Spiritual Sex Ch. 02

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Some days ago my girlfriend Jen talked me into going to a spiritual meeting. It was far from being spiritual and ended up being a sex orgy. My girlfriend had been fucked by a fat guy with a big cock and I ended up having sex with a mysterious dark haired woman.

Those couple of days afterwards were tense ones between Jen and I. I didn’t want to go back there, but Jen seemed set on returning. That Saturday morning Jen put it to me.

“Are you going with me tonight to the meeting?”

I got upset and I nearly yelled at her.

“Does Larry have you under his spell or something?”

Larry works with Jen and he is the one who dragged us out to this barn where they held their rituals.

“You’re just jealous of Larry, that’s your problem, Tom,” she said to me.

I guess I was jealous although I didn’t want to admit it to myself. This Larry was somehow winning my girlfriend over to his side and it seemed like I couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Go and enjoy yourself,” I said to Jen.

I said it with as much sarcasm as I could manage. Jen just gave me a look like she was royally pissed at me. She grabbed her bag and car keys and stormed out of the apartment. As soon as she left I went into the bedroom. I pulled out this scrap of paper and I got out my phone. I dialed up the digits written down.

“Hello,” the woman on the line answered.

“It’s Tom, the guy from the meeting last Saturday night,” I said.

“I wondered if you were going to call me. I take it your girlfriend is heading to the barn without you.”

This woman that I had fucked the previous weekend at this barn sure knew what was going on between Jen and myself. She had slipped me her name and number and told me to contact her.

“It’s Ellen, right?”

“Yes, do you want to come over this evening so we can discuss things?”

I told her I did and she gave me her address and directions on how to get there. I hated to admit it to myself. Since I had sex with this Ellen, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. Damn it, I wanted her again even though I knew I should be worrying about breaking up with Jen. I drove over and easily found where she lived. It was quite a nice house that I drove over to. Eleen answered the door and had me come in.

Ellen had black hair down to her shoulders and she was just wearing this slinky robe. I could easily see her cleavage. She kissed me on the cheek and led me to the living room.

“You had me quite worked up last Saturday,” she said to me.

“You do know your girlfriend is lost to you now, don’t you?”

I didn’t know what to believe or what illegal bahis was going on.

Ellen explained it to me. She and her husband had been into spiritual practices. They started to attend the meetings that were held at the barn. At first everything was on the up and up. Ellen then told me that her husband had died and she needed the people at the spiritual meetings to help her through her grief.

Ellen said things eventually took a turn for the worse. The fat guy who had fucked Jen was the leader of the group. He decided to add sex into the part of the spiritual studies. Most people just went along with it. It seemed to add some spice to the proceedings. Ellen also said that Larry, the guy from where Jen worked, was the fat man’s son.

Larry’s father was working it so that Larry would eventually take over as the head of the group. Just one problem, however. Larry needed someone to be by his side. Sort of a king and queen of the spiritual group. He had worked on my girlfriend and told her how exciting it would be if she and her boyfriend would join the group. Ellen said she was sure that I would either have quit or soon be banned from the group. I could see that Jen was totally into what was going on there.

All this came as a shock to my system. Larry had been working on my girlfriend and she fell for all of it. Larry’s dad fucking my girlfriend was all part of his ritual. He had to ‘initiate’ all the women who came into the group. Ellen had heard that Larry wasn’t happy with his father fucking Jen, so he had it out with his father. Daddy said this would be a one time thing, so Larry agreed. This was the info that Ellen had heard from other members.

It felt like someone had kick me hard in the gut. Ellen stood up and took me by the hand. We went back to her bedroom. Ellen shed her robe and stood in front of me. I hated to admit it, but Ellen looked damn fine. She was more curvy than Jen and Ellen had these large breasts capped with hard nipples. Ellen helped me undress. When we were both naked we got onto the bed. I got on top of her body.

I guess I just went crazy. I hadn’t had sex with Jen in over a week since all this bullshit took place. I started to kiss Ellen’s chest. I worked on one tit and then went to the other. My God, how Ellen howled. I was biting and licking those enormous boobs of hers. Once I got her nipples hard and erect, I worked downwards. I used my tongue to leave a trail down her belly. When I got to her mound, I spread her thighs apart. I planted kisses all over the insides of her legs.

I thought Ellen would go crazy. She pushed illegal bahis siteleri my face down between her legs. I used my mouth and tongue and I started to lap up and down her wet folds. I felt Ellen’s hands now on the back of my head. She was urging me to make her wild with lust. I managed to slip my tongue inside her pussy. She smelled like a wild, earthy animal. I knew I had to have her as my own.

I slowly pulled away and positioned my now hard cock into place. Ellen’s eyes went wide as I nudged my mushroom to her opening. I went slow and worked my dick into her love tunnel. Ellen let out a low moan and she strapped her legs around my back. I pushed all the way inside her and I held my thick cock in place. Ellen’s muscles were convulsing around my cock. I started out slow fucking Ellen. I soon went faster, pushing to the bottom as our pubic mounds ground together.

I didn’t want to admit it this, But sex with Ellen was on a higher level than with Jen. I almost laughed to myself. It was almost spiritual in nature. I know it sounds crazy, but our bodies became one. I would push in and Ellen would push back and meet my thrusts. We must have fucked for over an hour before I felt I was going to release. All that skin on skin action finally made me lose it.

I think I let out a loud roar and I flooded Ellen with my hot cream. Ellen’s body stiffened and I felt her pussy muscles grip me. She was squeezing all that hot cum out of me and into her waiting pussy. It had been a week since I last cum. I had a large load I gave to Ellen that night. She took every drop from me. I kept stroking her until some minutes later I started going soft.

I held off for as long as I could before I finally pulled out. All my hot white sauce came flowing from Ellen’s pussy. She reached down with a finger and scooped some of my cum up. Ellen brought it to her lips and tasted it. Damn, if that wasn’t a turn on after I just creamed her pussy. Ellen did get up and went to clean herself. When she came back she took hold of my dick and licked me clean.

Jen didn’t like the taste of cum. Ellen was licking me like an ice cream bar. To my surprise she got me hard once more. This time Ellen got up over top of me. She took my cock in her hand and guided me to her wet opening. I pushed my hips up and entered her again. Ellen slid down on my dick as I thrust upward. I could feel my seed that had coated her pussy. I did what I wanted to do. I reached up and gripped her tits with my hands. I do love big breasts.

Ellen loved when I squeezed her hard nipples. She let out these squeals every time canlı bahis siteleri I pinched them. This must have been Ellen’s time for orgasms. I could feel her pussy pulsating around my dick. I must have worked her into a frenzy. Ellen began to squirt all over my erect bone. She might have even wanted me to slow down, it was so intense for her. I did the opposite. I sped up and thrust into her greedy pussy even faster. Ellen finally collapsed onto my chest. She was panting, trying to catch her breath.

“My God, that was the best sex I have ever had, Tom,” she told me.

That definitely made me feel good. My ego had taken a bruising this past week. Ellen then said for me to listen to her. If I wanted to move in with her, the door was open. I needed to decide whether Jen was lost to Larry and the group. I knew in my mind it was finished, but I had to see Jen one last time.

I got cleaned up and left Ellen’s place. I drove home and Jen hadn’t got back yet. It was nearly 2am before she arrived. I had been sitting on the couch waiting for her. I think she was surprised that I was still awake.

“Did you have a good time?” I asked her.

Her face said it all. It was flushed red like she had been worked over.

“It was great actually,” she said.

“Are you still planning to attend those meetings?” I asked her.

“Yes I am,”she said point blank to me.

I got up and stood right in front of her.

“I will be moving my things out next week. You can decide whether you want to keep the apartment or not,” I told her.

I think Jen was a little shocked at first. Maybe she was naive enough to think I would come around to her view point. That was never going to happen. I wasn’t going to sit around and watch Larry and his fat belly father fuck my girlfriend. Jen went into the bedroom and closed the door. I thought I heard her crying, but I wasn’t totally sure. It was finally over.

The next week I moved in with Ellen. There was plenty of room for the few things I actually owned. I know that there is a difference in age between Ellen and me. Ellen is seventeen years older. Right now it doesn’t seem so bad, but in the future? I guess I will worry about it when the time comes. I am now focusing on all the hot sex that Ellen and I share almost every night.

Ellen did get one bit of news a few weeks later. Ellen had dropped out of the group for good after I moved in. However, she did run into one of the group members. That woman told Ellen that Larry and Jen were now officially an item. Jen had moved in with Larry. At the weekend meetings Larry was the only one allowed to have sex with Jen on the altar.

Well, I guess that settles things. I made the right decision after all. I am not looking back, but looking forward to all those evenings with my cock buried in my dark haired lover, Ellen.

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