Stepmom Godaughter from PortugaL Pt10

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Big Dicks

I looked at the clock and it was almost 8PM so I told Marco after the snack get ready for bed buddy. I moved her head up off my lap and rested it on a pillow so I could to he other side to carry her to bed. I slide my hands and arms under her as I carry her to the bedroom and placed her on her side as the head rested on her pillow. I cleaned up the kitchen and his ice cream bowl as he brushed his teeth for bed. I helped him to bed and I went to brush my teeth before I entered the bed.

I woke up to hear the shower running with the door open as I looked at the clock 5:45AM. I rolled out of bed and walked into the bathroom for a quick piss and teeth brush. I stepped toward the shower and popped my head in as I watched her rub the soapy sponge on her body and I walked in with her looking at me. Good morning sweetie. Good morning sexy and I had to see you in the shower all wet and soapy. She walked up to me with a kiss on the lips and then tells me I am going to miss you so much. Maria it’s only 4 days…yes but it’s going to feel like a week. Well then I guess I have to give you something to remember me when you are gone. I gave her a strong deep kiss as I held her against my body holding her butt. O Mark I love you. She pushed be back to the shower bench and told me to sit down as she squatted down. She placed her hand on my semi-hard cock and the best part as she placed her mouth over me cock. She sucked me like it was her last cock as I laid my hands on her shoulders rubbing her skin. Then I moved my hands in her hair and pushed her mouth on my cock as I told her to stand up. Sit on my lap facing me because I want to see your face when you cum. I have my period…so what we are in the shower.

As I held my cock as I watched my cock slip between her lips as she spoke O Mark you cock was made for me. I sucked her nipple as she gasp for air riding me with my teeth held on her nipple. Maria started moving faster as her breathing got faster then told me she was coming after a good 10 minutes in this position. She released herself on my cock and held me around the neck. It’s going to be a very hard 4 days without you Mark. I agree Maria but I am not done with you so stand up with your hands on the wall sexy. She did as I told her as I stood behind her to place my cock in her as she gasped for air with the warm water hit her back. I placed my thumb in her asshole as I told when you come back I am getting your ass. Ok, I look forward to it sweetie but it needs a little more help getting it ready for your size that day. I wouldn’t hurt you baby and if you say stop I will.

I slowly moved in her and she felt tighter in this position with her period. I pickup speed holding her hips with her hands against the shower wall. O Mark I love the feeling of you inside me and so do I Maria. I was filling her up with all of my cock as I grind me cock as deep as it could go inside her as she moaned. I am cumming Mark don’t stop fuckimg me like this…O Mark, O Yes I felt her stake as she released herself on my cock and started to feel myself about to pop as I pulled out of her. She turned around as the water hit my cock and she stroked me as she cleaned my cock. She was looking up at me and told me to cum in her mouth because she wanted to remember my taste. She places her mouth over my head and I started face fuck her. That was all I needed as I exploded in her mouth as I placed my hands on the back of her head holding her mouth deep on my cock. O baby that felt so good as she swallowed my load standing up and rested her head on my chest…Mark I wish you were coming with me but I totally understand you can’t. She gave me a kiss and I told her get your butt ready for the airport as she stepped out of the shower I slapped it. Ouch…I am going to miss that body. I completed my shower time to get ready to take Maria to the airport and work.

Before we knew it was time to head to the airport because Marco was already at school. I carried her siutcase to the elevator and she entered it in a very sexy black pants, silver top, and black shoes. Maria you are so fucky hot as I grabbed her ass when she turned around to face the doors. Mark I love how much you love my body as she reaches back holding my soft penis. Wow..first time I ever felt him all soft for me. You made him sleepy after all that fun in the shower. You made him sleepy because you fucked me so good before my trip. Your pussy is so good and tasty. We got in my car and drove to the airport as she held my right hand all the way. I drove her up to her airline departure area because she wanted me going straight to work. I got out to get her suitcase from my trunk and to the airport porter handing him a $20. Please help her to the First Class International checkin area to the porter? I gave Maria a kiss on the lips and a strong hug. I told her to have a good trip and be careful in Brazil. I will be safe because I have a bodyguard when I am in Brazil 24hrs. I don’t feel good now that you told me 24hrs bodyguard because I don’t want you falling in love with him in Brazil. She looked me in the eyes and told you are the only one for this body unless you tell me different. I want you more each day I am with you Maria so get going before I take you back home. She gives me a quick kiss and turned around waiting for something as she looks over her shoulder at me. What? I want the last thing I feel before this trip is you hand on my ass so I slapped it as I held it with a squeeze. That is better. Bye sexy!

I got back in my car and headed to the store to start my week. I know I have to see Liz on Wednesday and make sure all the supplies are ready for the new home development. I walked into the store with only Jackie in the store as the others are out on the routes. Did you place the order in for all the supplies for the new home development yet? No, putting in the order today because I wanted to go over it with you first. Good idea so let’s talk about it after lunch today? Ok, I have a lady that wanted you to stop over because she thinks she has a leak in the pool. Ok, I will go now and be back before lunchtime. I looked at the address and headed to my truck to drive to the address. I got to the house as I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. This older man in his 60’s came to the door and I introduced myself to him. He said O yes my wife called you because everyday she is added water to the pool like 3-4 inches. If you are added that must water daily then yes you have a leak. I checked out the pool pump area and noticed the leak immediately on the outlet line. I went back to the man and told him I found the leak so I need to check if I have the piece in my truck to fix it. Damm I need to go back to the store because I don’t have the 2” piece to fix it so I went back to the man telling him I will be back in 30 minutes. No problem Mark I might not be here but my wife will be here for you if needed.

I headed back to the store and as I walked in looking at Jackie on her hands and knees under the counter again. Wow Jackie I am really like returning to the store with this view as she turns her head wiggling her ass. You like it? O yes, it’s nice. Yes, but you have a girlfriend now so you can’t play with it plus you couldn’t handle it anyways. She is heading to Brazil right now and I think I could handle it Jackie. What are you back so soon? I need a piece that I don’t have in the truck. Your piece is right here as she wiggles her ass again at me. If you didn’t work for me I would tab that ass Jackie but you have a boyfriend too. No, I broke up with him like 4 months ago so I need some. I didn’t know bahis firmaları that would be a good idea because no other man would pleasure you as good as me Jackie. She laughs at me and told me no other pussy would be good for you. I went to find the 2” piece and told Jackie if I come back seeing you in this position I can’t promise I will not tab that ass. No ass…pussy only Mark. Your not an ass fuck girl? Maybe but no one wanted it. It’s a shame because you have a nice ass.

I headed back to the house to fix the leak as I drove up I noticed someone walking across the front window. She looked young like 30’s as I was thinking maybe the daughter. I walked to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened to a young late 20’s lady in a bikini with a sun skirt around her waist. You must be the pool guy to fix the leak. Yes, I am Mark as I reached my hand out to shake her hand. Hi Susan but call me Sue like all my friends. Harry told me you might be back before he comes back home from the office. In my head I was spinning that Sue was this mans wife that is in his her 20’s. So Harry is your husband? No, but he always tells people I am his wife so no one hits on me. Ok, I was thinking you were his daughter to be honest. I understand as she walked me to the pool area as I was behind her. She was wearing a thong bikini and it looked good from my view. Mark can you show me the area of the leak? Sure, it’s right here as I pointed to the cracked piece. I don’t see it. Ok, step over her or I will get you wet. She came over and lost her step on the ground stones as I reached out for her. She was leaning against my shoulder as my hand was touching her bare back. O Thank you for catching me. Anytime I replied. She smiled good to know as she stood up fully now. Watch the pipe for the leak as I turned on the pump. Wow that is leaking for sure Mark. I will have it fixed in 5 minutes. Can I watch you fix it? Sure.

I was wrapping it all up at the pump when Sue walked to put the water hose in the pool and she went on her knees to clean out the skimmer. I turned around holding my tool box looking at Sue sweet thong ass leaning over the skimmer. Wow..Sue came out of my lips. “Shit in my head”. Sue turned her head toward me you like? O yes I do. You can touch it Mark if you like too. I would but that could led to more that I want do with you. What would you like to do to me may I ask? A whole lot of things. What would you like me to do to you? Mark the list is very long but first I would love to kiss your sweet lips. Sue I would love to but I should leave before we both get in trouble. Yes, Mark I think you are right because I might keep you here for the night. If you ever change your mind please call my cell as she writes it down on the back of Harry business card.

I departed Harry and Sue house as I drove back to the store for lunch. I was driving down the same street when I noticed Jennifer’s mother walking to the front door from her car. I beeped at her as she stopped in her tracks to look to see who was in the truck. Hi Mrs Jones as I yelled out the passenger window toward her. She said give me 1 minute Mark as she continues to put her bag in the house and walked back to my truck. I was checking her out when she got to my truck. Hi Mark How are you doing? Great and how are you? I am divorced now after 22 yrs married with that cheater. I got the house with a pool that needs some work. What’s wrong with it? It looks old maybe it needs a new surface. Mrs Jones I will stop over tomorrow morning to check it out if that works for you? Yes, I will be home for you tomorrow. Ok, see you tomorrow as I start up my truck to drive to the store. I got back to the store to have lunch and worked with Jackie on the supplies for the new home development starting next month. Go ahead and fax the order then please call them to reconfirm they got the order. I don’t want any mistakes on our side with this job and thank you for all the work you do for me Jackie. Thank you for being a great boss. Stop the ass kissing as I turned around showing my butt. She slaps my ass..bad boss…as we both laugh out loud. As I told her I was heading home and if you need me call my cell.

I got home to cut the lawn and trim some trees before my mom come home from work. I finished up and started grilled some chicken with vegetables & salad. Mom came home as I was pulling the chicken and vegetables off the grill. I didn’t know you would be home tonight but I am glad you are home to cut the grass and cooking dinner already. We ate dinner outside on the patio table as we talked about work and me thinking about purchasing a boat. I told her Maria was in Brazil now and will not return until Friday night. When am I going to meet this girl that you are dating? Maybe we can arrange a lunch or dinner when she returns. That would be great to meet the girl that is taking my son heart. Mom we are just dating…sure Mark. Let me clean up and you go hit the shower son because you cooked. Ok, thank you.

I finished my shower and went to the kitchen for water before heading to my bedroom to watch TV. I got back to my room watching TV my phone rang as it was Maria. I picked up Hi Sexy How was the flight? It was long but I just got to the hotel and wanted to call you after I just spoke to Marco. What time is it their now? It’s 2hrs ahead of you right now. How was your day? It was just a normal day and I just placed the order on all the supplies for the new home development. That was the biggest order the store every made and not cheap either. I hope everything goes great for this new business for you. Thank you baby! I miss you already Mark. I miss you too but it will be over before you know it. I hope you are right because I want your arms around me right now. You don’t want my arms because you want you friend between your legs. No, But I do miss him too. We better stop this sexy talk before I have to take another shower Maria. She laughs at me..ok sweetie. Maybe tomorrow we can talk sexy because I bet you need some sleep right now for tomorrow. Yes, you are always correct Mark. I know I love you Mark..Goodnight. Sweat Dreams Maria as we ended the call.

I woke up as normal to hit the gym, shower, breakfast, and head to the store. We had the morning meeting and everyone was off to do the normal routine. I need to check out Mrs. Jones pool because I think it might need a simple acid wash. I dove up to the house and walked to the doorbell. Hi Mrs Jones as she opens the door in a robe and she asked me to come in. Mark please do me two favors “Don’t call me Mrs or Ms. Jones and call me Debbie. Ok, Debbie can I checkout your pool? Yes, follow me as I walked behind her to the pool. The house looked the same way from High School. Wow you still have the pool table. Yes, you still think you can beat me like the High School days? Yes, I think I can still win like high school. Ok, game on young man and you rack them. You need to hit the balls hard. I will Mark but it’s been a long time since I have hit the balls or seen any. Opps…didn’t mean to say that.

Ms Jones..opps Debbie you are attractive lady and in good shape so you will find someone. How do you know my body in this robe. I noticed you yesterday walking to my truck. Thank you Mark but no one wants this body now. Debbie may I ask your age? Mark you should never ask a woman her age. Yes, but you look great for your 40’s. She stop in her tracks and stood next to me. You think I am in my 40’s? Yes, you are right? No, I am 54. Damm you are a MILF! She looked at me what the hell is a MILF? O shit in my head I did it again. If you win the game kaçak iddaa I will tell you. Ok, deal as she hits the balls hard. I noticed when she was leaning over the table that I think she is not wearing a bra under the robe. Nice little run Debbie so I will clean the table now. She laughs and tells me good luck. I started hitting one ball after another until I had 3 remaining. Debbie moved her stick up between my legs and tapped my ball sack as I missed the shot. Ha..that is cheating now. Just like High School days when you played with Jennifer like that..remember? O yes the good old days.

She came around to line up for her shot and told to step a side to watch the Pro. She hit the 1 ball in and 2 remaining for her now. She lined up as I moved my stick under her robe and rubbed her leg up. She just stayed in the bend over position waiting for me to go higher. I stopped and said damm I was trying to make you miss your shot. Well I was hoping to feel your stick because it’s been a long time. In my head I was thinking she wanted me to fuck her. She lined up again as she spread her legs wide for the shot and I told her nice spread. She looked over her shoulder you like it from behind? I was speechless as she continued to look at me. Mark did you do my daughter from behind in high school? No, we never had sex. What? Yes, we never had sex. Why not? I don’t know but ask your daughter. She moved the robe a little to give some leg as she hit that ball in with 1 remaining then 8 ball last. She made the last ball in and was going for the 8 ball now that was very easy shot on the slide. Mark you what to add to the bet? Sure, what is the offer? I get 1 wish to come true if I make this shot. What is your wish? You will know after I make if it’s a deal? Ok, deal but don’t scratch the 8 ball. She hits the ball in and won the game.

Good game Debbie. Thank you it’s been a long time playing pool. What was your wish now? No, first tell me what MILF means? Ok, Mom I Like to Fuck. WOW..her eyes got big and gave me a smile. I didn’t hear that one before but I like it. You think I am a MILF? Yes, you are a very pretty lady. Remember I was thinking you are in your 40’s. Ok, so what was your wish? Ok, Mark I might shock you but don’t think less of me. Go ahead you will not shock me and will never change the friendship. Ok, I want a kiss? Sure, as I walked over to her standing in front of her. She moved her lips to my lips and held them against my lips for 5 seconds I guess. Then she moved her hands to my face holding my head as I felt her tongue coming through my lips as I welcomed her. I moved my arms around her back holding her close against me. She was enjoying it more and more as the kiss continued on for sometime. I moved my right hand to her ass as I squeezed it over the robe…She broke the kiss and told me come with me holding my hand.

We reentered the house as we walked to her bedroom and as we entered she released my hand and pushed the robe off. She turned around looking at me in her panties only. Mark can I be your MILF? Yes, as she moved her hands to my shorts pulling them down.

WOW Mark you are big as she moved to her knees grabbing my cock stroking me slowly. Debbie you sure about this? O yes I am sure I want you. She placed her mouth over my head moving down my shaft slowly. She moved up and down my shaft faster each couple seconds enjoying my cock as it gets harder in her mouth. She broke away from my cock looking up at me saying I miss sucking a good looking cock. Debbie you suck it good too. Thank you it’s been a long time. You have not lost your touch. I watched her move her tongue around my head then swallowed it all the way down…Wow that feels good Debbie. She was rubbing my balls with her hand then I felt a finger moved over my asshole. I was thinking this woman has been held back from sex in a long time. Debbie were do you want it? She looks up and continued sucking me harder and faster as I place my hand on the back of her head. I started face fucking her mouth and I held off for 2 more minutes then released myself deep in her throat holding her close. She swallowed everything as she looks up at me parting from my cock. Yummy Mark…I love your sperm taste. I love the way you suck my cock with a smile.

I pulled her up looking at her body measuring around 32B/30/34 5’2 Blonde hair, and brown eyes. I moved my mouth to suck her right tit as she placed her hands on the back of my head holding me. Suck my tit Mark! I placed my hands on her panties pulling them down and then moved my hand over her hairy pussy. O yes Mark…give me your cock. I pulled away from her tit and stood up straight looking at her eye to eye…you ready for the fuck of your life? Yes, I hope you can do that for me. I kissed her strong and deep as I continue to finger her very wet pussy. I moved her back to her bed and let her fall back on her bed with her legs open for me. I want to taste this hairy pussy..sorry I didn’t trim it up but was not thinking we would be doing this. I will trim it if you come back…Is that an invite to comeback? Yes! I moved down on my hairy pussy and parted her lips with my fingers to roll my tongue inside her pink lips. O yes Mark that feels so good. I flicked my tongue back and forth inside her for 5 minutes then I felt her legs clamp around my head. I heard her o yes, o yes and felt her hand on the back of my head pushing me deeper into her pussy as she cums all over my face.

Mark that was unbelievable feeling when a came. You taste good too. Even with all the hair? Yes, I don’t mind a little bush but a little trim would be nice too. It will be trimmed the next time. In my head I was getting worried with her saying next time a lot. I moved on to the bed as she comes to me and sucked my cock again to get me fully hard. It’s ready so how do you want it? Missionary as she lays on her back spreading her legs for me and I moved up between them as I tap my cock a couple times against her wet pussy. O Mark don’t tease me so I popped my head between her hairy pussy feeling her tight wet lips welcoming me in. She placed her heels against my hips and told me to take it slow because this pussy has not had a real cock over a year. I will be easy because I don’t want your daughter after me…lol She made the biggest mistake breaking up with you. I pushed myself fully in her as she wrapped her legs around my back..o yes Mark.


Tell me when you want it harder and faster? Ok, do what you are doing right now because it feels so good right now. I fucked her slowly as I started to feel her give me a little pussy clinching on my dick. You going to cum soon Debbie…yes, it’s getting close so I am going to pick up speed and where do you want my cum when I need to cum. Inside me Mark…ok, I don’t want to be a father yet. Don’t worry I can’t anymore so no worries. I started pumping myself in her faster and deeper as the legs squeezed my back and she was gasping for air now. Don’t stop Mark…o fuck, fuck me harder Mark…slam it in my pussy Mark…fuck me Mark…she moved her hand over her clit rubbing herself as I fucked her hard. I felt her wetness flow all over my cock as she squirted a little on me as I moved my head out of her after she came as she continued to rub mer clitois. You had a major build up I guess. Mark you have no clue because it’s been close to 2 yrs without a real dick. So I am guessing last night with a fake one? She slaps my arm as I was resting over bad man. I am not done with you Debbie so get on your hands and knees…I like doggystyle.

I tapped my cock against her asshole. No Mark wrong kaçak bahis hole sweetie that has never been your cock is to big for it. I can make it work Debbie as I laugh. Not yet. Ok, so I have a maybe down the road? No, reply so I slapped her ass it’s that a maybe down the road? Yes, maybe. I pushed my cock in her pussy as I held her hips. O Mark. I moved deep and slow at first and picked up speed. Keep fucking me this speed Mark because I am going to cum again. I moved both hands off her hips and told her to fuck me as she did as I told her. I slapped both checks as she fucked me doggy and she moaned gasping for air. I placed my right hand on her ass and would slam in her as she moved back to me. She started talking dirty to me O fuck, O fuck, ram that long hard cock in me. I moved my thumb to her asshole and pushed inside as she gasped for air O FUCK Mark that feels so good…it’s making me cum now. I started thumb fucking her ass as I continue slamming my very hard cock in her. I told her don’t stop fucking me because I am going to cum inside you. Cum in me Mark I want to feel your sperm deep in me. I removed my thumb and held her hips fucking her the fastest I could go and shoot my load deep in her. O yes, o yes, Mark I feel you your boys swimming. I pulled out and she turned around looking at me that was so fucking good as she went back down on my cock.

Mark you gave me the best fuck in my life. I can’t believe we did it and how good you felt inside me. You have a tight pussy so let’s try that ass now…No way…I am joking Debbie but you do have a sweet ass and body. Thank you Mark. Mr Jones never wanted to tap your asshole? No, I did offer it to him in my early years of marriage but he didn’t think it was right. Well if I was married to you I would be fucking all your sweet holes. I would let you in my younger years if you were my husband. Plus you would have more then 2 girls too. She started to look sad after I made that comment. Debbie did I say something wrong? No, I was lucky to have 2 beautiful girls because after Jennifer I could have anymore with women issues. I am sorry as I hugged her in the bed. Mark could you stop over more often even if it don’t end up like this? Sure, but I don’t what Jennifer thinking anything crazy like I am coming over to get back with her. Yes, I will tell her you are taking care of the pool weekly now. Ok, good idea.

Ok, let me check out your pool because I already fixed the customer issue. She slaps my arm again and tells you are so bad. I pulled up my shorts and walked to the pool to check it out as she went to the bathroom. I noticed as I expected the pool needed a simple acid wash to get the surface white again. I had a pump in my truck so I waited for Debbie to come out to the pool to talk about the fix. She came back out with the robe and told her that is a easy fix for you. How much is going to cost me. I looked at her and then she smiles ok I can pay with trade…lol No, trade you just need to pay for the acid and water cost for the job. Really Mark? Yes, you have been a great neighborhood mother for a lot of us and feeding us in the early days. Mark I am really pissed at Jennifer more now. Why? You are the total package of a man with a heart. I will start to drain the water today and do the wash on Thursday morning. Thank you so much Mark let me give you some money for the acid now. No need right now. I went to the truck for the pump and pvc hose to start the draining. See you Thursday morning as about to leave and she called me. Yes, she was walking to me and said Thank you with a simple kiss on the lips. You are welcome.

I got back to the store and Jackie tell you are finally back. You need me? No, but you were gone for almost 2 hrs for a acid wash draining. It was an old girlfriend mother house and she is a talker about the high school days. O I understand that problem. I am going to load up the truck for tomorrow and make some calls on the new home development. I made a call to Juan…Hi Juan how are you doing? Good Mark and how are you doing? All is good and we just put in the order for the development so that should be ready for delivery to the site in 2 weeks. Great news Mark we have the fenced in area for all the supplies so just call me with the date and estimated delivery time so I can make sure the gate is open? I will call you as soon as I get that information. Have a good day Juan as we end the call. I told Jackie I was heading home for the day and call me if you need me. Have a good one Jackie so I am heading home. You to boss.

I decided to stop in at market for some Rib-eyes and walked in to notice Jennifer standing behind the meat coolers. Hi Mark what would you like? 2 Rid-Eyes please. Thank you for working on the pool. No problem I would do anything to help you both out. Really? Why wouldn’t I because you are still my friend…right? Yes, some reason my mother told me you stopped over today and will fix the pool on Thursday. What did you say to her because she was all over me asking me why I broke up with you in high school? Nothing, What did you tell her? It was mutual break up. Really…lol Why didn’t you tell her the truth…That you fucked my best friend behind my back and you wouldn’t fuck me when we dated. I am sorry Mark that I did that to you and regret it specially how good looking you are now. No problem I forgive you because we were young. She hands me the steaks and told her to tell your mom I will be over Thursday to acid wash the pool so she can leave the gate unlocked. Ok, you have a good day Mark. You to Jennifer as I headed home.

When I walked into the house my cell phone rang and noticed it was Maria so I picked up. Hi sexy. She laughs thank you sweetie I needed that greeting. You made my day calling me right now. What is wrong Mark? Nothing is wrong just happy you called me. How is thinking going for you? Ok, some reason the trial is rescheduled for Thursday morning now. You are still returning home Friday? Yes, I will do anything to keep that schedule. Anything? Not anything unless you are the judge. I will be your judge when you home baby and I might have to take my sexual craving out on you. Please stop talking that way because I don’t have you right now or any of my toys…plus I am still at the courthouse. Ok, I don’t want you to have wet panties at the courthouse. Thank you and I want the real thing from you sweetie. Also I am on the pills now so no need to pull out anymore. Stop talking dirty with me Maria…as she laughs at me. You like what I told you? O yes! I need to tell you please call my mother tomorrow for Thursday dinner and please tease her. What do you mean that you want me to tease her? You know you have my approval to tease her and make her feel good because she always talks about that card night. I laugh ok I got it. I need to go now I love you Mark. Bye sexy.

Around 5PM I started cooking the steaks after I showered and my mother came home. Mark I will cook up some vegetables and you cook the steaks. Do you want a beer Mark…sure thank you. How was work today Mom? It was a normal day..same old same old issues. How was your day? Good I stop over at Ms Jones house to fix her pool. That is your ex-girlfriends mother from high school? Yes, Did you know she got divorced? I heard about it sometime ago but forgot to tell you. I was shocked to hear that news because they looked like lifetimes. Sometimes it looks better then it’s behind closed doors. True statement mom. We sat down and had a great dinner as we talked small talk on life. Mom I will clean up and you can relax in the living room. I am going to head to bed for for some TV and early bedtime because I have a busy day tomorrow. Ok, thank you a great dinner and goodnight Mark.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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