Sweet Sister Ch. 07

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I was the last out of the shower and decided to rest for a while on the sofa with the others scattered around me in various states of recovery. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up from my short rest still on the sofa, the young girl had gone and there was no sign of Alan, Uncle John or Auntie Jean. A few people were still indulging in sexual activity around the room.

A couple I hadn’t seen previously were in full fucking flight, missionary position in the far corner. I could just see his slippery cock pumping furiously into his partner’s willing hole. Dave had partnered up with one of the maids and was in the process of ramming his lovely prick into her shaven pussy from the rear. She meanwhile had her head buried in the other maid’s crotch tonguing her to distraction.

I was in desperate need of a pee. I got up to head out of the room and gave Dave a smile and a wave. He grinned back. As I walked out of the room I nearly tripped over the Bill, the Grandfather of the young girl, whose legs were poking out from behind the sofa. Atop him was the young girl riding her Grandpa, bouncing up and down on his hoary old cock. His brother, Frank, was ramming Bill’s daughter who was getting an arse full of her Uncle’s stiff rod.

Starting to feel horny again I decided it best to get my pee out of the way so I could start again and headed off down the corridor.

When I got out of the bathroom I was deciding whether I should try and find Alan or my Aunt and Uncle. When I rounded the corner though I met with the best surprise of the party. Daddy was standing there talking with Uncle John. It was rather a bizarre sight as Daddy was fully clothed and Uncle was standing there with his limp prick dangling between his legs. Even flacid his large helmet was still obvious and it looked even more out of proportion with the rest of his cock.

I ran over to Daddy and gave him a big bear hug. He laughed and asked “Well, little daughter, have you enjoyed this visit to your Uncle and Aunt’s?”

“Oooh, Daddy, it’s been the best ever. I think I ought to thank you properly for sending us out here for the school holidays.” And with that I sunk ataşehir escort bayan to my knees in front of Daddy and undid his trousers in record time letting them fall to the floor along with his underpants. I took his rapidly hardening prick deep into my mouth and began to suck him.

“Now there’s a dutiful daughter.” Laughed Uncle who was obviously beginning to enjoy the show judging from his swelling member.

I continued to suck Daddy’s thick prick enjoying the taste of it and the leaking of his precum into my mouth. He began groaning and held his hands around the back of my head and started to fuck me in the mouth.

After a while he pointed to Uncle John who was lying on the stairs rubbing his stiff cock. “I think Uncle John could do with some attention.” He said slipping his cock from my sucking mouth.

I moved around to slide my body up Uncle’s legs to start on his big headed monster but Uncle continued to pull me up and kissed me on the lips. His tongue slipped in between my lips tasting Daddy’s cock juice.

I positioned my legs either side of his body so that my clean fresh pussy started to slide against his stiff prick. I began to ride up and down it and every time my clit reached the ridge of his cock head it sent an electric jolt through my body. I continued while Uncle kissed me passionately coating his hard cock with my dripping love juices.

At that moment Alan came down the stairs followed by Auntie Jean and Anna. “Hi Dad.” said Alan, “What a great holiday this turned out to be. Auntie Jean really knows how to drain a lad’s prick.”

“I know.” Smiled back Dad who had now removed the rest of his clothes and was standing there with his love truncheon clasped in his hand.

I gasped, partly at the amazing effect Uncle John’s prick was having on my torched pussy and partly at the revelation that Daddy had fucked his sister too.

The trio stopped to admire the scene of the three of us getting worked up. Auntie Jean started slowly caressing Anna’s back and down to her round bum cheeks before sliding her expert hand between Anna’s thighs to start fingering her pussy. Alan stepped a bit escort kadıköy closer. I knew what he wanted and was pleased to oblige.

I raised his limp member to my lips and sucked him into my mouth. His cock was covered in cunt juice and at a rough guess he’d fucked both Auntie Jean and Anna recently. However it didn’t take long before his young prick was rampant again in my mouth as I licked the musky girl sauce from every inch of his cock and balls.

As I sucked Alan I worked myself up a little further on Uncle John’s prick until his large head nestled at the entrance to my smooth wet pussy. As I took Alan down deeper I pushed down on Uncle John’s cock letting it stretch my juicy cunt entrance and sink deep into my tight tunnel. I started a slow up and down movement feeling his large head scrape up and down the walls of my vagina. I was in ecstasy.

Then I felt Daddy’s hands start to slowly caress my bum cheeks and gently part them. His stubby finger started to work its way around my tight little button before firmly forcing its way into my anus. He soon had all his finger in me slowing fucking it in and out.

“You like that, don’t you Sam.” He breathed. “How would you like Daddy’s cock in there instead, pumping your sweet little arsehole full of my Daddy cum?”

I momentarily released Alan’s cock from my mouth. “Oooh Daddy, don’t tease. Fuck your cock up my tight little bumhole. Fuck me full of your cum, please Daddy.”

I continued to moan my pleasure around Alan’s stiff cock which I took back almost down my throat. I knew what was coming and longed to be filled in both holes by Uncle and Daddy’s meaty cocks.

Uncle was now thrusting up to meet my downward strokes but had to stop when Daddy placed the tip of his thick rod at the entrance to my arse. I tried to relax my anal muscle as much as possible but when Daddy firmly pressed it in I still let out a low throaty gurgle as I felt it stretch me wide and slide full length into my dark hole.

Daddy waited a moment for me to get used to his size before starting a long slow stroking motion in my bumhole. Uncle started to thrust up at me again as Daddy started bostancı escort and I could feel their pricks connect either side of the walls of my cunt. When the pair of them started in earnest my orgasm came out of nowhere and tore through my little body like a tornado. Another followed that one and I nearly bit Alan’s cock clean off but his own point was arriving and he didn’t seem to notice or care.

Alan’s first spurt of cum went straight into the back of my throat and I swallowed fast expecting the second. Alan lost his balance at that point and the second jet of hot jism splashed into my face along with the third and forth and rolled off my chin onto my small tits which Uncle was massaging fervently.

This set the others off, Daddy first emptying his pent up load deep into my body and Uncle’s big headed prick spasming into my cunt. I could hardly feel Uncle’s hot emission as I was so full of cock and a third orgasm had just erupted deep within me.

I looked up just in time to see Anna gripping the banister rail hard, eyes shut as Auntie’s finger work brought her off too.

Soon after Auntie Jean came down past me on the stairs and pull Daddy’s softening prick from my anus. I watched as she licked the remains of cum off it before descending on Uncle John’s soaked cock sucking that dry too. Next she started on me. I felt her tongue plunge into my open anus sucking and licking Daddy’s cum out.

Anna leaned forward and started to lick Alan’s cum from my face before closing her mouth over mine and slipping her tongue between my lips so that we both could share what was left.

Auntie Jean finished emptying my arsehole and proceeded to do the same with my pussy. She lay flat on the stairs under my spread legs and buried her tongue deep into my dripping cunt. At the same time her finger located my swollen, sensitive clit and started a circular rubbing motion.

I came again in a tangle of bodies then collapsed, worn out and totally fucked in a heap.

The last thing I remember of that day was Daddy carrying me upstairs to bed. Though I was worn out I couldn’t resist rubbing his slack prick. “Daddy, I’d love to suck your prick until you cum in my mouth.”

“No, Sweetie. I have to save my strength. I promised Auntie Jean I’d give her a length before bedtime for old times sake.” He replied.

I pouted playfully before slipping into a very pleasurable oblivion.

The end.

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