The Camp Out Ch. 03

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I wake up a few hours later, stretching and rolling over to your side of the bed. My arm hit nothing but the pillow. This, along with the smell of cooking food, wakes me up. Dragging myself out of the comfort of the bed, I grab another t-shirt and my shorts, quickly throwing them on. I run a brush through my hair, then leave the room to find out what was waiting for me.

I pad, barefoot, to the kitchen and stop short, a small smile spreading across my face. I lean up against the door, watching you moving around the room, oblivious to my presence. From the delicious smell coming from the stove, it seems we were having baked chicken. My stomach rumbles. I abandon my post at the doorway, moving silently up behind you. I chuckle as you jump slightly at my arms wrapped tightly around you, my cheek pressed against your shoulder. “Hiya, big boy,” I purr, kissing your back.

I could hear the smile in your voice as you ask, “Sleep well?” Feeling a little dreamy, I only nod. Groaning, I reluctantly let go of you, stepping back a bit as you turn to face me. Leaning down, you give me a slow, soft kiss, making me want to melt into you. My tummy announces itself in a rather rude way, and I scrunch up my face as I step back. “Don’t worry. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes,” you say.

Turning to the door, I nod, saying, “I’ll be outside, so just come get me.” I disappear out the door, heading to the porch. Once outside, I was awestruck. I had seen it many times as a kid, spending many a lazy summer on my great-aunt’s farm, but the night sky in the middle of nowhere always seemed to amaze me. The cabin was situated in its own little clearing, giving me a perfect view overhead. I sit down on the top step, smiling to myself as I remembered those good times.

I’m not sure how long I sat out there. A short while later you appear at the door, with a plate in hand. Answering my puzzled look, you say, “I figured here would be a nice spot to eat.” Handing me the plate, you smiled and winked before briefly stepping back inside. Moments later, canlı bahis you were sitting with me on the top step, our backs against a support post on either side.

Forgoing the usual niceties, I dig into the chicken casserole-like concoction on my plate with unladylike gusto. When the tummy is hungry, I never ignore it for long. We sit in silence for a while as we finished dinner, setting the plates to the side. Patting my tummy, I smile over at you, saying, “You’re a better cook than I assumed you could be.”

You hold out your hand, whispering, “Come here.” A slight thrill went up my spine. That always seems to happen when you whisper anything to me. Taking your hand, I scoot over until I’m sitting between your legs, my back against your chest. My fingers idly tangle themselves in yours as I looked up at the sky. Turning my head to look up at you, I turn back to look at the sky, saying, “Have you ever seen anything so beautiful in your life?”

You wrap your arms tightly around me, kissing my cheek, growling a bit in my ear. “I can think of at least one right now.” I wiggle closer, sighing happily. Before we get comfortable, you nip my ear, chuckling and saying, “We better clean these dishes up. I’ve got dessert for you inside.” Squealing, I jump up, picking up the plates, saying, “I wash, YOU dry.” I walk inside, stopping short when I saw a fire going in the fireplace. Candles are lit all over the room, the faint scent of vanilla drifts around me.

It had just occurred to me that it was a little cooler than usual, so the fire was a great idea. Heading to the kitchen, we both made quick work of the leftover food and dirty dishes, getting everything in order in record time. Putting your hands on my shoulders, you usher me out to sit on a soft blanket in front of the fire, then you disappear back into the kitchen.

Moments later you return with a bottle of wine and two glasses, bending down to softly kiss me, sitting the bottle and glasses to the side. I reach up to wrap my arms around your neck, but you gently push me bahis siteleri away, smiling. “I’ll be right back,” you whisper. Wondering what you have up your sleeve, I just sit there, waiting for you, my knees tucked under my chin.

“Close your eyes, babe,” you say from the kitchen doorway. Reluctant to do so, I let out a suffering sigh before giving in. I close my eyes tightly, feeling you sit down next to me moments later. I jerk back slightly when I feel something brush my lips. “What the hell???” You chuckle deeply, saying, “I’m sorry, baby. I should have warned you first.” Frowning in the direction of your voice, I say, “Yeah, you do that next time. Now can I open my eyes?”

“Mmmmmmm… Not yet,” is your response. “Okay, here it comes,” you say before pressing something hard and smooth against my lips. Parting my lips, I let my tongue taste whatever it is you’re holding. If it’s on my lips, then it must be something to taste, I reason. Bitter and sweet, the dark chocolate starts melting on my tongue. I purr, smiling a little. “Can I open my eyes now?” I ask, a pleading tone creeping in.

You sigh, not willing to end the game, but relent to my request. “All right. But it won’t be as much fun.” Opening my eyes, I wink at you, growling, “Who says?” Missing the comfort of your body pressed against mine, I practically launch myself into you, landing on top.

Wiggling my hips a little, I purr, saying, “You can tease me all you want with the chocolate and the vanilla and the wine, but I have another game in mind.” I lower my head, covering your lips with mine, my tongue teasing you. I feel your fingers tangle in my hair, your touch reigniting a fire in me. Sitting up, I pant heavily, trying to control myself because I want to take my time with you.

The rise and fall of my chest catches your attention, and you wonder why you hadn’t noticed the absence of my bra earlier. You bring your right hand up, your fingertips caressing my left breast through the thin cotton t-shirt, making me gasp in pleasure. I throw my head back, bahis şirketleri my back arching, bringing my breasts closer to you.

Before I can recover from the jolt rushing through my body, I feel your teeth lightly clamp on my other nipple, your tongue wetting the material of my shirt. I was startled, but highly aroused, by this new sensation, wiggling my body up to press against your mouth more. Your fingers, not content to fondle me through the shirt, slide down my side, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling it up.

I whimper as I feel your fingertips on my back, tracing light circles, tickling me. I wiggle to try to get free, grinding my hips against you, breathless with the extraordinary pleasure such a small movement induced. I need more of you and soon, before I go insane from the torture. I sit up, pushing against you, my hands grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling it over my head. I toss it away, growling, “So you don’t go ruining another shirt, thank you very much!”

“I’m sorry about that, baby,” you whisper huskily, your hands sliding up my thighs and hips. Moving ever so slowly, your fingers lightly caress my bare breasts, my nipples hardening in response. I arch my back, leaning into your hands, my body begging you to keep touching me.

Locking my eyes on yours, I whisper, “I need you, baby. Need to feel you deep inside me.” My hips grind against you, making us both moan from need. Wrapping your arms around me, you roll over until you’re on top of me, my legs wrapped tightly around your waist.

Lowering your head, your mouth hungrily covers mine, our tongues exploring each other. My hands move down your back, my nails lightly grazing you. Finding the bottom of your shirt, I tug it up, trying to get it out of my way, wanting to feel your skin against my body. I break off the kiss, growling in your ear, “I think we really should do something about the clothing issue, baby. It’s becoming a drag.”

You roll off me, pulling your shirt off, your hands going to the zipper on your shorts. In the meantime, I stand up to take my shorts off, my back to you. I kick my shorts to the side, stopping in midturn, moaning softly when I feel your hands on my hips, your lips and tongue caressing the left side of my bottom.

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