The Dinner Date

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You wore that short, shiny metallic black dress–low cut and sleeveless–that drove me crazy, wanting to rip it off you and fuck you like an animal in heat before we left the house. I know you weren’t wearing a bra or panties, as was my directions to you for this dinner date and later, sex play. Most nights, after long busy workdays, if we felt inclined to make love, or fuck, or both, it was your typical stuff. No complaints here, we came made each other cum. But on our maybe once or twice a month dinner dates, well, we planned something hot and special. This time it was my turn.

The rules were simple: I was in control…anything goes.

Any. Fucking. Thing.

We managed to get to our favorite little dining spot downtown, an Asian-Mexican fusion joint with quiet dimly-lit booths mostly shielded from others. The waiter dropped off our menus and I ordered a bottle of wine. Then, as I met you sultry gaze from across the cozy niche, I reached into my coat pocket and retrieved one of three items I had smuggled inside: smallest of the three objects, and they came in a pair. Carefully, so the nearby diners or wait staff passing by, I slid the padded nipple clamps across the table to you. Smiling coyly, you picked them up, closing them in your hands as the waiter brought the wine.

After he left and we savored that first deliciously dry sweet sip, I said, “Put those on, carefully, my dear.”

I loved your nipples. Touching them, with my fingers or lips or tongue or teeth, they were highly sensitive and almost always big and hard. Although the black dress didn’t visibly show them braless, the clamps were small enough to not be noticeable. Plus, I knew wearing them would make you instantly wet. I could see that smoldering aroused look in your eyes as you glanced out of the booth and slipped one hand inside the top of your little black dress.

You winced as you clamped one nipple. Moaned canlı bahis şirketleri deeply, but quietly. Then, you put on the second clamp. You squirmed in your seat, flashed me a grin, licking your upper lip, and sipped more wine.

“God, I’m wet already,” you remarked.

I grinned devilishly. “And we just started, my sexy babydoll.”

The waiter knew us from previous visits and didn’t rush us to order entrees yet. We wanted to enjoy the wine for a while, light conversation , among other things, so he left us alone. I told you to come over to slide in beside me. Seeing the arousal in your eyes and the breathy, husky tone in your replies made my cock twinge, already half hard inside my dress pants.

I leaned close, lightly kissing that spot below your ear and on the side of your neck that made you shiver. I whispered, “I’m going to give you the second object and I want you to slip it inside your pussy.”

You purred and nodded imperceptibly. From the same coat pocket I removed a small silvery egg shaped vibrator. It was slightly more oblong than round, and you took it. I pulled out the wireless remote, which was about the size of a credit card, but thicker. You slipped one hand between your parted thighs and uttered a small groan of pleasure when it brush over your clit.

Then I switched it on, and kept the setting at Low. Your whole body tensed up for a few seconds, visibly trembling under the vibrations emanating and stimulating your wet pussy, making it wetter. You writhed slightly in your seat next to me. My cock grew hard and erect, tenting in my pants.

“Try not to move,” I said. “And don’t touch yourself…yet.”

I adjusted the vibration on the wireless, remote-controlled vibe to Medium and you tensed up again and I smiled to myself. My cock ached at watching you fight against wanting to let go, to touch your clit or touch me, and when you looked at, snaking canlı kaçak iddaa one hand to my bulging crotch to squeeze me, I let you. But I reminded you not to touch your pussy.

It was the rules, part of the Game.

“Reach into my right pants pocket,” I told you as you grasped my hard cock through my pants. I could feel the dampness of precum. You flashed me a mischievous grin and raised an eyebrow, but did as you were told, being my good sexy babydoll. You retrieved the small rubber cockring, about the diameter of a half dollar.

“Now unzip me and lube it with your my precum, and slip it on.”

And you did, pulling me out and deftly sliding the snug device onto my throbbing member. We’d used various sex toys before, including different types of cockrings, and this was my favorite. What I had in mind next was something I wanted to relish, and I didn’t want to cum too quickly. Plus, it made my orgasm that much stronger and intense.

I pulled out the third and final object from my coat pocket. I kept it hidden under the table, but you saw it and your eyes flared in unbridled lust. It was your favorite dildo, a life like molded version of my cock, about six inches fully erect, thick and threaded with veins, capped by a plum-sized head.

“Take out the vibe and put it in your ass,” I said. “And fuck yourself with my cock dildo. And be quiet, try not to be noticed.”

Oh fuck, mmmmm,” you uttered in that breathy, smoky, sexy sultry voice that drove me wild with lust.

And you slipped the vibe out with a barely audibly wet plop. Making sure no one passing by would notice, you lifted your ass off the booth’s cushioned seat and pulled up the hem of your dress. I caught sight of your bare hips, ass, pussy and groaned deep in my throat. Reaching back with the vibe, you began to insert it into your ass. Since it was already liberally greased with your juices, it slipped canlı kaçak bahis in fairly easily.

You closed your eyes, trembling in anticipation. I had switched it off before after you removed it from your pussy. My cock thrummed, fully erect and arching up out of my unzipped pants but out of view under the table. My left hand slowly stroked my thick, rigid shaft, smearing the copious clear slippery precum down along its length.

I switched on the vibe. You visibly quaked, bit your lip. Moaned low and long, but muted. I reminded you to use my cock replica toy.

You leaned back in your seat beside me, spreading your legs and pressed the bulbous head against your swollen wet labia and they parted easily, allowing it inside you. Gritting your teeth and closing your eyes momentarily, you pressed it in all the way. Groaned louder, uttering a gasp. I had increased the vibe’s speed bit not quite to High. Not yet.

“Fuck yourself, do it,” I said firmly, but gasping a little as I stroked with my left, my right hand holding the remote.

I watched you smoothly and expertly do so, attracting no attention, and I leaned in close and whispered to you as if we were having an intimate conversation.

“I’m going to increase the vibe and I want you to cum,” I said huskily. I had dropped the napkin in my lap. As I continued to pleasure my cock, my balls full and heavy with my impending load, I raised the vibration to High. You shuddered and stifled a sharp cry of ecstasy. I stiffened in my seat, slipped off the ring and covered my cock with the napkin as I came rather explosively into the white linen cloth.

You trembled and quivered next to me, your own intense orgasms firing off one after another until it seemed endless. I lowered the vibe until I your body relaxed a bit and then turned it off. After a moment, I nodded and leaned in to kiss you, our tongues briefly darting, tasting. I told you to remove both toys. I wrapped them in the cum-dampened linen napkin, put it in my pocket.

Smiling at you, sated as I’m sure you were, I raised my wine glass, and said, “Now that we’ve had our appetizers, how about we order dinner, my dear?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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