Tahoe Hotel

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In South Lake Tahoe lived Nick. Nick is a six foot two inch man with a square build. He looked like he would do well on a football team, which he was in high school. Nick moved to Tahoe because he was told that it was a nice place to live. He moved there from a small town in Arizona. The money he spent to move was for an apartment that he hated and the moving of his things. He got a job in Harrah’s Casino as a Slot Auditor just before the purchase of the Harvey’s properties. Six months later he lost the apartment and moved into a weekly rent motel right on Stateline Avenue.

About a month later he started dating the daughter of the manager. The relationship went nowhere, but he met and got to know the management family. They loved him. After the mutual break up with the daughter, she moved away and they offered the assistant manager position she had to him. It allowed him to pay a hundred less per week or two hundred less from payday to payday.

His job at Harrah’s was done on four days for ten hours a day, so he was able to cover the office one day and still have two day to do errands and relax. Besides covering the office while the family went out and did things wasn’t very hard. Most of the time was spent watching TV.

At Harrah’s the audit department was divided into two parts, gaming and non-gaming. In the gaming side of things there were two parts, slots with keno and all other gaming: table games, cage, and poker. There were a few in the non-gaming, too many that Nick didn’t pay attention to all of them. The ones he knew were hotel and comp. Part of the reason he knew those parts was that he had friends in both.

One in particular he talked to almost daily. She worked in Comp audit. Her name was Sasha. Nick and Sasha enjoyed each other’s company, but never dated. The top of her head was at the bottom of his nose. She was a mother of one. Her son’s father was an ass to her so she broke up with him.

Her strawberry blonde hair fell to just below her shoulders if she ever let it down from the ponytail she always wore. She was having trouble losing the baby weight, especially in the stomach and hips. If he had to guess at her measurements, he would have said 34B-28-38.

One day in late July, while he was visiting the family after work at Harrah’s, the family asked if he could cover the office for a whole weekend in mid September. He said he would check into it, since they were asking so they could go out of town for a special anniversary. With much finagling and trading of days he was able to get the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of that weekend off. He was going to have to work seven days straight afterwards and two days before.

The last two days of work at Harrah’s, before he was to take up residence in the manager’s abode for the weekend, he complained a little, to anyone who would listen, about how boring working the office was going to be. The weather was great, but it was early in the school year so there weren’t going to be that many people coming into town.

Just before leaving for the day on Thursday, Sasha told Nick that she would stop by to help pass the time, by hanging out with him. That made him perk up as he walked to the office. The family was going to be leaving that night to drive to Pahrump, NV.

“Hey, Nick, everything’s ready,” said the mother. “The bedroom’s locked so you’ll have to sleep and shower in number seven.”

“The same room where I had to go when the hot water was off across the street?”

“Yep.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek as she passed him to join the rest of the family in the rented van. “Have fun and don’t get into any trouble.” He just smiled and waved as they left, then he went to watch TV.

That evening he didn’t even sell a room and didn’t see anyone in the office. At eleven, when the office was supposed to close, he locked up and went to room number seven. The room was the largest of all the rooms with two queen beds in the main room, another queen bed in a smaller separate room, and an undersized bathroom with toilet, small sink and counter, and tight shower stall. He crawled into bed after undressing and was asleep quickly.

Seven in the morning was tough for him to do when he had to go to work at Harrah’s, but it was even harder when he knew that he wasn’t going to see anyone until at least five that afternoon. He shuffled around cleaning himself, then opening the office. He plopped on the couch the family had in the living room behind the office and turned on the TV. Half an hour later he was asleep, but not too deep. He woke at around ten feeling a whole lot better.

Shortly after waking the ‘maid’ for the motel came into the office to get into the laundry room at the back of the building. Nick ran back there and opened the door, then returned to the living room. He checked the office before sitting down. Standing at the counter was Sasha. She had her hair down and was wearing a loose teal t-shirt, he couldn’t see what she was wearing blow because of the counter.

“Hi, illegal bahis Nick.” She smiled and hit the bell on the counter to mess with him.

“Sasha, how are you doing?” He smiled and entered the office. Only then did he notice that she was standing a little taller. She never wore heels to the office, so he was pleasantly surprised that she was wearing them now.

“Doing great. I’m here. Just like I promised.” She grinned and continued, “So am I allowed back there?”

“Sure,” he said and moved to the low door to pull it open. He moved behind the counter and waved her through. She stepped behind the counter and pushed the door closed as he took her in. Sasha was wearing a knee length skirt slightly darker than the shirt and her heels were the exact color of the shirt.

“Nice outfit,” he complimented. “Nothing like mine.” He waved at his Star Wars t-shirt and denim shorts. She glanced at him and smirked. He ushered her into the living area. She sat in the big chair that matched the couch as Nick said, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Not at the moment, thank you.” He nodded then dropped onto the couch. “How is this done?”

“How is what done?”

“Running the office.”

“Oh, that’s easy. We sit here until a guest comes in to rent a room then we rent the room. The room rates are listed on the counter out there,” he waved to the door to the office, “and we either run the card or take the cash. Most of the guests will pay with card, but there is a drawer of money in there.”

She sat back, kicking her shoes off and said, “Cool. I want to try once, just because I’m here.” He shrugged, as his way of saying he didn’t care. “What do we do now though?” She was toying with the neckline of the shirt.

“Hang out and watch TV or maybe a movie. Are you sure you don’t want something to drink?”

“Any beer?”

“Not here, but I do have some in my place across the street.”

“Oh. Then I’ll take some water.”

“I can run across and get some. No problem. Meant to do it last night, anyway.” He hopped up and said, “I’ll just lock the door and post the back in twenty sign, then go get it.”

“What if I want to get out of the building while you’re gone?”

“Just follow me and I’ll show you a way out. If you want to leave that is.” He grinned at her and headed down the only hallway in the manager’s living area. She shrugged and followed, grabbing her keys on the way. He pointed to a door on the right and said, “The bathroom is through this door and to the right.” They continued straight for a couple more feet, through a lockable door, then descended a flight of ten stairs. At the bottom was the laundry room. The ‘maid’ was not there.

They exited, he turned left and she right. He ran off to get the beer taking the stairs to his place two at a time. He was acting like a kid in a candy store. Just the thought that he was going to hang out with a woman that he was crushing on was almost overwhelming.

Nick started crushing on Sasha just after she told him that she and her kid’s father had broken up. He had created a CD that was all love songs and left it on her desk on one of the days he worked and she didn’t. He spent a lot more time talking with her. He had liked her before, thought she was attractive and maybe fantasized about her, but it wasn’t until after the news did he start pushing into her life more.

Once they met up with a few other friends and did karaoke. Another time one of the casinos was opening a new restaurant and gave all the employees a free meal there prior to it opening to the public. Nick and Sasha were supposed to have gone with a few others from the audit department, but it ended up being just the two of them. They enjoyed the restaurant and each other’s company.

In his fridge was two cases of aluminum cans, one of beer and the other of Dew. He grabbed the case of beer and a couple movies that he meant to grab before going to the office the night before. He ran back to the laundry room. Sasha wasn’t there, but he figured he was going to be gone longer than her. He entered and went to the kitchen. The beer went into the fridge then he went to the living room. Sasha wasn’t there, either. That confused him. He reasoned it out while he opened the office again.

As he stepped back into the living room, he heard the door outside the bathroom open and close. He sat down and started channel surfing while waiting to see whether that was her leaving the room to come back out or did she just go in there. It in fact was her leaving the bathroom. The sound of a heel hitting the uncarpeted kitchen floor was the first thing that told him that.

“The beer’s in the fridge, Sash,” he called. He had found Sports Center. He wanted to know how his teams were doing.

“I don’t need a beer right now,” she said into his ear. She had leaned down to put herself right next to him. He started because he wasn’t expecting to hear her right next to him. He glanced back breathing hard. She had smirked illegal bahis siteleri and stepped to the end of the couch while he calmed down enough to look. “I didn’t want you breathing hard…yet. I did want something hard though.” Her voice was a purr and her lips were pulled back in an erotic smile. She sat on the armrest of the couch and arched her back, pushing her chest forward.

Nick’s eyes went large and round as he took her in. She was now in an opaque cream-colored negligee that hung to her mid-thigh. She had cream-colored stockings covering her legs, the tops peeking out from under her negligee on the side near him, with two-inch cream colored heels. The heels just had a strap over the ball and the strap was fluffy. The negligee was tank top style at the shoulders and cut lower than he had ever seen her wear before.

“I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at me. I also know that it was you that left the CD. I loved it. I wanted to show how much I loved it and every other little thing you’ve done for me. I also wanted to show you that I like you as much as I think you like me.” She smiled and winked at him. She leaned back on one hand and crossed her legs near the ankle before continuing, “Our relationship is the equivalent of maybe six months of dates. We’ve told each other things that we wouldn’t tell anyone else, like that time you almost got caught by the teenage daughter of this family masturbating in your place, and the way my son nursing on my tit got me so horny.” She gave him a shy smile at that.

All Nick could do was gape at her, his mouth working like he was a fish out of water as he tried to find the words. She grinned and stepped in front of him. His eyes almost never left her face. Sasha bent at the waist and as she was about to kiss his lips, the outer office door was opened then closed. The sound of the bells on the door brought Nick back to the moment and both an expression of ‘Damn it!’

Sasha helped Nick to his feet. She glanced down and saw that she had a good effect on him. Ok maybe not a good effect if he had to deal with customers. She gave him a smirk and stepped back. “Hurry back,” she whispered and licked her lips.

He too glanced down to see he’d tented the front of his shorts. It was a good and bad thing that he had worn the shorts that were just a little tight. Good because the shorts weren’t sticking out from his hard-on and bad because the bulge was still very noticeable. He shrugged and walked to the office door. At the door he opened it, turned around and backed into the office. As he backed up he said with a smile, “I’ll be right back.” He turned to the person at the counter when he felt he was close enough that they wouldn’t see. It was a customer, a middle aged man, wanting a room. Nick hurried through the registration process and the man left the office about ten minutes later, the damn credit card machine had been acting up. He was on a record pace until then.

Before he headed back into the living area and Sasha, Nick locked the office door. He also put up a sign saying that he would be back in an hour. It was ten thirty Friday morning, so there weren’t going to be that many people wanting a room right then.

Upon entering the living area, he heard Sasha in the kitchen. She had decided to cook up something on the stove. She had the pan over the burner and an egg in her hand. He kicked off his sandals and quietly snuck up behind her, wrapping his arms around her middle from behind, burying his face in her hair. She gave a surprised gasp and almost dropped the egg. “Hello, honey. Don’t do that again. I almost made a mess.” She set the egg down and turned the burner off before leaning back into him, reveling in the feel of a man’s arms around her again.

“We could always clean up later,” he mumbled into her neck as he nuzzled it. He had grown hard again and was pressing it into her.

“True, but I didn’t want to with this egg,” she answered. She turned in his arms to face him and hugged him to her. “What shall we do now,” she teased. With a giggle she pushed him away.

“I don’t know. The office is locked and you’re in that outfit.” He affected a mystified expression, like he was trying to see the future to tell her what will happen. She giggled and pulled him into the living room.

“Are you comfortable?” she asked when they got into the room. He gave her a confused look, so she just grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it off. “How about now?” He was still confused, but had a vague idea what she was going to do. Before he could say anything she undid his shorts and dropped them to the floor. “You should be comfortable now.” He was now standing in front of her in just a pair of gray boxers horribly tented. He shook his head to tell her that he wasn’t and with a mock sigh and a grin she grabbed the waist of his boxers and pulled them with her as she squatted down.

She had squatted partly to make it easier to pull his feet out of the shorts and boxers and partly to get a canlı bahis siteleri close view of the ‘tent pole’. She was very happy at the length, somewhere between six and seven inches.

It was the first one she had seen since before her son was born. Her boyfriend quit having sex with her after she found out she was pregnant.

She stood up and asked him once again, “Are you comfortable now?”

“A little. But you don’t seem very comfortable.” He grinned and tugged gently on a strap of the negligee.

“True. I’m not comfortable, but I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe you do.” She gave him a grin and a teasing wink.

“I think you’d be more comfortable without those tight, yet sexy stockings.”

She shook her head and said, “Nope, those are comfortable for the moment.”

“OK,” he said and placed a finger to his lips as he appraised her. After a moment he snapped his fingers. “That negligee looks quite heavy and uncomfortable. Shall I help you off with it?” He smiled and waited.

She nodded. “Please take this heavy thing off me,” she requested, acting like she was very tired from carrying something heavy. He grinned and she giggled as his hands found the hem of the negligee. He slowly pulled it up.

His eyes never left her face. Because of that he ran his knuckles along her skin as he pulled the piece of lingerie up. He felt the small band of her panties on her hips then smooth bare skin over her soft tummy. Continuing to use his knuckles as a guide, he pulled the top over her chest, running his knuckles over her rock hard nipples. She shivered at that touch. They shared a smile and he quit playing with her top, pulling it up and off quickly. It joined his clothes on the floor.

Once the garment was on the floor he broke eye contact with her to view her body. Her chest was proudly displayed with dark little nubs the size of erasers standing at attention. Her tummy was still a little soft from her pregnancy, but as she said very close to what she was before getting pregnant. She was wearing cream colored panties and he could see a small spot of moisture in the crotch, since she had her hips cocked forward.

“Are you comfortable now?” he asked.

“Much, but now the stockings and shoes are too much. Please help.” He nodded and guided her to sit in the chair she sat in earlier. He knelt at her feet and lifted her left foot. He pulled the shoe off gently, set the shoe off to the side with one hand while the other started massaging the foot. The other hand returned to the foot and helped for another minute or so, then both hands slowly slid up her soft legs to the top of the stocking.

He gently tickled the bare flesh above the top then slipped his fingers inside the stocking and slowly started to roll the stretchy fabric down her pale leg. After exposing her knee he kissed it and continued removing the stocking.

At her foot he worked it slowly off. After exposing the heel he kissed it, then the arch and finally each toe. She wiggled a little because the gentle kisses and the light stubble on his chin were tickling her a little.

He lowered the foot onto the hassock, spreading her legs a little. His hands repeated the movements on her right foot and stocking. When her foot was bared he kissed each toe like on the left foot, but he also sucked each toe into his mouth. She smiled as he remembered that she liked having her toes sucked. One of those things she had told him in confidence and she was drunk on the karaoke night. This was something he didn’t do very often.

“Nick, baby, that’s nice and all, but I’m not a hundred percent comfortable yet. Can you help me with that?” she asked.

He gently laid her foot down, keeping her legs spread and asked, “Where are you uncomfortable? That would help me help you.” A quick grin hit his face and disappeared behind the acted concern.

“My hips and butt are constricted. There’s too much pressure in my crotch.” She feigned innocence of knowledge of what she was talking about.

“Maybe laying back would help,” he suggested.

“Maybe.” She leaned back into the overstuffed chair. The cushions pushed her chest out. He liked the sight so much that he paused to view it. That is until she snapped her fingers, bringing him back to the game. “My hips still aren’t totally comfortable. Maybe you could rub them.”

He just nodded and put his hands just above the panties. “Here?” he asked as he started to rub at that point.

“That’s nice but maybe lower,” she said. His hands moved to the waist band of the panties. “That’s where the discomfort starts. Please rub there.”

“Maybe I should remove this fabric.” He tucked a finger under the elastic and tugged a little. “Then you should be very comfortable.” All she did was nod. He ran his fingers around the waist band until they stopped at the chair. There he tucked his fingers into the garment and tugged a little. By now she was starting to tire of the game and before he could ask her to, she lifted her butt off the cushion until he tugged the back low enough that she could sit again without hindering his work. His hands moved to the sides and pulled the panties off smoothly and quickly. He took a quick whiff of the crotch and smiled. “All good?”

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