Sounds of the Night

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The room is warm but a cool breeze blows in through the open window. It dances across your naked body and your nipples stiffen. The silk bindings at your wrists and ankles hold you firmly to the bed. The blindfold across your eyes blocks out the moonlight and makes the darkness surrounding you complete.

Sounds of the night reach your ears . . . the gentle rustling of the leaves outside in the breeze . . . the plaintive cry of a whippoorwill in the distance . . . the lonesome call of an owl . . . But then another sound enters your consciousness. You strain to hear and feel again the bindings that hold you captive. You wonder at what the sounds could be. They are soft and somewhat muted, yet nearby. Again, the breeze caresses your body and brings the sounds closer. As it tickles the insides of your thighs, you hear a soft moan, then a sigh. Slightly wet sounds follow and you begin to realize that someone else is in the room . . . they are kissing. The thought sends an electric thrill through you. You listen closely and hear more moans, some soft and feminine, some deeper. They are becoming more passionate. You hear clothing falling to the floor. The sound of a zipper is followed by a deep, masculine moan. In your mind, you see the couple, holding each other closely, flesh pressed against flesh, the woman’s hand reaching inside the open zipper to elicit more moans from her aroused partner.

Your body grows warm. You are keenly aware of how hard your nipples are and you güvenilir bahis feel a wetness beginning between your slightly parted legs. The sounds are closer now. You feel the presence of the couple very near you. In your mind, you see the man’s hands moving over her body and you feel sensations on your own skin as if you are being touched.

You hear a gasp and you know he has touched her there. A tingling has started between your own legs and you feel yourself swelling there as your arousal increases. The woman’s moans have become soft cries. More wet noises conjure an image of the man’s head between her legs. A low moan escapes your own lips and your raise your hips slightly, your body seeking the tongue that is arousing without even touching you. The woman’s breathing has become faster and you sense her peak is approaching.

You strain against your bindings and the heat and wetness spread from your center. You feel it traveling down your legs and you curl your toes. You feel it moving up through the pit of your stomach and the warmth moves into your breasts. You know they are flushed with excitement and your nipples have become even larger and fuller.

The woman’s breathing is coming in short, sharp gasps, then suddenly ceases. You hold your own breath and when her cry of ecstasy shatters the darkness you feel it go directly to the center of your heat. The woman’s cry goes on and on and melts in a long low moan. You lift your hips as high as you can and press türkçe bahis them into the sound, trying desperately to catch the pleasure, but it is just out of your grasp.

The woman’s moan gradually changes to a sigh of satisfaction, but you feel as you are on fire. When you hear the groan that means that he has entered her, you give an anguished cry of need. The bed is wet beneath you; you are shaking your head back and forth. The sounds of bodies moving against each other, wet, slapping sounds, are almost more than you can take. You ache to be filled.

Suddenly, you are startled by a presence on the bed next to you. Confused you turn to look but can only see the darkness imposed by the blindfold. The room is full of the sounds of the couple’s passion as they move toward their orgasms. When you feel the touch on your thigh, you cry aloud. You do not know for certain if it is real or your imagination. You have become so caught up in the sounds and the scent of sex that you can now smell that you are not sure of your other senses. But then the feeling on your thigh becomes more defined and you know that it is a real hand. Fingertips are moving closer to the heat and wetness between your legs. You moan and try to move closer to them. When they brush your hair there, you almost whimper with your need. Then, at last, they touch you and spread you open. They slide easily through your wetness and find your aching bud. Your body jerks and you lift your hips again. This time güvenilir bahis siteleri your effort is rewarded with the exquisite touch of a tongue that flicks and licks you lightly. It circles your swollen clit and you feel the pressure that has been building for so long gather and then break and you can’t hold back the scream.

As you struggle to catch your breath, you hear again the sounds of the other couple. They are moving quickly toward their climax. You feel someone moving over you and then a hardness that slides into your body. It fills you completely and you practically cry at the feeling. Hands move to untie the binds at your wrists and you are finally able to wrap your arms around the body above you and pull it close as it thrusts into you. Moans from you, the other couple and your lover fill the room now. As your second climax rushes at you, you hear the woman scream and the man cry out and you feel the hot liquid fill you as your lover joins in the mutual orgasm. The sensations overwhelm you and the orgasm extends on for an indefinite period of time as you give yourself over to it.

Gradually, you become aware that the thrusting has stopped and you feel the weight of the body resting on yours. Fingers work at the blindfold and moonlight fills your vision again. Shapes slowly become more distinct and you can make out the face looking down at you. Your lover’s smile pours down on you and you can see the love in his eyes. He leans down to kiss your lips and you taste yourself there. He brushes your hair back and kisses your forehead and your cheeks. Then you hold each other and drift into a contented, blissful sleep wrapped in each other’s arms as you imagine what tomorrow night will bring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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