Susie Sells Papers! Ch. 06

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Susanna Cox maneuvered her Suburban through the lines to the dropoff; the kids were self-absorbed on the brink of a new school day. The Monday morning was the usual chaos of reluctant rising, forced breakfast and bathroom conflicts, presided in monosyllables by a figure at the head of the table from the far side of the morning paper. The day dawned wet and grisly; the drive was purgatorial through the traffic.

Despite the morose start, she shuddered as she contemplated the day. After retooling her “parish relations” for the Diocesan Paper with Fr. Chris Farnsworth’s help, the past month had been a delight, visiting different pastors and delighting them in varied ways. Now she went to work so damp between her legs, she carried two sets of panties in her purse, leaving souvenirs for her favorites. There were a few problems at the beginning, especially with a certain Monseigneur who felt entitled to change the terms on his own, but she and Chris kept things under control.

Last week, the Chancery named her employee of the month. Her boss was amazed at how circulation increased in the past month, and her skin tingled as she had her picture taken with the Bishop for the paper. “Gosh, Susie,” her cubicle partner Steffie said: “this month you’re a new woman. You’re hardly here, you’re gone so much.” Steffie looked at her friend up and down, in her sharp green suit with white lace blouse. “I’m jealous; you look wonderful. It’s like you’re getting laid regularly.”

Today, she was seeing two old friends, Mike and Jim. Members of a religious community, Susie met them at a retreat three years earlier and gone with them bar hopping that evening. The evening was a delight: they became fast friends, and occasionally did early evening cocktails together. “If I’d only known. . .” she kept muttering to herself. Maybe they needed a housekeeper.

She was excited by more than the prospect of a reunion. They committed enough names that she would have to submit to anything they wanted to do to her.

“Good morning, Susie, great to see you again,” Mike said as he answered the back door. Mike was taller than average, a collegiate basketball player who entered just after graduation. He wore his habit with bare legs and feet in sandals. “I hope you didn’t have any trouble finding us.”

“No not at all. This is a wonderful place.” The parish was built in the 1920’s: a classic Gothic church with a huge monastic Rectory attached, full of nooks and crannies. “All you need is few gargoyles.”

“Very funny. C’mon in.”

Mike led her to a large dining room, appointed with antique furniture and a chandelier over the table. The illegal bahis table was laid for three, a huge bowl of fresh fruit dominated the center and some croissants rested in a basket next to a lazy Susan of butter, cream cheese and raspberry jam. Mike left and returned momentarily with a pitcher half full of fresh squeezed orange juice, which he topped up with a bottle of champagne. Jeff entered; he was also taller than average and rail thin under his habit, and he carried a large souffle.

“Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable.”

“Thank you.” They sat, said the usual Grace, and began eating. Everything was delicious, and Susie had to pace herself to be ready for what the boys had in mind for later. Looking around, she remarked. “I see you guys are really living the simple, monastic lifestyle.”

Jeff chuckled. “There’s an old joke about that.”

“Now, now, it’s about the Jesuits,” Mike interjected, “We’re not Jesuits.”

“Still a good story,” Jeff snorted

Susie leaned forward, interested. “Tell it, tell it.”

“All right,” Jeff began. “There was a young man making a discernment visit to the Jesuits. They took him through their University, with all the most up-to-date facilities. Then to the residence, where they had an elegant 7 course meal. Afterward, they repaired to the library and had brandy and cigars. At last they asked him: ‘Well, what do you think? Interested in becoming a Jesuit?’

“Yeah, sure,’ he replied, ‘if this is how you guys live poverty, I’d love to see what you do with chastity and obedience.'”

Laughing, they finished the meal and took the remains to the kitchen for clean up and storage. Mike took Susie on a tour of the Church, a lovely place with outstanding stained glass windows, and the Rectory, with many more rooms than needed. “Some of these rooms were created by knocking walls down: once they were rows and rows of tiny sleeping rooms for lots of monks;, the walls were knocked down to make reasonably sized rooms.”


At last they ended up in the basement level. Next to a laundry and mechanical room, was a room with a large hot tub in the center. Jeff was lounging in the water already, mimosa in hand. “We thought you’d like a soak this morning.”

“I didn’t bring my swimsuit,” she teased.

“Oh, come on, Susie,” Mike sniggered. “You don’t want us to sandwich you later with your clothes on, do you?”

She gasped, and then shook her head. “But my body’s not that good.”

“We’ll be the judges of that,” Jeff said. “I’ve been dying to see you unwrapped since I met you.”

“You’re among friends,” Mike said, “you have nothing illegal bahis siteleri to worry about. We’re going to have a good time today. Take your clothes off and stay awhile.”

His winning smiled persuaded her and she timidly let herself out of her clothes. She covered her breasts and crotch as she walked over and gingerly let herself slide down in the churning liquid, and kept her arm over her chest as she accepted a mimosa.

Mike smiled broadly. “You’re gorgeous, Susie.”

“No, I’m not. I’m saving my money to get some implants. Then I can do stuff like earn beads in New Orleans.”

“Your tits are perfect,” Jeff objected.

“My cubicle mate Steffie has huge tits.”

“So what?” Mike said. “Like the Ray Stevens song: ‘Everything is beautiful/in it’s own way.’ Your tits are delightful, well proportioned, the curves suit for your body.”

“My fat body with my fat ass.”

“Your ass is just fine. Who likes a skinny butt?”

“I sure don’t,” Jeff added, “I like a nice bubble butt with dimples.”

“You’re very kind, guys, but I don’t believe you.”

“I think we’ll have to convince her,” Mike said, looking at Jeff.

“I think so, too.” They approached her together and hovered by her chest. “Lift your tits out of the water, Susie.”

She smiled and eased herself up. Two pairs of lips approached, and soon they were creating worlds of pleasure around her twin brown buttons. Her body relaxed and her eyes closed. Occasionally, they took a sip from their drinks, and the energy from the champagne made her nipples tingle exquisitely.

Her vagina began contracting, her eyes rolled back, and her body began shaking wildly in the water. The boys kept up their licking and sucking until she pushed them away, her breath coming in great whoops until she recovered.

The boys sat back, and she took a long drink. “I can’t believe it. I came, hard.”

“We can’t believe it, either,” Jeff said. “But we’re glad. I always thought you were a girl who desperately needed to get laid.” Mike nodded in agreement.

“What now? What can I do for you?”

“Well, I think you need to repay the favor,” Mike started, “and we have a nice queen sized bed with fresh sheets in the next room for the pièce de resistance. What do you think?”

“I think you boys need to sit side by side on the lip, and I’ll do my best.” They did as ordered, and she came to them. Mike’s package was slightly larger than average while Jeff had a long, thin member. Susie started by alternating between them, licking and nipping at one while stroking the other with her hand. Mike shuddered and moaned as she took in canlı bahis siteleri the head of his cock; it filled her mouth completely, and she hummed on it. Relaxing her throat muscles, she slid the length of Jeff’s thin cock all the way to the root between her welcoming lips.

After a while, Jeff said, “If this goes on too long, we’ll end this too soon. Now for the final act.”

They carried her to the next room, laying her gently on the bed. Getting in on either side, they began kissing and fondling each other. Jeff’s hand quested between her buttocks and Mike’s between her legs. Their erections prodded her urgently, and she grew damp at the thought of what was on the horizon. She reached and started stroking both men, looking back and forth at the wonder that awaited her.

Then, Mike lay on his back and lifted up her to mount him. She grasped him and guided him in as she settled, wincing and breathing hard as the intruder penetrated her deeply. Rocking slightly, she settled as she waited for Jeff to make his contribution.

Jeff began fingering her brown pucker, lubricating it with a bottle next to the bed. At first, she thought he was working a second finger in, but it had no bone. He was running his tongue around the rim, prodding inward and driving her crazy. More lubrication and the finger returned, joined by a second. Her pucker relaxed bit by bit, and then it was time.

A stiff intruder positioned itself at her moistened rectum. She gasped as it slid in at a teasing rate, until it reached full insertion. Susie was lost in sensations; she had never experience a double penetration before, and then men settled into a rhythm where they alternated, one would thrust in while the other thrust out. In and out, in and out, everything drained away from her consciousness except the sensations below her waist.

Mike began playing with her nipples while Jeff slapped her butt; they writhed together and made the bed springs squeak in protest to their abuse. All of them increased their pace, until Mike howled and sent a huge quantity of semen deep into Susie’s womb. Carefully, they maneuvered him out from underneath while Jeff stayed buried in her colon, then she knelt on all fours and thrust back as he pounded his way to a huge orgasm deep into her bowels.

Susie fell heavily on the bed on her stomach, purring with delight as she fingered her clitoris. Jeff inserted two fingers, pumping until she also climaxed a second time that day.

“Well, thanks Susie,” Mike said calmly.

“That was indescribable,” Jeff whispered in her ear.

“You guys are lucky,” Susie moaned, “You’ll probably walk again in the next week.”

They held her from both sides, a large sweaty mass, and Mike whispered, “We’ll stay as long as you need us here, then we can take a nice, long, hot shower before you go.”

“Shit, that’s right,” she wined, “I’ll have to go.”

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