Step by Step

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I couldn’t help but feel annoyed and slightly angry after this morning. All I wanted was to relieve my frustrations before I had a long hard day at work. What better way to do that then fucking my wife while she’s half asleep, getting my fix and making her feel like she’s having a sex dream. But all she did was moan with displeasure and tell me no as I pushed my morning glory into her back while my hand found its way between her thighs. I had given up trying when I knew she wasn’t budging and got ready for work.

As I sat down for smoko my phone sounded. Probably a message with a list of things I need to grab from the shops on my way home. I looked at the lock screen notification and I was right, it’s from my wife. But what I read wasn’t a list; I don’t really know what it was.

“There are a few things I need you to do when you come home. Please read carefully. I will guide you step by step. You are to remain sil…”

My heart started to race, what is this?

“There are a few things I need you to do when you come home. Please read carefully. I will guide you step by step. You are to remain silent. The occasional moan is allowed. When you have completed what’s in each message, you are to text me saying ‘done.’ I will send you the next set of instructions. You are welcome to refer back to them but it would be better to memorise each message as best as you can.”

What’s going on? She’s never sent anything like this before.

“Hey, what’s up with that message, I’m kind of confused.”

My phone sounded again and there was another strange message.

“Park up at home like usual. Grab your work gear and lock up the car. Unlock the house as you normally would and put your things away. Don’t call out. Remove your shoes and pants leaving only your boxers on. Turn your phone to loud. Walk to the bedroom. There you will find me waiting. Do not speak. Do not touch me. Walk through to the bathroom where you will find a condom on the vanity. Put it on. Your boxers are to remain on. Remember do not speak. Do not touch me.”

My stomach started to knot. Not the kind where you’re nervous or worried but the kind where you can’t help but let your mind wander and your stomach follows. What is she planning? I couldn’t help but feel excited and the growth in my pants showed exactly that. As my blood started to heat I started to throb illegal bahis against my jeans. Pushing tighter and tighter and with nowhere to go, I begun to bulge. I had to get this under control. I couldn’t let the boys at work see this; I would never hear the end of it. A few deep breathes and thoughts of completely irrelevant stuff I was contained. But I just couldn’t help thinking about her there waiting. Waiting how? Waiting for what?

That message had me distracted for the rest of the day and when that final buzzer sounded I packed up my stuff faster than ever before and raced to the car. That was the slowest day in history.

I parked up at home and read back over that mysterious message. Memorising what I was to do I walked inside and followed my instructions. Lock up, put away, pants, loud, room. OH MY HOLY SHIT! There she was. Waiting. Waiting on the end of the bed on all fours fucking naked. I just stared. Heart pounding out of my chest, the button on my boxers straining to hold me in and gobsmacked at the moment I just walked into. All thoughts and steps completely wiped from my mind. Think. What was the next step? Oh god that, just fuck! Okay, okay. The bathroom, go to the bathroom. Don’t touch, shit I just want a little bit. Nope keep walking, just keep walking. That’s right, condom on the vanity. I slid my boxers down and caught on the top of my cock, springing it back up. I moaned a little. I put it on fighting every part of myself to just leave it off and continue on raw. I pulled my boxers back up, and sent the message before I knew I would lose the ability to do anything when I saw her again. I stood in the doorway and kept my head down. Her phone sounded and I looked up. I was right. HOLY! FUCK! ME! Still on all fours and her beautiful ass on full view just taunting me. She was so beyond ready. There was our black silicone vibrating anal beds sticking out just that little bit of her plump asshole and her favourite dildo sitting nicely in her sweet pussy. Both moving ever so slightly as she tried to control her breathing. My phone sounded.

“This part is very important. Come back to the bedroom and stand at the end of the bed. Run your fingertips lightly over my skin starting from the outside of my ankles making your way to the inner of my thighs and up my wet pussy. Push the button. Move up a little bit more and push the illegal bahis siteleri next button. Slap my arse, once. You may step back and take a photo at this point if you wish, make it a good one. Do not speak. Do not touch me.”

I haven’t even touched her and I just want to explode all over her. I stand at the end of the bed, hands shaking with adrenaline as I begin touching her skin. Soft and fair and freshly shaved my fingers make their way up just like she said. I just want to rip those toys out and lap up all the sweet juices slowly running down her, glistening like it’s begging me to devour it. I push the first button and she lets out a soft moan. Oh god. I trace along the edge of the dildo and up to the next one, her softly panting, and push the next one. She lets out another moan, more deep sounding. Fuck. I slap that ass, not too hard but enough to leave a nice red handprint like my inner demon marked her. I step back and take in that view and get my picture. One I will use as my home screen background.


Her phone sounds. A few seconds pass and mine does too. I can’t even imagine what’s to come next.

“Head back to the kitchen and have your smoke and a nice drink. Take your time. When you have finished, make your way back to the bedroom. Stand at the end of the bed. Do not speak. Do not touch me.”

Huh? She’s just going to send me out and relax? Just when things are starting to get interesting. Well I won’t be taking my time that’s for sure. I walk out; have a couple of puffs, a few mouthfuls of my drink and pretty much run back in. I reposition myself at the end of the bed. I can’t believe I lost five minutes of looking at this now trembling whimpering woman who has been on the brink of pure ecstasy by her teasing vibrations. That will teach her. I send her another message to say done. My phone sounds.


Admire? Are you fucking kidding me? She’s being such a tease. But don’t worry baby, I have been soaking you in this whole time. What I should be doing is dragging your fucking ass off this bed and fucking you so hard with my near exploding cock until you’re screaming my name and begging me to stop. My phone sounds again.

“When you have taken it all in, you need to remove your boxers and stand behind me. Slowly, and without touching me you need to remove our new purple friend canlı bahis siteleri and place him on the bed. Now gently place the tip of your cock just on the outside of my now dripping wet pussy, just enough to keep it in place. Do not push. Softly place both hands on my hips. When a few seconds have passed, I need you to ram your cock so far into me I scream. And you keep going baby. You fuck me like you have never fucked me before. You fill my pussy up till it’s bursting. Long, deep, fast thrusts. Fuck me until you cum so hard and moan til you are almost roaring. Now take a minute to gather yourself. Remove your cock and our other friend and put him with the other. Do not speak. Do not touch me.”

I almost pass out from lack of blood flow to my brain. I have been waiting for this moment the entire day. And believe me, I am going to make her scream. I take out the dildo but slowly was not how. I immediately ram my raging throbbing cock into her pussy, filling her. She lets out a moan that sends shivers down my spine and my body into overdrive. And I let her have it. I punish her for leaving me tied in knots all day. I fuck her so hard. Balls slapping, her fucking juices running down our legs and her hungry pussy pulling me back in. Fuck her instructions! These anal beads are coming out, now. I shove my cock so fast and hard into her little asshole that she doesn’t have time to squirm away. And she screams. Not in pain but pure pleasure. With every thrust comes a helpless scream. It’s driving me crazy. And I can’t control myself anymore. She’s moaning and screaming and I’m thrusting and moaning some primal noise. This little slut is going to be sore for days and she fucking deserves it. Her screams and moans are coming so fast now she’s barely able to breathe and she’s about to burst. With one last push, deep and hard she’s over the edge. Writhing and screaming like I’ve never seen before. And I can’t hold on anymore. I explode with the sounds of my inner demon. Thrusting some more until I’m emptied of every last drop. We both fall into a heap on the bed trying to get some air into our lungs.

I must have drifted off to a blissful sleep when I am woken from my phone sounding. I open my eyes and I’m alone on the bed.

“Time to clean up. Turn the shower on and close the bathroom door and breathe. Take as long as you need. When you are done and dressed, come out to the lounge and relax. You are to say ‘hey baby’ as you usually would when you come home from work. You are to never say a word about earlier and to act as though it never happened. I love you.”

Fuck I love this woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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