Son of the Minotaur Ch. 02

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Traditionally you dress conservative to a job interview, but when you are interviewing for a job in the underground adult fetish entertainment industry do you? I guess I have an answer. The nicer you dress reflects just how nervous you are. If you are more nervous then you have ever been in your entire life you, like me for example, go in a full suit and tie. For those of you that didn’t read the first part imagine a hairy 6 foot 9 inch tall 270-pounds of muscle squirming penguin and you’ve got a rough idea what I look like. You’d be amazed how well black hair covers up sweat.

Terry, The guy doing the interview, was practically my opposite. A skinny and short black guy in his low-to-mid 30’s with frosted tips, homemade sandals, one of those hot-dogs-as-double-entente t-shirts, and shorts not quite Dangle from Reno 911 short but close. He’s reading some forms and a written application I had to do and I swear he’s taking a few extra minutes just to make me sweet.

“A couple weeks ago I got your name from an acquaintance of mine putting in a good word. Now the tests we had you do show no STD’s, which is very good, but not a surprise given what you wrote for sexual experience.”


“Jesus, your Adam’s Apple is the size of my fist. Relax!”

Right then apparently his secretary decided she just had to give him some papers. Granted she was a welcome sight; about a foot-and-a-half shorter then me with fiery-red hair, deadly green eyes, a face like a very young Beverly Garland (an actress in some particularly bad 50’s and 60’s horror movies), hips made to be held on to, and perfect looking easily c-cup tits almost fitting in a catholic schoolgirl outfit. For an after-school job for someone that had to be at most 17 this did seem a pretty interesting choice.

“Here’s the latest reviews on ‘It Came From Planet Leather’ boss.”

“Thanks Carrie.”

“This the new guy?” she says as she rests her arms on the back of his office chair.

“Yes it is. Kind of on the big side for my tastes but still kind of cute.”

“I concur Ter.”

I had to speak up, “I’m right here.”

“And he can guess were talking about him? He’s got Ben beat for smarts already! Have you figured out if he’ll sleep with you for a bonus?”

“You know that’s none of your business Carrie.”

About here I figured out they were trying to calm me down with the comradery and I have to say it kind of worked. “As flattered as I am to already be receiving sexual harassment, I don’t find men sexually attractive.”

“Looks like you’ll have to work on him Ter.”

“I’m not sure I want to even hire him yet,” then he seemed to notice what she was wearing, “You didn’t!”


“I told you to stop messing with new people like this!”

“Whatever could you mean?”

“Show him your drivers license Carrie.”

She admitted defeat, “Fine.”

I took it and gave a good hard look and I didn’t believe it. She had to be 16, but a few months older then I am? 25? Get out.

“Carrie here has been with us for a few years. She was an actress but we figured out her fan-base liked her because at the time they thought she was only 13. We at Clever Name may bend a few rules that our more mainstream counterparts tow the line with, but we don’t break them.”

“And thanks to my asshole mom and step dad the people here are the closest thing to a family I have so naturally I didn’t want to leave. So until my looks look like I’m definitely 18 I’m stuck doing paperwork.”

“Well said Miss Carrie.”

“Thanks you Ter.”

“Now, granted you do claim a couple hundred women have given you sexual favors and your erection was confirmed at over a foot, but you also admit that you are technically still a virgin.”

Carrie was just plain shocked and reaches for the paper, “Let me see that!”

“Why would you even want to work in fetish porn?”

The million-dollar question isn’t it. For those of you that haven’t read the first part of my little saga my answer also makes a very handy recap.

“Cheapening, Stealing, and ultimately ruining the legacy left to me by my biological father.”

“Ouch. Anyone I’d know?”

“The Minotaur.”

Carrie gives a confused look, but Terry seems to silently know.

“From June 1974 to December 1979 he’s been confirmed to have stalked and raped 63 women with the intention of impregnating as many as he could. I would have had 25 half-siblings but he usually damaged the cervix enough that his victims couldn’t carry his baby to term, or any other baby later.”

I had definitely caught Carrie’s attention, “Wow, and I thought my dad and step-dad were assholes. How many kids did he end up having?”

“After all the miscarriages and abortions, Four. A girl that died in a car wreck in the 80’s, a boy that killed himself over Kurt Cobain, another girl living in Pennsylvania, and finally me. My mother being an inmate in the insane asylum he was sentenced to that had been in a catatonic state if not a light coma since 1971.”

“How illegal bahis is this getting back at him?”

“Doing everything he did but better, consensually, and on tape, seems like a good way to cheapen and steal his legacy to me.”

They gave a nod; Terry gave his papers one of those boss-like quick edges lining up exercises and that seemed to be that.

“We’ll call you with our decision.”

I know what you’re thinking, “Joe, that didn’t sound like a very good interview at all and you labeled this one an ‘Erotic Coupling’ story. What gives?”

I’m getting to it. I thought it was over too at the time but there’s more. I was in the parking lot when I heard someone running up behind me and I turned just in time to catch the last little jolt of Carrie’s breasts as she came to a stop.

“Hey. Something wrong?”

“Not really, it’s just that it’s rare too find someone whose parental situation is more fucked up then mine.”

“Then I hate to break this to you but I consider the couple that adopted me my real parents, and they’re a regular Ozzie and Harriet.”

“You definitely have Ben beat for smarts.”

“Thank you.”

“Well, I know this weirds out a lot of guys, especially if they know my job, but you seem like a nice guy. Want to see a movie?”

“Sure, anytime in mind?”

“Friday, maybe some dinner first around 6-ish?”

“Sounds good, let me give you my cell.”

What can I say? We exchanged numbers and she went back inside to work. Of course I watched the sway of the skirt as she went back in, I have warm red blood in my veins. The pizza shop was a little on the slow side, but enough to get my mind off Carrie for a while. I made sure I was off Friday evening but beyond that I was still getting used to who my biological father was. Carrie called around 5 and suggested a bar nearby the local artsy movie theatre and we met up at 6, right on time. We both opted for a casual look, I in my favorite t-shirt and carpenter pants and Carrie in a pink tank top and tight jeans.

We just talked about little things for a while, my amazing-but-brief high school football career, traffic, the local major league baseball team (I still say the Kansas City Royals suck), etc until they brought out our ribs. Then somehow the conversation got to Clever Name and I was hooked.

“Well, you heard my story. I haven’t starred in any movies in a while because I looked too young.”

“Now I’d believe 18, but I still have a hard time believing you’re actually a few months older then me.”

“I got that from my mom, she was the same way. It’s one of the few things I liked that I got from her actually.”

“Your parents that bad?”

“They never hit me or anything, but I bet my parents make yours look like hippies. I moved in with a friend at 16 because I got tired of being called a whore for not wearing dresses down to my ankles and for dating boys.”

“Ouch. So you became a porn star to rebel.”

“Yep, that’s about the size of it. Terry’s still on the fence with you by the way.”

“I figured I wasn’t exactly ideal.”

“Lucky for you he likes big men, he’s about 95% gay by the way.”

“Only 95%?”

“He married his best friend since they were little kids, who just so happened to be Maria. They have what you would call an open marriage.”

“Haven’t met her.”

“She’s an interesting person. As long as you don’t turn her on in any way she’s probably the nicest person you’d ever meet. But if you do she goes into Dominatrix mode and look out!”

“Oh Noes!”

“You say that now, but she has what amounts to a 6-man, 3-woman harem.”

“Anyone else I should know?”

“Let’s see. One of Terry and Maria’s old fuck-buddies is our medical advisor. Ronnie The Brit we call him, just to piss him off mostly. Him and his lab partner Aarti are quite frankly geniuses. Ronnie claims that while his tests aren’t exactly FDA approved they can catch STD’s up to 10 times faster then official tests. They used to work for one of our overseas competitors but know we have them.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“Way back in the day Ronnie pointed out some unsafe practices they were doing, so they fired him. Soon after Aarti and a couple other actresses and actors tested positive for HIV because of it. Terry offered Ronnie a job, and Aarti sued the pants off the old company. I don’t know exactly how much she got, but I know it paid for her Masters in Bio-Chemistry and meds.”

“That’s a start.”

“Speaking of starting . . .”

Yes, we were late to the movie. Won’t tell you which one because frankly I thought it stank but Carrie didn’t. Oh well, I was there for the company anyway. My parents would have been proud, I was a perfect gentleman.

At the end of the movie we walked out to her car and we just couldn’t stop talking! What can I say? I was really beginning to like her. It’s so rare today to find someone who that if you do disagree with them they don’t think your evil, just wrong. We were even discussing our favorite painters illegal bahis siteleri and before I knew it we were in front of her apartment building and I heard those six magic words all guys want to hear.

“Would you like to come in?”

I was so surprised and excited I don’t even remember the walk to the door, just that the inside of her apartment was a lot better then mine. Carpet floors, an actual couch, a sink that didn’t leak, all of it. I’m not going to say I forgot Carrie was there, but I was definitely distracted for a second. The second it took her to close and lock the door, walk over to me, lean in so those great tits were flattened against my chest, and put her hand on my crotch to be exact.

“I really like you and you definitely are a cut above the normal freak that I end up dating,” she starts huskily breathing out while starting to rub Little Joe through my pants.

I put my hands on those inviting hips of hers and start a light rubbing of my own around her midriff and the small of her back, “I aim to please.”

“Terry hasn’t made up his mind, but I’m sure a good word from me could sway him and I haven’t had a decent lay in months. You think a second fact-finding part to your job interview would be too much to ask for?”

I tilted her head up, bent down the foot-and-a-half height difference, and gently began kissing- just barely teasing her tongue with mine. My hands moved to the small of her back and edged under her tank top but just by an inch or two. Little Joe was definitely demanding attention and wasn’t so little anymore, especially with her rubbing picking up speed. Carrie gave a wicked smile, turned us around, and backed me up until I plopped down on her couch. Placing herself between my feet, she got down on her knees and bent over to rest her head against the bulge in my pants that was a restrained Little Joe.

“Well, there’s definitely something there.”

Tantalizingly slow she licks up along the side of the zipper and only brings her hands forward when she reaches the button. Then slowly, just to drive me crazy, it seems to take forever to unbutton, unzip, and pull away my pants and underwear (boxers) to finally free my 13-inch love-stick. Her eyes light up in surprise, but just for a second. She closes her eyes, gingerly sticks out her tongue, and starts licking up and down my shaft while playing with my balls. My hands, almost instinctually, place themselves on that fiery red hair that’s looking better every moment.

She opens her eyes and looks straight into mine, like she’s asking for permission. Then her head raises, her lips surround my cock’s head, and she starts taking more and more of me in her mouth. Carrie’s head starts traveling up and down slowly, those green eyes locked onto mine beaming with lust. Her speed picked up quickly, made easier by her saliva dripping down my schlong and she really started getting excited. I saw the mischievous twinkle just before one last trick. One hand played with my balls, one hand went down out of view (I think her kitty was demanding attention too), and she paused. With an excited grin she got off her knees to give her head a better angle, and actually started deep throating Little Joe! I don’t mean going deeper into her mouth, I mean I was pushing past tonsils into throat! The deep moans removed all doubt she was really into this, but it was also vibrating Little Joe and I couldn’t hold it.

“Oh Shit! Here it comes!” I managed to half slur out before erupting. My hands shot to the back of her head and pushed her head further onto my cock. I could feel the surprise as much as see it in her eyes, as I was cumming down her throat so hard I was convulsing. I pull my hands away and she falls backward right onto her rear end and I can see the wet spot in her jeans like she spilled a tall glass of water.

“Damn, it was like being on the receiving end of a fire-hose. You had to cum bad.”

I swiftly got off the couch and crawled/pounced toward her with my pants still somewhere between my own hips and my knees. My hands caught her feet before she could even move and I, the best way I can think of describing it, crawled up along the sides of her, “forcing” her to lay down on the floor. I stopped, planted a few kisses on that little dip in the collarbone and looked up at those piercing green eyes.

“You’re that good, believe me I’d know. Did you even have a gag reflex?”

“It’s controllable when I play with my clit. I hope you have more in you because if you’re a one shot and you cum that quickly . . .”

“Take a look for yourself.”

Little Joe wasn’t 100% erect, but definitely still hard as a rock. Carrie tried to reach out and hold Little Joe, still slick and dripping from her saliva, but her arms just weren’t long enough and I wouldn’t let her. She started to protest and in response I put a finger over her mouth, then moved to the side and pulled one of the tank top’s straps off of her shoulder.

“Shh. . .I’d like to do a little exploring. Besides, I owe canlı bahis siteleri you one.”

I took the straps of her tank top down off of her shoulders and starting giving attention to the ears, neck, and that little dip between the collarbone and neck. I started to take the shirt down, but changed my mind. My hands gently move side to side under her shirt, only progressing upward teasingly slow. I decided I wanted to see what my hands were finding and crawled back down to that tight little tummy, kissing at the navel and working up as my hands forged ahead to stop right at the edge of her bra. I wasn’t looking up at the moment but I got a coo of approval.

“Well, what have we here?”

Pretending to be genuinely surprised at the existence of those perfect c’s I get back up onto my knees and practically rip that tank top off over her head. The only thing standing between those breasts and me was a classy-yet-simple red bra that showed off that cleavage in ways that made me feel funny inside in a good way.

“You just going to stare or you want to help me get this bra off?”

Taking the hint I strattle her and bend back down, putting my face right between those heavenly breasts. Giving gentile kisses and licks to the little valley between I use my elbows for support and let my hands work their way under her back. They join with her hands and together, in an inspiring show of teamwork; the four of them release what god gave her from their garment prison.

In their full glory they’re even better then I imagined, perky nipples on pale firm probably c globes. Fake boobs always looked like they were only trip-and-fall away from bursting and these didn’t. If they were fake her plastic surgeon was a minor god.

“Your breasts are amazing Carrie.”

“Thank you, they’re real too.”

“We’ll see about that.”

I decided to pretend I wasn’t convinced. Lowering my head a little further down her body I start exploring every square inch of skin with my tongue, with special attention on the underside and leaving out the perky little nipples just to drive her nuts.

“Well by golly you’re right. I guess there’s just one test left.”

I scoot up so I’m off to one side and our heads are level and look straight into those beautiful green eyes. My hand travels downward toward her jeans to which she raises her hips when she sees what’s happening. I use one hand to unbutton them, push down her jeans to reveal simple red soaking wet panties, and gently begin rubbing where her pussy lips would be. Carrie gives out the cutest little sharp breath intake, which I take as a sign to keep going. My hand moves up to the edge of her underwear and work underneath to a positively soaking neatly trimmed pussy. Again, I rub those pussy lips but with a little hunger in my fingers. Once my fingers are completely coated with her juices I let them “accidentally” bump into her peaking clitoris. Every time I do she actually yelps with pleasure and comes down with one of the sexiest moans I’ve ever heard.

One final “accident” and I let my index finger slip into her vagina. It’s actually kind of tight in there, nothing like you’d picture a former-porn star. She can barely take it and can’t help squirming but still locked onto my blue eyes with those haunting green ones.

“Bullshit you were a porn-star, you are way to tight for that,” I taunt as I add my middle finger into her pussy.

She almost can’t respond and is shaking close to orgasm, but she does manage something, “Bullshit you’ve never been laid. You wouldn’t be half this good if you were.”

I put my thumb right at the entrance to get it soaking and use it to manipulate her clit, “All I said was no woman has ever let me stick Not-So-Little Joe into her kitty, I didn’t say I’ve gone right up to that point hundreds of times.”

She’s so far gone I’m pretty sure she didn’t hear me and I can almost see the energy of her orgasm building, so I decide to run with that instead.

“That’s right. Cum for me babe. Don’t hold back.”

I gave her clit one final almost-flick with my thumb and she just exploded. Her hips gyrate on my fingers almost too fast for me to catch up and she starts squirting all over the carpet giving out a final “OH GOD” before almost passing out.

“You can’t be a virgin.”

“Like I said, I am only by the technical definition. I’ve just done enough other things so many times I kind of made up for it. Speaking of which, think you can handle Not-So-Little Joe?”

Carrie gave my dick a long hard look, fitting because Little Joe was definitely screaming for attention and ready to go after that show. She makes a decision and bends her legs up so she can take her pants and underwear off completely.

“Finish taking your pants off and come to the bedroom.”

She crawls out from beside me and gets up to walk to the bedroom, giving a wink that shot up and down my spine as she turned the corner. I couldn’t help fisted “Yes” and I did what I was told! In the bedroom, even though the only light was coming in from the streetlights outside, I could still see that there was a problem.



“I’m out of lube and I just realized the only condoms I have are form my last boyfriend, and you’d rip right through them.”

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