The Cupcake

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It was 10:00 o’clock and the office was as dead as an empty keg. Tara sat in front of her computer plucking away at the keys in front of her. “Such a sucker”, she thought to herself. It was her birthday and here she was the only one working late. Just as she was letting out a big sigh she heard a rustle around the corner. She had thought no one else was on this floor. She slowly scooted back in her chair to peak around the corner of her cubicle.

She looked first one way and then the other, and just when she was convinced it was nothing her eyes spotted something moving on the wall to the left of her. Tara pushed her chair back a little more and there sitting in the hallway was a cupcake, just sitting by itself. A lone candle was in its center casting shadows on the walls and that is what she had seen move. She let out her breath and smiled to herself, a curious half smile.

Tara got up from her chair and began to walk slowly towards the flickering tease. Arriving at the cupcake she bent and while looking down the hall, blew out the candle. As the smoke rose from the candle she noticed that down the hall the door to the conference room was open and another cupcake sat, with another candle glowing, in the doorway. She shook her head and began to walk towards it. A smile spread across her lips as she strode down the hall. When she arrived at the door she again picked up the cake and blew out the candle.

She looked around the conference room but it was dark except for one lit cupcake on the center of the table. She peeked into the room but could not see into the shadowy corners. She shrugged to herself and walked to the table. Placing the other two cupcakes down she reached over to pick up the lit one. When her hand reached the cupcake she felt someone push up against her from behind. Large hands gripped around her waist and pulled her and the lit cupcake upright.

Tara’s eyes became large as she was slightly frightened by this, but when she tried to speak the person behind her gave a small “shhh”. She was wiling to play along and her fears left her. She relaxed a bit and he felt her give in and pushed canlı bahis şirketleri his hips up against hers. His hands wasted no time and he slipped under her shirt sliding them up to her breasts. Her nipples hardened immediately to his slightly rough touch. He pulled her back towards him and his breath was fire upon her neck as he opened his mouth to take in her skin. He worked some unknown form of magic on her as he started to nibble on the chords of her neck. One of his hands left its massaging position on its breast and ventured down to her waist. She had now closed her eyes as her breathing was coming quicker and quicker in the excitement.

The man’s hand snuck under her waist band and down her skirt. His fingers worked their way quickly under her silky undies. She was already had a river flowing and his fingers dipped right into the developing pool. Two of his dampened fingers slipped back up and began to rub her swelling button. His other hand was pinching her nipple through the lacy fabric of her bra. She was already breathing much too hard for this early in the encounter. His fingers seemed to know just the right pressure on her clit and her legs would have given if not for him holding her up. He had her pinned against him and she could feel his throbbing as his cock settled between her ass cheeks only the fabric of her skirt keeping it from her.

Out of nowhere electricity shot through her and an orgasm of such speed and savageness shook her she completely fell into his arms. He never stopped his relentless rubbing through her moans and thrashing. She started to come down from the climax and he released her slightly.

“Make a wish”, he whispered in her ear. It was then that she noticed that the cupcake was still in her hand and the candle had burnt down to the frosting. She caught her breath and blew it out and smiled to herself. Before the smoke was gone from the candle she was let go and when she turned around her man was not there.

She righted herself and smoothed her disheveled shirt. ”Happy Birthday to me”, she said to herself as a smile came over her face.

Tara canlı kaçak iddaa left the conference room and looked up and down the halls and it was as if no one had ever been there. She walked back to her office an incredible wetness now between her legs that was only partially sated. She pulled out her chair but didn’t even bother to sit down; she knew she was done working. Shutting off her computer, she grabbed her purse and one of the cupcakes and headed for the door. She took the elevator down to the parking garage and exited into the empty bottom floor. As she walked to the car her mind was still up in the conference room and her juices started flowing again. “I am going to have to take care of this again on the way home” she said out loud to herself.

Tara arrived at her car and unlocked the door. She tossed her bag inside and quickly reached under her skirt and slid off her panties, she wanted the better access for the drive. Just as she was getting her panties off of the second foot, a familiar bulge pushed up against her from behind. This time she did not give a start but an immediate smile lit across her face. When she tried to rise up the man’s hand rested on her back and stopped her in half bend. She felt his other very warm large hand creep up her thigh and push up her skirt.

Tara placed her hands onto the seat of the car in front of her. His hands immediately reached her wetness and she let out a heavy breath as his fingers passed her lips. Having fully exposed her ass to him now she knew what she needed and gave her ass a wiggle, pushing back against him. The man wasted no time and she heard his zipper come down and his pants drop to the hard floor. When his pants dropped, his hot fully hard cock dropped against one of her ass cheeks. She let out a coo and wiggled again, her ass begging for what it desired.

Tara felt him back away and almost protested, but then was greeted with his now throbbing cock parting her slick lips from behind. His shaft quickly invaded her, but it was a welcome conqueror. She couldn’t help but call out, and when the echo of her own cry came back to her, she was canlı kaçak bahis already calling out again in answer. He worked in and out of her slowly, her juices lubing his cock with each push. She wiggled herself back and met each of his thrusts, and heard herself gasp “harder”. He obliged and started to thrust into her like a piston. She kept moaning out, her volume getting louder with each smack of thighs against ass. Tara ducked her head down further and took more of him in. He had hold of her hips now and was pulling into her faster and with more thrust.

Waves of pleasure would be quick in coming to her and she couldn’t resist shooting her hand down to feverishly rub her clit. It was less than a minute later and she heard him gasping for air behind her and she lost it. Her legs began to shake as her climax over took all thoughts and feelings that rested within. She shoved herself back against him as she quivered inside, her pussy milking him as he pushed harder into her. Just then his hands pulled hard against her thighs, pinching her soft skin. He began to cum inside her letting it coat her, but he didn’t stop pumping her. His jerking cock and her fingers still rubbing her clit brought on another quite unexpected orgasm. She knew her knees wouldn’t hold this time. He held her in place, his thrusting getting slower and slower as his hardness began to fade within her.

She was still breathing heavily as she felt him exit her and the void it left within her. She didn’t look back and as she heard him pull up his pants. Standing up she felt his kiss upon her cheek and when she moved her head to kiss him on his lips he had already turned and was walking away. She grinned to herself, her husband trapped in her thoughts, his semen trapped inside her, and she thought she thought he had forgotten. Tara pulled down her skirt, the feel of the shared wetness between her legs making her smile yet again. She sighed and got into her car for the drive home.

As she started the car her cell phone started to ring. Feeling she had her breath together she answered it. “Hello”, she said, her voice only shaking slightly.

“Hi, tis me, trying to keep this dinner warm. I thought you would be home by now, love ya.”

Tara sat in the empty parking garage with the phone to her ear. She didn’t know what to say as her husband’s voice trailed off in the message.

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