Testing Times for Emma

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Could she really go through with this? Her heart pounded as she approached the door. If she knocked and went in, then she would have to follow it through, she knew that. She smoothed down her dark grey business skirt, feeling the clasps of the six-strap suspender belt holding up the shimmering, pale, barely there stockings. Her instructions had been clear, and she knew she wanted to let go, to allow herself to try this experience but it was also a leap of faith. Waiting inside the room was someone who she really wanted to enjoy, and to enjoy her. If she didn’t go in, they would return to the safe relationship they had – fun, but somehow now getting stale. If she went in and failed, could not do what was asked of her, even that safety net would be gone. She looked down at her peep-toe heels, shiny black and, at 4 inches, the highest she had. The only other item she had on was the starched, fitted white blouse and with a start she realised her nipples were already showing she was excited by what may happen. Perhaps that was the sign she needed, for Emma took a deep breath, flicked her auburn hair back into place, and knocked firmly on the door.

“Come in,” the voice inside was familiar, but different; the surroundings making it sound more commanding, more authoritative. Emma shuddered in anticipation, opened the door and went in. The room was a large office, well furnished and warm, inviting if it weren’t for the knowledge of her role in entering it. Two comfortable chairs off to one side surrounded a small table, a number of bookcases on the back wall and starting in the centre, ending near the large full height window was a wide desk, with a semi-circular table attached to one side. Emma noticed the desk and table were clear, the computer screen off to one side, the few papers left also out of the way.

“Close and lock the door, put your bag down and come over to the desk.” The order was given quietly but firmly, the tone brooking no argument, and Emma breathed in as she did what she was told. She knew they were alone at this end of the building, and would be for sometime as the meeting arranged for the other staff had only just started and was expected to last until the end of the day. Emma approached the desk, stood by the chair and waited while eyes wandered up and down her slim body, appreciating openly what she was wearing. The gaze was uninhibited, lustful and brazen, daring her to turn away, to challenge but she remained still. She revelled in the effect this was having on them both. Emma felt her nipples harden further at the thought of the eyes seeking out her hard nubs of flesh. She could feel herself already getting moist, despite all her determination not to give anything away, her own body was conspiring against her. She smiled inwardly as she watched the prowling eyes strip her in their intensity, and thought back to how she had got here.

Only a few days ago, after a pleasant but ultimately frustrating hour or so of sex Emma had groaned, and confessed she wanted more, wanted to be excited and to be taken out of her comfort zone. She didn’t know what that meant, but she knew they had to try something. Oh, the right buttons had been pressed, the stimulation was as good as it always was, and her pussy had welcomed the intrusion, her juices making it easy, but somehow it wasn’t as exciting, as charged as it had been. The routine was good, but it was always just good, the same, or similar enough and predictable enough to make her yell out.

She recalled the discussion even as she stood awaiting her fate. They both agreed, they both felt the same but neither had been confident enough to articulate, each worried they may destroy what they already had by asking for something new, something the other may not like and may react against if asked for. How had she agreed to this? To be at his mercy, to do only as she was told? The payback was to come later, her ideas, her desires were next and if these worked, they have new scenarios to play on, new ways of catching each other out. She shivered in anticipation as the eyes continued to wander over every inch of her firm body, admiring the clothes, the figure, the poise, the body underneath known oh so well, but not known under these circumstances.

Andy slid his chair back from his desk and indicated that Emma should come to him. She stood on unsure legs, and then made her way towards his desk, wondering what he had in mind but committed to following through with this. Now that her decision had been made, she started to feel surer of herself, confident in her attractiveness to him and excited by the shared desire to re-awaken their sex life. Emma knew he found her sexy and attractive, but was not aware that on this occasion her pleasure was Andy’s first goal. Andy watched as Emma’s face betrayed the anticipation mingled with excitement and desire inside her. Emma was surprised to feel the developing wetness between her thighs. She was startled to realise her body had been ready for this long before her mind had been.

Andy illegal bahis indicated that Emma was to sit on the desk in front of him. “Please lift your skirt, show me what you are wearing…” Andy said as Emma started to sit down. Emma knew this was part of the test, the orders, the agreement between them that had been made. She had followed it, daring for her but oh so thrilling, and she had gone further than he had ordered, making the journey to his office even more arousing. She smiled seductively at Andy, and then raised her skirt showing Andy that she had complied, and she wore nothing beneath her short grey business skirt. Andy raised his eyebrows at the sight in front of him, and then smiled, staring hungrily at the smooth, naked pussy on view for his eyes to feast on.

Emma had risked going smooth for the first time in her life, the thrill of preparing for this had been enough to send shivers down her spine, but now Andy was admiring her work, she was a little nervous of his reaction. She need not have worried, the smile and the nod of approval sending a warm feeling through her pussy. The need for approval of her actions and her body was overwhelming, and a new sensation for this normally confident and authoritative woman. Emma now sat on the edge of Andy’s desk with her skirt up around her rounded hips, her legs slightly spread showing off her stockings, pale thighs above them and that shaven mound above her already moist lips. She had no idea what he wanted her to do, but knew he would get around to instructing her when he was ready.

Andy slid his chair in towards her, moving a little bit closer but not close enough to touch her.

“Put your feet here,” Andy suddenly said, indicating the arms of the chair he sat in. Emma raised her legs further and complied, her heeled shoes resting on the arms of the chair, her feet and calves now available for Andy to toy with. The action opened her thighs up, leaving her completely exposed to Andy’s hungry gaze. Emma’s pussy was already anticipating a touch, a mouth, anything that he wanted to do to her as long as he did something, the expectation was unexpectedly arousing her more than she had realised!

Andy looked up from her pussy, which was already glistening wet with the anticipation of what might be to come. He held her gaze, compelling Emma to look into his eye for a moment, and then said, “Masturbate.”

Emma gasped, the order so unexpected, so out of her comfort zone she was momentarily lost. “Sorry, you mean…?” Emma spoke, confused but already her pussy was giving her away as it glistened with moisture released involuntarily at the exciting thought of exposing herself to him in this way.

“Touch yourself, Emma. I want to watch you pleasure yourself,” Andy said clearly, watching her face as she processed the order.

All sorts of emotions passed across Emma’s face and through her mind. “Oh god, he wants to watch me get myself off. How utterly… delightful”. Her final thought, her realisation that this was indeed going to be delightful, washed over her and she took a shaky breath, closed her eyes and slid one hand down her body to her exposed pussy.

“No no, Emma, you cannot escape me that way,” Andy said darkly. “Open your eyes and watch me watching you. I want you to know that it is ME that is making you do this.”

Emma’s eyes opened and met Andy’s stern gaze, her hand stilled before it reached her moistening slit. She still wasn’t sure she could do this, watching him, knowing all the time he was looking. She had hoped to lose herself in the act, think of herself at home doing this, as she had done many times before, but he was not going to let her. Emma hesitated, feeling very vulnerable and exposed before the newly powerful man sitting in front of her, a man she thought she knew but was now surprising her, arousing her in ways she didn’t know he could. Understanding in a flash that this was what they had spoken about and needed, she relaxed and smiled, knowing she could now do anything he asked, knowing that this was the way forward for them, trying anything in this trusting position and not judging each other on anything, just taking the erotic arousal as it came.

“Relax, Emma…I promise you will enjoy this as much as, if not more than I,” Andy whispered to her, stroking his hand idly up and down her stocking covered calf. This was enough, the silky feeling under his hand started to raise his cock even more and it was a growing bulge in his trousers as he sat watching her face. Her slim calves felt firm to the touch, and Emma relaxed as his fingers played the flesh, roaming up and down without ever approaching her pussy. That was to be left to her to touch.

Andy watched her face, and saw the decision being made. Emma was too far gone to back out now, and slowly she began to masturbate, all the while looking at Andy as he watched her hand on her pussy, gazing intently as she started to play. Every so often Andy would glance up at Emma’s face for a moment, and then his gaze would illegal bahis siteleri return between her thighs.

Emma was getting more and more aroused, it was incredibly hot, knowing that Andy was watching her, knowing that she was doing this for him and at his command. She began to get more and more excited, and the look on her face told Andy that she was starting to feel the tension building; maybe she could feel the first deep throbs inside her that she told him she felt when she was getting really turned on. Emma now masturbated freely, using the techniques she had quietly perfected on herself over the years without Andy and others. Emma knew how her body reacted, knew best how to get to her orgasm speedily. Using her first and third finger to hold her pussy lips wide open, she swirled her middle finger around her pulsing clit in slow hard circles, dipping every now and then to her throbbing, wet hole to collect more and more of the juices that were now flowing freely out of her sopping pussy.

Biting her lip as the sensations began to build inside her, Emma kept her eyes on Andy. He was completely enthralled by what was happening directly in front of him. He was sitting quietly in his chair, Emma’s legs widespread around him, heels on the arms, stocking showing as her hands worked more and more furiously at her swollen sex. Andy’s breathing was harder than before, and his blue eyes held a hard glitter that Emma recognised – the sure sign of his arousal. Emma was revelling in the pure exhibitionism, a raw feeling, a new feeling for her. Letting go, allowing herself to be under his control, to agree to this, these were new feelings and brought an exquisite feeling to the whole scenario. Emma knew she would be coming within seconds, and she was struggling to contain the quiet moans she had been holding back.

“Yes…” Andy whispered, leaning forward to get a closer look at her pussy as she began to peak. “Go with it Emma, go wherever you want…..”

The orgasm crashed over her, her thighs spasming around Andy as her clit throbbed hard under her frantic fingers. Just as she began to slow her finger motions, almost as if allowing herself to come down from the orgasm, Andy lifted her hand and slid his own middle finger deep inside her soaking, steaming pussy, crooking it up to hit Emma’s G spot. Andy was rewarded with a loud yelling and Emma’s pussy spasmed again. Andy continued to play, and Emma unconsciously began circling her clit again, riding the new sensations higher. Andy’s finger pulsed rhythmically inside her, trying to keep time with the swirls Emma was performing on her own clit.

Abruptly, Andy stood up, and pushed Emma down onto her back across his desk, keeping his finger firmly in place in her slippery folds. He watched Emma’s face as they both continued to finger her sopping pussy, the juices flowing constantly, lubricating her lips, spreading out and around her whole pussy and up onto her clit. Emma seemed to lock eyes with Andy, lifting her hips in time to his constant, persistent, rhythmic finger movements inside her. Emma used her own finger as fast as she could on her clit, working her sensitive bud hard to reach that elusive multiple orgasm.

Emma hooked one of her legs around Andy’s hips, locking the two together as they worked feverishly at her steaming pussy. Andy stroked her stocking covered calf, then held her other leg up and away to the side as Emma gripped the edge of the desk with her left hand and thrust her hips up hard to take Andy’s finger as deep as she could.

Andy briefly pulled his finger out of Emma’s pussy, and then slid two inside. The fuller feeling intensified the secondary orgasm that was building inside her, and Emma was begging with her eyes for the release. Andy could hear Emma begin to whimper with the need to come again, mewls coming from her throat as her lips were locked tight together.

Finally Emma rocketed over the edge, hearing Andy whisper “yes…yes…that’s it gorgeous.” Afterwards Emma would recall her vision going blind with the second orgasm. She knew her eyes were open, but she remembered everything as a blur, and was aware of nothing but the fireworks exploding in her body. Her thighs clamped together, trapping both her own and Andy’s hand between them. Emma’s body convulsed, jerking on the desk with the force of the contractions sweeping through her, her chest heaving with each breath before exploding out of her mouth with a growl, a scream, and finally a moan of passion.

As Emma seemed to float down from the monster orgasm, she could see Andy still watching her face intently. He had a look of complete control but combined with total contentment. Emma took one long slow breath, trying to bring her body back under her own control, relaxing her leg from around Andy even as he held the other high and wide, and slowly teased her overflowing cunt. Emma shifted with each touch, the two orgasms making her sensitive to such an insistent pressure.

Finally Andy slipped his fingers out Emma, canlı bahis siteleri and she moaned quietly. “That was amazingly well done Emma,” he said, leaning forward over her prostrate form. He offered her his fingers, coated with her juices, and she arched her eyebrows. “All yours…. and we go on. I haven’t finished with you yet.” Emma sat up and did as she was instructed, taking each finger into her mouth, licking and sucking them tenderly, savouring the new, the slightly salty sweet taste of her own cum in front of someone else for the first time. As she did so, Andy whispered, “I like the way your face looks when you come, so I am going to watch you again and again… you must stay focussed on me, keep your eyes open even if it is difficult, I want to watch that pleasure time and time again… starting now.”

Andy took her hand, and stood her up next to his desk. He sat down in his chair again and turned Emma around so that her back faced him, the shimmering pale nylon highlighting her firm calves on their heeled shoes. Her short, tight business skirt had fallen back into place and hugged her taut ass cheeks, the stocking tops just visible below the hem of Emma’s skirt.

“Bend down over my desk,” came the order.

Emma heard the change in his voice, the unusual authority he got into it taking over her senses. It seemed so natural, so easy for Andy now to dominate her will. Although the reality was that they both knew these were roles, the ease of which they adopted them for each other’s pleasure had already hinted that this would not be the last time a game was played, and a challenge was taken up. Even though Emma knew she would be the one getting the most pleasure out of this, Andy’s own orgasm always seemed secondary to him…more like a happy accident of Andy getting his way. Emma had never had a man concentrate so single-mindedly on her pleasure, and it was stimulating, arousing, and raising her excitement to new heights as she lay on his desk waiting for his next order. She wondered if Andy had got a cane or whip in his desk, and with that thought came unbidden a warming between her thighs, her pussy leaking more fluids as her excitement ratcheted up another notch. Would he spank her? Just how much interest in dominating, in controlling or even punishing was inside Andy – Emma shivered and waited her fate.

Emma’s knees quivered with anticipation as Andy bent her over and rested her upper body across his desk. It was the perfect height, hitting Emma right at hip level, and she saw quickly that Andy’s chair put his face at just the right height as well. Emma said afterwards she wondered in passing if Andy had planned it that way, but the question flew out of her head as she felt Andy’s hands stroking the back of her thighs, teasing the nylon and the suspender straps, toying with the soft, silky flesh above the stocking tops.

Andy slid his hands up the back of Emma’s legs, starting at her calves, just above her ankles and working towards the top of her thighs, under the hem of that business skirt and on to where thigh started to turn into ass cheek. On the way, Andy took her tight skirt up, exposing her ass and pussy, the benefit of not wearing underwear apparent yet again. Andy murmured in approval at the perfect pair of pussy lips spread before him the firm ass cheeks exposed and the tight rosebud of her rear hole, as yet untouched.

Once Emma was exposed and in perfect position, Andy wasted no time. His hands cupped her ass, and he curled his thumbs in to pull apart her outer pussy lips, exposing Emma ever more fully. Emma had to step her legs a bit further apart, wanting to make it easier for her man to enter her, or eat her, or do whatever else he wanted to do, she was his toy. The excitement coiled in her belly, and she gripped the edge of the desk to keep herself from shaking as he worked on her wide open cunt. Finally, at last she silently cried, and a quiet groan slipped from her lips as she felt Andy’s warm breath on her dripping slit.

Andy’s tongue softly touched Emma, starting at her clit and licking in one swift, sweeping move up to her rear hole. Another moan came from Emma, and she closed her eyes to absorb herself in the feelings enveloping her, to really feel Andy’s mouth on her. Thinking Andy couldn’t see her face, she could get away with it, but the movement of Andy’s mouth on her sopping pussy stopped, and she heard Andy’s commanding, “Eye’s open, I want you to see and feel everything… look forward and you will be rewarded.”

Emma looked and saw two things which startled her, and aroused her so quickly that she felt a warm gush as her muscles contracted and her juices flowed to the outer edges of her already flooded pussy. The mirror just to the left of her sight had been placed perfectly, and she could see her face, her prostrate form over Andy’s desk and realised Andy could watch her expressions as he worked her into a frenzy. What had really startled her was the recognition that she was visible to anyone who could look into Andy’s office from across the road, and that she had been visible all the time he had made her take herself to orgasm! She saw Andy smile as he had watched her face and seen the dawning of this spread across her familiar, attractive features.

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