Storm Warning Pt. 02

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The previous night we had had a series of thunder storms which had upset my daughter’s bff, Kayleigh. Long story short – Kayleigh came and slept in my bed with me, though to be honest we didn’t do a lot of sleeping …

When I woke up it was early and the morning was fresh and new. The heavy air was gone, the sun was shining and I had the most beautiful creature in the world asleep, and snoring, gently, in the bed next to me. She was turned on her side, towards me with her face was pressed against my side and her arm thrown over my chest.

Kayleigh is my daughter’s best friend, they’ve been friends since they were small, each girl sticking up for and watching out for the other, through thick and thin, school and university. To both me and my ex-wife, she has been like our ‘other’ daughter all of that time, in and out of our house as if it were her own. Last night she came barrelling into my room because of a particularly heavy thunder and lightning storm. Tough girl that she is, Kayleigh suffers from astraphobia – she’s afraid of thunder and lightning. What I didn’t know is that she and my daughter Becca had also agreed between them that the storm was a good time for Kayleigh to make an attempt to seduce me.

It turned out that Kay had been in love with me for years. Becca knew this and had suggested that Kayleigh do something about it. Me? I didn’t get much say in the matter. The first I knew about it was that I found a naked Kay in my bed when I got back from checking the windows were all closed.

Of course, as you might expect, I was a little bit freaked out by this. But after I overcame a shed load of misgivings, we got down to helping Kay deal with her fears.

I replayed the scenes from the previous night in my head like some crazy point-of-view porno, and being completely honest, it was pretty damned good. Kayleigh is quite petite, slim and lithe, with pale blonde, almost white, hair and she is damned pretty with a devastating smile. To be honest I have been half in love with her myself since she finished school and went to uni, but never thought about acting on my feelings. But act on it we did and oh man!

The astraphobia? Well by the end of the night Kayleigh was much calmer, barely even flinching at the rumbles of thunder. However, the forecast is for more thunder tonight – which will be interesting. I think I’m going to have to start going to the gym or something if this is going to go on, otherwise I probably won’t make it to Christmas.

Still, hell of a way to go, eh?

Moving slowly to disentangle myself slowly from the sleeping Kayleigh, I started to get out of bed, my aim was to go and have a pee. Only it turned out she wasn’t sleeping. As my weight shifted, I felt her pull me back down flat with her curled arm.

“Has the storm gone?” Her voice was muffled by contact with me.

“Yes, it’s a lovely morning.” I told her.

“Are you sure?”

She was playing, I was sure, so I scooped her up and pulled her across my chest. “Absolutely certain.” I told her kissing her deeply.

In a way I was also re-assuring myself that what had happened had last night, had really happened. Her slim body rested across my lap and I slid my hand across her hips, so that the cheek her bum filled my hands. I could feel myself stiffen underneath her. Kyleigh felt it too.

A grin of anticipation spread across her face, she reached down between us, “Oooh!”

I was ready to go, which surprised me – after all we had had a good time last night. Kayleigh looked at me, trying to figure out what I was going to do next.

I looked back at her, keeping my face as neutral as possible. She searched my eyes, and I searched hers. We both waited, each expecting the other to say something but neither saying anything.

Suddenly I pounced!

Kayleigh squealed first in surprise, then in delight as I plunged my head down on to her boobs and with a snarl of laughter, suckled first one teat and then the other. Noisily nibbling her nipples, sloppily sucking them and energetically getting my stubbly face down between them.

Kay shrieked with laughter at the unexpected attack, then she pulled my head in towards her as she surrendered and let me have my way with her mammaries.

Soon I had her on the top of the sheet in front of me. In the daylight, the golden morning light, I saw again how beautiful she is. Her fine, pale blonde, almost white hair, so pale that it makes her skin look dark, shone in the sunlight. I finally saw those delightful boobs in daylight with their large dark areolae, and the thick studs of nipples sticking out of them. Her slender, damned nearly perfect body lay there, with her shapely hips and her almost bare mons, with that wisp of pale hair decorating it, and her legs – long in proportion to her body and delicate small feet. It took my breath away that she was so beautiful, even with a ‘bed head’, though with it being short, it really wasn’t that tousled. I just felt like I could look at her for ever.

In the flickering lightning of the storm Kayleigh had had an almost other-worldly beauty, ethereal and enticing. But in the warm illegal bahis light of a golden summer morning there was nothing ethereal about it, she was real, and solid, and warm, and soft, and tender, and she tasted gorgeous.

I knelt between her thighs, but something about her face made me pause.

“I’m a bit sore,” she told me as she got to her knees.

“I’ve not had… er… you know … a lot recently, and it was a bit ‘vigorous’ last night,” she apologised, not that there was any need to. “Let me do something.” She leaned forwards and reached out to grasp my cock so that she could suck it.

“I’ve got a better idea – I’ll kiss it better!” I told her brightly, and I turned her round and lowered myself onto her. Now she was lying beneath me in a 69 position, reaching up for my cock, so I leaned forwards and kissed that wisp of blonde hair again. Lowering my cock to her mouth, I lowered my mouth towards her pussy.

I took a moment to study it, took my time to take in all of the details, every bend or wrinkle in her labia, the hood over her clit and the surprisingly large stub of her clitoris itself.

I started by kissing round it, as Kay licked around the top of my cock, she reached up and around my bum, pulling me down so she could get more of me in her mouth. She ‘mmm’d and groaned around my cock, the deep sounds making pleasant vibrations in my meat. It wouldn’t be long before I came at this rate.

I had moved from licking around Kayleigh’s pussy to licking up and down the full length of her labia, nibbling them gently and sucking them between my lips. I was resisting the urge to just go mad and attack, if she was feeling sore that was the last thing my lovely girl needed. So, I just concentrated on making her feel good with my tongue.

Soon we were both grunting and groaning in pleasure, wrestling across the sheet, and responding each to the other. Kay was very good at what she was doing and the only thing that stopped me exploding all over her face was the fact that I was concentrating on making what I was doing as good for her as I could.

I used my forefinger to gently diddle her and focussed my attention – and my tongue – on her clit. I was determined that I would make Kay cum before I did.

And that was what happened, as I gave her clit a particularly sloppy lick, and sucked it between my lips, I felt Kayleigh stiffen beneath me. As I had done the night before I kept my fingers moving around her entrance and just inside her, as she shuddered through her orgasm, and then just as she was tiring off it, pressed my tongue against her clitoris.

I rolled to one side, keeping my mouth in contact with her pussy – which is a skill, a genuine skill on my part – I let her shudder and buck, until at last she stopped.

It must have been a good one because she let my cock slip from her mouth as the orgasm shook her.

“You’ve done it again!” Kayleigh sighed as her head flopped back on the bed. “I’m going to need a minute to recover from that.” She said.

By now my bedroom was getting a bit sweaty so I got up to open a window. When I went turned back to the bed, Kay was lying where I had left her, looking at me, watching me. With her pale eyes, shining. I couldn’t tell what she was thinking but the smile she wore made me think that perhaps they were good thoughts, especially when she opened her arms to me.

I slid in next to her and we lay together.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

Kayleigh looked up at me and smiled as she nodded her head. “Are you?” she asked back.

“Still trying to get my head round the last thing you told me before we went to sleep.”

“About Becca?” Kay asked.

“The fact she set it up.”

Kayleigh wriggled round next to me; I could feel a soft boob pressed up against my ribs. “She suggested it.” Kay said. “She was fed up of me saying how I would jump your bones if I ever got the chance.” She laughed as she said it.

“Yeah. About that.” Kay looked at me, as I said it. “I still don’t get why?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Kay was quite serious as she pushed herself up on her elbow.

I took her chin in my hand and looked deep into her eyes and said, “Yes, I am kidding.”

“Fuck you!” Kayleigh laughed, pushing at me to show her annoyance at being had.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?” I laughed. Kayleigh had been very vocal last night.

“No.” She said quickly, “But I do snog my best friend’s dad!”

“Does my language bother you?” Kay asked.

“Not really. Becca’s mum can be the same. I’m not bothered by it.”

“Good!” Kayleigh had risen to her knees and she leaned in to kiss me, resting her hands on my upper chest. “Because when you do the things you do to me, it makes me want to say the worst words I can think of.”

“So, it’s my fault?” I said between kisses.

“Oh yes!” Kayleigh laughed, “All your fault. Look I’ll show you.” She threw herself back into the wreck of the duvet and with a naughty smile spread her legs lewdly, “Make me swear John.”

Well what can you do? She looked delicious lying back, propped up on her elbows, I placed myself between illegal bahis siteleri her legs, kissing her hungrily as we lay down together. My hand roamed across her body. As I entered Kayleigh, I noticed the pained expression she made.

“Sorry! I forgot?” She nodded. Then to my surprise she got up and left the room, after a moment Kay returned, she had found what she went for. A tube of KY.

I held it up when she gave it to me and Kayleigh looked at it with what I thought was anticipation.

“No!” I said quickly to reassure her, “It’s just for your_”

“Oh!” She seemed sort of crest-fallen.

“D’you mean you wanted to?” I asked.

She nodded, and she smiled in an impish sort of way. “Seeing as how that’s tender, the other way – we could_”

Fuck, I thought! “I’m not going to force you_” I told her.

“I know.” Kayleigh gave that impish smile again, and quietly said “I kind of enjoy it up the bum occasionally.”

She laid back again and I reached for a pillow, to slip under her hips. She lifted herself towards me and I bent to kiss her pussy.

There was a squelching farting noise as I slathered KY onto my hand, Kayleigh giggled. Her giggle is infectious, and I laughed too. Because let’s face it, farts can be very funny.

She jumped and wriggled ticklishly as I applied it to her bum hole. (Note to self: warm the KY first, dummy!). I lay beside her and started diddling her pussy. From there with my fingers slick from her own juices I moved to her now lubricated bum.

First one finger slipped inside her tight anus, at first just to my first knuckle. Kayleigh concentrated as she tried to relax herself. Each time I moved my finger in and out it pushed more KY into her crinkled sphincter so that the movement became easier. And it worked, soon I had wormed my finger in as far as the second knuckle.

Kayleigh edged up the bed and half turned so that she faced me, hooking her arm around my shoulder for support. Her face was a picture of concentration.

“Are you sure you want to do this, lovely?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah!” She told me.

“Okay,” I said as I wormed a second finger in.

“Sweet fuck!” She groaned, “Oh! Yes! Come on John, make me swear like a fucking bitch!” Her head flopped backwards as she lifted her hips and tried to relax her arse even more. “Oh God! Oh God! Fuck! That feels amazing.”

I withdrew my fingers, slathered more jelly on them, and replaced them, adding a third. As my fingers went in Kay drew in a deep breath, I looked at her concerned that I had hurt her.

She grinned back at me, concentration and pleasure mixed on her features. But even as I was working my fingers in her, I could feel the ring of muscle in her arse relaxing and growing looser.

“Here we go babe!” I got up on my knees and lifted Kay’s hips onto my thighs.

The KY jelly tube farted as I coated my dick (definitely need to warm it up first in future), and gently I pushed my cockhead inside Kay’s arse. I’m not a big bloke dick-wise, but Kay was really tight at first. I eased in just the head first. Kay’s thighs rested on my hips; her lower legs were curled loosely round my back. I liked this position; I was in her and I could see her face as well. I pulled out a little and pushed back in, going a bit deeper.

Kay was busy, trying to balance relaxing with the feeling of being filled, as well as coping with mixed waves of discomfort and pleasure, but her eyes danced and I could see from her nipples how turned on she was.

I had to spread my knees a bit more because Kay isn’t as tall as I am and I placed them outside of her lower legs but eventually I was in her, all the way. My cock and Kay’s bum joined in an unholy union and it was fucking marvellous! Tight on my cock, hot and willing. I paused, letting her become accustomed to it, but already Kay was pushing back against me, moving herself to push me deeper.

I started to move gently at first but even though my motions were small and gentle, the feeling was intense. More so when Kayleigh gave a low “Ohhhhh fuuuuckkkkk!” It was part groan, part expletive, and part prayer.

“Fuck, I’m so full! I feel like I’m splitting!” She said, so I let Kay set the pace as she got used to the sensation and she put her hand on my hip to make me pause. After moving her own hips slightly, she didn’t appear comfortable. So, quickly I flipped her over and entered her from behind again. This looked like it was more comfortable, and Kay ground her hips in my crotch as a signal to begin.

Now my movements were deeper, pushing in and out, and she was moving more as well. My hands held her hips, and words can’t express how much I loved the feel of her skin under my fingers, the twisting and turning of her waist in my hands, once again I lowered my hips by spreading my knees and I nearly came there and then.

The slap-slap-slap of my thighs against hers made a rhythm in the early morning. Once upon a time I’d have just gone with the feelings and banged away at her, slammed my cock deep inside her, taken her and fucked her raw. But I guess we all get older and we learn. Me? I was being canlı bahis siteleri careful still, still treating Kayleigh with kid-gloves a little. Despite what I had told her, I had no idea where her attraction for me had come from. I certainly wasn’t going to pass up the sex (that was way to enjoyable), but I was still a bit baffled by what had happened, and I guess I was being a bit too careful.

“Ah! John?” She asked between drawn breaths.

“Yes, lovely girl?”

“Fuck me!” She looked over her shoulder at me, and drew me to her for a kiss. It was a hungry, passionate kiss. “You won’t break me, fuck my arse and fill me up! Do it! Fucking do it now!”

Oh! Well, that was me told.”

Kay dropped her shoulders, leaned forwards and braced herself on the bed, pushing back at my thrusts. “Ooh! Fuck, yeah! Fuck me John, fuck me hard.”

Her right hand, the other was twisted in the bed sheet, flailed about vaguely until it found my hip, her fingers cool on my skin as she pulled me towards her. “Oh God! This is so fucking good. I can’t believe it!”

Kay looked back over her shoulder at me, “You know – ah! – you’re the first man up there, don’t you?”

Wait! What? I paused, but it really wasn’t the time to be asking questions. “I’m truly honoured!” I said honestly.

“Good – now, don’t stop! Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Fuck meeeee!”

We changed position again, Kay pushed me back onto my heels and then sitting in my lap, started bouncing her lovely round globes up and down, doing all the work as she fucked her own arse on my cock. It was so nice to sit back and watch that cute sexy bum of hers bounce up and down. But as nice as it was, I could feel myself getting close to cumming.

Ok so I watch porn – occasionally (honest) – and usually, when a guy is fucking a girl up the pooh-chute, they ask where the girl wants them to cum. It struck me that that seemed like a good idea.

“On my back!” Kay replied breathlessly when I asked, “On my – unnhhh! – back, mark me – ahhhh! – as yours John!”

Which was a bit of a surprise. Not that it stopped me, I was close now and could feel my balls lift and that feeling in your lower abdomen, as your cock thickens and the cum rushes up from your balls.

I took my cock out with a faint pop and without the need to do anything more than a couple of strokes shot my load all over the small of Kay’s back.

I knelt there watching jizz shoot onto Kay’s skin, as it nestled between those smooth, rounded cheeks, strings of white goo splashed onto her skin. She arched her back, almost purring in delight.

Kayleigh pushed herself up and leaned back against me, my hands almost automatically sliding up and onto her breasts, the cooling, slimy cum squishing across my belly between us. Kay rubbed herself against me and I slid my hand down her stomach and started to diddle her clit. I’d cum, but she hadn’t, so I wanted to make sure she did.

It didn’t take long before Kay was dancing to her own orgasm, shaking as it rocked her, only my hands stopped her from falling forwards. With my cum cooling between us, it was a gooey, messy tangle of our naked flesh. We were sweaty, sticky and smelly, the sheets were wrecked and it wasn’t even seven o’clock in the morning.

By now I definitely needed to piss, so with a ferocious, passionate kiss I left Kay on the bed and went into my bathroom.

As I sat there, Kay came in, “I need to wee too!” She sat on the edge of the bath watching me and saw my eyes.

“What?!” She asked surprised.

“You.” I told her, as I finished. “You look stunning …”

“What? Streaked make-up, bed hair and smeared with bodily fluids?” She giggled, as we swapped places, her pee trickling into the pot.

“Well, yeah.” I told her. “That and I don’t know if it’s just the morning light or what but … well, you just look gorgeous.”

Kay paused in wiping herself, and looked at me, “Thank you.” And she kissed me again, deeply, slowly and very much a lover’s kiss.

I offered her a flannel to wipe the jism off herself, but she turned it down. “I’m going to wear it for a bit. It’s yours – your mark on me.” She laughed.

My feelings were very mixed at that point. Kayleigh is one of those people who is always immaculate in her appearance, I think even her sweat smells clean. When she stays over at my house, even when she gets up in the morning, she looks good. Me? I think nothing of just getting up and getting a shower after breakfast, but not Kay, she is, as I have said, always neat and tidy and clean. Now, after a bout of hot sweaty sex, there’s always going to be some mess, fluids and smells etc, but walking round, wearing my cum on her (and apparently enjoying the sensation) is something new altogether.

I guess I was feeling – well I wasn’t sure that it wasn’t deep love for this girl. It wasn’t love at first sight, I’m too old for that shit and I’ve known Kay for too long for it to be that. But it was more than just post-coital affection. I didn’t know if she was messing with me or whether she was serious – I didn’t even know how I felt about ‘her wearing my mark’, but I figured we’d sort it out later. That’s not the way I was brought up, ‘my’ woman, that sort of thing – you don’t own other people. However even if it was a joke, it was what Kay wanted, and quite frankly I would have given her my left bollock, both of she’d asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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