you ever touching my pussy.” She was writhing below me now, my cock still trapped between us and throbbing from the sensation of her body moving against me.

“But,” she said, “there are so many better things we can do.”

With that, she rolled us both over until she was straddling me, then started kissing my face, my neck, my shoulders, and my chest. She was working her way down, and even though she wasn’t wasting any time getting to my cock, the anticipation was nearly unbearable.

“I think you might like this,” she said, straddling my legs, her face hovering over my cock. I could feel her breath on me, and each time she exhaled I somehow, impossibly, got even harder. I thought I might explode before she even touched me.

“Might?” I said, astonished. “There’s absolutely no doubt that I’m going to absolutely love it.”

“I know,” she said, and lowered her mouth over my cock, taking it all the way into her mouth as her hands found their way to my balls and the base of my cock. As she came up, she replaced her mouth with her hand, twisting and rising, then twisting and falling again ahead of her lips as she swallowed me once again. My very own sister was giving me the best blow job I’d ever experienced. Her tongue swirled around me as she went down, and her hands worked my cock and balls as she went back up. I was being overwhelmed, and felt a familiar tingling begin.

“Dear God that’s amazing,” I said, “but I’m not going to last more than a few more seconds.”

“Oh yes you are,” she said, her mouth coming off my cock. She wrapped both hands around me and squeezed hard – not enough to be painful, but enough to stop the sensation that I was going to cum right then.

“See?” she said. “Might as well let the fun last a little longer, right?”

I guess she had a plan. Who was I to argue?

Down she went again, and this time stayed down, working the shaft with her tongue and sucking hard, then swallowing again and diving down further, pushing the head of my cock to the back of her throat. Then she started swallowing again, working the back of her tongue and her throat on my cock head, all while she was still working my balls with her hands.

“Oh my God, Lex,” I said, “what on earth are you doing to me.”

She came up for air.

“Still more to come,” she said, and went right back down, taking my whole cock right to the back of my throat again. Then she started to moan, and the vibrations from her throat ran right into my cock. Up she came again, and again she worked my shaft with her hand, twisting. I thought I might pass out.

“Can’t hold out much longer, Lex,” I gasped. I had started to pump my hips, reflexively thrusting. I couldn’t stop myself, but she still wasn’t done. Back down she went again, working my cock into her throat, humming, and massaging my balls. Then I saw her take her other hand and start rubbing her pussy. I could hear and smell that she was soaking wet. Her attention to my cock was relentless, but she managed to finger herself momentarily.

After a few seconds, I saw her pull her hand away from her pussy, her middle finger dripping with her own juices. Just the sight of it was nearly enough to put me over the top, and I felt my balls begin to tingle again. There was no stopping it this time. I couldn’t have handled it if she had tried.

“Lex, ahhh…” was all I could manage to alert her that I was about to cum.

Somehow she managed to take my cock even deeper and work it even more intensely. I could feel my release coming now. Then she took her fingers, lubricated and dripping with the cream from her pussy, and started rubbing at the base of my cock between my balls and my ass.

With one final thrust, I exploded, my mind unable to think of anything but my pulsing cock and balls. Over and over I erupted into her mouth, each time feeling her swallowing, each time nearly passing out as I pumped into her. She slowed as I did, to a final light touch of her lips and gentle caress of my balls as my cock became too sensitive to touch. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. For a time, all I could do was lie back and gasp for air as my heart slowed and my cock slowly deflated. Eventually, I lifted my head to look at Lex, who hadn’t missed a single drop of my cum, and found her smiling up at me.

“See,” she said, “I told you that you might like that.”

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