Sylvia’s Mother

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I was inspired to write this story by the 1967 song with the same title by Doctor Hook and the Medicine Show that was written by Shel Silverstein. If you are not familiar with this mournful ballad, it is available on ITunes and other online platforms. This story tells a version of the background and a possible conclusion, so I hope you like my interpretation.


I met Sylvia Avery on my first day of Kindergarten at Bartonville Grade School in September of 1953. She was a skinny little girl with gangly legs and arms and long fiery red hair that was in two long braids that hung past her shoulders. She had ghostly fair skin, and freckles on her cheeks under the bluest eyes I had ever seen. I was instantly smitten, but embarrassed because I was painfully shy.

We were seated next to each other because our last names came alphabetically (Joseph Archer, Sylvia Avery). She was as shy as I was, but somehow, we quickly became best friends. Since we only lived two blocks apart, we spent a lot of time during the next thirteen years together. We were often at each other’s houses, shared our first kiss, went to the Junior and Senior proms together, and talked about marriage after we discovered each other’s bodies in the back seat of my mother’s 1960 Thunderbird.

By the time we were in our teens, I had grown to be a head taller than her at 6′ 2″, and her skinny little body had really blossomed. By the time she turned eighteen, her boobs had grown to 36C, and the rest of her had filled out, making her an incredible beauty. We had fondled each other, I had sucked on her boobs, fingered her to orgasms, and she had masturbated me to completion, but we had never gone ‘all the way’.

Everything changed soon after we started community college together in September of 1966. I received a letter that started “Greetings from the President of the United States of America…” We cried together that night, and she said she would drive us to Canada so that we could be together. Since my family had a long history of service to our nation (my great-grandfather was a civil war veteran and both my grandfather and father had served), I felt it was my obligation to answer my ‘Call to Duty’.

We had a tearful goodbye at the train station, and Sylvia said she would wait for me. I departed for Ft. Brag in North Carolina for basic training, and when I came home for two weeks, after I graduated, her father told me that Sylvia had transferred to a college in California. I sent several letters to the address he gave me, but they all came back to me marked ‘undeliverable, wrong address’.

Next, I was sent to Texas for training to become a helicopter mechanic, and eventually ended up working on a barge in the middle of a river, somewhere in South Viet Nam. We were far from any combat, and during my time there, I often wondered where the war was, because all we had seen any of it were the bullet holes in the Huey’s we repaired.

Time seemed to drag on forever, but eventually my ‘time in Hell’ was over, and I was sent home to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri, to serve the remainder of my obligation to my country. The first thing I did after arriving there was call Sylvia’s house to let her know where I was. The call went very much like the song lyrics;

‘Sylvia’s mother says, “Sylvia’s busy, too busy to come to the phone.”

‘Sylvia’s mother says, “Sylvia’s trying, to start a new life of her own.”

‘Sylvia’s mother says, “Sylvia’s happy, so why don’t you leave her alone.”

‘And the operator says, “Forty cents more, for the next three minutes,”

“Please Mrs. Avery, I’ve just got to talk to her, I’ll only keep her awhile.”

“Please Mrs. Avery, I just want to tell her Goodbye.”

The call concluded with her mother telling me that Sylvia had found someone to spend the rest of her life with, and that I should forget about her.

After I finished my obligation to the US Army and returned home after my discharge, I was welcomed by my parents, younger brother, and younger sister. My things were still in my old room, so I moved in and tried to figure out what to do with the rest of my life. After about a week of looking into colleges and jobs, I saw a newspaper advertisement for the Electrician’s union apprenticeship.

The evening after I made my application, I shared what I had done with my parents, and they both agreed it was a good career path for me to take. My father worked on the assembly line of the local company that made the big yellow earthmoving equipment and said I would make a lot more than he did, once I finished my apprenticeship and became a journeyman.

When I was helping my mother with the dishes after dinner, she asked me, “Have you been in touch with the Avery’s since you’ve been home?”

When I told her I hadn’t, she said, “Zelda’s husband George died of a stroke caused by a malignant brain tumor soon after you came home from overseas, and she really took his death hard. She said that Sylvia ran off and got married illegal bahis just before you came back stateside, because she told her mother she was insane.”

Angrily I responded, “I called them as soon as I got off the bus at Ft. Leonard Wood, and she wouldn’t let me talk to Sylvia. Why should I waste my time with her now?”

My mom touched my arm and said, “She is a sad lonely widow and she drove her daughter away from her. She didn’t tell Sylvia you were home, because she was afraid her daughter would desert her. When Sylvia left anyway, the poor woman went over the edge. Please go visit her tomorrow son.”

I told my mother I would and went to my room to ponder my place in the world. I had served my country with honor, but I had not been wounded, or even seen combat. Many of my friends and classmates had been wounded, and several had died, but I had been left with a wound that didn’t show, a broken heart. I fell into a dreamless sleep, and awoke more confused than before, but when I smelled coffee and fresh baked goods in the morning, I got out of bed immediately.

I got dressed in a polo and blue jeans and went downstairs to find that my mother had made a layer cake, and a batch of blueberry muffins (my favorite). When I asked her who the cake was for, she said, “I called Zelda last evening after dinner, and told her you were home from the Army, for good, and were coming over to visit her this morning,”

I grimaced, and thought, ‘If I didn’t know better, I’d think my mom was trying to set me up with my ex-girlfriend’s mother.’

When I finished breakfast, I took the cake, and walked the two blocks down Madison Street to the fifth nearly identical brick bungalow with 109 over the front door and knocked. The sight that greeted me when the door opened nearly took my breath away. The woman standing before me didn’t look like the Zelda Avery I remembered the last time I dropped off her daughter at this house.

I guess it was because she had always worn dowdy looking house dresses that hid the amazing figure I was now seeing. She was wearing a light blue chiffon dress with a plunging neckline that displayed the most incredible cleavage I had ever seen on a woman. Her red hair was wavy, and just touched her shoulders, and her fair skin and blue eyes looked exactly like Sylvia’s. She took the cake and invited me in, and I followed her watching the bewitching way her incredible ass twitched back and forth when she walked, exactly like her daughter’s.

When we got to the kitchen, she told me to sit at the table and I did. She set an empty cup and saucer in front of me, and when she bent over to pour my coffee, I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her boobs jiggled, and her left nipple and areola were peeking at me through her cleavage. I knew my face was turning red because it felt hot, but what surprised me the most was that my cock was fully erect and straining against my boxers under my jeans.

We talked about my time in the army and her husband’s untimely passing for a while, and when my coffee got low, she got up from her chair to refill my cup. This time she shrugged her shoulder, and her entire left boob came into view. She stood up, and didn’t bother to cover herself as she said, “Do you like what you see young man?”

When I just stared and didn’t answer, she pulled the dress off both her shoulders and down to her waist, exposing both of her large boobs, and hefted them with her hands, saying, “Not bad for an old broad, eh?”

I had to admit that they were the most magnificent pair I had ever seen, and I told her as much. She smiled and said, “Thank you very much for the compliment. My daughter always said you were a boob man, and now I can see she was right.”

They looked exactly like her daughter’s, but they were about two cup sizes larger, and I could not stop myself from reaching out and fondling them. They were heavy but soft, and very warm. When I started sucking on her huge pink nipples, she started moaning loudly. Suddenly, she started shaking, and I could tell from the aroma coming from under her dress that she was having an orgasm. I knew this because I had once given her daughter one the same way, in the back seat of my mom’s Tbird while we were parked in the back row of the Bellevue Drive-Inn.

When she finally came ‘back to earth’, she unzipped her dress the rest of the way and let it fall to the floor. She was not wearing panties, and her shaved vulva was soaking wet. I could see her juices had run down her legs and were forming a puddle on the kitchen floor.

She reached down and grabbed my bulge, saying, “I haven’t been had a cock in my pussy in six years, and I need yours in me now!”

Dazed, I followed her to the second floor, shedding my clothes as I went, and when I reached the master bedroom, she was already lying on the bed, spread eagled. I dove face first into her dripping wet vulva and dined on her until she came again. Then I climbed aboard and drove my cock, that had not illegal bahis siteleri penetrated a vagina in far too long, deep into the tightest pussy I had ever felt. She wrapped her legs around me and we fucked like animals.

As we were catching our breath afterwards, I looked at the beautiful, sexy, mature woman next to me and thought, ‘Damn, if Sylvia is going to look like this and be this horny twenty years from now, I really fucked up!’

When Zelda looked up at me, she asked, “What are you thinking about, sweetie?”

When I told her, she said, “No dear, you didn’t fuck up, my impatient daughter did. You are the best fuck I have had in my entire life, and that includes my George, God rest his soul. The next time I see her I am going to tell her that to to her face.”

She asked me if I had ever fucked her daughter like I had just done her. I told her that Sylvia and I had never had never actually had sex, we only ‘fooled around’. She told me, “Darling Joseph, if you would have done to her what you just did to me before you left for Boot Camp, my Sylvia would have waited for you, no matter how long it took.”

I looked at her seriously and said, “Mrs. Avery, Sylvia and I were both virgins when I left for boot camp. I was still one when I came home, but after our phone call, I remedied that situation because I had just lost the love of my life. A friend suggested a ‘certain lady’ in Kansas City. After three weekend passes, and several hundred dollars, Bonnita told me I was a natural, after she had given me ‘special instructions’.”

She then reached down and started fondling my half hard cock and said, “First of all, please call me Zelda. After what we just did, Mrs. Avery is too formal. Second, my daughter was foolish to let you go, and third, this is quite the impressive piece of equipment you have here Mr. Archer, let’s see if there is some more life in him.” She then took it into her mouth and swallowed me whole. About three deepthroats later, she had me fully hard again, and climbed aboard. She rode me through two more of her own orgasms until her third triggered mine.

When we woke up several hours later, Zelda smiled, and said, “I had a wonderful time today young man, but I don’t think I’ll be able to do this every day. Would you be willing to ‘visit’ me once a week and ‘scratch my itch?”

I told her, “I will be by every Saturday morning to ‘take care of your needs’.” I redressed, gathering my clothes that were scattered down the stairway and into the kitchen. When we kissed at the back door, she gave me an extra key and said she would be waiting for me in her bed, naked, every Saturday morning from then on, at eight AM.

I walked down the alley to our house with my head in the clouds, thinking about the amazing sex I just had, and wondering if Sylvia was living the life she wanted. Then I shook myself out of my funk, and thought, ‘To hell with Sylvia, her mother is the best fuck I’ve ever had’.

For the next three weeks, as I waited to find out if I had been accepted into the Apprenticeship, I did yard work for elderly neighbors and other menial jobs, and spent every Saturday tending to Zelda’s ‘needs’. I managed to save enough money to buy a used 1966 Mustang and connected with several of my old school buddies. They all asked me about Sylvia, and when I answered them, they all told me some variation of, “Bummer man, she doesn’t deserve you.”

One Saturday, about two months after Zelda and I had started our ‘arrangement’, we were both naked on her bed in the upstairs master bedroom. Zelda was riding me like she was a cowgirl, and I was a wild mustang, when we were startled by a bloodcurdling scream.

When we turned to see the source of the noise, we saw a very tired and disheveled looking Sylvia standing in the bedroom with a shocked expression. When she stopped screaming, she lost consciousness, and collapsed on the floor in a heap. I pushed Zelda off me and ran to check on her daughter. When I determined she was still breathing, I picked her limp body up and carried her into her old bedroom, laying her gently on her bed.

Just then, Zelda came into the room, wearing her robe, and handed me a man’s robe, saying, “You should put this on.” I did as she told me, and sat on the edge of the bed, holding Sylvia’s hand and waited for her to wake up.

About ten minutes later, Sylvia started to stir, and opened her eyes. I could tell her vision was blurry, because she started stroking the plaid cotton robe, saying, “Oh Daddy, I’m so glad you’re here, I’ve missed you so much.”

I realized that she was not fully alert, and that I was probably wearing her dead father’s robe, so I said nothing. Soon she started to become more alert, and when she finally focused on my face, her expression changed from happiness to extreme fear. She started pounding on my chest, and screamed, “You can’t be real, you’re dead!”

Just then, her mother came back into the room, redressed in one of her dowdy old house dresses. canlı bahis siteleri She pushed me out of the way and held her daughter telling her, “Everything will be alright Dear.” She shooed me out of the room, so I took that opportunity to retrieve my clothes, redress, and go down to the kitchen, where I made a fresh pot of coffee. As the percolator did its job, I could hear angry voices coming from the upstairs bedroom, and about the time the arguing stopped, the coffee was finished. I took three mugs from the cabinet, filled them with the steaming hot caffeinated liquid, and waited for the ladies to join me.

About five minutes later, Sylvia and her mother came into the kitchen, and sat down at the table, where they drank their coffee in complete silence. Finally, Sylvia looked at me through eyes reddened by crying and sobbed, “I never heard from you after you left on the train, and when I wouldn’t stop asking him why, my Daddy told me you had been killed in Vietnam.”

I responded, “Sylvia, I wrote to you as soon as I got to Ft. Bragg and your father wrote back that you had moved out and gave me an address in southern California. I wrote to you every day after that, but when all of the letters came back ‘undeliverable, wrong address’, I didn’t know what to do. When I came home from Boot Camp, your father said you couldn’t wait for me, and had found someone else. When I came home from Viet Nam, I called your house, and your mother told me you were moving out and getting married.”

Sylvia looked at her mother and asked, “Why would you and Father lie to us like that? Did you hate me and Joey so much that you wanted to destroy our lives?”

Zelda replied, “Dear, by that time your father was almost impossible to live with because the tumor was attacking his brain, and he would get very violent when he thought things weren’t going his way. I think he was afraid we were going to leave him all alone when he would get those delusions. He thought Joey was trying to steal you away from him.”

Sylvia looked sternly at her mother, and said, “O. K., I can almost understand your explanation, but what the fuck was going on up in your bedroom when I walked in on you? Why were you fucking my boyfriend?”

He mother answered, “Well dear, your father hadn’t touched me in years, Joey was available, and a woman has needs, you know.”

The Daughter said, “OK Mother, I will give you that one, but you owe me, big time. Get your purse and car keys and go shopping, I need you out of the house for at least four hours. My man and I need to make up for lost time.” When her mother didn’t move fast enough, she yelled “Now!”

Zelda moved like there was a fire under her and was out of the house in less than five minutes. As soon as we heard the car back out of the garage, Sylvia got out of her chair, and climbed on my lap. She kissed me passionately, and said, “I’m sorry I didn’t wait for you Joey. I believed my mother and father when I should have trusted my instincts. There was something deep inside of me that kept telling me that you were still alive, somewhere, but I ignored it. That is something we can mull over later, right now I need that hard cock of yours inside me.”

She jumped off my lap and ran up the stairs, undressing as she went. I followed her trail of clothes, undressing and adding mine as I followed her up the stairs. When I walked into her bedroom, Sylvia was laying nude, spread-eagled on her bed. She looked more beautiful than any woman I had ever seen. Her long beautiful red hair was splayed out across her pillow, and her eyes were as blue as the sky. Her breasts were perfectly shaped orbs that were a bit larger than I remembered, and her bright pink nipples stood up firm and tall. As I looked down at her almost hairless vulva, it was swollen and leaking her juices onto the bed, and she was holding her labia open with her fingers.

When she saw me standing in her doorway, similarly dressed, and my cock standing at attention, she said, “I don’t need any foreplay baby, I’m wet as hell, so just stick that big thing in and fuck me unconscious.”

I had been raised to do exactly what a lady told me, so I did precisely that. I climbed atop her, lined up my manhood with the treasure that was being offered me, and pushed my tumescence into her love tunnel.

I was stopped halfway into a vagina that was even tighter than her mother’s by what felt like an obstruction. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me the rest of the into her and screamed, “YES!” We held each other, and as I felt her shaking, I saw her eyes roll back into her head. When she got her composure back, she said, “Wow, that was intense.”

I kissed her and asked, “Did you just cum?”

She kissed me back and said, “I think so, but I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

I looked at her confused and asked, “Were you still a virgin? I thought I felt something stopping me on the way in.”

She kissed me, and said, “I was living with this guy in Texas for a while, but he had a really small dick, and I hardly felt it when he tried to fuck me. Evidently, I still was. It looks like you popped my Cherry! Joey, please finish what you started, I want to feel you cum inside of me.”

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