(Take) a Walk on the Wild Side Ch. 02

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# This may or may not be my last ever erotic story. Although my circumstances have changed for the better I have finally run out of ideas; apart from a possible part III to this story! # Love from Amy XX


The days after our night at the Swingers Club were weird; Connie and I didn’t talk about what had happened until the Tuesday night after we’d fucked and sucked each other to another to a standstill for the third night in a row.

While we were getting our breath back I asked Connie if she wanted to go back to the Magpie Club. I pretty much knew the answer but felt that she was demurely waiting for me to bring up the subject.

Still panting for breath she turned her head away from me; then whispered, “Are you sure you would want to go back? After…..after what…..I……did….on Saturday?”

I chuckled and moved into the spoons position just as my todger began to twitch again.

“Jesus; Connie…..that’s WHY I want to go back!” I giggled and nudged my stiffening dick between her arse cheeks. She turned her head as she parted her thighs.

“But…….what if I……lose control again?” She hesitantly asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

“I want you to lose control again.” I giggled as I cupped her sweaty tit and began willing my cock to get hard again. “You’ve seen how turned on I’ve been this week…..watching you get fucked so many times was….. fucking amazing!”

“Really?” She sounded astonished as she rolled her hips and began grinding against my still soft cock.

“We didn’t even fuck this often before we were married!” I laughed and squeezed her tit quite firmly, “Of course I enjoyed watching you getting roasted!”

As usual I couldn’t actually get hard enough to fuck my wife a second time so played with her stiff clitoris until she had her third orgasm of the night, as I reminder her of all the dirty things she had done at the Swingers Club.

We spent the next two days frantically trying to get a babysitter that wouldn’t ask too many questions about a late night out — which ruled out my mother! No one was available or willing to stay so late on a Saturday. We were both absolutely gutted.

Instead we ordered a take-away; drank copious amounts of red wine and watched and read loads of porn on the internet. I nearly wore the batteries out on Connie’s vibrater as she sucked me dry and I fucked her silly with her sex toy; but it wasn’t the real thing and I knew Connie wanted cock; real cock….and lots of them. I had to organise something for the following week…or else she’d explode with sexual frustration.

It took some arranging but we finally persuaded my sister to let her teenage daughter Rose, to stay the night and look after our daughter after spinning a spurious yarn about visiting friends quite a long way away. It was to cost us £25, a pizza and the promise that we would be home by 2am.

To aid her already rampant libido I suggested a vow of abstinence from Thursday night so she would be even more sexually ravenous. I was a little disappointed; but the prospect of watching my wife at the Magpie Club after two and a half days without sex more than made up for it.

Everything went according to plan and my 16 year old niece duly arrived on time. We left Rose to order Pizza as we got dressed. Connie wouldn’t let me see her new underwear and got dressed after I used the bedroom. When she finally appeared in the hallway I gasped with delight. My darling wife was wearing her short cream Macintosh that ended about three inches above her knees and with the belt pulled tight highlighting her curvaceous body. I had to look twice because I couldn’t see a skirt or dress, just black fishnets and a pair of really tarty red platform shoes from Top Shop. Her hair was swept forward onto her face in and she was sporting scarlet lipstick on her pouting lips.

My hand was slapped away when I tried to open the Mac to check if she was wearing a skirt.

“Ooh! You look fantastic!” Rose gulped when she saw her Auntie; “Where are you going dressed like that?”

We told her the agreed white lie and made our way to the Magpie Club. As soon as I pulled the car off the drive Connie unfastened her coat to reveal that she was only wearing tarty red nylon underwear — no dress or outer clothes! Connie soon became more and more agitated the nearer we got; constantly squirming in the passenger seat; fighting the urge to put her hand between her legs to relieve the tension.

I parked the car behind the Club and with a huge intake of air punched my special code number into the entry system. As the door opened I looked at Connie who was looking quite anxious.

“Are you okay?” I nervously asked.

She nodded and gave me a thin smile before pushing the door open. Once inside a chubby transvestite dressed as Marilyn Monroe approached us and asked for our membership card. Satisfied we were fully paid up members he/she took the bottle of vodka from me and offered us drinks as he/she took Connie’s coat. My illegal bahis heart was in my mouth as 7 or 8 people watched my wife slide out of her coat and stand nonchalantly in the entrance lobby of the club just wearing a cheap transparent red nylon bra and panties with a matching suspender belt holding up her black fishnet stockings. She looked like a 2-bob tart and I loved her more at that moment than at any other time in our lives. When she took her glass of wine I spotted that her pubes were completely bald beneath the red nylon knickers.

We moved into the bar as Connie gulped down her large Vodka and Orange much to the amusement of Marilyn who instantly brought her another.

We were soon in conversation with a couple called Sonny and Cheryl. Sonny was shorter than me; mixed race with lots of tattoos and a big fat belly. His wife was tall and skinny with huge false boobs and bleached blonde hair with lots of tacky jewellery. Sonny was showing us his tattoos when Ralph and Lauren appeared. They greeted us like long lost friends and both hugged and kissed Connie; with Ralph openly squeezing her arse.

The six of us chatted for a few minutes and after a third Vodka in half an hour Connie visibly relaxed with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Ralph was soon whispering in Connie’s ear making it clear that he’d enjoyed his time with her on our last visit and was now looking forward to another night of passion. As Connie was already only wearing her underwear Lauren suggested that she and Cheryl go upstairs and ‘get ready for action.’ Connie needed the loo and left with the other two girls, closely followed by Ralph who was rubbing his hands with unbridled glee; leaving me with Sonny who talked about his tattoo shop and some of the work he did.

“Ta da!” Lauren giggled as the three women made their entrance 5 minutes later, pouting and dancing in their sexy underwear to the delight of the dozen or so men around me. Cheryl was wearing a leopard print Basque, matching briefs, black seamed nylons and black heels; I hadn’t noticed previously but both of her nipples were pierced and had gold rings through them. Lauren was only wearing black silk French knickers and patterned black hold-ups. My eyes were only on my wife. She was beyond stunning…..in a slutty kind of way, compared to the other two women. She later told me she felt exactly how she looked — cheap and slutty.

Ralph was stood in the middle with his arms around Connie and Cheryl running his hands all over their tits and arses making the girls giggle and writhe.

“If you gentlemen don’t mind,” Ralph chortled, “I shall repair to a boudoir with these ladies to get the evening off to a good start. You are welcome to follow and watch.”

Connie’s eyes were twinkling and she began rubbing her tits against the older man while suggestively licking a gold ring in his nipple; Cheryl soon followed my wife’s lead as Lauren rubbed her tits against Connie’s back and slid her hand down the front of my wife’s pants. Connie didn’t flinch. A moment or two later the foursome were running upstairs two at a time with Ralph and Lauren slapping the younger women’s arses on the way.

I stayed in the bar with Sonny admiring the view as a series of women pole danced and a chubby middle-aged couple snogged on a sofa in the corner. After 10 minutes or so I wandered into the changing room and put my clothes into a locker and nonchalantly wandered around the rooms…..desperately looking for Connie. It took a couple of rooms but I found them. Ralph was lying naked on the bed with the three women writhing on top of him; stroking, kissing and fingering each other while taking it in turns to suck his cock.

My balls immediately began to ache and my cock sprung to life in my new black boxers as Connie looked like she was in her element as Lauren had her head between her legs and was lapping at my wife’s cunt through her nylon panties. She in turn was suckling on Cheryl’s plastic tits and fingering her while she was sucking the old man’s long cock. Ralph cheekily waved me into the room when he saw me. I shook my head and grinned. I didn’t want to interfere with their fun.

Cheryl raised her head off the cock and the women all changed positions. Connie lunged at the vacant cock and began hungrily sucking it as Lauren pulled her panties to one side and lapped at my wifes’ freshly shaven slit. My wife quickly raised her knee to accommodate the other woman’s face between her legs. Not to be left out Cheryl sat on Ralphs face and sexily played with the other women’s tits.

I was soon desperate for relief as my balls felt like coconuts. I turned away only to find Sonny behind me with only a small towel wrapped around his waist. His body was nearly all covered in brightly coloured tattoos and he too had both nipples pierced.

“Fucking great. Eh?” He winked at me. I smiled and nodded. “I fucking love all that lezza stuff….fucking love it!” He continued. Unable to speak I smiled again.

“I’m fucking joining in.” illegal bahis siteleri He gleefully told me as he rubbed his hands together, “your missus looks a right fucking fuck-bucket!” Then he winked and smirked; “Aren’t you going to have a pop?”

“No.” I faintly told him, “I’m happy watching.” My stomach turned as the words left my mouth; but it was true. After only two nights I knew that watching my wife having sweaty anonymous sex with virtual strangers was ‘my thing’.

My new fat, tattooed friend was now man handling Connie on the bed between Cheryl and Ralph. My once demure wife just grinned and immediately pulled his towel off to reveal a bloody big cock. Connie raised her eyebrows and wrapped both hands around the thickening shaft. Sonny began mauling her tits through the cheap red nylon and chewing on her stiff nipples as she wanked him with two hands. Lauren and Cheryl were now in a full embrace either side of Ralph who was stroking Connie between her legs. It was an amazing sight.

Sonny soon grabbed her hair and pulled her head down until his cock was rubbing against her face. He looked over at me standing in the doorway and winked then tightened his grip on her hair until she opened her mouth then he jerked forward until his fat cock made my wife gag and try to recoil. Still smirking at me he pulled her back into place with her mouth fully impaled on his cock. He made an ‘angry face’ and began rocking back and forth fucking her mouth as she took her weight on her wrists. Now on all fours Ralph slid a finger or two inside her red panties and straight into her cunt. She wriggled her hips until she was comfortable then let the two men abuse her.

I was in voyeuristic Heaven as Ralph began licking Cheryl’s pussy as he fingered Connie who was sucking Sonny’s dick while he fingered Lauren who was still kissing and sucking Cheryl’s pneumatic tits. I was nonchalantly stroking my dick through my cotton boxers; desperately trying to not make myself cum too soon; but it was difficult as the scenario in the bedroom played out for nearly five minutes before Cheryl and Lauren got a bit bored and moved off the bed. Connie appeared more than happy to continue but Sonny looked like he was expected to stop at the same time as his wife. All five kissed and cuddled as the men covered their groins with towels and they all filtered out of the room. Connie’s eyes were sparkling like diamonds when she kissed me on the lips.

“What do you want to do now?” She excitedly asked me.

“Whatever you want; Sweetheart.” I whispered as she hugged me. “This is your place; not mine.”

She smiled then wrinkled her nose like she did when we first met and shrugged her shoulders.

“How about the Glory Hole room?” Connie smiled. I nodded and led her to the room, which was conveniently empty. Five seconds later she was sucking on a fat anonymous cock. I flitted between the two rooms watching Connie suck four different cocks and the room next door where the men where. It was outstanding seeing the men’s reactions as my darling wife tried to deep throat them and especially when they spunked into her mouth or onto her tits. I felt dirty and elated in equal measures. Soon a woman in her sixties was itching to take Connie’s place

“I love you!” Connie chuckled before kissing me on the lips and pushing her spunk covered tongue into my mouth.

Suddenly a familiar voice cackled, “Come on sexy!” As Sonny grabbed Connie’s arse, “The big fella tells me you like the old pole dance!”

“Should I?” My wife giggled. I smiled and nodded. The next thing I saw was Sonny jiggling her tits as they both scurried down the stairs giggling like naughty school kids.

I wandered around the upstairs rooms for half an hour watching people of all ages cavorting in as many different ways as their bodies would allow. But all I really wanted to do was see what my gorgeous wife was up to.

The lounge area was busier than I’d expected so I went to the bar and ordered a cola; scanning the room for Connie. I eventually saw her sitting on an Asian guys’ lap in an armchair in the corner with an arm around his neck and her leg curled over the side meaning that her legs were spread wide apart; giving him ample room to stroke her obviously soaking pussy through the nylon of her panties. Connie was laughing at something another Asian man said then took a big mouthful of vodka. As I took the scene in; I checked the Asian guy out. He was in his thirties, tall and very good looking with shoulder length thick black hair and a well manicured beard. He had two expensive looking gold chains around his neck and a watch that looked more expensive than our car. He was very hairy from his legs up through his stomach and across his chest; a bit like a brown Magnum PI; which must have turned Connie on the moment she set eyes on him. From his colour and features I guessed that he was Pakistani. Either side of the chair were two more Pakistani looking men; one older and one younger. The older one was quite canlı bahis siteleri tall and had grey flecked hair and a goatee beard. Like the seated guy he looked very fit with a flat stomach. The other chap was shorter and had a big belly that hung over his shorts.

All four looked in good spirits with Connie giggling like a schoolgirl and playfully slapping the men as they teased her and playfully grabbed at her boobs. At one stage she made fun of the bearded man by bouncing on his lap and shaking her hair, pretending to have a ‘When Harry Met Sally’ moment. He responded by grabbing both tits at the same time and violently shaking them making Connie squeal with glee.

She gulped down the last of her drink then waved the empty glass at the chubby fellow. As he made his way next to me at the bar Connie whispered something into her new friend’s ear. He grinned and grabbed her crotch, sliding a long finger past her panties and into her hole. She hardly noticed as she kept whispering.

Out of nowhere, Ralph and Sonny appeared at my side.

“She’s fucking insatiable, isn’t she?” Ralph chuckled.

“I told him before,” the tattooed Sonny chortled, “She’s a right fucking fuck-bucket.” I nervously smiled as he continued, “It looks like she’s after a bit of curry sauce now.” The two men laughed as I blushed. “Does she like a chocolate cock?” Sonny asked as he slapped my shoulder.

“She’s never done anything like this before.” I croaked through a dry throat. “It doesn’t look like it!” Sonny tormented me and nudged me in the ribs with his elbow, “I bet you haven’t got a clue how many cocks she’s had when you are at work.” Ralph smirked at Sonny’s quip and I blushed.

“Who are they?” I asked as Connie began rubbing her arse in a circular motion on the Pakistani’s crotch and stroking a bulge in the older man’s underpants.

“Waqar has a few mobile phone shops and stuff.” Ralph replied, “He tries to get here every couple of weeks and usually brings a couple of his managers — as a reward or something.” He grinned then looked across at my wife squirming on his friends’ lap as he openly fingered her in front of everyone in the lounge. “It’s a bit of an incentive scheme.”

“Oh?” Was all I could manage in reply?

On the fat mans’ return with her drink, Connie stood up and brazenly adjusted her knickers before she took her glass. Waqar was now standing next to her and took Connie’s hand then winked across the room to Ralph as all four walked out of the lounge; presumably to find a vacant room.

“Off you go then.” Ralph laughed and gave me a gentle push. I was virtually shaking with excitement as I followed at a discrete distance. All I could think was that I hoped that Connie would keep to our agreement and not go into any of the ‘locked rooms’. It shames me that the agreement wasn’t necessarily for her safety but so that I could watch whatever sex acts she got up to.

At the top of the staircase I could see that they were waiting outside the Purple Room with the two way mirror. Connie had already dispensed with her bra and all three men were stroking and fiddling with her luscious body as she sipped her vodka and orange and occasionally stroked a stiff cock through their pants.

After 10 minutes or so; the 5 previous occupants made their way past Connie and her 3 male friends who all had their hands inside her pants.

I rushed into the neighbouring room to see 5 or 6 people watching through the window; so I politely edged my way to the left hand corner and could see Connie already on her knees fondling two of the Pakistani men’s cocks while Waqar rubbed his long ebony cock across her smiling face. I was stunned at how big his cock was. I’d seen enough porn to know that black guys often have great big cocks but Pakistani guys? Waqar was waving a cock and half in front of Connie’s face. It must have easily been 7 or 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist. My other surprise was how dark it was — nearly black as it poked out from a forest of pubic hair. In a couple of seconds she was greedily sucking it and rubbing the other two cocks against her tits. All three men were joking and laughing as my wife acted like a cheap tart, sucking licking and fondling three Pakistani cocks. Satisfied that she was a willing slut, Waqar appeared to tell her to stand up and turn away from them. She complied; turning away from the men she leaned forward facing the mirror, resting her hands on the bed but keeping her legs straight. The wealthy Pakistani businessman slowly ran his brown hand up the inside of her fishnet covered legs three or four times until he finally rested his long thick fingers against her pussy. Connie was grinning like the Cheshire Cat as Waqar said something to make her widen her stance, then immediately threw her head back as it looked like he was shoving three or fingers up her slit. When he pulled his fingers out; he removed her red nylon pants as the other two men lay either side of her and nuzzled and squeezed her dangling tits.

I was in a daze watching the scenario in the other room when an anonymous hand slid inside my pants and squeezed my stiff dick. Startled I turned to see the TV Marilyn; that had greeted us on our entrance standing next to me with his hand stroking my dick.

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